My Struggles With OCD

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Jennie wants to share her experience and struggles with OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Although people might assume that OCD is all about keeping things neat and tidy, OCD can affect people in different ways. For Jennie, her OCD made her feel like she always had to keep things "even." For example, if Jennie saw two books on a table that weren't perfectly lined up and "even," Jennie would feel the need to rearrange the books and fix their position. However, it wasn't as simple as just moving the books around - Jennie had a whole system for fixing things that wasn't always easy to explain to other people.
Because of her OCD, Jennie felt like she had to do certain things and complete specific tasks to feel at peace. Although she was right-handed, she decided to go an entire year using her left hand to do things so that her left side was even with her right side. Then, once the year had passed, she felt like she had to use both her right and left hands equally to keep things balanced and fair. It was extremely difficult for her, and it started to really impact her days at school, time with friends and overall daily life.
Her OCD felt like it was only getting more difficult to handle. She started to count all of her body movements, and she felt like she had to keep track every time she would breathe or blink. She began to feel like someone was listening to her thoughts, and if she didn't think or feel the right thing, she may be punished.
Finally, Jennie decided to talk to her parents and explain how she was feeling. They brought her to a counselling, and a counselor was really able to help her. Now, Jennie doesn't feel so overwhelmed by her disorder. Jennie wants other people to know how important it is to NOT suffer in silence, and she hopes her story can help someone who may also be struggling with OCD.
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Nov 12, 2019




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Comments 6 686
Omni Jones
Omni Jones 10 minutes ago
I kinda do the same thing for example, I have to start eating on the right side of my mouth and end with my left side, or like if I’m typing and make a mistake with one letter, I have to delete the whole word or else the other letters feel “old” or something like that.
•Dusty Llama•
•Dusty Llama• 23 minutes ago
I Also have ocd :( I got help I needed ♡ I hope you are healthy and happy ^^
Cute Snow
Cute Snow 43 minutes ago
I have OCD and i hate it.I have to do everything eaven😭😭🙁🙁☹☹
Chanel Skates
Chanel Skates 57 minutes ago
Bro wtf is this audio quality
durpy nyo
durpy nyo Hour ago
Oh god i have ocd
Ann Falcone
Ann Falcone Hour ago
My name is Hailee and I have OCD
Riya Panesar
Riya Panesar 4 hours ago
this happens to me but except instead of my hands not feeling even, it’s my feet when i walk. i always take double steps on one foot and on the other foot and i walk weird
Shannon Hughes
Shannon Hughes 4 hours ago
guess I had OCD last year :0
Your Average Stalker
I've been thinking that i have OCD for years. My worst problem is clicking on my phone scree. When i watch a youtube video i have to pause the video like 5 times before i can start watching. It's a bit annoying but it's not making my life harder so i never went to get diagnosed.
Cicada Aesi
Cicada Aesi 9 hours ago
this channel is the only storytime channel that has stories that are actually real
SSBV2 ball
SSBV2 ball 9 hours ago
. Im lefted hand
F l o w e r T e a
F l o w e r T e a 10 hours ago
Storybooth: Real stories Other Channels: I got pregnant by a rock and had to escape my home!
Fuchsia Vicencio
Fuchsia Vicencio 11 hours ago
Right:hero Left:sidekick
Josi Yu
Josi Yu 15 hours ago
I have ocd of moving my fingers evenly like if I point to a trophy I need to point with my left hand as well . Same with my feet
Re ese
Re ese 18 hours ago
i’m not diagnosed but i’ve experienced all of these things
artsy cat
artsy cat 20 hours ago
so? i do this i dont have OCD
Tanisha Carballo
Tanisha Carballo 20 hours ago
You are a rock you using your left hand
Tanisha Carballo
Tanisha Carballo 20 hours ago
You are wrong you use your left hand
Butter on a pop tart
Bruh I have severe ocd I hate it when I can’t finish my set in the gym and end up doing 1 more rep on one arm
Nightmare Sleep
Nightmare Sleep 21 hour ago
I have ADHD,OCD and ODD
AndyTrxsh 22 hours ago
same people usually think that it’s always about keeping things neat which yeah in some cases it is but I also constantly need to keep things even my therapist has helped me a lot with it though
TheGameInvaderTV 22 hours ago
I'm trying to recover from my OCD which is literally the same as urs ;-;
Da Unicorn Girl
I have OCD I do everything backwards or walk every where backwards and I feel like every one can read my mind
Imogen King
Imogen King Day ago
I might have ocd
levi Day ago
I just realized I have that...;-; Or.. Maybe...
Amelia Sinderson
but not you are not the top comment anymore lol
stayquiet x y.samurai40
imagine not being ambidextrous
Heather Anderson
I'll admit that I do have OCD. It does get annoying a lot.
Kalina Milicevic
One time i thouth that everyone can read my mind too it lasted for some time but it thankfully stoped
Lilypadyum _888
I think i have OCD
Patty Meza
Patty Meza Day ago
I have OCD and it is hard to live with
D4LochMonster !
Don’t worry u are not alone I also have ocd and just know you can talk to people and others with ocd to make u feel better about ur self so just know u are not alone!
Gamer Gabe
Gamer Gabe Day ago
I have un diagnosed OCD and it's so ANNOYING
Speciman64 Day ago
Left side of Tødörõkī
The Active Crazy Champ
I can relate. I’m still doing my little rituals but I’m getting better.
Charlie’s Animations
Who else has this OCD thing: when I’m in a tiled room I HAVE to step on certain tiles. I hate it
Fluffy Chicken
I feel her i have ocd as well and its such a struggle and sometimes i want to shoot myself cause of it.
Melburn Miller
I count my breath i have most ocd qnd i do have alot
cøøkie Life
I dont have ocd but I can relate with some stuff
michelle cooper
I have a little bit of O.C.D
Mintie Day ago
I wonder what hand she used to hold her phone to record this...
azual 2 hours ago
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