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Jun 13, 2019

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Comments 79 028
Jaydaxo1 19 minutes ago
You are a dirty person Jaclyn. And all your excuses are lies. DIsgusting!!! Unfollowed not gonna watch or buy anything else from you. I hope this is where your career ends, cause you play with peoples life and health.
a ordinary human being
jojo siwa handeled this way better Jojo : "we are working really hard to fix this." Jacyln : *denies everything* my lipsticks are worth every penny. Like come one shes a grown adult and jojo siwa is still a kid and handeled it way better. Im not a jojo siwa fan but atleast jojo is way more honest.
Milana k
Milana k 47 minutes ago
In any way or shape or form🤣🤣🤣
Tracy Boedigheimer
Tracy Boedigheimer 53 minutes ago
Just say "no" to vocal fry
Blcssom Hour ago
Why do you speak too fast?
Bogi 22
Bogi 22 Hour ago
Hate me, but I think she is correct and I don’t understand why everyone is hating on her, because she just wants to help people who got the product and they are not satisfied with it. And yeah these lipsticks are not perfect but please don’t hate on her because of her product... (Sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker :’) )
Tweet Birb
Tweet Birb Hour ago
6:13 *Sounds familiar*
jojo handled this more better than you
Chae hee Park
Chae hee Park Hour ago
Do I watch her vids? No Did I buy the lipstick? No Did I know who she was before this scandal? No But am I furious and want a full refund? But of course
Giselle Ascencio
Jojo did a much better job then you ever will !!
peri dot
peri dot Hour ago
Omfg... It's just lies, upon lies, upon lies. Come on, Jaclyn. Handle this situation in a mature way please.
Sansa L.
Sansa L. Hour ago
Sis but how do you explain the metal pieces
Loren Mcmullan
Loren Mcmullan 2 hours ago
Anyone would be crazy to purchase anything from her colab or not in the future so many other people to support
네코XxNekoxX 2 hours ago
James Charles 2.0
Rachel K
Rachel K 2 hours ago
Entre Cafe y Vino
Entre Cafe y Vino 2 hours ago
I hope she comes back with a different mindset.
Brossie Boo
Brossie Boo 2 hours ago
Is it bad that I think Jojo Swia is more professional and mature than Jaclyn Hill and she's a full grown adult? *I THINK NOT*
Eina Jai
Eina Jai 2 hours ago
Can't believe you lost to a 16 y.o in being mature..😂😂😂 I'm not a fan nor do I watch your videos, JoJo's makeup issue just passed by my recommendations and in the comment section, you're a hot topic on being super immature 😂 oh man RUvid drama😂😂😂
QueenFreddyVlogs 2 hours ago
babys can make lipsticks better than you...
Emoji Alls
Emoji Alls 2 hours ago
So is she cancelled??
What the Frog?
What the Frog? 2 hours ago
she sound so mad.
Mario The bearded dragon
Act your age, you’re a adult, you’re acting like a literal child
Try me peasants
Try me peasants 2 hours ago
She speeded it up so much to cover up that she pre recorded the voice and shes just lip soyncing slow it down to 0.25X if u dont believe me, peace✌
supernightslash 2 hours ago
How's not running away working out for you?
Fisted Waffle
Fisted Waffle 2 hours ago
I am.... disgusted
little_ tanrum27
little_ tanrum27 2 hours ago
You're fucking garbage. Just like your makeup
I want some suga kookies with my tae
jojo siwa handled her makeup situation better smh
Juani Hartman
Juani Hartman 3 hours ago
Come baaaack! I miss you
didi lina
didi lina 3 hours ago
Jaclyn disappearing is me solving my problems (in a meme, ive never done this though)
didi lina
didi lina 3 hours ago
Yo you still alive ?
StorySayer 3 hours ago
She left. I can’t believe she just left. What a coward. How sad. What is her comeback plan?
Leksi Deets
Leksi Deets 3 hours ago
Girl stop making excuses your lipsticks are still disgusting moldy or not somethings wrong with them, pharmacy’s sell better products.
Julie Garcia
Julie Garcia 3 hours ago
She screwed up But she did not hide from the issue and faced it head on. It seems like she’s trying to do anything that she can to help rectify the situation. I can respect that.
valeria fernandez
valeria fernandez 3 hours ago
i want a refund i didn’t buy one but i want a refund
Annie K
Annie K 3 hours ago
The way she smiles at 1:57 when she says that they are not expired really makes it look like she is saying it as a joke !!
Natasha Trammell
Natasha Trammell 4 hours ago
Her ass ran away and hid like a coward. Girl, all you had to do was a recall..by you not doing that just shows it's all for money & you absolutely dont give a sh*t about the fans ( that you did have) you put at risk. See ya on the other side. 😆
Tobe’s gaming channel
I’m here from Jojo siwas makeup And at least jojo had the balls to own up
celeste 4 hours ago
jojo siwa handled this situation better than her
Ben Yusof
Ben Yusof 4 hours ago
another dumb narcissist youtuber .. >>> hey look at me i have 5 million follower . lets fine some cheap cosmetic manufacturer on alibaba and make tons of money
Katty Boswell
Katty Boswell 4 hours ago
White fuzz in the lipstic Jaclyn: we wear whit fluffy gloves The video(and viewers): darling you can clearly see blue latex gloves
grace cho
grace cho 4 hours ago
Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by Jaclyn Hill by listening to this video 🙋🏻‍♀️
kiddprinceton 4 hours ago
Loser you screwed yourself. You are done. No one will trust you. Your lipsticks are not even worth the bargain bin. Change careers. POS
My Art Life
My Art Life 4 hours ago
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 5 hours ago
She sounds like she’s reading a script but forgot half of her lines.
Janely Ortiz
Janely Ortiz 5 hours ago
This short is hiding after everyone is exposing her tsk tsk tsk what a shame
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox 5 hours ago
Give up the jig is up .. the fact u deleted all your social media means your hiding .. come clean is the best thing
Meghan.Marie 5 hours ago
2:44 the documents are from 3-4 years ago😷
My Art Life
My Art Life 4 hours ago
Omg your right
Bumm Butt
Bumm Butt 5 hours ago
watch kenna’s video 100% exposing you with her science brain and degree :))))
Ángela González Olmos
Everyone makes mistakes, but what makes a really strong person is to admit your defaults. I doubt that everything she is saying 100% true. However I support Jaclyn and I’ve been following her for years. She is an incredible independent woman. Much love💕💕💖
Ángela González Olmos
@meghan.marie That ain’t it sis
Meghan.Marie 5 hours ago
She is 30! She doesn’t need her mom to defend her
puppies puppies
puppies puppies 5 hours ago
Jojo Siwa handeled her makeup problem a lot better than you did. She handeled it like a mature adult even though she is 16 and she didnt get her mom to defend her.
My Art Life
My Art Life 4 hours ago
YES AGREED. Jojo didn't run away from it, nor did she blame everyone
Ketty Cat
Ketty Cat 6 hours ago
Is she talking really fast or it’s just me who get this impression
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