My Pink VAULT Closet Tour

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm finally uploading one of my most requested videos, my pink vault closet tour!!!! I started construction during the filming of my series with Shane Dawson last year and it's finally done! This is a museum of fashion. My personal collection of handbags, luxury items and family heirlooms that I've been collecting for over 15 years. Come inside my pink vault and take a peek inside one of the world's largest Birkin collections hidden behind a pink bank vault door and walls that are bulletproof and stainless steel.
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Comments 80
Laila Salah
Laila Salah 11 hours ago
اخخخ قلبي لاااااتعليق بتجنننن غراضك
Fatymy Suleman
Fatymy Suleman 16 hours ago
I wish i had closet like jefree star
Fatymy Suleman
Fatymy Suleman 16 hours ago
I think you should have fluffy blue , light pink and white colour in your closet beacause these colours look pretty togeather
Ethan Fleck
Ethan Fleck 19 hours ago
I’m kinda curios about the Mickey Mouse ears
Karla Paola Rodriguez Suarez
Xd soy el único comentario en españolllll
cisca r
cisca r 22 hours ago
Su closet es mi casa
ItsGeorgia Day ago
I’m obsessed
Angel Hu
Angel Hu Day ago
Your going to get robed
zaid Anariar
zaid Anariar Day ago
how do you trust your security
Eland Eland
Eland Eland Day ago
OMG l Love you so much
Tammileigh Hewitt
Jeffree Star is a freak and a spoilt boy I am living in a tiny home on a tiny bed stop showing off
Aesthetic US
Aesthetic US Day ago
this is how many times she said Louis Vuitton... | V
Hera Moni
Hera Moni Day ago
Ok, may be only my one is different among these thousands other comments. He looks Creepy. Man, if u wanna b a woman then have surgery. If u are a man then why trying sooooo hard with obnoxious amount of makeup, jewelry, facial expression and what not! Lipstick with a diamond case, i mean seriously!!!! People are dying for not having food while some Insane people will buy $23,000 worthy lip gloss! Huh...ya we live on planet Earth! :/
يوسف الملكي
This video told me you are poor in every single language present in this world
Lorrylie Gumapac
Hellow pretty i want thhat someday i got some gift from you idol. Like iphone hihihi cause since birth i wish that someday cellphone like that. Thank you idol -lorrylie
Apol Angobung
I want to be like you😍 I wish someday I see you in Philippines in Tuamauini,Isabela your so rich I like you I want to be like you like LV bag etc. I wish if in my birthday in Nov.20 I see you😘😘
Antonio Ladaga
Molly Newell
Molly Newell Day ago
Me: “I got my first Luis Vatton bag!” Jeffree’s Birken wall: *Luis Vatton Smuis Vatton*
Molly Newell
Molly Newell Day ago
Jeffree: “this is the more masculine side of me” Wall: *SPARKLES*
Molly Newell
Molly Newell Day ago
I love how he called himself a genius.
Daphne Nieves
Owl Squad
Owl Squad 2 days ago
Your closet is like barbies closet
Deborah Nieling
Deborah Nieling 2 days ago
Poor soul who have to clean all that ....
Melissa Young
Melissa Young 2 days ago
He better not have let Nathan have a damn thing 😂
Liar Vania
Liar Vania 2 days ago
His closet is bigger than my house
Ashley Megna
Ashley Megna 2 days ago
You should collab with Faze rug
Bea Castillo
Bea Castillo 2 days ago
Did he mention off white so expensive cloths
Bea Castillo
Bea Castillo 2 days ago
Welcome back to my channel!! Hi how ar yah?
Youngjb Solina
Youngjb Solina 2 days ago
Just wooooow.
Sara El H
Sara El H 2 days ago
I'm from morocco i love ur video and i love u so much
Vertell 2 days ago
Tuba Saud
Tuba Saud 2 days ago
steamed gaming
steamed gaming 2 days ago
I feel so poor now
Zara Studios
Zara Studios 3 days ago
I feel so broke watching this 😂😂
Anna Thomas
Anna Thomas 3 days ago
𝙱𝚊𝚛𝚋𝚒𝚎 𝚠𝚑𝚘
Hadlee Taylor
Hadlee Taylor 3 days ago
You should start weekly vlogging! I know because of your buisness and all it takes time, but since we are in quarantine why not?
purnima behera
purnima behera 3 days ago
Apke jese rich bana hain tho kya karna hoga🙄
MIKEY VICHOT 3 days ago
Go back to being a boy tomboy
Tan Jia Ann
Tan Jia Ann 3 days ago
Wait. Jeffreestar is a BOY
Paul De Andrade
Paul De Andrade 3 days ago
I am sorry to say this but you are not a girl
Lavisha Agarwal
Lavisha Agarwal 3 days ago
Recently subscribed to him n he is giving me life.. so extra.. i love it
Aanisha Ur frnd
Aanisha Ur frnd 3 days ago
Omar Hussam
Omar Hussam 3 days ago
Robber steals Jeffree star's bag Jeffree: kepp it I have so much more
Ranvir Halder
Ranvir Halder 3 days ago
Do a makeup collect
Anna Balsiger
Anna Balsiger 3 days ago
Hannah Montana closet
Rose Ann Salazar
Rose Ann Salazar 3 days ago
GothBoy UK
GothBoy UK 4 days ago
I have Baby Spice's white Buffalos. I also have a black pair. I miss the 90s!
Trixie & Charlotte vlog
Hug to hug sisters💗
Samra Yaqoob
Samra Yaqoob 4 days ago
Are u a guy
red Monteagudo
red Monteagudo 4 days ago
Heidimosa Riosaraiza
Ivy Dela Cruz
Ivy Dela Cruz 4 days ago
Wow she's rich! Her bag collection was beautiful! All her bags had a big price!!!
Lærke Gram
Lærke Gram 4 days ago
James Charles doesn’t have the biggest Birkin collection
Ria Soriano
Ria Soriano 4 days ago
The only 25 minute video I'll completely watch
Maya Martinez
Maya Martinez 4 days ago
Imagine getting paid to guard Jeffree Star’s closet.
Milan Petersen
Milan Petersen 4 days ago
Both of your closest could pay for my whole street
Jocelyn Katavic
Jocelyn Katavic 4 days ago
Remember when they were together?
Iona Sarraille
Iona Sarraille 5 days ago
Who's here after they broke up
Aideyan Idusogie
Aideyan Idusogie 5 days ago
u a dude and your dressed up a girl your parents must be disapointed at you
Haider Abbasi
Haider Abbasi 5 days ago
"Lemme get off my knees I'm nit getting paid" Dead🤣
CraftsAnd Hacks
CraftsAnd Hacks 5 days ago
who’s here after jeffree bought a new house?
Victoria Crocker
Victoria Crocker 5 days ago
Jeffree what if you get trapped in that room?
Vortex Gamez
Vortex Gamez 5 days ago
Imagine what the people who talked jeffree down are thinking
PRACHI VLOGS 5 days ago
Only one word .....wow😘
Nirmla Chouhan
Nirmla Chouhan 5 days ago
A whole dam mole 😍😍😍😍😭😭😭
Pet's Village
Pet's Village 5 days ago
Deepika Sundesha
Deepika Sundesha 5 days ago
Love from India Jeffree. Love u
Krista Young
Krista Young 5 days ago
OMG I love it. It’s so perfect and amazing
Leonora Javier
Leonora Javier 5 days ago
Jefree star vs james charles
Mausam Kumari
Mausam Kumari 5 days ago
I like that green....
Annabelle Martinez
“I’m gonna get if my knees I’m not getting paid” I love him bro 😭😂
Jennifer Leigh Arthur
Orgasm 💕💕💕
Ximena Santoyo castillo
crack head
crack head 5 days ago
That entire closet costs more then my ENTIE life 😅😂
Rileigh Seaman
Rileigh Seaman 5 days ago
. When his closet is the size of your room
Autumn W
Autumn W 5 days ago
When his closet is bigger than your room 😳
moses xxx
moses xxx 5 days ago
Better than Kim
Fitry Yana
Fitry Yana 5 days ago
actually you are handsome🤠
FaZe Klove
FaZe Klove 5 days ago
Sssniperwolf has sent me
Alex Flame
Alex Flame 5 days ago
Your art collection is soooo beautiful! I love you Jeffery 🌟! You are gorgeous both in and out girl!
Josh Cassell
Josh Cassell 5 days ago
Grossssssss this is what's wrong with America!!
Autumn W
Autumn W 5 days ago
You jealous or sum
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