My Mom Cut Me Off Financially And Kept Everything For Herself

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I Hated My Mom Until I Found Out The Truth
My Mom Cut Me Off Financially And Kept Everything For Herself
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Hello, I’m Layla.
I grew up with the best parents an only child could ever ask for. In my mind, I always thought of my parents as my big brother and sister. Life was calm and sweet; until everything came clashing down.
As a teen, I was so excessive to the point that I didn’t take no for an answer. I got all I asked from my parents, but I was never satisfied for some reason and I kept feeling unfulfilled. That’s why I kept asking for more.
On the eve of my fifteenth birthday, I had a huge argument with dad over whether or not I should go out. After things got really heated, I told him I hated how he treated me and furiously ran to my room and shut the door so hard the house reverberated from the anger inside me. After a while, I heard a loud bang coming from my parents’ room that put some fear into me, I strolled towards the room feeling my anger sip into my fingers and opened the door. Nothing prepared me for the sight. I saw dad on the floor. My heart sunk. Mum was scrambling, jerking him, and ran to call the neighbors. It happened to fast or I'll say my visions were blurred from the tears and the trauma that plagued my mind "Did I have something to do with it?".
Months have passed since we lost dad to the heart attack, my first real taste of life’s bitter whip. We managed to get things in order, so to speak. Mum was working about two to three jobs; I really don't know. I see her most nights exhausted, passed out on the couch.
After dad's death, I was pretty much out of sorts - picture the narcissistic teenager who just lost her dad, I was deeply shut out from everything and everyone. I felt angry at myself and everyone I know. Most times, I was angry at my mom. She was always too busy for me, always said she had to work, and despite her working all the time, she barely provided me with the money I needed. Like one time, I was dying to learn piano with my friends. And when I told mom she said that she’ll register me at The Arena near us. Which was a really horrible place. It was too public, and I hated that. I wanted private lessons!! However, my mom refused and said that private lessons were expensive. I was really angry with her, cause I was sure she could afford it!
"If dad were here, he would have agreed and paid for the lessons". I stormed out right before the tears well up in mum's eyes. The following week, I was already learning piano. It felt good but as usual mum wasn't around on most Saturdays.


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Jun 15, 2019

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Comments 5 804
Shannon Mincher
Shannon Mincher 18 minutes ago
I would call the police
Shannon Mincher
Shannon Mincher 20 minutes ago
She is just a selfish brat
AtomicGamer 54 minutes ago
Spoiled brat. She has no respect for her mom.
Kseniya Chernyavskaya
She is such a brat it makes me angry
Daniel Rios
Daniel Rios Hour ago
She’s so spoiled I wanna slap her like 500000000000000000 times :p
Sarah Torres
Sarah Torres 3 hours ago
She was trying so hard for u and all u wanted is more more more if she can't pay ur so disgusting I'm disgusted by u the way u act is gross like she tryed so hard for u and how do u repay her huh u still from her ur so stupid and dumb
Sarah Torres
Sarah Torres 3 hours ago
Ur being such a brat
Katyyy Higgs
Katyyy Higgs 3 hours ago
This girl is so spoiled and the biggest brat ever.
YouTube Kyx
YouTube Kyx 4 hours ago
It is called reality
night wain
night wain 5 hours ago
Braattt i want to slap you f ing face
Maher Khoukhaji
Maher Khoukhaji 5 hours ago
You hate your mom I hate you your a brat and ungrateful rat and you were a b*** your so stupid if you really want money then go get a job and get your own money and an apartment so your poor mom doesint have to deal with you you again ungrateful b*** you should act better or again go get a job and get your own money and a apartment
Khalioda The Pro
Khalioda The Pro 6 hours ago
You are really a spoiled idiot you made your dad get a heart attack and your mother is working hard and you want everything moreover you are stealing from here and you are angry at her
LJ_Mast-r06 6 hours ago
She is so spoilt that she even got everything she wanted and it’s her fault her dad died it’s so rude off her to even take her money this is discrasful
tabby cat
tabby cat 8 hours ago
Are we meant to feel bad for this girl?because to me she just sounds like a total brat
Fartuun Muhumdiin
Fartuun Muhumdiin 8 hours ago
Ungrateful rat
G World
G World 12 hours ago
Wow so ungrateful
Nikki Collins
Nikki Collins 12 hours ago
She is so spoiled and her mom is suffering through financial problems
fishmuncher0101 13 hours ago
time to change the title
Firdous Iqbal
Firdous Iqbal 14 hours ago
Am I the only one who wanted to bitchslap that brat😠
tabby cat
tabby cat 8 hours ago
Nope same here
Krizha nicole Arnaiz
Your spoild brat girlll
Summer Magnolia
Summer Magnolia 16 hours ago
Oh my gosh!! You're such a spoilt little brat. Do you know how lucky you are to be living the life you are?
Redeye 278
Redeye 278 17 hours ago
You so spoil
my name is Kassie
my name is Kassie 17 hours ago
You deserve nothing what a freaking spoiled brat you deserve to be poor
my name is Kassie
my name is Kassie 17 hours ago
Alpha Barry
Alpha Barry 18 hours ago
She is so annoying and spoiled
sabina begum
sabina begum 19 hours ago
GET YOUR OWN JOB!! YOUR A JERK!! ( in the beginning)
nazaria mason
nazaria mason 19 hours ago
She is a motherfucking brat he dad would be disappointed
JMANSOCOOL Tv 21 hour ago
She is really ungrateful
Tatjana Ivaški
Tatjana Ivaški 21 hour ago
HiamadouDukureh Vlogs
I think clothes on sale is just as good as any type of clothes
Priyanka Sonawane
Killing dad ?? Didn't enough ?? Seriously
Charmaine Macdonald
your a spioled brats
Aquatic Panda
She is so spoiled I just want to punch her
The Incredible Vlogger My Name Is Haley
the title is wrong
Jr Bacca Pvp & Glitching
This girl is so spoiled
werebimbo Day ago
You are a brat
Taoster Productions
I want someone to just ram into this spoiled brat with a semi truck.
mary sam
mary sam Day ago
I agree that brat is so stupid. And a brat
LifeWith Miah
She’s so spoiled
Desmond Spen er
Is nobody going to talk about the title it says my mom cut me off financially she gave everything to you
Beetle Flower
Aanya Deshpande
She is an idiot! When she couldn’t find money, she thought she was hiding it! Each like is 1000000000 slaps for the girl
Raine coblentz
She got better at the end so it helps. People can Change I hope she gets a job to pay back her mom
Sam 101
Sam 101 Day ago
Girl your mom was working a full time job so she could afford to take care of you. You are a spoiled brat and you are still complaining after you got whatever you wanted. Most people including me don't even get to have nice things like you, be grateful
Brooklyn Nichols
You ungrateful brat you steal money and dont care about your mom
Chandler Brooks
Bitch your a EK Smh
Flower World
Flower World Day ago
One like=one slap for this spoiled brat
Sita Rules17
Sita Rules17 2 days ago
Geez so glad I'm not like that hell mom would've killed me a long time ago if I acted like that😂😂 But I want to whip this girl with my belt
julia irene
julia irene 2 days ago
you 👏 little 👏 brat 👏
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