My Massive Tech Unboxing 24.0!

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Time for another masssive tech unboxing! What was your favorite item?
Find everything here:
SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface - amzn.to/2YfhWNi
Kanto SYD Powered Speaker - amzn.to/32OWcaC
Oppo Reno 10x Zoom - amzn.to/2XWBmav
LG XBoom Go PK5: amzn.to/2Y3XBGv
Microsoft Surface Go - amzn.to/2SpMQgH
Ring Door View Cam - amzn.to/32HRhbw
GPD P2 Max - bit.ly/2O5j6ad
Nomad USB-C to Lightning Cable - bit.ly/2O5kny1
SPECTRA X Premium - bit.ly/2OahhsA
Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee - bit.ly/32DAENQ
Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex - bit.ly/32GMkzC
Berserk Fuhrer - bit.ly/32zaFr3
Volutz Equilibrium - amzn.to/2SynSMc
Samsung A50 - amzn.to/2JQp21z
Peek Design Tech Pouch - amzn.to/2YfcdXI
Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter - amzn.to/2Y4fzZm
Nintendo Switch GameCube Bluetooth Adapter - amzn.to/2XTkwJE
Steelseries Apex Keyboard - amzn.to/2YfkN8Y
Canon 100mm Lens Bundle - amzn.to/2Ya5Jtn
LG 49inch Ultrawide Monitor - amzn.to/32B1vKt
Nomad Base Station - amzn.to/2Y6D6sF
Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 - amzn.to/2Stkwdq
NeotrixQI AirPods Charging Case Replacement Portable Charger - amzn.to/2JR7BxZ
Beagles Drones - bit.ly/32wJtci

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Jul 20, 2019




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Comments 1 594
standoff crayziness
standoff crayziness 10 hours ago
from where did you get lot of money
Slahv Day ago
Watch vid .25percent speed, spooky
Jinx_ Shadow
Jinx_ Shadow Day ago
What does he do for a living?😂
Bob The builder
Talk time with Lucy
"thanks Kanto someone actually thought about me" 😆😅😂😂😭 mood tho
Karthig1987 2 days ago
I have the PG version of the Gundam banshee norn. O man the Bezerk Fury. Love that zoid too. Definitely gonna check out gundam planet now. Loved the new century zero zoids anime also.
Md S Shafin's
Md S Shafin's 2 days ago
your videos make me happy
BRO IN ZONE 3 days ago
Yeah make her a setup
Umesha Rukshan
Umesha Rukshan 3 days ago
give me a one [hone
Ihaz2cats 3 days ago
NYC gang
Zohaib Fraz
Zohaib Fraz 4 days ago
Plz give me DSLR camera
Trying to fish Lange
I keep stuff in my save for later cart just in case one day I win the lottery I’m ready to buy
BANT3R 6 days ago
iPhone X had 10 timed zoom nothing special lmao
ØAXISM 8 days ago
I've been watching since number 1 lol
DOGE™ 8 days ago
But the real question here is: which one of y'all got dat 6 month free netflix???
William Sydney
William Sydney 3 days ago
SuperMikoo lmao nice try kid stfu
SuperMikoo 4 days ago
DOGE™ I got both 1 year game pass codes lol.
lance abella
lance abella 9 days ago
Is this the first that he does not have a Controller?
Chris L Davis
Chris L Davis 9 days ago
Hi can you do a real day in the life with the A50?
Thuskar Paupiah
Thuskar Paupiah 10 days ago
i heard apple instead of oppo
Fortnite DefaultSkin
My favorite was the oppo Reno. I wish i could afford it.
PyroComedy 13 days ago
Your voice is so soothing
BetterBPrepared 13 days ago
Would love to see A Real Day in the Life for both the A50 and thr Reno. Great video.
The Destinator
The Destinator 13 days ago
A helmet doesn’t protect your elbows and arms 😂
Fortnite DefaultSkin
Pandzzz 13 days ago
He must be spending hundreds on extension cords
Hayden Ferry
Hayden Ferry 13 days ago
GPD P2 is cool I like it I need one!
TheChickƎnBucket 14 days ago
LG boom go matches the original art Basel aj1s my sneakerheads know
Chetan Gaikwad
Chetan Gaikwad 14 days ago
Can you give me one any item for free.....!!!!!!!!
Fortnite DefaultSkin
Lol. I want one aswell
aldrake Arthur
aldrake Arthur 14 days ago
Bruh,’remember us in west Africa,’u privileged to have all this before u 🙄,’Good for u man
ShaolinDreams 14 days ago
I bet he has Amazon Prime. Maaaaan That teal Oppo.. Goddamn... And that LG gift was really nice. Btw bro a helmet isn't going to protect your elbow 😂😂😂
borny21 14 days ago
bro I really want to see her setup
Ritvik RAj
Ritvik RAj 14 days ago
Woooow i just need that nomad cap . Its Dope!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍
SGB AJ 14 days ago
Should be called ‘TheNotSoAvgConsumer’
gutomako330 15 days ago
Could you do a day in the life with the galaxy A50. Thanks
Brent Dugmore
Brent Dugmore 2 days ago
gutomako330 let’s see it!!!
Reisjunk 15 days ago
I payed 300$ for my samsung galaxy a 50 and i have 128 gb of storage
BIGMAN 126 15 days ago
Create a setup
D Cozz
D Cozz 15 days ago
Lil Tay: Lemme flex on em UAC: Hold my Gundams
Ella Du
Ella Du 16 days ago
I feel like someone buys this much tech just for the irony of having him say "it's you're average consumer" in front of $2000 worth of mystery stuff
Mohammad Rayyan
Mohammad Rayyan 16 days ago
Review Galaxy A50
Oskar Samuelsson
Oskar Samuelsson 16 days ago
do it +
lee cabiladas
lee cabiladas 16 days ago
Oppo reno please give away im poor i am just borrowing my friends phone please please i need it
FINCHY 16 days ago
I Bet Their Miscellaneous Drawer Is Worth Around Aprx. $7,248 In Tech
Jihoon Ahn안지훈
the cpu is the core m3
Rafael Negron
Rafael Negron 16 days ago
haven't even watched this yet, and I can already guess its like 100 cables, 100 portable batteries, a backpack and some controllers
Themon DeGod
Themon DeGod 16 days ago
Holy shit man you got it
MoroccoGamer & Tech
Dronef04 17 days ago
If it was me, I would immediately open all the boxes
Caleb Cash
Caleb Cash 17 days ago
day in the life of the a50!!!!!!!!!! plz
What's in The BOX
What's in The BOX 17 days ago
litterally EVERY MASSIVE UNBOX makes me cry for hours
Mell Velez
Mell Velez 17 days ago
Lmfaooo “somebody finally thought about me”
jayclip80 17 days ago
What editing software do you use?
jayclip80 17 days ago
Great video
Luke O'Hara
Luke O'Hara 17 days ago
What does he actually do with all this
NGT4LIFE 17 days ago
LOL LG made them light skinned... I would have been offended
110% Entertainment
110% Entertainment 18 days ago
I ate all my snacks before ⅓ of the video and now I'm fat AF
Robert Jackson jr
Robert Jackson jr 18 days ago
Ctfu hot boy "yesss" at 2:20 ctfu he hang with hot girl LMAO
Drippy the kid
Drippy the kid 18 days ago
Tech survival kit 4.0?
Butch Harris
Butch Harris 18 days ago
A50 review
Dope Tech
Dope Tech 18 days ago
i need some advice what's your email. please?
FINCHY 16 days ago
Dope Tech yea right 😂 that ain’t ever happening 😂😂LMAO
Atharva Rao
Atharva Rao 18 days ago
Environmentally friendly company? = overpriced
Cl3V8 rrr
Cl3V8 rrr 18 days ago
Give me all of it
Ras Ga
Ras Ga 18 days ago
what happens to all the stuff that you have extras of?
Jack Martin
Jack Martin 18 days ago
when u gonna show ur new setup
Callum 1700
Callum 1700 18 days ago
i dont know why i watch this it makes me jealous😂
Awais Baig
Awais Baig 19 days ago
1:27 linus is proud of ya mug!!
Robert Cercel
Robert Cercel 19 days ago
a50 day in a life . YASSS PLS!
Rasheda Bg
Rasheda Bg 19 days ago
Holy smoks!🤯
Produkty z Biedronki
Mega big unboxing :-)
yeshwanth ch
yeshwanth ch 19 days ago
Can you give a laptop for my education.. 😭
John Carlo Dela Cruz
Are you really sure that you're an average consumer? 😳😳😳
LEHNH _ 19 days ago
Русские есть?
Brooke hennigan
Brooke hennigan 19 days ago
I thought you moved
Barcelona TubeHD
Barcelona TubeHD 20 days ago
Do you pay for it?
COOL TECH 20 days ago
U make the best tech videos☺☺☺☺
NewMoonUmbreon Gaming
Beaserk Fuhrer fav part of the vid
Shirwatel Simini
Shirwatel Simini 20 days ago
every time he opens a box: "Ohhhhh I've been wanting this!!!"
Okzz2000 20 days ago
14:10 i have A50 but mine is 128gb of storage, soo i guess there is different models of this phone, and it was 310euros :)
Sanjay Persaud
Sanjay Persaud 21 day ago
do a review of the Galaxy A50
Fabio correia
Fabio correia 21 day ago
brock watching this video like Im abut to bye any of those thing
Theo Fahrbach
Theo Fahrbach 21 day ago
I never was so jealous
legendary Hector
legendary Hector 21 day ago
Pls love you guys
legendary Hector
legendary Hector 21 day ago
Do a full day test with the phone pls and record how well it runs the picture and and everything else
Cecília Romão
Cecília Romão 21 day ago
In love for this P2 Max... I need a notebook for college and trying to save some money to get one... which one do you recommend me in term of better cost/benefits?
RED X 21 day ago
Stranger things is a over rates series. And every character from the series looks retarded. Change my mind
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