My Struggle With Acne and Self Confidence

Dolan Twins
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Thank you for listening to my story
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Jul 13, 2020




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Comments 60
Anglaya Lee
Anglaya Lee 19 minutes ago
I listened to the end and I just wanna say I have the same thing I’ve been having this really bad acne and it’s been over a year now. So now I listen to this I believe I could do the same. Thank you so much Ethan 💗
jacinta pearce
jacinta pearce 5 hours ago
I had bad acne too and have not the best confidence, it’s sad that people think because they can do something about there acne does not mean you are ugly or have to point it out. I have done everything possible it’s not fair.
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen 8 hours ago
I continuously struggle to build self confidence cause of judgement from family and all so tjis was kinda comforting !! Thanks !!
Niveen Karim
Niveen Karim 9 hours ago
Oh my God, im so proud of you, i as well was at a very low point of my life and all it took for me was that first step, all it really takes is a step.
PugLove 11 hours ago
Ethan... no matter what you look like no matter what people say bout you you are amazing you are funny and you are kind there are so many people going through this (like myself) and it is very hard but you are very brave for making this video thank you
youtube pictures
youtube pictures 12 hours ago
Hey grayson! (Or ethan) I just posted a video on my channel and in the video I put a clip where grayson said he was gonna have a kid. Alot of people are freaking out over this. So can you pls address it?
youweak humphries
youweak humphries 22 hours ago
Ethan is the best looking man i have ever seen even when he had acne
James Barton
James Barton 23 hours ago
Awe I feel so bad for Ethan man he is great no matter what so y’all stop hating on him :( 💔
Nayli Qistina
Nayli Qistina 23 hours ago
Takami’s baby bird :]
I’m so proud of him im crying like a damn baby 😭, i love Ethan and Grayson so much 💗🥺
Carla Black
Carla Black Day ago
Ethan you are beautiful acne doesn’t define you as a person just know you are loved no matter what🤍.
Cass O
Cass O Day ago
love this ❤️ went thru the same thing with my acne and felt all the same feelings. proud of u for telling ur story !!
illy B
illy B Day ago
i have acne as well, i stopped going to school because of it i darent leave my house without having an anxiety fit u can laugh at this if u want im just saying that there is other people going through the same shit as me and him
just peachy
just peachy Day ago
I am crying listening to you read these tweets.
just peachy
just peachy Day ago
We love you Ethan. Your true fans have never left.
Ro O
Ro O Day ago
I don’t think E is ugly I think he is handsome I swear don’t lit them git to you love ❤️ u
Marcadies Birch
Dont worry Ethan I FEEL YOU I'm over here doing a home made banana, raw honey, lemon juice face mask because my acnes so bad right now I dont even want to leave my house or see people!!
Chenella Perez
I truly loved this video, like I am crying at work right now. As a person who struggled with acne since the 5th grade and it got severe throughout high school, I relate to Ethans experience from the numerous ignorant comments people would say to my face, and constantly being depressed and wanting to hide my face. I would cry ever night and just wanted to let go of life because of it. Now I am 20 years old and I do not have it as severe as before but I still have self hate for my skin and this video really just changed my whole point of view of my acne journey I loved your comment of how one day you will be free from your insecurities. And the comment I loved the most is the more you suffer you more your grow and I am going to remember that quote from now on. Thank you Ethan.
Ruby Beeden
Ruby Beeden Day ago
all you people who disliked, shame on you
gianna cohen
gianna cohen Day ago
that fact that acne is such a NORMAL thing we can’t control. NORMALIZE ACNE.
Nique Tube
Nique Tube Day ago
I don’t have acne, but I’m fighting a battle of losing weight that medications for a disease I have called lupus put on me,, even though it’s a different battle I’m so glad I watched your story Ethan, you are inspiring, and your story has made me think in a completely different way,, I’m at my halfway point of losing all the weight,,, I’ve lost 30kg so far I don’t know what that is in pounds but it’s a lot,, I’ve got 30kg to go and I got to a point where I was ready to give up because I wasn’t losing it quick enough, so watching your story and fight through the acne,, has inspired me to not give up, slowly but surely I will get to my goal ,,, xx thank you for sharing your story xx
Angelika Dillard
This helped me so much because although you’ll never see this or even know as you were struggling w/ you acne I had the same thing happening to me. Although mine was less severe I was still struggling w/ my self image/esteem and didn’t want to look at myself. I was crying every night because of the way I looked and would apologize for my acne when I would snap or see anyone. This video helped me a lot to know that someone was also going through the same struggle and can showed me that my acne and face isn’t everything.
Sandiya Khanom
Ethan's eyes were shiny w tears when he was readin those hate comments🥺
dani g
dani g Day ago
ugh youre wonderful
Eesha Kannan
Eesha Kannan Day ago
I'm so proud of Ethan for doing this. He's been through so much and came out so strong and I have so much respect for him. I love both of them and words cannot express how much I respect them for everything they speak about. Congrats, Ethan (and Grayson), my role models.
robin boswell
i love you Ethan, and im so happy for you... u make me laugh and i love watching you. Everything about you makes me happy, your story touched me and hit hard, i love you to death and hope you stay a happy guy!!!!
Lily Hunter
Lily Hunter Day ago
this was beautifully filmed and made
YaBoy Joey
YaBoy Joey 2 days ago
you’re so strong man. you used your voice to speak out to and for the people who are still or have gone through what you went through. I appreciated this💯
A G 2 days ago
As a 30 year old that still struggles with acne, I really appreciate this. Thank you.
Kelly 2 days ago
I struggled with severe acne for 6 years until I had to go on Accutane, including all its severe side effects. My dermatologist told me that there is a strong tie between depression/anxiety and acne. It really messes with your head, and I can’t imagine how much worse it must’ve been for Ethan being in the spotlight AND compounded with being a twin and the constant comparison that comes with that
Tracey Jeanne
Tracey Jeanne 2 days ago
1:00 there’s nothing wrong with writing things down 🙂 it just helps you make sure you remember what you wanna say and hit any certain points you wanted to With my memory I have to write a lot of things down,, for example, I’m pregnant and I’ll write down all my questions before I go to the doctor so I make sure I don’t forget anything
Rachel Anderson
Rachel Anderson 2 days ago
Thank you for sharing. You really helped me with your story!
Navyboy2064 2 days ago
The best dermatologist ever please go see him. He’s an older man. I had the worst acne ever from 13-15ish I don’t remember exactly but I poor when I was young I had medí-cal. Anyway he used to give me a steroid that I would take everyday once a day, plus a cream for at home and at my monthly appointment they would clean my face then use a UV light with those special glasses to protect my eyes. Anyway, this is the dermatologist: Pacific Dermatology Institute 1666 N Waterman Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92404, United States 909-886-3376 My brother also had the same bad acne and now we both have pretty faces lol it really helped start the healing. Afterwards as an adult I have been using the obagi but it is from a plastic surgeon it’s just his spin on it but pretty much same product with vitamin c serum. Good luck cutie pie!
sass reaction
sass reaction 2 days ago
Why be rood keep it in your head it’s rood acne is natural everyone or at least most people do There human just like us 😊 pls be nice
burnt toast
burnt toast 2 days ago
I say this with pure love for ethan but more people other than u werent making money at some point throughout 2020 bc a lot peoples work places are closed. You guys can choose when u want to make money most people cant.
Tessa 2 days ago
Geraldine Aban
Geraldine Aban 2 days ago
Ethan is my greek God, nothing changes it 💕
mxonaq 2 days ago
I think he’s more cute with acne. Whoever started that hashtag is ########## not that he isn’t cute without it
Charity Howard
Charity Howard 2 days ago
ethan, i’m so proud of you. you have grown and you will continue to. i love you e.
lonely 1
lonely 1 2 days ago
I was suicidal a few months ago but I was to pussy to do it so I resorted to other things my (acne / state of mind )even caused me to drop out of school I’m 16 rn and I cut all ties with any of my previous “friends” shit sucks being alone tbh when I was in school I would get made fun of and called stupid and with having acne it made it so much worse there was always this one female on the bus that would call out my imperfections just to embarrass in front of everyone ... my acne is not like most acne that’s just mild mine is cystic / nodular on the tzone so it’s mostly on my nose and forehead also hypertrophic scars have formed on my nose idk how to get rid of them ):now I’m getting it on my face I changed my diet drastically am always clean /tidy but nothing’s really changing I went to a derm but mans just gave me some pills that I researched and know they never have any positive benefits I want acutane but there’s always a chance of taking it and the acne coming back .... man I hate that the world judges you based on appearance
Isabella Bach Ågerup
made me cry. Inside and out such a beautiful human being. WE STAN
Ruth Roño
Ruth Roño 2 days ago
filss 2 days ago
Gabriela Chruisita
I just have the guts to watch it by now just because I personally went through that phase, and I don't wanna look back on those awful memories I had with acne. I remember everyone would comment in both negative and positive ways on how my face looked and what I should've done with it. My 13 year old self was so sick of that and felt horribly insecure, even now that I'm 20 I still have the scars and without realizing it I still am feeling insecure about that everytime I want to hang out with people. I just wanna say thank you for making this video guys, it really does help a lot of people by simply raising their confidence and that it shouldn't be something to be ashamed for. We're so grateful for you.
Ayeesha Van Wyk
Ayeesha Van Wyk 2 days ago
Ethan this is really inspiring, because i am still struggling with my acne, but watching this video makes me feel that i will get through this. At a point I was soo insecure about myself, but i got through it in some way. Thank you for this video and sharing your experiences with us.
venustann 2 days ago
i love u E
cptn holymoly
cptn holymoly 2 days ago
"there's a part of your brain that thrives off of feeling like shit" I understand and learning how to live with breaking that habit you learn to find comfort in is something I'm still learning and trying to figure out how to navigate. You're not alone and your strong for putting this out there while navigating your own issues. Good for you dude. You got this even when you feel like you don't 👊
Joey salinas
Joey salinas 2 days ago
Love you homies
armana rizvi
armana rizvi 2 days ago
i totally didn’t cry during this 😀
eva 3 days ago
honestly, coming from personal experience, delete all these photos and videos. maybe, you can take the first picture (of your acne streak) and the last picture. if you want, you can include the peak of this streak. this will teach you that it gets better. coming from me, it's hard to believe it because of the amount of health issues i've had and still have. however, i know that it will get better.
Ana Pau Narvaez
Ana Pau Narvaez 3 days ago
I’m super proud of how far you’ve come and I admire how much you grew. Love you E
Madison Surber
Madison Surber 3 days ago
your acne wasn’t even that bad, i’m happy you can look back and realize that. i’m 24 with acne & i rock it ages this point in my life. i have done everything i can think of to fix it and it just hasn’t worked. next step is accutane. CHIN UP BUTTERCUP 💓
Aliya Khatun-ali
Aliya Khatun-ali 3 days ago
Why would you put in a sponsor for such a *deep* video
Its Haylee
Its Haylee 3 days ago
Well those haters can call you ugly but just wait till they get acne
btsjkdeeply .
btsjkdeeply . 3 days ago
Ethan is so beautiful with or without acne, idk what it is but seeing him talk about his acne struggles made me see him even more beautiful like there is something about him that shines.. hes beautiful inside and out.He truly doesn’t deserve all the hate he got.. i know how much of a good person he is and i’m so proud that he got himself out of that dark place, and tbh grayson helped him a lot to get through this, you guys are so blessed to have each others.You’ve grown so much and continuing to grow even more everyday.. you have proven to me why i love and support you guys since 2017 and to this day.Thank you for sharing your story E💜.
Tamara Pavlović
Tamara Pavlović 3 days ago
I'm very happy for you and your story is so inspiring ❤️
Everyone looking at his acne: Me looking at his jawline,eyes,hair,nose:😏❤️
Bruh he’s HOT asf with acne or without😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Elianna Chawi
Elianna Chawi 3 days ago
Ethan I’m sorry you had to go through that some people in this world don’t understand the struggle to have acne it stops you from having confidence and being able to be yourself I’ve struggled with it for so long and those comments people said were absolutely disgusting they don’t get it and never will, keep shining your awesome ❤️
👀mtm;) 3 days ago
Acne is generally a hormonal imbalance. It usually affects young people, often guys are affected more then girls, however the important thing is it does balance and the skin improves in time. Sadly peer pressure makes this a very challenging time, more so now since social media is an integral part of malenials. Roacutane is generally one of the best short term resolution, However some people have additional complications & therefore its Imminent its monitored. Yes it can get worse before it begins to resolve itself, however, laser can be used during this period - If living in a very sunny area its important to use high SPF to avoid melanin & avoid sun on the face. Emotional support is imminent and essential its a great distraction from the mundane.
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