My Massive Amazon Prime Day Haul!

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Prime Day made my wallet cry, as well as all their underpaid/overworked employees.
• Sign up for Prime for FREE! amazon.com/tryprimefree?tag=randomfrankp-20
• White Nixon Watch: amzn.to/2NZcSEK
• WD 2TB Hard Drive: amzn.to/2uPujPv
• Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD: amzn.to/2zWgN2m
• Phone Card Holders: amzn.to/2uQRx7J
• Bluetooth Speaker: amzn.to/2Nvb7yh
• RGB Mousepad: amzn.to/2O2jhiw
• Herschel Backpack: amzn.to/2O4sBm4
• 13" LG Gram Laptop: amzn.to/2zV0Pp2
• Nintendo Switch: amzn.to/2JDydAq
• Fall Collar for the pup: amzn.to/2uPSddo
• Herschel Slim Wallet: amzn.to/2O1fEcG
• Switch Carrying Case: amzn.to/2NwZg2L
• Magnetic Phone Mount: amzn.to/2uwHYLZ
• Sony 50mm 1.8 Lens: amzn.to/2NqYKTN
• Rosewill White RGB Keyboard: amzn.to/2O1P1nO
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• Aputure LED Light: amzn.to/2bum0C9
• Rhino Slider: amzn.to/29vcKt0
• Blackmagic Video Assist: amzn.to/29jKElv
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic: amzn.to/2iOo9bV
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Jul 20, 2018




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Comments 80
ayushshriva voice
You are so lucky you receive mind blowing tech for free
Andrei W
Andrei W 2 months ago
television on on the left side of the screen....."hmmm....I haven't watched that 70's Show in a while...... " :P
ThatGamerGirl 10 months ago
My dog is named Luna too! She's a Chug though (pug/chihuahua mix)
A I 10 months ago
I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the week to come. I think I went a little over the top with what I ordered this year. But I’ve defiantly got some good deals.
Andrew J Smith
Andrew J Smith 10 months ago
A like for anyone watching this just days before the 2019 prime day!!
Castle Of Wonder
Castle Of Wonder 11 months ago
I'm really enjoying your videos. Keep up the awesome work.
Babita Nayak
Babita Nayak 11 months ago
Your dog is as cute as you are
Weirdo 246
Weirdo 246 11 months ago
I love buying most of my books on prime day, plus it’s near my birthday so it’s like I’m treating myself, so that is the one day of the year that I spurge
Jack Ramos
Jack Ramos Year ago
Man you look like Ryan Philippe
illyria Year ago
Luna is severely obese, please take that seriously and do something about it, because all that weight is going to cause her a lot of pain and a much shorter life.
randomfrankp Year ago
Lmao for a corgi she is actually underweight for her age. She eats very healthy and we always take her on walks....please spend less time caring about things out of your control ;)
olvera jr
olvera jr Year ago
Can you do a wish video, for gaming?
keiara burgess
ew ew ew that dog is overweight. its not cute at all. obesity can cause all sort of health problems for dogs....
murtaza nabi
murtaza nabi Year ago
Plz use that and video
ματ Year ago
You got a dog off of Amazon? Damn where this deal at
Aaron Heun
Aaron Heun Year ago
I want a how many times he says back to school video counter added to this video
Anthony CHAN
Anthony CHAN Year ago
Does the dog come with it?
Squishy Boi Dino
I liked for the chub. Lol
Squishy Boi Dino
Woah mkbhd stuff in the back i see.
1:53 MKBHD merch?
xCyniical Year ago
i came for luna. and to see you go hard on prime day.
Junior Cuellar
thumbs up from the little chub!!!
Jackie Howard
Jackie Howard Year ago
Love the dog!!
Atel Year ago
Subscribed cuz I like ur face. Nohomo
RobbieLite Year ago
"Thats 70s Show" in the background. I dig it
Joey Bo
Joey Bo Year ago
5:20 Is that box full of sex toys 😂
Noah Roberts
Noah Roberts Year ago
dude love your videos but in every un-boxing video you complain about having to clean up afterwards...
Emily Colbourne
Im subscribing for the little chub. Shes so cute
Hunter Arpaia
Hunter Arpaia Year ago
What watch is that that you're wearing?
theEdge Year ago
I came for the doggo
Did you know what you were buying in this haul?
Man you must make fat cash off RUvid , do you have another job or is yt your job? Just curious
Princess Jakey-Poo
1:09 uumm...
Gullet Garble
Gullet Garble Year ago
1:10 ? Magic trick ????
Yash Keshan
Yash Keshan Year ago
Summer tech bag
Arnel Lozic
Arnel Lozic Year ago
"You'll see that next week" 😉
Ark Year ago
oh i thought you god the dog but i am leaving
Cyborron Year ago
Dont click the read more. You have been warned Read more
Bixmox Year ago
10:01 perfect almost
Anyone notice that 70s show playing on the side?
William Cooper Jr
Wit the my passport don’t move it around to much I had one for classes and it broke in like a week because it was moved around to much
Idtelos Year ago
If you can't remember what you order on amazon...you probably didn't need it.
Adam Izghouti
Adam Izghouti Year ago
*Insert ghostrobo meme*
Suspicious Neighbor
Like for the dog
Matteo 2.0
Matteo 2.0 Year ago
*"insert ghost robo meme"*
Hubert Krawczyk
I came for the doggo🐕
PoLinEuroPaTic o
Put to the test your stuff please
Mistral L
Mistral L Year ago
Clicked on this for the corgi
sttrolage Year ago
WTF??? Nobody noticed??? at 1:08 observe the 2 white boxes on the bottom ride side. First time that a breach in this simulation is recorded
Reese Armstrong
looks like the amazon dog
Tom Christie
Tom Christie Year ago
Does that dog get walked
1,000 subscribers with no videos
It's simple. I see corgi I hit like
KarhuR30 Year ago
I got one of those card holders for free, they’re pretty nice, mine just has a Bauer logo on it which is a brand that maked Ice hockey gear and stuff
Tricky CS
Tricky CS Year ago
Thumbs up for little chab...
Can you adopt me?
angel Year ago
You should've said how much you got them for if this is from an amazon prime day sale.
Athena Diaz
Athena Diaz Year ago
I’m in love with your corgi
H4vnen Year ago
I clicked because of the dog
Xilly666 Year ago
Why did I think the Nixon watch in the thumbnail was a suorin air
Jake Allen
Jake Allen Year ago
what is the subscriber counter?
Soggy crumb
Soggy crumb Year ago
Do I get to nut
Sam Year ago
I just realised that i liked the video the second the chubby dog came into the video.
ConDreamz Year ago
*This laptop is very affordable. It was like just under $1,000* Lmao like 50% of students who will need a laptop for school, mostly college students i would guess, are probably neck deep in debt and wont be buying a 900 dollar laptop lmao but when ur rich, just under 1000 is always "very affordable"
Jackie G.
Jackie G. Year ago
Luna is an {{{ABSOLUTE UNIT}}}
Bryden Cubed
Bryden Cubed Year ago
I love corgis I own 2
Xeriox01 Year ago
I got a 3TB HDD for $60
Cloudyy Year ago
for that cheap keyboard, you should have tried the e element z77. its a really nice $34 tel keyboard. It is fully mechanical, not that cheap "mechanical feel" and it is really worth it.
4:50 school bag
Carson Tran
Carson Tran Year ago
Favorite Tech Related RUvidr
nrp Year ago
*Luna is my spirit animal*
Battling Warrior
I can personally say nobody was fired there was just too much traffic on the site. If the site was working when I got to work we would’ve had so much volume to pick for customer orders.
Alexander Cromwell
That's 70s show on in the background on the tv.
Jake Year ago
I only clicked cause of the dog tbh
Sunl Year ago
Me:”my amazon prime haul” , * shows empty box *
Marissa Ekxel Olivera
The pup was my fav part😭
Memeboi Year ago
Liked for the chub
Florian Wiesner
Thumbs up for the doggo
Dvbs Year ago
You can buy a dog on amazon?!
Izak Robles
Izak Robles Year ago
5:10 Ohhh...will I??
Rabi Year ago
You bought a good boy?
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