My Message To Conor McGregor.

Jake Paul
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You should've taken the $50,000,000...
Watch me fight on go.triller.co/ APRIL 17TH
Opponent will be announced soon on my Instagram: instagram.com/jakepaul/

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Jan 23, 2021




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BoadieBlitz 2xy
1:05 your welcome
Gabe Itch
Gabe Itch 2 hours ago
I got a pokemon advertisement first time having an ad better than the vid itself
Rene Mendiola
Rene Mendiola 3 hours ago
Takes crack for the 500th time:doesn’t know how to act.
Dylan Budhoo
Dylan Budhoo 5 hours ago
I wish I could fight u for free
Storm2688 7 hours ago
Regular babies would get dropped But Jake was thrown out the window
Lamar Savage
Lamar Savage 8 hours ago
I think he’s delusional
Anthony Starkey
Anthony Starkey 10 hours ago
I would pay $0 to watch this bum fight. Jake Paul is a joke.
Knowledge Variable
Knowledge Variable 11 hours ago
I like how on all your videos, it seems people are just there to dislike & leave hateful comments for you. I see the irony too, but I am to witness karma. Which I think is fuelling the karma
Joe Mossman
Joe Mossman 12 hours ago
This mans wearing a toupée
Los Pollos Hermanos
Los Pollos Hermanos 14 hours ago
No one: Jake: I'll GiVe YoU a ThIrD oF a BiTcOiN
kapi barra
kapi barra 15 hours ago
All the guys hating are the guys who are actually going to spend money on the ppv. Jake is doing jis job selling his ass out for the fight and to make money. That is what he is about and guess where he learned that from. The mouse himself. Good on you mate.
Hussain A
Hussain A 15 hours ago
Hahahahha your going to lose your like 5’9
BigManByBobux 16 hours ago
This comment is more interesting than your video
Cameron Hawthorn
Cameron Hawthorn 16 hours ago
Conor mcgregor doesn’t even know who Jake is
Travis Scott
Travis Scott 16 hours ago
I'm your favorite fan and biggest
Kingstan YT
Kingstan YT 19 hours ago
More like my message to the funeral organizer
Track Star
Track Star 21 hour ago
Shut up jake paul you have more dislikes than likes
Taylor and John Meeting up
He’s got more dislikes bahahhahah
Aditya Swarup
He needs to go back into that low stage
arumiyoshi Day ago
imma dislike and clear my history byee
Charlie Canning
Lad you gonna get battered
Dragon ball Boy
Why doesn't he call out canello and see what happens you little trash talker
Jake Mitchell
Lmao Dustin can throw 3 hooks faster than you can throw one punch u bum
Jake Mitchell
That whole stream was good asf ur delusional
Ming BTW
Ming BTW Day ago
1:06 thank me later
Tapz Day ago
all i can say is stfu
Gatteka Day ago
His driver is so patient, if it were me I'd of driven us both off of a fucking cliff.
Betty Sizemore
That 3rd of a bic coin was hella funny
he's coked out ngl
Why kids mad
Why kids mad Day ago
Jake Paul changes a lot
Scurlethy Day ago
Rory Kelliher
The like to dislike ratio says it all
Eclipse Flower
How god created Jake Paul An ass hole : 10000000000000000000000000% Stupid: 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% Uses bad words: 43885489098903589458905984384588938950890548904598045905905554%
GiddyAU Day ago
1:06 Thank me later ❤️
Mikey Mike12
Mikey Mike12 2 days ago
Jake paul stop talking abot conor he will knock you straight out bruh
Kshemananda Naorem
Jacklyn Simons
Jacklyn Simons 2 days ago
Bro jake is the best yall just haters 😐 ps. You were all fans till he changed from everyday bro😆
Resurrection Edits
No we I was never and no one was a fan of vine kid
Fishstickle123 2 days ago
No one likes you no more
ritzy joker
ritzy joker 2 days ago
1:06 thank me later
Deven Arora
Deven Arora 2 days ago
Everyone please, give this video more dislikes than likes, and if your feeling even better, leave a hateful comment, just to make it even worse for him when he gets his face broken.
Yes 2 days ago
Fight in UFC see what happens then
Bruh moment Gamerbruh
Why do people support jake paul?...
Bruh moment Gamerbruh
He’s obviously clout chasing
M A R C 2 days ago
just go back to the old you when it was you and tydus bruh
Real Realist
Real Realist 2 days ago
Jake paul is the type of guy that turns on a fan in a field and calls it a wind turbine
Iemand dat kan
Iemand dat kan 2 days ago
This clown beat a NBA player and never fought a real fighter because he would lose in seconds. Fight amanda Nunes if you are so good or are you scared to get dropped by a women in 10 seconds
TypBeats 2 days ago
best moment at 1:05
FTW 2 days ago
Look at your hair man, you look like youre trying to cover something up, bald perhaps?
sLix 2 days ago
1:06 thank me later
Tayjah Dunne
Tayjah Dunne 3 days ago
just here to thumbs down and remove from my history and leave
sLix 2 days ago
Exactly the same
mqdsjw 3 days ago
you do know that..he’s irish? and your american? that’s enough to know your gonna lose LMAOOOOO
Arick Montoya
Arick Montoya 3 days ago
Ok look ik y’all hating on him and I do to but if you unlike he gets money from it
ChrisHides 3 days ago
your in drugs
TheStraightFaced 3 days ago
You guys are some serious haters lmao
will ivers
will ivers 3 days ago
1:06 thank me later .
Scooby flavors.
Scooby flavors. 3 days ago
Gonna fight McGregor? When he'll enter the ring you'll pee on your shorts bro. Get a brain or something please
Jam Torres
Jam Torres 3 days ago
1:06 thank me later
APM M 3 days ago
I'd like to see him call dustin poirier a bum to his face !
Philip 3 days ago
Rip jake Paul
UJJWAL PANDEY 3 days ago
Why you post youtube vids man just stop no one like you . . Just stop uploading( i came here just to dislike as i saw McGregor's name on it lol)😂😂
Anthony Russo
Anthony Russo 3 days ago
this man has more dislikes than likes
That one game Chanel
best part 1:05
youtub3ian youtub3ian
Jake you're a great ACTOR, you should go straight to Hollywood and get a nice role in some action movies.
gamerdude 1
gamerdude 1 3 days ago
Dustin aint a bum. He is a real fighter but this just shows how much Jake knows about fighting
Eugenio Colon
Eugenio Colon 4 days ago
Justin Jonker
Justin Jonker 4 days ago
dude shut up lol u wannabee fighter
That King K. Rool Main
He really called Poirier a bum?
Connor D
Connor D 4 days ago
Your hair right now let’s talk about that
BHNotZack 4 days ago
anton santos
anton santos 4 days ago
Jake Paul : I can beat Connor easily Connor McGregor appears Jake Paul:Welp! Imma run off and forget everything i said
Runi pastor
Runi pastor 4 days ago
This was Jake's biggest mistake
90K 👍🏻 131 👎🏻 wow- he has 90K idiots watching this vid and also 20.2M idiots. 😄
فهد العنزي
4m views in 4 weeks
Josh Burnett
Josh Burnett 4 days ago
These are bad 4K graphics
somejokeman 4 days ago
I wont be surprised if he becomes best friends with 6ix9ine.
Luka Buck
Luka Buck 4 days ago
Connor McGregor will fucking knock u out
Hussein Moataz
Hussein Moataz 4 days ago
dislike for epic
Leo 4 days ago
Fight ksi ya babag
Nilen Abeyratna
Nilen Abeyratna 4 days ago
If u ever feel useless remember that there is a like button under jake pauls vids
John Worry
John Worry 4 days ago
They gon laugh when u sleep boi, u should of stayed humble
Connor Maxwell
Connor Maxwell 4 days ago
Conor McGregor will ko you in a fight Jake no joke
PH4NTOM GAM3S 5 days ago
Literally where are the memes
3up_Stealth YT
3up_Stealth YT 5 days ago
imma say something to jake in 4 words, look at your dislikes
Wolf Shinobi
Wolf Shinobi 5 days ago
$50million imagine what mrbeast would do with that money
Wolf Shinobi
Wolf Shinobi 5 days ago
1:06 thank me later
Zaid Nasser
Zaid Nasser 5 days ago
On crack as always I see..
Abraham Saavedra
Abraham Saavedra 5 days ago
Kenny Kubitz
Kenny Kubitz 5 days ago
I like what you saying because Conor McGregor went to a bar and tried to force an older man to get a thing of whiskey that Conor McGregor got and punched him in the side of the head just because he didn't want his whiskey
mrstealyourgirl99 Op
1:06 Thank me later
Logan Woodson
Logan Woodson 5 days ago
Jake is gay
MoistWalrus 5 days ago
Our community has grown up and we can see it in the like to dislike ratio
Kacey-Leigh Kirby
ure going to get nocked out brother
E_ SDMN 5 days ago
its like watching a 5 yr old learn a swear word for the first time ... smh
Emmanuel 5 days ago
Fight cánelo you gonna get smash
Trym Odde
Trym Odde 5 days ago
Hahah like Are Jake a joke he litlerally got 50 k diss likes then likes! Haha
Yazan Ghanayem
Yazan Ghanayem 5 days ago
You both are ego maniacs
ThatNormalcloud 5 days ago
He got dropped on his head when he was a baby
Tristan’s in Slytherin
1:06, thank me later
Forever Gamer
Forever Gamer 5 days ago
You bout to be bald
Forever Gamer
Forever Gamer 5 days ago
His hair is receeding
Will W2S Fight JAKE PAUL??