My Mom Buys My Outfits!

Ryland Adams
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My Mom Buys My Outfits!
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Apr 11, 2018




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Comments 80
Ryland Adams
Ryland Adams 2 years ago
which outfit did you like the best? should I be wearing any of them in public??? thanks to my mom for being a part of this video!!! hope you like it!
Robin Siwula
Robin Siwula 5 months ago
Loved the last outfit the most
Killian Ellison
Killian Ellison 8 months ago
Ryland! I saw this video when you first posted it, and now I am watching it again! I was thinking next time your mom visits you should do this same video, but you buy her outfits!!! Sounds fun!
rylee lesder
rylee lesder 9 months ago
i love all of them but id have to say my fav probley the short with the pink top and fur coat
Mindful Madness
Mindful Madness 11 months ago
Actually, that last outfit would look perfect on your dad. I could see where your mom was going with it, but it just not 'you'.
KingCK Year ago
Ryland Adams so your real name is Ryan
rachel l
rachel l 4 days ago
"Vicki I may need help to flip it back ar--" still sends me 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
irie 4 days ago
make morgan pick your outfits, im curious what she would get you!
annamotiepipay 11 days ago
i had to binge watch on old videos of Ryland and Morgan and the squad to escape the toxicity. Sad really. Hope you, Shane, Morgan, Andrew and Garrett are doing okay and keeping in touch. Praying for you all. 🙏🏼😢🙏🏼
Monica Vicuna
Monica Vicuna 20 days ago
i been watching alot of rylands home make over videos. i was thinking he does the "dad stuff" and now he said he was working on stuff with his dad! lol
Lauryn Conde
Lauryn Conde 22 days ago
9:11 reminds me of the guys at my school.
Nikita Versteeg
Nikita Versteeg 23 days ago
I miss the content with the moms
Haylie Scalet
Haylie Scalet 24 days ago
shane : the front looks like jeffree stars new 500,000 Rolls Royce and the back looks like my used jeep ... WHAT A COLLAB now him and jeffree having a makeup pallet together and being best friends
ducky long legs
ducky long legs 26 days ago
the brown leather?? jacket that vicki got literally looks like the same one shane wore in escape the night lmaoo 😭
Lps Rawlight
Lps Rawlight 28 days ago
“Vicki, I may need help to flip it arou-“ 💀😂
Hugewolverine 7
Hugewolverine 7 Month ago
shoes at 6:29 look like huaraches!
Jessica Van Orden
Shane making faces when they were talking about how they got the smallest size jeans and they were still too big on ryland 😂😂
Acaceia Month ago
Everyone: but where's the hat? Rylands dad: the sun isnt out (how cute btw) Rylands mom: MY SON IS OUT (OH MY GOD ♡)
noobie_ memer
noobie_ memer Month ago
Omg in the thumbnail you look like a gay trying to look masculine. (Or you could straight if you want)
Alani D
Alani D Month ago
5:11 is my mom trying to take a picture
Briana2711 2 months ago
His mom calls him Ryan bc that’s his birth name! He changed it to Ryland when he came out to LA.
A Hutch
A Hutch 2 months ago
"ohhhhhhhh" *ryland sniffs shirt* hahah
Victoria MK
Victoria MK 2 months ago
The last hat makes Ryland look like Ryan in HSM 😂😂😂
Paula Sue Clement
Paula Sue Clement 2 months ago
I just love Ryland!! This is the first video where I've seen his parents and I adore them!! 💖💖💖
tired artist
tired artist 2 months ago
i like the leather jacket and chelsea boots
Esther Jin
Esther Jin 2 months ago
is your mom really your mom if she doesnt say 'the' goodwill?
Hiinndd 3 months ago
Ryland’s mom is so darn cute! love herrr
TwentyØneTøads 1
TwentyØneTøads 1 3 months ago
(This is off topic but for anyone who needs to hear it) you matter. Your loved. Thank you for being here, and though it can be hard to stay, I’m so proud of you. You’ve made it this far. Keep going, I believe in you. Never give up hope. 💖
faith callan
faith callan 3 months ago
The second outfit he wore my grandpa wears that outfit
Cece's Paranormal adventures
why is his mom calling him RYAN?
Cece's Paranormal adventures
Dat Bitch ahh. Ok. Thanx
Dat Bitch
Dat Bitch 2 months ago
he changed his name to RYLAND when he was younger
LiGhT BriGhT
LiGhT BriGhT 3 months ago
I HAVE A QUESTION: His mom keeps saying Ryan... Is his real name Ryan and not Ryland?z
Dat Bitch
Dat Bitch 2 months ago
he changed his name from RYAN to RYLAND
Jiggler 3 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-SPfpbsbfupY.html my daddy sit alone with his crazy eyes waiting for the crimson tide but for real I'd be happy to have this for me in the future at least my mama doesn't trust cameras she dont have Betty davis eyes
Casey 3 months ago
My twelve year old doesn’t even wear a 28 anymore
Renee Riffe
Renee Riffe 3 months ago
Gap means gay and proud
Mona Schulz
Mona Schulz 3 months ago
Ryland’s dad has the kindest face. Ryland has his dad’s kind eyes. Love it.
Leah Bray
Leah Bray 4 months ago
Ryland's mom is literlly the best!!! like sh's so funny and cute!!!
Monique Got heart
Monique Got heart 4 months ago
Love love love you parents!!! Ahh I’m still making my way through all the videos! ❤️❤️❤️
Arleen Purrez
Arleen Purrez 4 months ago
12:58 He LITERALLY looks like Justin Jeffre, the member of 98 Degrees no one remembers. I died and I was thrown back to a time machine in 1995 🖤
Stephanie Keeler
Stephanie Keeler 4 months ago
Can somebody tell me why Vicki looks the best in the leather jacket 😂😂😂
Aiden H
Aiden H 4 months ago
Moms will be moms
Sue Doenim
Sue Doenim 4 months ago
I cannot believe you hate shopping.
Sue Doenim
Sue Doenim 4 months ago
Here, you dropped this . . . t.
Kylie Smith
Kylie Smith 4 months ago
Why does his mom call him ryan
The.P.is.Psilent 4 months ago
Morgan is the IMAGE of her Mam! Morgan is gorgeous now and with those genes will be gorgeous later too 🥰
Mike Och
Mike Och 4 months ago
Ryland in the outfit with the fedora in it looks like someone from breaking bad.
Araceli Moreno
Araceli Moreno 4 months ago
The last outfit legit makes him look like Jesse from breaking bad
AJAYPRODUCTIONS43 4 months ago
i love how shane tries to keep his comments pg cause the parents are there but rylands dad roasts him hahah
Marissa Nikkole
Marissa Nikkole 4 months ago
5:11 y’all don’t know how how hard i’m laughing
I Really Dont Know
I Really Dont Know 4 months ago
8:0 can I just say that such a nice outfit ryland
이스테이시 4 months ago
Now i want DAD to buy the outfit
Nicole Luffman
Nicole Luffman 4 months ago
Binge watching you today! Your videos make me happy. I just ❤️❤️ how close you are to your family and love you and Shane and Morgan and Momma Adams so so much!
Kristin Kitti
Kristin Kitti 4 months ago
Love Mom💗💞💗
Vivian V Boettger
Vivian V Boettger 4 months ago
Me allergic to the sun
Maisie Stephens
Maisie Stephens 4 months ago
If ryland came to my house my mom would be stuffing fries down his throat
Jamie Vee
Jamie Vee 4 months ago
Him wearing the plaid fedora though he looks really good in it. She did a good job for the most part lol.
ALICIA DUBON 4 months ago
Ryland your hair was so cute when you did the news
Mixed MediaXX
Mixed MediaXX 5 months ago
*hes SO gay* Literally my bf every 2 minutes 🤣
c y
c y 5 months ago
am i the one who like the sandals
Natasha Lion
Natasha Lion 5 months ago
Try to shrink your clothes in the wash?
Lauren Mcadoo
Lauren Mcadoo 5 months ago
Love the videos with your mom. Do you actually keep the outfits you buy for these videos???
Nessa Snow
Nessa Snow 5 months ago
Love the last outfit!
Nessa Snow
Nessa Snow 5 months ago
Hahahabwhen his mom yelled when he yelled
Nessa Snow
Nessa Snow 5 months ago
Omg! This family makes me so happy
Nicole Morin
Nicole Morin 5 months ago
I absolutely love your mom! This was everything
injoy the waves potts
13:41 Bruhhhhh CANT RELATE
Helen Reid
Helen Reid 5 months ago
Your mom is soooocute!
xydoit 5 months ago
Your mom is cool.
xydoit 5 months ago
You look like your dad
catherine donoghue
catherine donoghue 5 months ago
I'm loving the mom's hanging out....such cool parents..
emma 5 months ago
don't you have xs in america??
emma 5 months ago
yea in europe he sits a lot
Christian Jay Bona
Christian Jay Bona 5 months ago
I really like the sandals tho
Josie Butler
Josie Butler 5 months ago
Is it just me or do I keep hearing people call him Ryan
Robin Siwula
Robin Siwula 5 months ago
I loved the last outfit the most
Sarah Ecklid
Sarah Ecklid 5 months ago
I love Mom ❤️
Sarah Ecklid
Sarah Ecklid 5 months ago
There are great finds at Goodwill!!
gaming guru657
gaming guru657 6 months ago
Amelie 6 months ago
I Think u should wear the jacket with Faux fur, jeaa and the Gucci one
Amelie 6 months ago
Rylands a Popstar 🔱☺🔱
Big Streams1
Big Streams1 6 months ago
the last outfit looked like something dean from supernatural would wear lmao
0_Neeks _0
0_Neeks _0 6 months ago
okay but low key why does rylands last outfit look like dean Winchester like legit
Jada Guilmette
Jada Guilmette 6 months ago
ryland: “i don’t care how much they were i’m keeping these” rylands mom: good they were 159 dollars ryland: ah rylands mom literally jumps 😂
Meg Norris
Meg Norris 6 months ago
Shane's and Ryland's moms vlogging together at the mall is the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen.
Andrea Contreras
Andrea Contreras 6 months ago
Shane is my mood every day
A Z 6 months ago
9:30 best
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