My new Toyota GR Yaris daily driver: what I love and don't love about it!

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Mat has got his hands on yet ANOTHER car… But we have to say, this might be the most exciting one yet!

That’s right, his new long-termer is the carwow Car of the Year 2021, the Toyota GR Yaris! After reviewing it last year, Mat pretty much fell in love with it on the spot - so he just had to get one in for a few months!

Now we know he loved it when he got his hands on it to review, but that was only for one day! So how will he find it when he’s living with it as a daily driver? Will the love hold strong? Or will he miss his RS6 or A45 S?

You'll have to keep watching as he takes you through what he loves, likes and hates with the new GR Yaris!


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Jan 22, 2021




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Comments 3 872
carwow 8 months ago
That's right, Mat's got his hands on the all-new GR Yaris! Now we just need to know - what video should he film with it next? Share your ideas below, and don't forget to LIKE the ideas other people share - the most popular ones might appear on our channel soon!
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 4 months ago
@Josef Zausnig man, keep it under warranty than sell it and move on. This is as unreliable as engines get, a Lexus GSF is the way to go for fun reliable car.
Josef Zausnig
Josef Zausnig 4 months ago
@Dragos Pahontu I wanted a good answer and not another car 😂 i got two gr for racing and a Kia stinger isn't that good for races on ice and so on that's wy I got this gr
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu 4 months ago
@Josef Zausnig not much, this engine is unreliable. A Kia Stinger is better
Josef Zausnig
Josef Zausnig 4 months ago
Please show how much tuning is possible and different kinds of tuning stuff👌💪🏼
Tony Webb
Tony Webb 5 months ago
@Nacho Moran wow you really are the brightest pebble on the beach 😆its not a circuit car was never built to be a circuit car the fact its fast as fuck around a track is just a bonus plus type rs are like cl17s every cnut has got one but you are probably just a keyboard warrior that doesn't have either 🤷🤔😆😂😂🤣
Quokka Pirquish
Quokka Pirquish 23 hours ago
I am lucky enough to own one and it is just phenomenal, it fits like a tailored suit, the best steering feedback on the planet, it’s a total joy. If you’re considering this as a possibility, just go for it, you will not regret it.
Derek R
Derek R Day ago
Toyota fails. This would be so hot in the US.
Rock Grotto
Rock Grotto Day ago
The exhaust is lovely, your voice and hyped up persona is fucking annoying.
victor gallardo
victor gallardo 2 days ago
How can you test a car when its always raining
G W 3 days ago
Lovely car. Front looks more aggressive on the base model hybrid though! Plus sadly I don't see much future for such performance cars. Even when we go full electric, power output is going to be restricted due to electricity generation shortages. Enjoy it whilst it lasts!
Ashit Patnaik
Ashit Patnaik 3 days ago
0:29 No mat, you got no problem at all mate. You're living the dream ❤️ cheers bud
Random Guy
Random Guy 6 days ago
Enjoy it while it last, highly doubt Toyota, or any other brand, will make something like this again.
No Pro Cell
No Pro Cell 7 days ago
How much dolar ?
Sebastian Daniels
Sebastian Daniels 16 days ago
Please stop using Android Auto in EVERY CAR! Google Maps isn't the best.
Noor Fahad
Noor Fahad 16 days ago
The lucky stepson encouragingly scatter because helicopter spectacularly admit a a anxious bacon. accurate, blue giraffe
stopspin 17 days ago
Toyota will producing and making currently more of these cars based on the demand not a limited run of production as was before.
Link 19 days ago
Tune it TUNE IT!
Rob S
Rob S 20 days ago
Drove the GR yes it’s nippy but please Toyota the steering wheel and handbrake that are the main touch points are crap materials! Not special enough just feels like a corolla wheel. Come on let’s have some alcantara!😎
Sivert Solheim
Sivert Solheim 20 days ago
Well in Norway the GR Yaris is 60k.
Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps 21 day ago
I don't want a Turbo. I want a regular engine that will last 15 years. I don't have faith in a turbo.
Anu Micky
Anu Micky 23 days ago
Mat has actually taken lessons from Fast and Furious to drift
Stephen Haviland
Stephen Haviland 23 days ago
Japan: This is your free car to drive..you did what to our door flap?
George Argyris
George Argyris 24 days ago
Ο Άγγλος μιλάει χωρίς την αηδιαστική μαγκιά των νεοελλήνων που μόνον αυτοί τ οδηγούν κι έχουν ένα βάρος κιλών όσο ζυγίζει κι η βλακείας τους...κιλά βλακείας,αεί σιχτιρ...!I prefer Mr M.Watson..!
Forcedvacations 24 days ago
Very uninspiring.
George Gates
George Gates 24 days ago
Wait 'till this thing breaks down!!
Danny Augustus
Danny Augustus 25 days ago
Take that on a long trip without worrying about miles because you’ll never get rid of it
Christopher Prose
Christopher Prose 28 days ago
Yeah, of course you got one. After you first reviewed it, anyone would know you would done so. You could not stop smiling the entire time. In addition to the Jimny, it's all the cars you need with the exception of a 4-door SUV or wagon for taking friends and family along. The 911 and the Mazda can go... and that Fiat? What are you thinking there? Yeeeessshhhh, that's a funky car. As for the GR, we can't get them here in the states. I'm on a waiting list (signed up the first day) and found out they were already snapped up. Consider yourself a lucky man and buy it when the long-term loan is over. Take care of it till then and quit abusing your tires!
Mitzeee Month ago
I want this car so badly
Hunteruu Month ago
For all those who wish this would be in the US... I'm right there with you. At least we have the Golf R though. More room and more power for about what this would cost if it were here.
Stefan P.
Stefan P. Month ago
he has 70% rwd and he pulls the handbrake??? Powerslide it man!!!!!
Oneal Gifford
Oneal Gifford Month ago
drive it off road matt
Frozia Month ago
A lot of people see a marvel of an engine, I look deeper, into the background... I see... a WRX cowering in fear....... oh wait, it's just sleeping, I hope its dream where it's perpetually 2004 is nice
Terence Y
Terence Y Month ago
Waiting for the GR Corolla.
D0M1N0R Month ago
Just has the same issues the other toyotas do, not great for taller/bigger people. I had the GT86 but driving position wasn’t great, test drove the Corolla GR same thing just hated the position. Settled for a German car with way more room. Tried the I30n aswell but the same deal, just not really made with taller people in mind, shame as it could be sorted so easy with a deeper lower adjusting seat!
Free Palestine
Free Palestine Month ago
Toyota smashed it with this one I’m falling in love with it
Gentleman Month ago
nice car! I have Rücken! Should i buy this beast?
wacio Month ago
Exhaust sounds good to me
Roman Olvera
Roman Olvera Month ago
ewwww this is an ad
Juan Manuel Mejia
Well, is a rally car isn't it? Where's the "rallying"?? And not just some water on street tricks. I mean REAL rally. And see how long it lasts....
Paul Davies
Paul Davies Month ago
Looks good, and then I see the UK price is well over £32k. Think I will pass on that.
Floyd pais from holy family
Make video on your cars
veefource Month ago
Great vid Matt! Would love to see this compared with the (now used only) Audi S1 to see if it's worth the extra money
davzod2 Month ago
I thought he said, "Emma Watson, you're watching carwow" after showing his cars. I was so wrong...
Anwar sharawy
Anwar sharawy Month ago
Toyota always good in respecting customer pocket not the mind
kingedi Month ago
Would take this over the new supra any day 🤷‍♂️
Gittin Funky
Gittin Funky Month ago
£32000 for a Yaris. Have I been living under a rock for the last 5 years (while driving my current car). When did cars become SO expensive to the point I don’t know how anyone can afford to buy a new one
TheDoctor MMA
TheDoctor MMA Month ago
The only reason to go for the comfort package on the Yaris is you already ordered a Lotus Emira for next year....
hans Month ago
Ridicolous car like all toyoplastics. C ant even beat an old Subaru WRC
kevin parker
kevin parker Month ago
In Australia they are the same in Australian dollars, about Aus $38k but there is a lot of difference between the Aus $ & British £. Need to import a few from Australia!!!
Damian Dmb
Damian Dmb Month ago
.......and we'll never get in the US. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙄🙄😥😥
Ignacio Iñesta Martinez
I think te reason why the gap between the brake and the accelerator pedal is so big, is because in rally cars is more likely to brake with your left foot and accelerate at the same time with your right one so when you have to give it the full beens at the end of the curve it's more efficient for having better exits at them, than doing a heel and toe technique to change down gear. I think in rally competitions they are more used to do the go-stop-go thing at a curve to "save time" than be kind to the gearbox and make a soft gear change
Carl Month ago
I mean, I absolutely love this car, but come on, over 35k for it? Seems a bit overpriced
Made In Machines
How does it compare to the Porsche or an MX-5 ND? I'd prefer a convertible but this seems tempting. Which is the most fun? Also interested in how the GR86 is compared to this when it comes out.
Joe Lightmens
Joe Lightmens Month ago
has it got a troubles with overheating?
Jamshidbek Otaboyev
Erick Bollmann
Erick Bollmann Month ago
Nice car but for me is to agressive and angry. for a daily i look for more happy-Funny car,like you jimnny or a Fiat 500
Arun Mahider
Arun Mahider Month ago
i guess the rear seats are rubbish. he didnt show em
Spencer Geerlings
Since you’ve got the car a while, can you check if the brake pedal is height adjustable? (As in, towards, and away from, the firewall) My BRZ and FRS had a threaded rod and locknut that allowed it to be raised and lowered independent of the master cylinder.
rmerdekav Month ago
f*word 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sherman Bland
Sherman Bland Month ago
And of course we don’t get it in the us
donflamingo795 Month ago
This is basically the 'Evo' or 'STI' of Yaris. And the Americans commented that they won't get it but might get a Corolla version. Sadly, the Corolla probably won't be as fast or as fun as the Yaris version even if they have the same engine and drivetrain. Yaris is a B-segment car, which is small and lightweight. Meanwhile the Corolla is a C-segment car, which is bigger and heavier.
Jim Tamim
Jim Tamim 2 months ago
I wish i had the money to buy this
Studio Madreselva
Studio Madreselva 2 months ago
Great video, thanks Mat. But I think we need to address the elephant in the room. It's increasingly clear that the GR Yaris is an utter, unforgivable munter. Whoever at Toyota signed-off on that steaming turd of a design needs firing. Even the boggo 4-door Yaris trumps this car from a looks-perspective.
McShorg 2 months ago
Sad that this is twice the price in my country. Roughly 60k
Hurley Lee
Hurley Lee 2 months ago
Maybe Toyota should put the engine in the CHR
Fabian Janting
Fabian Janting 2 months ago
The Yaris GR has a limited run in my country, less than 200 units. :(
Dr.Dylan`s game
Dr.Dylan`s game 2 months ago
god 4wd dual lsd and a actual engine and I cant have it in America is it too much to ask for a reliable hothatch that wont absolutely destroy my wallet and insurance or doesn't break down 2 seconds after getting out the parking lot all I want is space in a actual practical size I don't want the turning radius of a boat and no visibility
Elephant Man
Elephant Man 2 months ago
Is this guy rich and 12 years old ?
Mei Hui
Mei Hui 2 months ago
beautiful car. really beautiful
K S 2 months ago
You might need to learn how to drive bud
Beer DeliveryGuy
Beer DeliveryGuy 2 months ago
why are you sticking your arms out like a bald(ing) eagle?
Sphered 2 months ago
mat's face look like colin mcrae in a helmet
God l hate ya matt, been talking myself out of buying one and your convincing me to buy one, Also l love your reveiws as your good for a laugh ..cheers from down under.
C Chu
C Chu 2 months ago
Circuit Pack & Convenience Pack cannot be combined due to technical reasons for RHD cars? A whole load of BS cos u can have both in Japan.
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown 2 months ago
What happened to the G class?
Headonnis 2 months ago
I want... but I live in Canada
David Vitan
David Vitan 2 months ago
It's not a homologation car. There are no homologation cars anymore as WRC doesn't require manufacturers to build them. Hence why there is no AWD Fiesta or Citroen C3
Juands10 2 months ago
Can i import this into the US?
T W 2 months ago
Hey I like your jacket and shoes more than this car. Where did you get them?
redyellowpink01 2 months ago
Japan is rhd too, weird that they would limit the options in rhd markets
Skyrocket888 2 months ago
engine goes pop apparently.
Cerogravity 2 months ago
Wow 260 horsepower that’s really great plus it’s really light that’s a real sleeper
Thatdoesntcostmoney 2 months ago
Now rumors are we’re getting a GR Corolla next year. If that’s the case I might seriously have to get one
Studio Madreselva
Studio Madreselva 2 months ago
Me too. I looked seriously at the GR Yaris but in the end its, erm, unfortunate styling me off. Have seen some early renderings of the Corolla, however, and it looks stunning.
faris arrazi
faris arrazi 2 months ago
The New dream
Fatboy Fat
Fatboy Fat 2 months ago
Boy and his toy. Some people never grow up.
gcm747 2 months ago
I tracked one of these recently (with track pack). I was really taken back by how bad it was. Wasn’t just me but several other owners had significant problems with under steer and body roll. It feels like you’re sitting in a mini SUV. It runs out of steam very quickly and the transmission is weird with its front and rear power split and delivery. I fail to see what all the fuss is about.
Kron's Clips
Kron's Clips 2 months ago
rally it.
Sumukh 2 months ago
Off-road it !
The dog Andduck
The dog Andduck 2 months ago
This dude does not know how to drive...the car is wasted on him .....
WHODARESWINS 2 months ago
10:38 Got that new Toyota boomarang
Nikolas Karras
Nikolas Karras 2 months ago
Greece… 50k circuit pack.. you pay the fucking laws not the car…
Taimoor Shah
Taimoor Shah 2 months ago
I love this car
SuperTreemendus 2 months ago
Ur 1 ars ool!!
Manan Choudhary
Manan Choudhary 3 months ago
This guy is amazing man😂 Giving us the reviews of drifting too I mean I never saw anyone doing this🔥 Omg dude remember! You’re unique
Davideo Jockey
Davideo Jockey 3 months ago
MAD respect for toyota puting frameless doors.....meanwhile subaru and others that had them before they all look like cheap buckets now
bublebuble2004 3 months ago
Super car was in the showroom today going test drive it next week but what was the black putty you used :-) ?????
Barry Lee
Barry Lee 3 months ago
The only let down for this car is the Noddy looks.
Studio Madreselva
Studio Madreselva 2 months ago
LOOL exactly. It's a pity, but you are right, it looks like Mickey Mouse's daily driver.
acamposjr06 3 months ago
Carwow UK and now Carwow Deutschland. When are you Cheeky Bastards bringing a Carwow U.S. to us Freedumb-lovin’ Yanks?!?
johnrem 3 months ago
" X dollars for a Yaris?!" (point being for some people its too expensive for "a Yaris") 4:09 "well it's not a Yaris, is it?" Exactly. It's only a Yaris in name and form. But underneath its a totally different car, purpose built for what it is.
Joel Lacey
Joel Lacey 3 months ago
It's awesome, but I think the colour range is quite limited. We wrap cars and it's definately the most requested car in months.
Dany 3 months ago
Toyota GR veloster megane yaris
Ted Archer
Ted Archer 3 months ago
Ok, I'll rewatch this video in 7 years or so...
Smb 3 months ago
I want one 😍
Sabit Ahamed
Sabit Ahamed 3 months ago
so nice drift