My Pixel 3 Display Problem? Ask MKBHD V33!

Marques Brownlee
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We've got a lot to talk about in this busy #techtober...
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Oct 25, 2018




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Comments 5 283
cool 123
cool 123 Month ago
Dude the opener was dope
simeon LPS
simeon LPS Month ago
Good that I have a 18:9 display (phone)
renchu rs
renchu rs Month ago
Bro ..Plz..Make video for Google's copy habit Android 10 is completely copy from apple. Like gestures futures , animations many things. I don't know why google do this.. i hate this. Plz..Bro just make a video for this.plzzz...Many people want watch this..Plz...
Thanos Devito
Thanos Devito 15 days ago
It could be that Apple's gestures are nice and fluid
ConLee Month ago
2:1 on a notched iPhone is the perfect ratio
Josh Mon
Josh Mon 2 months ago
if they want to completely remove the audio jack then they better find a way to match the quality of a hifi DAC using a usb c port. it's a good thing that LG is still caring about audio quality.
martin swift
martin swift 2 months ago
2.1 Looks good on my V30
MyTechFusion 2 months ago
Great video! Keep up the good work! Just subbed to your channel.
James Springstead
James Springstead 2 months ago
About the head phone jack comment @5:25 i think theres always going to be one Samsung model with a head phone jack since the s10 has one and the note 10 doesn't, it'll be interesting to see what the future holds for phones
just a random person
Maybe it'll be like a Galaxy S lineup thing ?
Hisham Abdul Hadi
Hisham Abdul Hadi 2 months ago
Just out of curiosity, if my s10 does have that pixel 3 issue, is it possible to fix it with a screen replacement?
Wyatt Wollenzien
Wyatt Wollenzien 3 months ago
Can you do more videos on smart watches? Thanks man!
ßerrısırıs 3 months ago
My Note 8 appreciates the 2:1
TheBossAlive 10
TheBossAlive 10 3 months ago
Youb should review the Redmi Note 7
Sihang Shao
Sihang Shao 3 months ago
Sorry to break it to you mate you didn't get the award markey brownie did
LopezLion 3 months ago
My Note9 loves the 2:1 ratio 😁
Nate DS
Nate DS 3 months ago
The 2:1 qspect ratio fits 18:9 phones way better
daniel 3 months ago
telegram t-shirt?
Lindsey Wyatt
Lindsey Wyatt 3 months ago
1 gb
Elie Azouz
Elie Azouz 3 months ago
After i saw a lot of your videos ... i can say that most of the time i focus on your hands more than on explaining 😶
xxBXTxx 4 months ago
Just realized that was the intro music you used for nexus 6p vid, memories
Carl Redmond
Carl Redmond 5 months ago
Google it please You will find a lot of unhappy customers including myself
Carl Redmond
Carl Redmond 5 months ago
Google Pixel 3 flickering screen Bright orange light disabled my phone You gotta be kidding This was a new phone
Carl Redmond
Carl Redmond 5 months ago
The Pixel 3 try flickering screen it sucks
jad barakat
jad barakat 5 months ago
If anybody has a pixel. Can you please tell me if you have a pink stripe. Please
Lucas Frazier
Lucas Frazier 5 months ago
I prefer the 18:9 aspect ratio. My phone's display is 18:9 at 1440p which is nice.
Adrian Castellanos
Adrian Castellanos 5 months ago
My phone is 2:1 lmao
Savagecow 5 months ago
Do you fly first class if not why?
Cornelius Smith
Cornelius Smith 6 months ago
I’ve gotten so use to Bluetooth that a headphone jack to me doesn’t matter.
Brancool 6 months ago
5:15 spoke too soon mkbhd google pixel 3 a is king
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 6 months ago
My classmate has one of those stripes on her iPhone ten
Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai 7 months ago
Matthew Hensley
Matthew Hensley 7 months ago
It works great for my s9 no black bars
Ricardo C. Rodriguez
Buy a pixel 3 or wait for pixel 4?
멜기세덱ML 7 months ago
I'm waiting for Pixel 4. Holding on to my OG Pixel XL
Orgil Urnukh
Orgil Urnukh 7 months ago
Ricardo C. Rodriguez w8
Bialy 7 months ago
this is a lg panel ..samsung panels are flickering always..this one dont flicker in the video.
mike 7 months ago
Lmao I learned my lesson after the first pixel never buying another Google phone !!! Rather go samaung or htc part are cheaper too
Greg Gammago
Greg Gammago 8 months ago
Yeah Apple definitely did that on purpose. OnePlus is a flagship killer.
Ryan Collins
Ryan Collins 8 months ago
In the beta I'd like to see screen colour calibration added because this yellow tint is horrible and makes everything look washed out
yogi raj
yogi raj 8 months ago
I was just about to ask this about your ratio ... Now i got the answer ... it just fits perfectly in my notch display ... No notch disturbance,still a wide frame that satisfies me
Desolo Zantas
Desolo Zantas 8 months ago
Actually I'mma use that same aspect ratio I think it looks cinematic older displays and yet fitting for these phone new screens. This is actually genius.
Selim Has
Selim Has 8 months ago
MKBHD V33 manufacture name?
GBRL 8 months ago
google pixel 3 screen flash problem, usb - c adapters to use with headphones ... forget it, does not work for e.g. try to go skateboarding with that, shit is not as stable... you have to switch to bluetooth. and don't get me started bout my 2800 € macbook that has the keyboard exchange every two months ... fck this shit. sorry for the rant, folks.
Mika Flores
Mika Flores 9 months ago
My friend has one of those pink stripes but not in the middle, it's at the right side of the screen, which is fortunate.
X 9 months ago
Where I can get this wallpaper ???? 🤔
Clifford's Tech Talk
what are your thoughts on the pixel 3 screen vs the 3 xl? it seems the 3 is sharper and has better saturation. Also the speakers sound better on the 3 in my opinion vs the 3xl.
Idris Isse
Idris Isse 9 months ago
I have the pocophone f1. And when I play videos I need to zoom to fill the screen. But the notch cuts out a part off the video. But with this new aspect ratio the video it automatically fills the whole screen. I like it 😊
Thirsty Leaf
Thirsty Leaf 9 months ago
5:26 BR é noiz
Thirsty Leaf
Thirsty Leaf 9 months ago
*buys a thousand dollar phone * * pink stripe appears * "Now I have to get a new phone"
kezneo 4 days ago
Thirsty Leaf yeah it sucks
Benerin 10 months ago
Mark *ass* brownies
ΡHΞΠDΓΛΠΛ 10 months ago
The two to one ratio is amazing I have an iPhone Xr and the little black bars looks amazing
theLegendPiyush 10 months ago
Mark ass bruce lee
Xxsucram89xX 10 months ago
Pixel 3 has a serious call quality issues with the phone dialer. Please make a video about this so Google can acknowledge! A quick search on Google or Reddit will show this is a widespread problem. Please help us!
Angel lopez
Angel lopez 10 months ago
Extremely disapointed with Google Pixle 3 XL due to the Black Crush. It literally makes black scene patchy and pixalated. How could Google put out a bulshit display like that and be ok with it and not offer any fixes. I will be returning this phone.
Rihards Aksels Nāburgs
I personaly don't like the 16:9 ratio, because i am using a device with samsung's "Infinity display", and 16:9 ratio creates lotta black bars on sides, because i watch videos on landscape mode. So thank you so much by minimalaizing these black bars on sides.😉😉
john forgione
john forgione 10 months ago
Had to rotate my Pixel 3 XL so my notch didn't crop you out lol
Hornet Gaming
Hornet Gaming 10 months ago
Just received my Pixel 3 in the mail and the top left area of the screen has a large black/green burn in mark. This in combination with the courier delivering to the wrong house, and me having to pick it up at the delivery centre. Not happy with this experience.
Max Greiner
Max Greiner 10 months ago
Question: In your new video you talked about the punch-out for the selfie camera in the new S10... What is your opinion on killing the selfie camera? The headphones jack was killed... You could add another small screen to the back of the phone - like the phone jerryrigeverything took apart... What do you think? I would say the selfie camera is absolete...
Joshua Wilkinson
Joshua Wilkinson 10 months ago
This format looks so good on the pixel 3
Shaun Bridges C
Shaun Bridges C 10 months ago
Wow u got the video optimized for 16:8 screens
its just luke Revive
its just luke Revive 10 months ago
Got to appreciate Marques for having changing the aspect ratio, was annoyed by the black bars but now I'm happy.
Tim Le
Tim Le 11 months ago
Thank you for the 2:1, it works great with my S9
Matthew Pugh
Matthew Pugh 11 months ago
That headphone jack question was from the verified pluto account.
Thomas T.
Thomas T. 11 months ago
one plus biased
PurpleNinjaPower 11 months ago
Let's get a like if you're watching this on a phone with a big ass pink stripe down it! :) S7 Edge here with a big ass line, my buddy got an S7 active with two big ass lines. Glad to see the update, I was thinking about getting a Pixel instead of an iPhone LOL.
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