My Insane Tiny House Tour!

Garrett Watts
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I got a tiny house and I want to show you it because I love you :.)
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If you're reading this I love you and thank you for watching the things I make.

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Mar 28, 2018




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Comments 80
Ozywald The person?
Ozywald The person? 48 minutes ago
I have the same dishwasher as you hahaha
Brandy Mones
Brandy Mones 3 hours ago
Excuse me shrek IS beautiful.
Deanna Thomas
Deanna Thomas 7 hours ago
Garrett I need you as my bestie!!
Loki Odinson
Loki Odinson 15 hours ago
I've just realised how much I'm in love with Andrew. He is so fuckin adorable, I just can't...
WhatTheFlup 23 hours ago
I've been feeling down for a bit but hot diggedy damn the positive energy from these videos is so nice and refreshing. Bless
McKenzie Carrow
The first thing
Lagoni Day ago
Vikings still eat knækbrød 🍪
WutThe Unicorn
WutThe Unicorn 2 days ago
Garrett talks so fast 💀 but I’m pretty good at keeping up lmao.
Slayyy Stacy
Slayyy Stacy 2 days ago
Alexandria Morales
"This is glorna" "OhhhhHOOOONOOOOO"
Eliza Johnson
Eliza Johnson 3 days ago
Every Heart a Doorway is my favorite book right now, it's a very fantasy-y book, I love it because it gives the people who don't feel like they belong a world where they do belong.
Casserdee :3
Casserdee :3 4 days ago
9:58 “If you do need something just...let me know” “Cool stay and help me do everything” “No AHAHAHAHA”
Danielle DeCurtis
can you please move me in with you, we have the same personalities... isnt that enough to move me from FL in with you... besidfes you could just block me in person by shipping me back if you dont like me : 0:0 :0:);):):):) plpppppppapppppppppepppppsppppeppplease
Heather Miller
Heather Miller 4 days ago
Heather Miller
Heather Miller 4 days ago
Gerrett: i have so many mugs me: *counts mugs i have in my house* well gerrett :> i have 54 mugs
Kolby Hood
Kolby Hood 5 days ago
You guys I swear I’m Garrett’s soulmate
Jaydin Faust
Jaydin Faust 5 days ago
My favorite book is Dr. Seuss
Charlotte Freebairn
I have adhd and this is just a video representation of my brain and I love it, especially tiny fridge and impulse buying things
Grace Hartley
Grace Hartley 5 days ago
I just wanted to say that this whole hoarder series/journey has helped me to realize how I’m very similar to garret and how I can improve on how I live my life. I also put a lot of human traits in to objects and become easily attached thank you!!!
lol 5 days ago
Anyone on a Garrett binge rn?
derdhe cajin
derdhe cajin 2 days ago
lol meeeeeeeee
Sherry Harmon
Sherry Harmon 6 days ago
We love you Garrett truth is as much as you help all these famous people i know they all have bug hearts so I'm sure they help u I hope so anyway you may be a sweet evil genuine genius
jazmin2008 Bourne
𝒊𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒉'𝒔 𝒈𝒇?
ITSDANIEL 0302 7 days ago
Be my boyfriend
Morgan Oakley
Morgan Oakley 7 days ago
Conspiracy theory Garrett and Kim both got robbed in Paris
elias gurule
elias gurule 8 days ago
The shining is a very good book
Iwas 8 days ago
my favorite book is suicide notes
Hisoka is a king
Hisoka is a king 8 days ago
This video describes me cleaning my room Also Isn’t Benjamin the cutest 🥺
Hisoka is a king
Hisoka is a king 8 days ago
Me and garret have the same crackhead energy XD
Apple Movers Staff
It’s a series called happily ever afterlife
Melissa Luque
Melissa Luque 9 days ago
If you want to cry Tuesday's with Morrie thats a good and sad book
Farjan Hakimi
Farjan Hakimi 9 days ago
I LOVE YOU GARRET u just have the cutest personality 😩❤️
Katelyn Gilbert
Katelyn Gilbert 10 days ago
Im laughing for the whole video-in quarintine Edit: I laughed so hard when u dropped Benjamin in the bath tub 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Midget Gianna
Midget Gianna 11 days ago
i name him jaxoulious
Alexia Campos
Alexia Campos 11 days ago
My favorite part out of the whole video 9:25
Corinne Cruz
Corinne Cruz 12 days ago
I really love his weirdness HAHAHAHAHA Watching this while in quarantine
Ňø Ňąmə
Ňø Ňąmə 12 days ago
i love Stephen Kings IT
Ňø Ňąmə
Ňø Ňąmə 12 days ago
i was so stoked to move out but now realizing im just as messy as Garrett im a little scared for my sleep schedule
Stacey McGill
Stacey McGill 13 days ago
I wish I were a man and gay so I could date you Garrett 🟫
Laila Edwards
Laila Edwards 13 days ago
Benjamin's gender changes more than my mood
Maya Masarwa
Maya Masarwa 13 days ago
at 0:10 benjamen is terrifying
Yesys 13
Yesys 13 13 days ago
I’m glad I’m not the only one who has toya and random ass stuff all over their house. Let’s be real, lowkey, we’re the coolest people. 😎
Rhianna Isabela Watson
Aww I love you soo much
ashley avila
ashley avila 14 days ago
I have lived in my place for 5 years now and my house doesn’t look like urs 0-0 😬🙄🤢🤮
Brittney Gonzales
Brittney Gonzales 15 days ago
I love your wild energy
Rachel Blanchett
Rachel Blanchett 16 days ago
This content....what..?? It just happened to me. And I couldn’t stop it even if I tried. And ya know what? I wouldn’t even try cause it is glorious. And I mean that in the weirdest possible way. Also - fav book: “Nickel and Dimed” by Barbara Ehrenreich. Read it. Or listen to it.
90MilesIn CentralLondon
Garrett is just such a mama boy and I can't HANDLE it.
Khyler Sturm
Khyler Sturm 16 days ago
I am terrified of garret
Ha.rmony.99 16 days ago
Benjamin is a girl
Layla Kay
Layla Kay 18 days ago
Wait who tf would put a knife to garrets throat I will literally kill them till they die 🤣
Emily Beasley
Emily Beasley 18 days ago
This is so chaotic and I love it😂
Love’ly Lizzy
Love’ly Lizzy 18 days ago
Looks a lot like adhd to me :’)
mimicyin 18 days ago
Why Garrett is not in Shane, Rylands and Morgan videos anymore? Anyone can help to answer it? I'm dying to know.. I miss him so much hangout with them. I think they are really funny togehther
Nyelli TV
Nyelli TV 19 days ago
Can you be my dad🥺👉👈
Xenia Malakoff
Xenia Malakoff 20 days ago
"You know when you hurt yourself on nothing?" Lolololol
Nevaeh Jones
Nevaeh Jones 20 days ago
garrett is actually adorable
Sarabell Bovee
Sarabell Bovee 20 days ago
Garrett is my kind of crazy
Sxcel Idfc
Sxcel Idfc 21 day ago
Garret is that weird friend that we can all relate to lol
Strawbaby Shortbread Gacha
Garrett is a procrastinator but love him
Scott Keeney
Scott Keeney 21 day ago
Lonely Potato
Lonely Potato 21 day ago
Garrett watches American Horror Story? I’m happy now. I LOVE AHS so much!
Harlow Pierce
Harlow Pierce 23 days ago
Harry Potter changed me because I always thought that the owl that sent mail would snatch someone’s wig and they would be exposed
randomc11 onTiktok
randomc11 onTiktok 23 days ago
my favourite book is harry potter
abbygrace 23 days ago
16:50 is meeeeeeeeee
Escapologist Magical
Ugly Rat
Ugly Rat 24 days ago
“I love my mom”ahahahhaha”I really do!”
Sophie Station
Sophie Station 24 days ago
Books don’t really work out for me because I’m friccking adhd
Gacha Editor
Gacha Editor 24 days ago
We all need someone like Garrett in our lives.
Gorillaz w Machineguns at YUNGBLUD's Neighbourhood
I love how excited he gets by literally everything he's like that one friend I wish I had pRoTeCt hIm
NeoGlyph 24 days ago
Garret, I'd Marry you.
Matthew K Nel
Matthew K Nel 25 days ago
My favorite book is Jurassic Park but I would like to watch Harry Potter with you Garrett your cool
ava mae x
ava mae x 25 days ago
i really wanna know what he typed up to like buy nd find benjamin
Roarxyy 26 days ago
Garrett: Breathes Andrew: HAHAAHAAH I love a friendship like that.
WDW and Beyond
WDW and Beyond 26 days ago
Garrett: *burps* “oh gross i’m sorry”. Shane: *burps.....pretends like nothing happened 😂*
Karli A
Karli A 26 days ago
19 Crimes is my favorite wine!! I literally want to be best friends with you lol
Luis Rosales
Luis Rosales 26 days ago
He is sooo CUTE 😍😍 Saw him on some of Jeffree Stars Videos. He’s funny 😆 Subscribed ✅
Koru 26 days ago
Thank all the gods for your friend being there to remind you about the time constraints.
Koru 26 days ago
Koru 26 days ago
"You've gotta put something down." is SUCH A MOOD
Chapstick Addict
Chapstick Addict 27 days ago
18:41 Why is no one talking about Garrett being salty as hell and shading RUvidrs on sponsors they don't care about? Good one Garrett haha good subtle jab.
Camryn Pickles
Camryn Pickles 28 days ago
“Moses is black because who’s to say that he’s not”
JoEn JuNgKoOkS AbS
JoEn JuNgKoOkS AbS 28 days ago
My fav book has to be “This is Not The End” by Chandler Baker
Milena Rose
Milena Rose 29 days ago
I want to just go into his house and organize it😂
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