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I MADE IT TO DUBAI GUYS!! I had no idea this airplane seat was gonna be this crazy, and I didn't know Dubai was gonna be this crazy.. This is my first of many Dubai vlogs guys I'm so excited!! How many likes can we get on this video?!
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If you read this far down the description I love you


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Feb 9, 2018




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Comments 100
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 2 years ago
Angel Rebollar
Angel Rebollar 24 days ago
I eat horse poop 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
Julia Martin
Julia Martin 2 months ago
I loved the fight expirence you gave me thank you, you are like my brother
FaZe Rug I have a question are you Muslim? I don’t mean any offense I just am wondering
UN_ Rainy
UN_ Rainy 6 months ago
Could u plz come to utah for my birthday and i would love it
Slime Crunch
Slime Crunch 9 months ago
I wish I saw u when u came
Nelson Sebastian
Nelson Sebastian 20 hours ago
Mo, money kicks and Faze rug are my favorite RUvidrs
1mil subs with vids Plss
It’s amazing
1mil subs with vids Plss
I live in dubia
UpReeL Gaming
UpReeL Gaming 2 days ago
Anyone in 2020
mando garzia
mando garzia 3 days ago
I downolad state of survival :)
卂ayush Bajaj 9A
I can watch this video 100 times *best content *
Ashfaq Mehmood
Ashfaq Mehmood 3 days ago
3:25 2020 dreams :/
Rehab Mohammed
Rehab Mohammed 4 days ago
i live in dubai
Hmd727 Spice king
I live in the uae 🇦🇪 and dubi is so cool
sparkž Is dead
sparkž Is dead 4 days ago
me when im watching faze rug this bout to be a banger!!!!!!
Bryana Siguenza
Bryana Siguenza 5 days ago
wen me and my sis and my dad went to salvador thats how long was the line
1i1_dark 5 days ago
when ur plane ticket is more than tfues set up
ROCK STAR 5 days ago
I am not scared of airplane
Sam-wiches with Sam Barry
Sam-wiches with Sam Barry
love u but to jellos so gotta dislike but still !
Sam-wiches with Sam Barry
I’m so jellos😡
asim malik
asim malik 6 days ago
I live in dubai
Catelin Kotze
Catelin Kotze 6 days ago
I live in Dobie and it is normal you are gust like wow look!
i live in abu dubi iv been to dubai 9 times
FaZe lime
FaZe lime 7 days ago
yo i have a insta pic of face rug eating in salt bay
ZeFeXL I 7 days ago
2 0 2 0?
Darius Fishy
Darius Fishy 7 days ago
saltabe is nustret's restaurant
Shoe FC
Shoe FC 7 days ago
I went to Dubai in 2015 it was the best day ever especially at the top of the burj khalifa
Ahmed Al Hammadi
Ahmed Al Hammadi 7 days ago
I’m from dubai
Ahmed Al Hammadi
Ahmed Al Hammadi 7 days ago
I live in dubai
Mohamed Al Zaabi
Mohamed Al Zaabi 8 days ago
I am from uae in dubai
FaZeJonathan814 8 days ago
Who watch this droning the coronavirus
Humaid 8 days ago
I'm telling u Emirates is the best airline.
He gets all his Lamborghinis but he doesn’t get his dream car 10:39
frAzkd OOf
frAzkd OOf 9 days ago
You worked for this so u deserve it
Abhishek B Panicker
Whos here after me ig only me lol
abdul rahman
abdul rahman 11 days ago
I am egyption but I was born in dubai
Zaydaan Ebrahim
Zaydaan Ebrahim 11 days ago
I went to dubai its lit
Krish Baharani
Krish Baharani 12 days ago
I am actually in Dubai and trust me it’s one of the best cities in UAE
Manya Sodhai
Manya Sodhai 12 days ago
9:13 it’s Brian’s full name and papa rug’s actual name. Ps did you guys know this?
Polly Smith
Polly Smith 12 days ago
Awww Brian that is so sweet that you called us your friend thank you
Robyn Ghali
Robyn Ghali 12 days ago
Dude get me that car
Lucid Vibez
Lucid Vibez 13 days ago
Wait... why is no one wearing a mask????
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan 13 days ago
Pls do qatar airways
OMAR BATNIJI 14 days ago
I,m from that country Nice!!!
PH4NTOM 15 days ago
i live in dubai really wish to meet faze rug atleast once
Its Mike Gaming
Its Mike Gaming 15 days ago
Nobody gets robbed in dubai because there all milionairs. (My Grammer Sucks)
Yogenni Perez
Yogenni Perez 15 days ago
I don’t no if it’s me but every time I see one of his vids it makes me smile cause he is a good guy
Fam Funk
Fam Funk 15 days ago
Fun fact: the word "Short" is longer than the word "long"
VxIlxz 2 days ago
cute dog on your pfp, is it yours?
Jewlz Lopez
Jewlz Lopez 2 days ago
Senthilkumar O
Senthilkumar O 5 days ago
Wait what
Alien Wade
Alien Wade 6 days ago
@Harshith Neeraj yeah this i a copied comment anyway the person who wrote short is longer than long
Harshith Neeraj
Harshith Neeraj 6 days ago
@Alien Wade IKR
Johan Jeron
Johan Jeron 16 days ago
please come to kuwait
ImGodAtFortnite 16 days ago
I what to live there
Najiya Omar
Najiya Omar 16 days ago
What the hell in the munu it said smocked duck
inhaal hussain
inhaal hussain 17 days ago
The flight is 3 hours from pakitan to dubai I dont know about your country how long it is
Carlos Gonzlez
Carlos Gonzlez 17 days ago
At first I thought rug said 60 hour flight
ying zheng
ying zheng 18 days ago
This is so cool
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin 18 days ago
who in 2020
Aimer God
Aimer God 18 days ago
I like that plane me and my family ar little poor but i like it your the best please shout my youtube channel is Aimer god
MQ Vlogs
MQ Vlogs 18 days ago
mo vlogs my man
Tye dye pandas!
Tye dye pandas! 19 days ago
My question is.....why is there a BABY, in a business class section of a plane!
Masih TV
Masih TV 20 days ago
My brain, when I watch this video:🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Roman Franco
Roman Franco 20 days ago
Couldn’t get him a private seat 💺
Yuzi Fakih
Yuzi Fakih 21 day ago
My family doesn’t have money to us to go we have a little home and I don’t have friends but I love your vlogs
Syfin 21 day ago
Who alse is watching this in 2020
Devil Chuy
Devil Chuy 21 day ago
Dont wrry papa rug im scared of airplanes also
mtende kaula
mtende kaula 21 day ago
all the people that dislike this are just jealous
LBH KrishFN 21 day ago
I'm from India
ibizaslc ultralounge
I west in the same plane
JV Moon YT
JV Moon YT 22 days ago
Jaden Farrell
Jaden Farrell 22 days ago
The hotel looks liek a mushroom,
Ali Alktbi
Ali Alktbi 22 days ago
I am from DUBAI
Baseball Luke
Baseball Luke 23 days ago
Great video
Shilpa Anand
Shilpa Anand 23 days ago
OMG im a fan of mo vlogs
ψYoUnG dAɓEɹ dIʞKψ
Where my emiratis at?
lilndris ndris
lilndris ndris 24 days ago
This is the first video I watched from you
ID-_r-xp 24 days ago
I know this is old but I’m lucky because Dubai is 45 minutes a away from my area
Nexo Gaming
Nexo Gaming 23 days ago
I live in Dubai
Shaahid Bayat
Shaahid Bayat 24 days ago
2020 anyone
Fnp Szn
Fnp Szn 24 days ago
Your thy goat
Fnp Szn
Fnp Szn 24 days ago
JugHead 25 days ago
Me flys every weekend FaZe Rug: wait what we got a gift bag that’s so cool
kachibi 5 days ago
you fly in a bussines flight avery weekend that will cost alot of money
Chanel SILAO
Chanel SILAO 25 days ago
I feel sad for NOAH
NeptuneFN 16 days ago
Chanel SILAO that’s how we know ur not og.
Chanel SILAO
Chanel SILAO 25 days ago
where is NOAH.
Joe McDonald
Joe McDonald 23 days ago
Not hired yet
FaZe Eliab
FaZe Eliab 25 days ago
FaTiMa_ LeBaNoN
FaTiMa_ LeBaNoN 26 days ago
Lebanon is best!,
BeamNG Crashes
BeamNG Crashes 27 days ago
they said harsh flight? Bro faze rug was in the worlds most luxurious plane to ever exist
SavTooDrippy 27 days ago
Idk about y’all but Dubai airport is the best airport I’ve ever been to
Adil Khan
Adil Khan 26 days ago
not for me. I've been all over and Dubai airporst isn't as nice as Qatar(hamad international) and Singapore airports. I hate Abu Dhabi's airport btw, been there so many times and it never gets better.
Declan Kuders
Declan Kuders 27 days ago
Keep posting I love ur vids
Leadingson Sutnga
Leadingson Sutnga 27 days ago
I think I see you in mo vlog channel
jaier LiL pump
jaier LiL pump 28 days ago
Hey there zombie Daniel Pierre live I'm getting one being live Sophia's being in
The A-Broz
The A-Broz 29 days ago
It's not a new experience for me because i live in Sharjah and I've been to Dubai a few times well I've never been in a Dubai hotel and Sharjah is in U.A.E🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪
Yazan Abdallah
Yazan Abdallah 29 days ago
I have been living in Dubai for 4years
Chaz 29 days ago
George George George of the jungle
Mr Potato Waffle
Mr Potato Waffle 29 days ago
11:27 YOOOO!!! It's mark "oh hi mark"
Mr Potato Waffle
Mr Potato Waffle 29 days ago
Inshaa Allah god will accept your prayers and I'm a huge fan BTW
Mr Potato Waffle
Mr Potato Waffle 29 days ago
I'm Muslim too
Mr Potato Waffle
Mr Potato Waffle 29 days ago
Yo faze rug u Muslim if u are assalam o alaikum
Lulu Almahmoud
Lulu Almahmoud 29 days ago
My question is why am I watching this
lekan Ogunsola
lekan Ogunsola 28 days ago
Quarantine lol
Mr Potato Waffle
Mr Potato Waffle 29 days ago
Just give bosly to charlotte parkes (faze kays girlfriend) she loves dogs
lekan Ogunsola
lekan Ogunsola 28 days ago
Shebis not faze kay girlfriend again
Mr Potato Waffle
Mr Potato Waffle 29 days ago
The aeroplanes are really good in dubai I've been in it so many times even if Jr not in first class it's still really luxsurious
Gian's Soccer team
Gian's Soccer team 29 days ago
you have to go to the Atlantis
Cody Butler
Cody Butler 29 days ago
who is watching this in 2025
Yaseen Masoud
Yaseen Masoud 29 days ago
Someone in the background talking with pap rug at 16:30
Dragon Gamer🛡
Dragon Gamer🛡 29 days ago
Jesse Salazar
Jesse Salazar Month ago
Just Grey
Just Grey Month ago
im your biggest fan
Fatema Nanji
Fatema Nanji Month ago
I have been to salt bae and I met the real salt bae
lekan Ogunsola
lekan Ogunsola 28 days ago
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