My Struggle With Acne and Self Confidence

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Jul 13, 2020




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Comments 100
Celia Apostolatou
Celia Apostolatou 8 hours ago
no, its not weird to be insure of ur face, I have been insecure of my face for all my life, even tho I don't have acne, I have other parts of my face that I dont like and my face had caused me to have depression and one day I tried to take over my life just bc of my face... well and other reasons but my face was one of them, be proud that u r alive. :)
angla nocap
angla nocap Day ago
I'm so sorry Ethan. you shouldn't be treated like this especially with a person who deals with acne . I'm really sorry Ethan .
Claire N
Claire N 3 days ago
You are a survivor and a mentor. And you’re absolutely right. If you’re a dude and “ if putting a little powder on your face makes you feel more you, fuck it.” You only live one life. I wanna try and smile through most of mine. Keep the goods coming 🤙
Kim Husbands
Kim Husbands 7 days ago
There are more people that you have helped than you will ever know. I pray that there are more people like you that keeps things real. We all have skin struggles and not everyone has access to a dermatologist advice. Dr Dray has some good youtube advice for good skincare. Also, all the best actors were make up.
nya! 8 days ago
Normalize having acne. It’s natural and you’re bound to get at least one in your life. It doesnt define you.
Rebecca Raynor
Rebecca Raynor 8 days ago
Dude. This resonates on a level I can’t even describe, not even through acne I am blessed to not have suffered with that and I am so sympathetic to all who are feeling bad about themselves with that and I hope you find hope like Ethan did, but with the other circumstances in my life that made me feel the lowest I have ever been in my life and I relate to feeling like I was addicted to feeling low after a period of emotion I couldn’t control, like I didn’t know anything else but I was lying to myself. I know and remember the feeling of loving myself even though I felt worthless. I suffer with bpd and my emotions are so strong in all directions with little control in relation to the extremes but it isn’t permanent and I too have grown the most I have ever grown in the last 6 months. Yeah If hadn’t gone through what I had gone through I would never have learnt the lessons I have and made the personal growth I have made in 2020. This may be a few months late but honest to god I have never respected another human being as much as I have right now. My experiences are still raw for me, but I know it’s going to put me in a place where I can be happier in the long run and that’s a fact for everyone in life. Anyone who is struggling with their own stuff rn, look to this example and my example and any example around you that you know personally of. Life throws shit at you and it seems terrifying and intimidating to hear about and experience, but in the end it will make you a stronger human being and a happier one
Anastasiya Torishnya
Dude YOUR AMAZING ! Never listen to the haters!!
Celina Binkley
Celina Binkley 10 days ago
Wow, I am so blown away by how incredible you are, Ethan. I really had no clue that this was such a big issue and that Ethan Dolan u**y was trending.. I had noticed that you had acne but I didn’t think it made you ugly at all and didn’t think much of it truthfully at the time! (I think I didn’t like the short hair more than anything but that’s just a preference 😜). I remember seeing your posts on Instagram and being proud then, but now watching this video (yes I’m almost 6 months behind on my RUvid subscriptions 😂), this is one of my favorite videos you’ve done. Being so vulnerable and honest with us. Showing us what being a man truly is, men can wear makeup just like women can if it helps them express themselves or feel more confident. Thank you for explaining how you got through this, because so many people can use that advice- just finding little things that bring you joy, taking one step/hold on the rocks at a time, to get through any low part in their life. Thank you for sharing this journey with us, I’m sorry people were so awful to you, but I’m so glad you found the love for yourself and confidence through this. I love you, E!! I’m always wishing the best for you ♥️
Chandler Blackburn
Chandler Blackburn 10 days ago
My heart goes out for you man, I’m so unbelievably happy, you came out stronger, favorite RUvidr ever!
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 10 days ago
Good job Ethan for sharing all this. Ironically, while going through the worst time of your life, you also made a difference by spreading this great message! You are so very courageous
Diego Amores
Diego Amores 12 days ago
It’s like he had cancer or something everybody gotta chill
shadi alaintrazi
shadi alaintrazi 12 days ago
Ethan dolan is sooo gorgeous no matter what just look at him
Rochelle Zhagui
Rochelle Zhagui 15 days ago
so relatable. this is me right now. thank you for posting this. I love you guys
lotti. hhn
lotti. hhn 15 days ago
I love to see this and like notice how I literally feel exactly the same. My acne has made me so much sadder and just so uncomfortable with myself and it’s something I still relive everyday. Thank you for telling your story ❤️
HB - 08HD 734598 Sunny View MS
So, mine acne is worst eth... I am called fat also I am type 1 diabetic and I got bullied all of it
Leilah El Hanbaly
Leilah El Hanbaly 17 days ago
This video is one of the best things I've ever seen on youtube.
O S 17 days ago
I’m struggling with acne and it seems like the only way people ever get out of it is being on accutane. This doesn’t give me hope because I know my family doesn’t have the money to pay for this. I just wish there was another way
Riccardo Mugnano
Riccardo Mugnano 17 days ago
Never had acne problem before, but seeing this video made me cry A LOT. The comments that people wrote to Ethan were so rude and so mean that got me into tears...for real. I can’t even understand how a person can feel to have the right to destroy another person just because of a skin problem... LIKE WTF?! He‘s a human being as we all are and he deserves respect as everybody does. I wanna thank both of you guys, Ethan and Grayson, for making a video like this and trying to spread good messages like this with your RUvid channel. I’m happy to see that young guys like you want to make people understand that WE ARE WHO WE ARE despite our physical aspect and that how we look does not define what we are! Thank you very very much for doing this!! WHOEVER IS READING, please be kind to everyone and respect everyone because we are ALL humans and we all have feelings!
shadi alaintrazi
shadi alaintrazi 18 days ago
Ethan is just ✨beutiful✨
kylie hartman
kylie hartman 18 days ago
I don’t think it is that bad E your going to be ok you have all these fans Who love and adore you and yeah there might be a couple of hate comments but don’t let that get to you and best of all you have Grayson your loving brother have you shared your life with
Yesy Zapata
Yesy Zapata 18 days ago
I can’t even lie,I started crying while watching this because it’s so messed up for people to bully or pick at him for having acne.
Ricarda Gesine
Ricarda Gesine 19 days ago
This made me cry.. you deserve the world Ethan 🤎
short lil gurl
short lil gurl 19 days ago
When I see your face the whole world stops and stares for a while cause your AMAZING, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE💗💗💗 I love you so so so so MUCH ETHAN don't let the hate get to you...stay strong God bless🙏 I love you♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💗💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💕💕💕💓💓😘😘
sevxa 19 days ago
Thick piggy
Thick piggy 19 days ago
WHY PEOPLE DO THIS ? Sometimes I feel ashamed for being a human ... acne is the worst insecurity ever , even if u got rid of your acne , the fear and the anxiety of getting them back or the left scars are the worst sh!t ... nothing worst than small thing can effect bad on u and u can't control it . that's enough people
pageantgrosvenor 20 days ago
ceanna clark
ceanna clark 21 day ago
The opening support talk was honestly the shit.
nettyb00p 21 day ago
Gosh I keep crying. You’re incredible and you two are blessed to have one another.
Jenny Manipon
Jenny Manipon 21 day ago
I think it was cos of that one acne sponsorship they had that fucked him up :/
ali gregory
ali gregory 22 days ago
he aint ugly tf
Andrew Green
Andrew Green 22 days ago
this was very deep and brave dude. kudos to you man. I mean, you still have us, the fans, that have your back!! 🤙🏽🤙🏽
Lily Young
Lily Young 22 days ago
Me and my sister are identical twins, we spend every minute of every day with each other, we are never apart, and do everything together, I understand how awful it was for E but it must have been horrible for Gray to see him go through this, I would struggle if my twin did to 💜💜
Autumn Lorentzen
Autumn Lorentzen 22 days ago
acne can just get out of hand and you never know
Ethen Sharrock
Ethen Sharrock 23 days ago
I used to get boils bc i was so depressed and stressed all over my face it was horrible i can feel ur pain and im grateful to see this beautiful story today your really brave
Carmen Gubert-Husson
I'm very late, but You ARE SO AWESOME. LOVE YOU GUYS. so so awesome. This video is awesome. I'm just gonna keep saying awesome. You are awesome people.
lil red
lil red 24 days ago
ur strong, and an inspiration ethan.
lina kulle
lina kulle 25 days ago
i know no one’s gonna read this but i just feel like i need to let this out too. I’ve had acne for 8 years. I’m a sucker for skincare and used all the right products, but it didn’t help. My acne was severe. I got prescribed so many creams and stuff that was supposed to help, but it didn’t. I got prescribed strong antibiotics but they didn’t help either. After 6 years of acne i went on accutane, and it got a lot worse at first but then cleared up my skin and my confidence was starting to rise. Tho 2 years later my acne came back and it was just as bad as before accutane.. It’s now been 8 years with extreme acne and my self esteem is completely gone. It destroyed me, i had no confidence, no self esteem, no nothing. I was so insecure i never left my house without makeup. And if i slept at someone else’s house some day, i would literally sleep in my makeup to now show my acne. I’m now on accutane again and i’m in the stage where my skin is a lot worse (before it gets better). I’ve been struggling SO hard with acne and my mental health caused by it. I’ve hated myself, always, for how my skin looked. I know my skin isn’t supposed to define me or make me self conscious, but that’s just how much it affects you and how society tells you that acne is ugly etc. And it makes you feel SO not worthy of love, and not as good as others.. I hope it gets better soon 😕
Fantasia Gasmi
Fantasia Gasmi 25 days ago
Put on your face every day hanf ( in german ) oil biological . You should get perfect results ! From a twin girl 🕊
Noodle Ogre
Noodle Ogre 26 days ago
Such a nice story . I struggle with acne myself and I am really insecure about it . Nice to hear this brings a lot of motivation to not get in a dark hole and to make life happier with the ppl u love
Nyasha Ngandu
Nyasha Ngandu 27 days ago
I wish l had a twinnn😭😭😭
viviana serna
viviana serna 28 days ago
E is the most grateful person. Even when he had his peak of acne he still thought of other people and how they have it worst. After he was facing his acne he had scars. Scars are marks from the past when one person was so brave that they kept it with them. From a person who has never had acne i can't put my shoes in his situation and know what E was feeling. Acne can cause many things such as anxiety, depression, trauma, or even weight loss. E kept fighting and toward the end he kept going and never stopped. In his rock climbing story it's an example i think anyone can hear even withe people who don't have acne, you can do it if you start from the bottom and take little steps to your goal you can make it. If you give on hate on someone just because of their appearance you're actually ill. Strive to the top and don't stop Ethan and anyone who is reading this and having a hard time.
Naana Scelyne
Naana Scelyne 29 days ago
Obviously you are beautiful!!! But unfortunately in life people celebrate others misery
Sarah I Luna
Sarah I Luna Month ago
The f(z) music was perfect touch. Mayeb sAcral fz needed towards end .. i got anxious like 3/4 through
Rosina King
Rosina King Month ago
I actually cried while he read these hate comments it disgusts me hiw rude and cruel the world can be 😥😭
Rosina King
Rosina King Month ago
"Its not the outside that matters, its whats on the inside" Dhar Mann
Dick Sommers
Dick Sommers Month ago
I really enjoy to see the direction you both are going with your channel thru this video/and your Dad"s..You both are really maturing and developing new talents..BRAVO!!
ab Month ago
yall really f**k up bc all teens get acne
Emine Agdere
Emine Agdere Month ago
I watched this now, didnt even know u were going through this..Im sorry and i cant believe that people called you those awful things. i dont even have words to describe how i hate those humans. they truly disgust me. sending you both love, take care.
Joseph USA
Joseph USA Month ago
Bro acne is normal. You guys look like Jay Leno’s kids
Kristie Teames
Kristie Teames Month ago
Great job, Ethan! I’m really proud of you. You and your brother have set a superb example of how to go through a difficult trial - relating the downs as well as the ups, giving a step-by-step outline of your progress so others can follow those principles, and being willing to go on the record and share your emotional story with strangers (unknown friends). It takes a lot of tenacity to do what you did. Whenever you hear a negative comment, you can think of a person whose life will be affected for good by your bring willing to speak out.
Shivangi Raul
Shivangi Raul Month ago
actually you know what E, I recently subscribed to you guys and when I saw that makeup post on your feed I had no clue abt your acne breakout and didn't even feel that it was less manly of you to put on some powder on your face cause it's cool. who doesn't. If it really makes you feel confident then fucking do it dude. now that I now abt what was going on w you at that time, it's still cool. you made yourself confident and accept yourself and that's what matters so yeah! you go guys! I love you🙌🏻❤
Shivangi Raul
Shivangi Raul Month ago
ethan no one in this entire world can tell you how you look. people don't define how you look or who you are. you know your worth you know what a difficult journey it has been for you. so just don't let other people's words get in your head. iknow its easy said than done but it will be all worth it in the end. and same thing goes to gray. we love you guys for the kind of people you are and not for how you look. I mean that's my POV atleast
Amy Geere
Amy Geere Month ago
wow i really relate to the camera roll thing
swechhya Month ago
I am suffering from acne rn and I can relate to EVERY SINGLE THING Ethan is saying... just makes me wanna cry...
Ailanne Regalado
Having acne makes us even more beautiful. I went through the hardest time with acne and just know YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT weather you are 14 or 22 you will get through it it took me 3 years to get rid of mine and it takes others even more but I promise it will make you grow so much that you will feel so comfortable and confident and just know that it is okay to show off your acne and pimples no matter how much they make fun of you at school or wherever just remember that you won’t even know those people in a few years show it off and say yes this is me and I am human this is normal. And no I don’t care if this whole thing sounded cheesy i love you.
Julia Calis
Julia Calis Month ago
Ive been dealing with heavy acne for 7 years now. It was gone until a month ago, it exploded again. I have to use accutane for the 3rd time now. I am just devastated. This video helps me, I am still not ok, but it does help me. If anything, this made me stan you. You are an example and a very strong one.
_ valerie _
_ valerie _ Month ago
I'm devastated by how many good, kind and great people experience depression and anxiety because of acne. I have been dealing with acne for almost 5 years and no matter how hard I try, acne still remains. It is difficult to deal with acne, please keep your opinions, comments and insults to yourself. People with acne have it hard enough just with themselves.
Mariana Uribe
Mariana Uribe Month ago
Thanks for being so real! We are humans & the fact that you guys are a public figure doesn’t change that. Love you guys, keep growing & keep doing you❤️🙏🏻
Absolute Mae.M
Absolute Mae.M Month ago
Awe first few minutes already breaks my heart. I feel like body dysmorphia, weight loss/eating disorders, does the same thing.
Diego Tardio
Diego Tardio Month ago
how did you clear ur acne??
Doon Month ago
Even though I don’t have bad or severe acne, I still feel extremely self-conscious at times, when I have mild breakouts. But after watching this video, Ethan, you and your brother have really helped me. I want to thank you, dearly, for sharing your journey and your definition of masculinity and confidence. Thanks guys
Sher Month ago
Acne does NOT make you ugly! It just hides your face because people can't see pass it. it's so disgusting that people have his toxic mentality.
Celia Apostolatou
Celia Apostolatou
poor bby :(
Danielle's vids
Danielle's vids Month ago
You look great 👍😁
Mariam M
Mariam M Month ago
Person who never had acne will never understand what’s the feeling when you want to hide your face all the time from everyone, even from your parents and doesn’t matter what you are doing or what you want to do or whatever, acne on your face is always the first thought.
4pfjoshua 88
4pfjoshua 88 Month ago
Thankk you man thats all i can say
Alexia Orosz
Alexia Orosz Month ago
I don't understand why people hate on Ethan because he had acne like its a normal thing and everyone has had it before and the fact that people had to hate so much he made a documentary about it is just so sad to me. Also just how Grayson was there for him the whole time through that process is just so sweet.
Sophia Ochoa
Sophia Ochoa Month ago
Your still beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Supriya Jalan
Supriya Jalan Month ago
People can be such ignorant monsters. I have suffered with acne for 9 years and it has also left terrible scars on my face. It was not my fault, it was not my hygiene. These things can be because of hormones, genetics, environment, etc. Acne and scars are literally only SKIN DEEP. A persons looks and their personality has nothing to do with their skin. Discriminating against acne and calling it ugly or unattractive is as good as discriminating against someone based on the colour of the skin. It boggles my mind how obnoxious people can get when talking about people's acne. Do you have any idea how the person dealing with these spots and painful cysts is feeling? I wish the media, social standards and the beauty community could acknowledge how normal acne and scarring is. Porcelain skin romanticization has caused the same form of depression and anxiety in people as white supremacy has in people of colour. Fucking stop and actually fucking empathize.
Charlotte Gats
Charlotte Gats Month ago
I was so sad for Ethan. Especially when he said he had to do it himself bc he always had a twin 😭 but I’m glad he’s happy with himself. Love you!
Villains Never die
I actually searched for Mein Kampf with English subtitles But ended up clicking on this video.
Angelina Lucie
Angelina Lucie Month ago
Your experience is me now and just seeing someone else talk about it helps so much 💕😭
Javier Moral
Javier Moral Month ago
Everything he says he did i do. I also have an identical twin
Javier Moral
Javier Moral Month ago
WOW...... this hit home like never before. I also have an identical twin and i have acne but he doesn t. We get compared all the time and i m called the ugly twin, the loser, etc.. due to all that i ve been fighting depression for so long now. Fuck this shit KILLS ur self esteem, and the fact that we are twins puts us in the spotlight to get compared. I feel like my brothers shadow...
Srbija Month ago
I am a male. In the 30. If i eat allot acidic food or a mix of acidic foods i get mostly one big red cystic acne around my nose wings left or right. Tomatoes, lemon, sour fruits, histamine meats, herbal teas, probiotic foods, vit c etc. Someone relate to this and know why this happens and what to do? I miss some vitamine or mineral? I need to eat fruit once in a while and some meat but if there is a wrong mix up in a day i eat and drink with acidic foods, meat, herbal teas i get these cystic acne. Everything with acid seems to do me bad, but are good for my health. So frustrating.
Wanderer -XV
Wanderer -XV Month ago
Bro I went through the same thing and all the things he’s describing is what I did I tried so much medication but I actually got cureology and helped me out a lot and I just started learn more about taking care of myself and I just did more me and all those activity like skateboarding and the workouts is what I did bro acne affected my confidence a lot but I drilled did me
Makayla Irene Pacheco
You guys are honestly so supportive and so amazing. Everybody has acne and sometimes this can be a problem. I support you all the way and just know we are all here ❤️
Clean Sheets
Clean Sheets Month ago
I feel for anyone who struggles with acne. It really sucks. With that said, I feel much much worse for those who are not famous, not rich, and have severe acne. At least he has money and access to treatments that the vast majority of us could never afford. If you feel bad for him, maybe consider reaching out to the regular everyday people in your life who suffer from acne. They need your support far more than this privileged RUvid star does.
Alison Kruckeberg
This video HELPED me SOOO much! it actually made me cry. Feeling and relating to you and your journey just made me feel like I am not alone. I wish I knew that when I went all through school with acne COVERING my face. Life is SO hard in general. Losing your confidence and searching for that spark that you once had before...can make life a lot harder. People can seriously be so ruthless. Iv tried everything to get rid of my acne. People would bully me badly and say I was dirty.... it was hormonal acne and you cant do much about that. You just have to be patient and hold on tight because it does get worse before it gets better. That was the hardest thing to hear and witness. I am three years FREE even though some of my acne comes back here and there.. I feel like a new person. Confidence is back and now I am only left with scars. Like you were saying...I would never want to get rid of my scars completely because they showed me to be bold and confident with myself and remember that iv been on one HELL of a journey. THANK YOU so much for sharing this video. Really touched home for me and hopefully does the same for a lot more out there.
The Channel
The Channel Month ago
He’s still attractive idc what y’all say
Alyssa Sherrier
Alyssa Sherrier Month ago
Ethan does things for people are the time and yall treat him like trash, hes a human just like you.
Emily Principe
Emily Principe 2 months ago
This video is very up lifting ☺️
Jenny Rincón
Jenny Rincón 2 months ago
Thank you so much for posting this. People don’t know what it’s like to lose confidence because of acne. Having to cry myself to sleep because of my skin, not being able to go out without makeup, not being able to eat my favorite things like icecream, sweets, any type of dairy. It causes me so much pain till this day. I really hope my acne goes away soon.
Athaly KAzMo
Athaly KAzMo 2 months ago
Your acne aint all that bad I know how bad acne is and how it makes you feel im glad you got through it. If you feel any weird about your acne scars palmer's cocoa butter formula helps even if its just a bit.
ethan turgeon
ethan turgeon 2 months ago
ok 1st. how can so many people dislike that video. 2nd, each time he showed picture of his camera roll. it broke my heart seeing how unhappy he was😭
Janice Morelock
Janice Morelock 2 months ago
Ethan, I just found this post. Am I a troll? I really don't know, because I am a 65 year old nana. I have a 16 year old grandson who has/had acne. He was blind so I don't think he really knew why kids were laughing, but we did. I'm taking frequent breaks while typing because of the tear for you both. You could see your face, he couldnt. He had acne on his back as well. You look so sad in some of those pictures. I wish I could have found those videos and pictures when it was so bad for you. I don't know what I would have done, except call the 'perfect skin' kids our for you...But, I promise you that they still have some issues too, things they hide from their friends and families, while your skin is now clear. Please trust me on this, did I mention that I am 65? I have seen a few things. My g-son also started Accutane and it also helped him, and his skin is now clear. You do the things you have to do and you live your life. You and your brother have each others backs, and you have good hearts. I'm 65, I can tell..... I hope you go forward, Ethan, and stand up for someone else and help them. Show those sick, cruel pups what a real man is.
Your mom
Your mom 2 months ago
I feel bad for Ethan,he has done nothing wrong but it seems like society became so disrespectful that he got nervous to film,etc😢
Alice Thiel
Alice Thiel 2 months ago
I’m watching this 4 month later, see how far you guys have come. This hit hard. Me being an identical twin too this hits home. The little steps and the help from your twin made me cry. This is actually so helpful. I haven’t cried in a while. This made me actually feel again and actually made me realize how far I can from a year ago. Thank you guys.
Emma Wells
Emma Wells 2 months ago
I have very bad acne as well and i remember just feeling alone and sad all the time just because of what my face looked like. I tried multiple different products and beauty stuff to help but nothing was working and my sin was getting worse everyday. I started getting bad grades in school to the point where i had all Fs in my grades. Then a new boy moved to our class and his face was just covered in pimples but he was just walking around like nothing was wrong. Then in the middle of class he started putting face cream on his face meanwhile i couldn't even talk about my acne in front of people without being imbrassed so i started watch his every move (like a creep) and just trying to learn how to just confess i have acne and eventally i took pictures of my self and sent it to my friends and told them that i am happy the way my face looks. My friends were happy that i was happy and in a good place, i started getting my crap together and started getting good grades and complements from people. Then i disided to talk to the boy who helped me through all this.. and thats i did and turns out he started paying attention to me more now so we started talking for days then weeks than months until we started dating and we have now been together for 3 years now and when ever we feel bad about our skin we help each other get through it. If your still here reading this i just wanna say thank you for listening to my my ace story.
Jamie Jin
Jamie Jin 2 months ago
people with acne understand what others with acne go through, and a person with clear skin will never understand the true pain and depression.
Jamie Jin
Jamie Jin 2 months ago
acne is probably one of the most NORMAL things that happen throughout teen life but society won’t normalize it and will never.
silvia palladino
silvia palladino 2 months ago
Ethan, you are such a mature boy, people who insult you for just having f**cking acne are really ridiculous and idiots.
Yannis Catalin
Yannis Catalin 2 months ago
Some people fight with this years Its happy you did just 3month.. în gladyou good guys
Sila Barlas
Sila Barlas 2 months ago
I cried so much during this video just because I remembered my acne journey (still have it but it's mostly gone). I had Acne since I was 11 until 16 (now). Firstly I tried a scream which made my face burn and sometimes caused rashes (that stayed for a whole day) later on I switched to Accutane. Watching your video made me realize what an huge impact Acne had on my psyche. Not only did strangers comment on my appearance but also my family which hurted even more. I was embarassed and didn't want to go school to hide from the disgusted glimpses. Looking back I realize what a waste of time it was. Thanks for sharing E 🖤🖤
Mood : Willy Wonka
Mood : Willy Wonka 2 months ago
@Sila Barlas thank u so much Sıla! I'm from Turkey, (and I'm guessing maybe you're Turkish,too?) Anyways, we have roaccutane here I think it's the same. But dermatologist cost a lot of money tho...and going there every month just to give blood and stuff will cost a lot of money to me and my family. But if my acne gets worse I have no other chance other than going there and start the medication. Thank you so much for the info, I hope u can receive your ideal skin asap. Proud of youu!💕 Almanya'ya bol sevgiler
Sila Barlas
Sila Barlas 2 months ago
@Mood : Willy Wonka I'd love to. Though your experience can be different as I live in germany and my drug isn't exactly the same as Accutane. I mean at least it's called different (it still is prettty much the same). Anyway I don't know how it is where you are from but in order to be "allowed" to take accutane I have to go to my dermatologist monthly to let them take blood samples (to check my liver data) and do a pregnancy test (even when you are a virgin but of course not if you are a boy). I am now 8 months in. I have to admit that the first 3 months had been really rough. I' ve had anxiety and I was really moody even when the day just started I was grumpy and aggressive, which really hard to handle for my family. Although I don't think I was depressed at that time. It took 3 months till I actually started seing any progress but as soon as it started to work my skin started to clear up pretty quikly. But the months before my skin had even been getting worse. Your whole body but mostly your face and lips will be super dry all the time. I was very suprissed about that as my skin is normally extremly oily. That's why you have to drink a lot of water and use chapstick. I also gained weight during my treatment (about 10 pounds but being in quarantine might' ve had affected that hihi). Although I don't think many people experience weight gain during theirs. My psyche is better now but I still am sometimes down, which is still an huge improvement compared to my mentally unstable self from the beginning. I hope sharing my not so brief summary was somewhat helpful. I also hope I didn't terrify you with my words about what might be in store for you if you decide to take the drug. But I can guarantee you it's worth it and I would absolutely do it again. Wishing you the best of luck and sending lots of love no matter what you decide Sila
Mood : Willy Wonka
Mood : Willy Wonka 2 months ago
You just took the words from my mouth! But I still have acne tho. Can u talk about your accutane journey? My dermatologist recommended me to use accutane but my mom didn't want me to took it because u know all the side effects that she's been hearing. I kinda wanna experience accutane though...
Om Patel
Om Patel 2 months ago
This video needed to be released. You don’t know how valuable this video is.
saramalotheb 2 months ago
thank you so relatable! I’m on accutane for the 2nd time right now so totally understand
skyler hu
skyler hu 2 months ago
"No one is born ugly. We're just born in a judgmental society."
I miss One Direction
0:47 me, a Harry styles fan: 😏😏😏
Anna Archer
Anna Archer 2 months ago
Ethan isn’t being dramatic someone that has been on countless acne meds and creams literally hearing comments like that doesn’t help anything “wash ur face” fuck why didn’t just bc we have acne doesn’t mean we don’t care for about our skin and wash it I think of that doesn’t do anything other than hurt us for have problematic skin. Severe acne scars or blemishes it ain’t anyone’s fault for it. It makes u feel shit about ourselves even when I saw Ethan gettin I was thinking ew I was thinkin damn that’s tough bc I get that feeling of your just act up out of no where his acne wasn’t even that bad I’m happy they posted this. And I’m happy that Ethan has a brother that helped him and stood up for him in this time ETHAN your skin is beautiful acne or no acne. 🌝
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