my stream caused me pain for 12 hours in minecraft

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my stream caused me genuine pain here. this was streamed live on my twitch: twitch.tv/traves follow it
➤ 2nd channel: bit.ly/2IwVc1p
⤵ people gamin with me:
➤ Cooper: ruvid.net/u-cscoop
⤵ my stuff:
➤ diskord: discord.gg/traves
➤ twitch: twitch.tv/traves
➤ twwietr: twitter.com/traves
➤ instgram: instagram.com/supertraves/
➤ snap: supertraves
⤵ edited:
➤ Foekoe: ruvid.net/u-Foekoe
⤵ music:
➤ outro - earthbound battle against a weird opponent
➤ if you would like to get a server for a game you like to play, then click this link to get one! ( bit.ly/apextrav )


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Jul 17, 2019




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MyNameMello 4 months ago
Donation Timestamps Drop What I'm Holding 1:14 7:34 10:37 28:08 Dig Straight Down 2:18 4:49 5:32 9:47 10:50 11:29 12:37 13:26 15:27 16:12 19:02 27:24 29:50 Punch Pigman 21:00 Clear Inventory 6:07 28:41 34:33 Reset 6:54 14:59 18:24 30:55 36:22 Any categories not listed were not in the video. Chronological Order of Video 1:14 2:18 4:49 5:32 6:07 6:54 7:34 9:47 10:37 10:50 11:29 12:37 13:26 14:59 15:27 16:12 18:24 19:02 21:00 27:24 28:08 28:41 29:50 30:55 34:33 36:22 All Deaths/Restarts 3:12 6:54 11:49 13:47 14:59 15:34 16:19 17:43 18:24 21:33 25:52 29:25 30:55 36:22 Me -----> 7:44
Biblical Jedi
Biblical Jedi 7 hours ago
k thx
chilliadistudios 5 days ago
*høłý fŕįçķ*
brownbaby xx
brownbaby xx 10 days ago
when I go to church I pray for more people like you
Roman Laws
Roman Laws 26 days ago
subscribed for your awesomeness
Raphtalia Is My Waifu
Pinned, liked by the creator and 10k likes what more can you ask for?
FullCatHd 12 hours ago
25:22 there is nothing so dont look
YDkay 2 days ago
bruh u got 3k subs in FOUR MONTHS!?!?!? you r do lucky
Summer 3 days ago
this was an incredibly distressing video to watch
Peachy Fuzz
Peachy Fuzz 3 days ago
All of the strange Trav noises In the first five minutes Enjoy pls GASP: 2:48 GASP: 2:56 GASP: 3:08 ACK: 3:10 GASP: 3:14 GASP: 4:25 OOO: 4:26 GASP/OOO: 4:30 Ooo: 4:36 GASP: 5:07 OOOO: 5:08 Yeah x4: 5:09 GASP: 5:21 DOH: 5:41 no x5: 5:54
Buni 4 days ago
Travs is the most wholesome person ever
Jared Crosby
Jared Crosby 4 days ago
Attempt 11 hurt to watch
Wolfcub05 5 days ago
UniiKai 5 days ago
Lmao mans a genius
Tasty Acey
Tasty Acey 6 days ago
Every 100K
ashkechum101 6 days ago
25:53 this is the run that will be it!! *Jojo theme plays* *Herd Of creepers appear*
Miko Niko
Miko Niko 7 days ago
Why did you reset? he only donated 73$
K. 7 days ago
The bar filled
Михаил Агарков Official
1:08 What's the music?
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 9 days ago
What’s the song at 10:23 and at 11:17? I know their from TLoZ Skyward Sword.
GetWellSunye 9 days ago
I replayed traves screaming 8 times After this comment it’ll be 9
PopinDaPanda Minecraft ;D
rewatching this again
Luke Moritz
Luke Moritz 10 days ago
he has 420k subs nice
Chrisuendo 10 days ago
Da poor boi got put into _d an g e r_ multiple times
Hey You
Hey You 11 days ago
when Carson’s voice was as young as traves’
stal 11 days ago
Traves: "pls don't ruin my life even though i'm literally setting up a system so you can" The entire twitch chat: "The council will decide your fate"
DerpyMD 12 days ago
All I need is some lapis and I’ll be on my way! Literally 4 creepers: Allow us to introduce ourselves.
Jacob Christopher
Jacob Christopher 12 days ago
It was fun to listen to Travis scream while playing borderlands
SUB2MRbeast OR LAZARBEAM or pewdiepie
Anyone mad how he reset when someone donate 73$??
K. 7 days ago
The top bar filled
Charles Sandoz
Charles Sandoz 18 days ago
I want a compilation of him saying “oouuu” from this video (if you know what I mean) And each scream would be an amazing second compilation
Shotgun Mac Gaming
Shotgun Mac Gaming 19 days ago
Anyone have the original vid of Carson at 7:11?😂
K. 7 days ago
Just look up callmecarson face reveal
M Ornitier
M Ornitier 20 days ago
Just know this probably around 25 people have a crush on Travis which is sad because he's just a twitch streamer
Jared navarro
Jared navarro 20 days ago
Fine RUvid I will click on the video
I may be gay, but
I may be gay, but 20 days ago
the dude at 7:00 only donated 73 ??
Aloe Nasin
Aloe Nasin 21 day ago
Now do it again ;)
Archie 21 day ago
19:20 Traves swore! :o
Fyre Storm
Fyre Storm 22 days ago
can you please not have swear words in the vid kthxbai
Bryan Gomez
Bryan Gomez 22 days ago
Persephone Hana
Persephone Hana 22 days ago
O yeA mIsTeR cRABs *_down_*
linda 23 days ago
i cant believe that in this one good run where you didnt die in the nether you just decided to ran past 4 creepers
Scythe 10295
Scythe 10295 23 days ago
25:56 we’re just all gonna ignore how many creepers spawned there right?
Mattoshie 23 days ago
Traves has black lung
Emma Mix
Emma Mix 23 days ago
28:43 Top Ten Scariest Jumpscares of All Time
Jamil Abiodun
Jamil Abiodun 24 days ago
Notch: accidentally makes creeper Notch: do you want to be like the Japanese Only history buffs will get this
Fernando Contreras
cringe comment.
Melissa V.
Melissa V. 24 days ago
Song at 25:53?
gigaboom _
gigaboom _ 24 days ago
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