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Apr 13, 2019




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Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera Year ago
HEY HI HELLO❤️ I love you guys so much 💕 thanks for watching! Would you ever do this with your mom!? 😂 LIKE this video if you want me to go thru EVAS phone for a video😂😂
Bad boy Efecan arslan
I liked all of your videos
Thomas Agesen
Thomas Agesen 19 days ago
brent, i love u and i love u and ALL of ur videos and ur sister’s and ur friends RUvid videos. u and ur friends make me smile and laugh everday bc i watch ur videos, ur sister’s videos and ur friend’s videos every single day or whenever i feel sad abt somethinf😘😍😘! im done subscribing and turning on ur post notifications.
Solime Solime
Solime Solime 22 days ago
Puppet Boss
Puppet Boss Month ago
Nila Cookie
Nila Cookie Month ago
Sukh Manku
Sukh Manku 2 hours ago
CRAZY GAMING 15 hours ago
code red
I love you too ❤️ 💗 💕 Brent
Shanaz Yasmeen
When are you going to marry? With whom you will marry Ava or Pierson
cyber net 3D
cyber net 3D Day ago
WOW , everyone likes you . 531,000 people support you.
crafty sunday
check out crafty Sunday on youtube
Owen Parks
Owen Parks 3 days ago
Are Ava and Brent dating
Stanley dapenguinboii 18
5:21 am I the only person who paused it and saw that the bad picture of lexi isn’t blurred
Mangrum Family
Mangrum Family 3 days ago
We love you Ava
Pancake Palm5
Pancake Palm5 3 days ago
No one else noticed he has Alan stokes and not Alex favortied
Gaurav pant
Gaurav pant 4 days ago
You shouldn't have cut the ur mom hugging u scene
Kristie Knauf
Kristie Knauf 4 days ago
Hi 🙋‍♀️
Christopher Lang
Christopher Lang 4 days ago
Chris Norwood
Chris Norwood 5 days ago
like me
Chris Norwood
Chris Norwood 5 days ago
no problm
Sophia Carney
Sophia Carney 5 days ago
My mum does the same thing
Aria Hasjim
Aria Hasjim 5 days ago
Thank you for posting every week Brent
Muslimah asmaa Ahana ally
Omg im a big fan
Secim Yayla
Secim Yayla 5 days ago
Secim Yayla
Secim Yayla 5 days ago
Secim Yayla
Secim Yayla 5 days ago
Ranganath Ranga
Ranganath Ranga 7 days ago
Did his mom scold him when the girls kissed him
Graham Mcrobbie
Graham Mcrobbie 7 days ago
I love how his friends are always hanging out at each other's houses😄🙃
Casey Barrera
Casey Barrera 8 days ago
Caleb we miss you
Xamdi Muuse
Xamdi Muuse 8 days ago
Where caleb ??
Piper 8 days ago
Brents Mom: Who is that poop emoji at the bottom???? Brent: Oh... YeAh thatz uhhh avaaa.. hehe
Genette Hawkins
Genette Hawkins 9 days ago
Lol what was in the code red
Rachel Titcomb
Rachel Titcomb 9 days ago
who is here in 2021 sad that caleb and brent are not bffs anymore :(
Carlos Peltier
Carlos Peltier 9 days ago
Why does Brent have x-plane 10? lol
Nicho Jakubs
Nicho Jakubs 9 days ago
When Brent says boom 💥 His mom probaly had an ear drum afte that yell
Mol Mero
Mol Mero 10 days ago
Your the best
Rashida Teliya
Rashida Teliya 10 days ago
Heyy!!! I love you Brent 💕
Soccer Boi
Soccer Boi 11 days ago
0:00 is when the video starts You can thank me later
Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys 11 days ago
Who's watching this in 2021👇
Chloe Popwell
Chloe Popwell 11 days ago
Caylee Archibald
Caylee Archibald 12 days ago
hi you are so famouse in my country.EVERYONE LOVES YOUR VIDEOS
COOL CAT 12 days ago
Jejejeejejejejejejejejejeej 0:00
Jolly JJ plays
Jolly JJ plays 12 days ago
seren henry
seren henry 12 days ago
Dad Daderson
Dad Daderson 12 days ago
Ava do not watch this video!
Landry Mitchell
Landry Mitchell 12 days ago
Kiran Kaur
Kiran Kaur 12 days ago
i was actually scared for u brent
Khai Nguyen
Khai Nguyen 12 days ago
Wow I have likee
Crazygamerz 12 days ago
Who else is here in 2021 and reaching this
Rajneesh English
Rajneesh English 13 days ago
brent 22 and eva 26
Venessa Barrett
Venessa Barrett 13 days ago
i will not leat my mom go thror my phone
Humpback Enterprise
Elita Favara
Elita Favara 13 days ago
Brent do you have a girlfriend that you love ❤️ 🧡💛💚💙💜
JustMe Reeti
JustMe Reeti 13 days ago
I know that you might not even read this but if you are reading this then please check this video out Thanks ruvid.net/video/video-OVLoBQwItV4.html
Skylar C Hartness
Skylar C Hartness 13 days ago
I don’t like my mom or dad going through my phone
Maddison Price
Maddison Price 13 days ago
I love watching u guys 😁 your so funny. I want to meet u guys because if I did maybe me getting bullied every day of my life
Maddison Price
Maddison Price 13 days ago
Will stop
SRUJAN 15 days ago
Gaming With freelitter
why do I feel like Brent's mom always has perfect hair
Aahnisha Hough
Aahnisha Hough 15 days ago
Give me a like 👍 if that was funny when brent said code red code red code red that’s hilarious 🤣 I was like we’re at first then I said oh lol 😆
Novella Wilson-Hicks
I wonder what was so bad that Brent has been searching that he wouldn't let his mom or us see
GRB SHOW 15 days ago
I only have seven subs
Zyanya Villalpando
Zyanya Villalpando 15 days ago
ThePandaCove 16 days ago
Ryan West
Ryan West 17 days ago
Yes I am with you Brent
Akam Virk
Akam Virk 17 days ago
I am confused why 7.5 k people disliked this is an awesome channels and videos
مشاري الزايد
Ok I love u to ●_●
Leslie Wenzel
Leslie Wenzel 17 days ago
Brent you’re not doing this again promise me that you’re going to get exposed more in your videos I would never do this is my phone unlocked with anyone
rollie0071 17 days ago
Ava don’t watch the video :3
Nathan 18 days ago
It was so funny when Brent yelled code red
Devestro Agifisy
Devestro Agifisy 18 days ago
4:32 that’s def what me my sibling and Mum would be doing if Mum was looking through that
Devestro Agifisy
Devestro Agifisy 18 days ago
That’s my mum right there, something to hide, my mum is all up in my business when I texting a name into a acc I’m creating she asks who I’m texting-
Kristi 18 days ago
sooo did eva call tho
Natasha Botten
Natasha Botten 18 days ago
Slurp fish Army
Slurp fish Army 18 days ago
Rip Brent
Kamohelo Royce Mphale
we love u eva
Stevi Johnson
Stevi Johnson 19 days ago
I love your mom and you guys
christina hiser
christina hiser 20 days ago
Emma Coatsworth
Emma Coatsworth 20 days ago
Bisu Jose
Bisu Jose 20 days ago
I felt bad for Alex after watching this video Alan is in the favourites list but not Alex
Janejsj Emejeie
Janejsj Emejeie 20 days ago
I have the same phone
Justin Gissendanner
I’m scared for you
Daniela Pena
Daniela Pena 20 days ago
So it’ll look normal haha
Daniela Pena
Daniela Pena 20 days ago
I would let my mom bc I just got a new phone hahaha
Priscilda Martinez
Priscilda Martinez 20 days ago
I love ava
Fun days
Fun days 21 day ago
My im goes thru my phone every day 😂😬
Sara the best pro
Brent is the worst RUvider
Rafiur Ridom
Rafiur Ridom 21 day ago
Brent at 1:45: My mum does not know how to work a phone Me: lmfaooo😂
Caroline Chin
Caroline Chin 21 day ago
I think Brent is the king of making excuses
Stacey Catterall
Stacey Catterall 22 days ago
Eva we all love you so much xx
Michelle Shark
Michelle Shark 22 days ago
You used a boy for most of your videos
Marrenlann 2
Marrenlann 2 22 days ago
When he called his “crush” my mom called at the same moment and I had a heart attack- 😂
Marrenlann 2
Marrenlann 2 22 days ago
But my mom checks my phone every night no option
Youssof Bah
Youssof Bah 22 days ago
Liliana Velazquez
Liliana Velazquez 22 days ago
I like how brents mom is looking out for Eva
Liliana Velazquez
Liliana Velazquez 22 days ago
I like how his mom says “Does Eva know?” That part was funny and making sure Eva nows.
itzel mojave
itzel mojave 22 days ago
So Who Is Watching This In 2020 👉👈
Moussa Keita
Moussa Keita 23 days ago
Ava.Da. Dummy
Ava.Da. Dummy 23 days ago
Brent: HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON...if you are scared for me! Me:*slams like button* My mom: what was that noise Ava? Me: uhhhh, I slammed the like button cuz’ I’m scared for my favorite RUvidr. My mom *again*: Ok well don’t do it again or ur grounded
Seru YT
Seru YT 22 days ago
Liza 23 days ago
Brent after this vid: moooommmm stooopppp His mom after this video: will u do it again? Caleb after this video: Ooooo someone's getting a whooping
Grace lean
Grace lean 23 days ago
I like the pic of lexi it was funny
Grace lean
Grace lean 23 days ago
Grace lean
Grace lean 23 days ago
Krystal Allen
Krystal Allen 23 days ago
I am only at 57 secs but I can tell that... THIS IS GANNA BE BAD
Nour Alshammery
Nour Alshammery 23 days ago
I miss caleb
Sarah Espinoza
Sarah Espinoza 23 days ago
I miss calub with the group
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