MY NEW HOUSE!! **Full Home Tour**

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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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Jun 28, 2020




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Comments 100
XD Paarth
XD Paarth 2 hours ago
With all of these wine bottles Sherman is one of the room mates
Cristian barrios
Cristian barrios 2 hours ago
you should thank tuh for giving you a career bro
Kelly Paul
Kelly Paul 3 hours ago
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dominatorkd 5 hours ago
Super happy for you my G!
Turn Up
Turn Up 5 hours ago
I think the skater Paul Rodriguez used to live in his house
Rohith 6 hours ago
Who is here after faze rugs house tour to compare how big and luxurious is his than brawadis?
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 7 hours ago
It’s time to move out of his new house... his address got leaked again. It is ***** ******* ***** **
ALDAIRSWORLD 7 hours ago
Yeah he rents the house for 7K lol
Joseph Mellon
Joseph Mellon 8 hours ago
Change all the brown to white
HacksRUs 13 hours ago
This is how much times he said space⬇️
Dubster 864
Dubster 864 13 hours ago
Like: Faze rug house. Comment: Brawadis house.
Waves 16 hours ago
Pizza Pepperoni
Pizza Pepperoni 16 hours ago
No hate to brawadis and my opinion isn’t really important but I am not a fan of the new house
5k subs with only 2 videos challenge
Vanessa 0822 BRAH SHUTUP I bet your house is the size of his bathroom YOUR HOUSE IS PROBABLY DODO
Moist Breadstick
Moist Breadstick 6 hours ago
Y’all are so disrespectful Ong
iNerve-_- 11 hours ago
The inside looks too old and not his style.
Vanessa 0822
Vanessa 0822 12 hours ago
Its lame bro like not even a fucking pool 💀
The Real Elisha
The Real Elisha 17 hours ago
Brandons house cant be compared to rugs house if u agree like it
irene Shaverdian
irene Shaverdian 18 hours ago
this is nice but faze rug's house so much better.
ALDAIRSWORLD 7 hours ago
Brandon didn’t even buy the house he just rented it for 7K a month lol
Shrek 9 hours ago
Yea I like faze rugs house bc its more modern
MessYourself 2
MessYourself 2 12 hours ago
Ye I think faze rugs house is better than this shit
Calebjgriggy 19 hours ago
Ehh Bryan’s house is bigger
A Pham
A Pham 18 hours ago
Jen Jenwier
Jen Jenwier 19 hours ago
i came here after watching faze rug’s house tour video lol
minivancoupe 22 hours ago
the vibe of this house makes me feel like i’m in a quiet museum
Estrella Vargas
Estrella Vargas 22 hours ago
Wow I love this house this is beautiful
Faze Dunk
Faze Dunk 23 hours ago
He didn’t buy a new house he rented it for 7,000 a month
Burnzy HD
Burnzy HD 42 minutes ago
How do u know
ALDAIRSWORLD 7 hours ago
Yes sir
Bajetha Jyotika
Bajetha Jyotika 23 hours ago
Therese Richardson
Nice house proud of you, keep up the good work.
Edgar Chavez
Edgar Chavez Day ago
Faze rugs house way better
Hollie Jo
Hollie Jo Day ago
So many places to nap
Jadiel Perez
Jadiel Perez Day ago
I'm not hating but I think rugs house is better but nice house tho it's cool
Carlos Al-Qas Hanna
He literally has a living room in his bedroom
10k Subscribers before 2021
Have a great day if yu read this
Tobias Nilsen
Look at the Thubnail😂 He used another House, Does he thinks that the House is UGLY?😂
Flight 1
Flight 1 8 hours ago
@CMN YOUNGIN but he posted The front of his house on instagram
Tobias Nilsen
Tobias Nilsen 10 hours ago
CMN YOUNGIN Faze rug Has hes pen House.
CMN YOUNGIN 11 hours ago
No he just doesn't want to show the real house in the thumbnail because he wants to surprise us in the video
sister shook
sister shook Day ago
who’s here after rugs new house tour?
paloma cano
paloma cano 8 hours ago
Shrek 9 hours ago
Leslygx3 Day ago
The mini living room is actually a lounge room
John Tyree
John Tyree Day ago
I like it. It's warm and a good size for you. Rug's is like, Kardashian huge. But please..............tell me you have a good space for playing basketball. Will it be El Casa de Brawadis without a basketball court?
Leslygx3 Day ago
He has the same voice as his dad the only thing is he doesn’t have an accent
Fizical Chaos
who’s here after rugs new house tour?
Luxtツ 12 hours ago
me lmao
Jen Jenwier
Jen Jenwier 19 hours ago
me lol
Cabrillas Pallera
Cabrillas Pallera 19 hours ago
rj thompson
rj thompson Day ago
Who’s here after faze rugs house tour
Shrek 9 hours ago
Cabrillas Pallera
Cabrillas Pallera 19 hours ago
Me lol
Bajetha Jyotika
Bajetha Jyotika 23 hours ago
I'm here
Alan1036 23 hours ago
Neon wow you really be taking other people’s comments
Neon Day ago
Me lmao
Alan1036 Day ago
Anyone here after faze rug just posted his house tour.
Nyut Mayain
Nyut Mayain Day ago
There hosie tour was ooo
Okoye Chinweoke
His house is lit 🔥
Amy Hernandez
Iron Nation
Iron Nation Day ago
Brawadis the house is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 so happy u and ur family. Been here since day 1 when u first started!
Amit Bhardwaj
Amit Bhardwaj 3 days ago
I think Brandon and Brian are going to live in the same house
Fazeofrez Community
Fazeofrez Community 23 hours ago
Oh really 💀💀
Monica Grier
Monica Grier 3 days ago
Jackie ,anthony ,Clint,maybe Jessica or romi
Fazeofrez Community
Fazeofrez Community 23 hours ago
U win
Monica Grier
Monica Grier 3 days ago
It kinda like the other house
XxGabrielxGamerxX 15
No basketball cart, no Jackie. This is a big L
Ties_ 0481
Ties_ 0481 4 days ago
Bruh my man has carpet in his bathroom💀
Jose S
Jose S 4 days ago
Do any of y’all now what he did with his Audi i8
Advay Goray
Advay Goray 5 days ago
Sick new house man
Kayla Orzel
Kayla Orzel 5 days ago
I wish rug would make a tour for his house he hasn’t made one yet
Flight 1
Flight 1 8 hours ago
Oh really 😂
Maverick Menil
Maverick Menil 5 days ago
This house remind me from a hollywood star
Rida Bakhtawar
Rida Bakhtawar 5 days ago
It’s really a dream house
Goal is : 356 subs
Rida Bakhtawar
Rida Bakhtawar 5 days ago
It’s really a dream house
Vibrent 6 days ago
your closet is bigger than my room and maybe not even your closet but your bathroom is the size of my room like im not even capping
Tony H
Tony H 9 days ago
Rugs house is bigger but brawadis home is nicer
Flight 1
Flight 1 8 hours ago
Possibly it depends on what style you like
OMAR 10 days ago
A little too classic 😐
Goal is : 356 subs
That's what I was thinking .... And also it's a little close n compact
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 10 days ago
Why you renting a house 😂😂
Miko Miso
Miko Miso 10 days ago
So happy for you btw!!!!!
Miko Miso
Miko Miso 10 days ago
When did you buy it?
Miko Miso
Miko Miso 10 days ago
So, do you currently live there?
Goal is : 356 subs
Yes , he does
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 11 days ago
Who else was sad their wasn't a pool lmao
Goal is : 356 subs
Ohhhhhh yeahhhh meeee
Todd Tech
Todd Tech 12 days ago
i like how you said thank you!
Cauiau Spivey
Cauiau Spivey 12 days ago
I'd want a house to myself boi f*** some roommates 🤦🏾‍♂️😑😑
Moni Babu
Moni Babu 13 days ago
I know why he got 2 shower in one bathroom because to bath with jackie👧
JA MINOR Gaming 13 days ago
I haven’t seen the reavel of the roommates yet but I think they will be going to be Chanel Anthony and Nicole
Faisal ahmad
Faisal ahmad 13 days ago
the master bedroom colset is bigger then mine and my brother shared room
Aunty Kalegi
Aunty Kalegi 14 days ago
Congrats bro haha abit late but it’s alright 💙
Lil Boss
Lil Boss 14 days ago
Why people dislike this vid tho ?
jeff edwards
jeff edwards 15 days ago
Room for rent ,,3890.oo a week
Alexander Juarez
Alexander Juarez 15 days ago
Wow all that where the pool at
Ninja Leland
Ninja Leland 16 days ago
You should thanks your brother because if it wasn’t for him would you be RUvidr? Like so Brandon can see
Brooklyn Sharak
Brooklyn Sharak 17 days ago
I’m literally not kidding if u knock down all the walls in his bedroom and it’s one big room it’s literally the 4 bedrooms in my house including the master with closet and bathroom plus our kitchen xD
Nathan Oduol
Nathan Oduol 18 days ago
it looks like faze rugs old house
zJish 18 days ago
Bro ong I seen that backyard before
YT FlackoMobile
YT FlackoMobile 19 days ago
hope I be successful like you brawdis
Goal is : 356 subs
Same dude
Kristen Moore
Kristen Moore 19 days ago
AWESOME. I love it
Bryan Rug
Bryan Rug 20 days ago
All you want is subscribers and we don’t get anything
gus2k 21 day ago
you lost to cash 1v1
Dainiel Negrin
Dainiel Negrin 21 day ago
Fire ass crib bro all u need know is a basketball court
All American Football
I really like it doe
All American Football
I'd move do it somethings not right in my gut
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez 22 days ago
The house would look better with a pool
Jacob Alaniz
Jacob Alaniz 22 days ago
Wow Brandon I love the house but I don’t really love the Stairs fabric but like I said I love the house
Abbas Khalili
Abbas Khalili 22 days ago
The laundry room ahahahhaah LMAO
Product Of Society POS
I live down the street for you lol
Contrace 23 days ago
Why overhype a house tour? It’s literally just a house tour. You should always under promise and over deliver.
Chloe xoxo
Chloe xoxo 23 days ago
I wanna know if that furniture and the wine in the wine room came with the house
Chloe xoxo
Chloe xoxo 23 days ago
This dude is too annoying bro the way he draws out everything he says 😂
meg ortiz
meg ortiz 24 days ago
Wow you are so lucky. Im 58 lost one to foreclosure lost my husband to diabetes lost my nursing career due to osteoarthritis...etc etc so happy for you wow so luxurious and beautiful. How i wish.
alli M
alli M 24 days ago
I like the house!!! But the carpet in those stairs got to go lmaooo 😂
Claudia Hilerio
Claudia Hilerio 24 days ago
I love your videos
Ruby Pinon
Ruby Pinon 24 days ago
Slapzy YT
Slapzy YT 24 days ago
Brwadis they leaked you're House on Tik Tok
Im Stizzy
Im Stizzy 24 days ago
Someone leaked your address 🤣 ik where that mansion is now
blank space
blank space 24 days ago
umbrae 25 days ago
[inhales] why was this in my recommended
Ivannia Calderon
Ivannia Calderon 25 days ago
is it haunted?
Sean Reynolds
Sean Reynolds 26 days ago
Love the house
Bella G
Bella G 26 days ago
I kinda don’t wanna watch him any more tbh I feel like he’s changed
Bella G
Bella G 26 days ago
He should’ve got the basketball court I feel like it would’ve been a better fit I don’t really like the house
Basic Billy
Basic Billy 26 days ago
Who else is surprised Brandon doesn’t have a basketball hoop in his backyard ? 👇🏼 *(gifting my next 100 subs 🔥)*
Colson Master
Colson Master 24 days ago
can you give me a youtube shout out(YT - Colson Master)PLZ😭
Atalia seavey
Atalia seavey 26 days ago
dude, you are such an inspiration I look up to you and this house is amazing I hope you have the best times in there.
Madelynn Nunez
Madelynn Nunez 26 days ago
It look similar the papa rug and mama rugs house so cute 💙💙
Madelynn Nunez
Madelynn Nunez 26 days ago
If Anthony moves in he would live in the bar 😂😂
Blazer 26 days ago
bro you rent this house for 7,000
Jk0f1 Music
Jk0f1 Music 26 days ago
Congrats man amazing house!!! Rug already said Sherman is ur roomate..
Shaun Attenborough
Shaun Attenborough 26 days ago
Love it bro
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