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Dec 29, 2019




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Comments 531
T.L.Family Adventures
Wtf Von so over dramatic about his girlfriend 😒😒😒😒smdh not that serious
Michael Toker
Michael Toker 3 days ago
Your so good u could get 100000000 likes
ZodiacXI 7 days ago
It's team Damien dad all day every day
BGA Youngboy
BGA Youngboy 8 days ago
Dis is hilarious
Brenda Simms
Brenda Simms 19 days ago
51 likes people
Brenda Simms
Brenda Simms 19 days ago
No son
yvette harris
yvette harris 20 days ago
😍 that was great keep it up
Rae Johns
Rae Johns 22 days ago
LMAO...sshhh, that's Von girl I wouldn't tell nobody
Jai Wilson
Jai Wilson 24 days ago
He is too handsome 😍
Denay Family
Denay Family 26 days ago
He said thereee you gooo lol after bing turned the tv off
Aala Muhammad
Aala Muhammad 27 days ago
Team Daren and Damion
Brown's Professional Carpet Care
Alkia Simpson
Alkia Simpson 29 days ago
Bro von was Like 😒😒😠😠
Meeroon Dassalenyi
Wow amazing prank Ilike you
Elisheba79 Month ago
Kari Pilgrim
Kari Pilgrim Month ago
Absolutely a good one👍😂😂
Kimmy Skeeter
Kimmy Skeeter Month ago
Love pa
Ashton Long
Ashton Long Month ago
It's always the title that get my attention just say it's a prank
Amayah Archer
Amayah Archer Month ago
Ain’t gonna lie Darion is fine 😂
They call me Bums
Ayyeeee my name is darion also🔥🔥
Kelvin Aj
Kelvin Aj Month ago
They see address...
Lily Culver-Wollaston
Is that Damien
Damon Hughes
Damon Hughes Month ago
Team Damien
Corey Bloodser
Corey Bloodser Month ago
Big boy got mad so easily😂
Shay Weary
Shay Weary Month ago
Prank von and say get out of my house
V Games
V Games Month ago
I never knew that Damien had two sons
slime yon
slime yon Month ago
I clicked fash
slime yon
slime yon Month ago
I clicked fash
Bebe Shaquita
Bebe Shaquita Month ago
Team Biannca and team Em
Zion Williams
Zion Williams Month ago
Who else heard when he asked able did he say they can stay
gaming with laysia
This that Damien price brother too
dragon Squad
dragon Squad Month ago
Keep up the hard work 😁😁
Ka’Miyah and a’yanah show! YAZZIE kamiyah
TEAM DAMIEN/ fo Fa evea
Sylvia Murray
Sylvia Murray Month ago
12974 umm
Deriyan Linn Holmes
His son took my name son
Jordan Gifford
Jordan Gifford Month ago
Pack Damon
Ziya Borne
Ziya Borne Month ago
Ur son is so cute and handsome. Great prank btw!
Tania Strong
Tania Strong Month ago
Team Damion and Team Darion!! Hiliarous😂🤣😂🤣 You the master of pranks🤣😂🤣😂 Von and Darion lol 😆
Shaka2214 Month ago
Kathy English
Kathy English Month ago
That was so cute
jae teev
jae teev Month ago
Omg dis is thrfling😂
Mayra Lopez
Mayra Lopez Month ago
We so your address
Mari_got _mad_curls
No problem you know you guys are becoming big youtubers and as an 11 year old that looks up to you guys i wanted you to know that the adress was in the back ground so no one could pull up and you know hurt you guys so once again you are welcome
Mari_got _mad_curls
um BIG dame the adress number is in the background if you did not know
Queen_ Love
Queen_ Love Month ago
How old is your son
Antoinica Moore
Antoinica Moore Month ago
Aww man little dude is soo handsome and funny
Thelifeof cashLee
Tre Babbs lll
Tre Babbs lll Month ago
Blurred the address
Sydnei Dogan
Sydnei Dogan Month ago
he shode their address
Sta hep
Sta hep Month ago
What grade Darian in?
half tha don i'm on
Fire fam
Jonathan Page White
You have two sons
Lele Baby
Lele Baby Month ago
Big Damien why yo teeth yellow and ya lips purple u be smoking?!?
tae swag
tae swag Month ago
This was funny good job
Vivian Hernandez
Lexie SoTaken Owens
Baby boy cant keep his hands out his head he loving that fresh cut
Lexie SoTaken Owens
And he is so handsome he seems very mature
javon Holliday Quinn
That was a domb prank
brittany Month ago
“Nothing but yeah in that coffee pot”🤣🤣🤣😭🤣🤣
Dr. Rick
Dr. Rick Month ago
You cute as shit😩👀
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