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Apr 18, 2021




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Comments 100
Tj Takahashi
Tj Takahashi 5 hours ago
What the heck
Joshua CALDER 6 hours ago
Zack attack Gaming
Zack attack Gaming 8 hours ago
I love adventures With his friends
ABO KARAM 17 hours ago
cCan I join the server please I subsribed
ABO KARAM 17 hours ago
Can I join the server please
Sasja Bouwman-Dekker
So big farm!!
Funny Fire Fox
Hello nathan my man... Yo i have an farm idea..how about a tree farm... And a iron farm....and...and....and an automatic food farm.
Gvido Skalbe
Gvido Skalbe Day ago
An ocean
Diamond Craft
Make a tower that is 256 blocks tall
Andy Winkels
Andy Winkels 2 days ago
You should build a mob trap
Samantha Sprague
Samantha Sprague 3 days ago
I love this series soooooooooooooo much! Unspeakable forever!
Junior_275 3 days ago
Ayoo it's beckbrojack
Rogelio Santos
Rogelio Santos 3 days ago
I cried because all unspeakble mogi shark and moose hard work got destroy by the cookie person
saftie99 4 days ago
It feel so bad because that probably took forever
Johanna Gagnon
Johanna Gagnon 4 days ago
A triple chest
lol okay
lol okay 4 days ago
these videos where the pretend they don’t know what happened is annoying like i wanna see some real survival codes with them
Gabriel Gal
Gabriel Gal 4 days ago
Iron golem fram
Josiane Breeden
Josiane Breeden 4 days ago
A fake enderdregon
Karter Isaac
Karter Isaac 4 days ago
I want you mate nice but I can't
Anna Mahesh
Anna Mahesh 4 days ago
The moment he called gold diamond all minecraft players died😂
Patty Toothman
Patty Toothman 5 days ago
Ryanne duck MERT Gamer Dee
Unspekable: LOOK AT MY HOUSE LOOK AT IT! Me: that’s a villagers house....or am I wrong?
Landon H
Landon H 6 days ago
Oh nvm it’s not herobrine
ASWD The fake one
Beck is insane.
Robert Sadlemyer
Robert Sadlemyer 6 days ago
hi it is me robert
Kerrie Hodgson
Kerrie Hodgson 6 days ago
you should make a courtyard for the jail
8M107% DARKLIGHT 6 days ago
oooooooohhhhh no
Andrew Bonnell
Andrew Bonnell 7 days ago
Do a huge creeper that margret made
Leslie Hudson
Leslie Hudson 7 days ago
I bought all your Murch and dice!!!
ozbot 79
ozbot 79 7 days ago
A giant Preston and a giant you with a sword fighting
christy hanyen
christy hanyen 8 days ago
a farm
Christopher Johnson
build a hotel
Isaac Lam
Isaac Lam 8 days ago
"does it ever stop" that exactly what he asked in the laser video.
z00_AnimalFreak 9 days ago
You can hear the "cookie man" is preston. this is all planned. bruh.
James Moxlow
James Moxlow 10 days ago
make a mearch shop
Zack attack Gaming
Zack attack Gaming 10 days ago
How long did it take to make that walk around your village
Sara O
Sara O 10 days ago
Make a giant statue of yourselves in the empty space!
Sebastian Oliveras
Sebastian Oliveras 10 days ago
Why do I feel like this is staged
Anolè Van Rooyen
Anolè Van Rooyen 10 days ago
Or a sectet tunnel or part under ground for emmergencies for safety
Anolè Van Rooyen
Anolè Van Rooyen 10 days ago
I think you should make a nether portal with a scelleton farm
Sridhar B
Sridhar B 10 days ago
unspeakable can I be your team in 2 weeks
Mason Shoemaker
Mason Shoemaker 10 days ago
boom booms intensify
Gemma Pierson
Gemma Pierson 10 days ago
can you make a resterrount in the filige
Louisa Burlingame
Louisa Burlingame 10 days ago
Rhea Richards
Rhea Richards 11 days ago
this is with the tnts from the other video
lisaliu23 11 days ago
I think you shoud invate beckbro
lisaliu23 11 days ago
Brady Ward
Brady Ward 11 days ago
a flag
asa stevens
asa stevens 11 days ago
What about the angry kid hacker
Shaurya Shah
Shaurya Shah 11 days ago
Cam Green
Cam Green 11 days ago
Do a model away is it you can make the most skin powerful in place that no one can get in a shark in moose to try and get in with you to unspeakable
Omen 11 days ago
when mlg is easy as hell
Red lava
Red lava 11 days ago
Oh moggie
Landry Weberpal
Landry Weberpal 11 days ago
You should add a treehouse
Cortney Weber
Cortney Weber 11 days ago
I think you should build a grocery store so then you can sell all your food
the hot dog 5
the hot dog 5 11 days ago
it's mogi
the hot dog 5
the hot dog 5 11 days ago
make netherite tempel and full diamend or netherite gear
Mr TNT 11 days ago
You should build horse stables
Mariusz Wilusz
Mariusz Wilusz 11 days ago
Pls pls build NASAs work stasion
unuspawi 11 days ago
build a water park
Jason Arriaga
Jason Arriaga 11 days ago
Hi you're my favorite youtuber
Brady Cole
Brady Cole 12 days ago
Nicholas Davies
Nicholas Davies 12 days ago
roller coster
Bello Lol
Jessica DeLuca
Jessica DeLuca 12 days ago
It's not a game no more
NadiaPlayz 12 days ago
Make an Unspeakable, Moose, and Shark statue!!!
Cameron Johns
Cameron Johns 12 days ago
Build a Mall
lianne Scott
lianne Scott 12 days ago
Build a McDonald’s on the smp!
Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fisher 12 days ago
🏢 build a 🏫 scry scraper
Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fisher 12 days ago
Buil Qqq
Franciszka Medina
Franciszka Medina 13 days ago
Samuel Fromille
Samuel Fromille 13 days ago
Build a volcanoes!
Henry Tapia
Henry Tapia 13 days ago
you can build a rollercostor to get around
Sumandeep Kaur
Sumandeep Kaur 13 days ago
Make a secret base under shark
bruh 13 days ago
The intro skied me
big aps
big aps 13 days ago
This was made on my birthday!!!
Billie Rufh
Billie Rufh 13 days ago
Diamond pit
Amelia Barrett
Amelia Barrett 13 days ago
Bro u should build a water park or theme park! That would be so cool
Kemp 16
Kemp 16 13 days ago
You could build a fighting arena
Juan Santiago
Juan Santiago 13 days ago
Im in beckbrojack’s team (beep bip bob
Dario Jackson
Dario Jackson 14 days ago
A treehouse
Christina Boyd
Christina Boyd 14 days ago
You should build something nice for moose and shark but after y'all are done with rebuilding the village I would help you guys if I could but I can't so I'm sorry but yeah once your done you should build something nice for moose and shark
Minecraft Gamerboy133
Build a statue of you guys or just you
Adam Topping
Adam Topping 14 days ago
I won’t you to copy a RUvidr For 24 hours
unicorndonut 14 days ago
You can build a grocery store
Janet Mak
Janet Mak 15 days ago
xp grinder pls
Jack Alfo
Jack Alfo 15 days ago
you now it preston lol
maizdebola 15 days ago
You should try and make a restaurant
hugo mander
hugo mander 15 days ago
Yo Unspeakable please can you build a underground aquarium please!
Carlos Ortiz
Carlos Ortiz 15 days ago
Du u hav a irn frm?
Ghada Ahmed
Ghada Ahmed 15 days ago
Coblston genrator
Wolf Gamer Anders
Wolf Gamer Anders 15 days ago
Jack could have sent Moggey
henry stickmin
henry stickmin 15 days ago
Make a modern house plz
Shelley Thompson
Shelley Thompson 16 days ago
Unspeakable( 0:10 ):finally put Lilly pads on the water so the villagers don’t get stuck * villager is stuck cause he does not know how to walk across Lilly pads* Me: BRUH HE CANT EVEN WALK ACROSS THE LILLY PADS
Advika Singhal
Advika Singhal 16 days ago
U should make a sheep and cow farm
Finn Fogdall
Finn Fogdall 16 days ago
it makes sence beck bro jack is part zombie thats why those zombies attacked.
Rhys Wodley-Smith
Rhys Wodley-Smith 16 days ago
Those are more tnts
Rhys Wodley-Smith
Rhys Wodley-Smith 16 days ago
That’s the tnt
Mike Anthony Ciceron
Matt Crybaby
Matt Crybaby 17 days ago
Green uspekbl heed