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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Simply Nailogical
Simply Nailogical 7 months ago
All the dislikes are Aries
Abby Cortes
Abby Cortes Month ago
I'm an aries ♈😢 and I love your channel
Liv Turiel
Liv Turiel 2 months ago
Im like a aries BUT i like.
Patty Normoyle
Patty Normoyle 4 months ago
Also seriously tho I luv u cuz u r my fav youtuber pls like if u r a libra♎♎♎
Patty Normoyle
Patty Normoyle 4 months ago
U r correct
FrancesBaconandEggs 4 months ago
Simply Nailogical what’s the metallic purple polish?
Beatrice McGill
Who else is a libra
Sophia Zdravkoski
Sophia Zdravkoski 11 hours ago
Her birth stone is fricken holo
Nobody 13 hours ago
Aries are quaking
Depressed Mexican
Depressed Mexican 16 hours ago
Wow this was literally posted on my birthday, October 12th.
Panda Gacha :p
Panda Gacha :p 18 hours ago
Now I know how to do my nails thanks Christine 😏 Yes I am a Libra ♎ if your wondering
Casey Hilliman
Casey Hilliman 19 hours ago
Your birthday is the day before mine and the same day as my uncles. Libra baby all the way.
Cvl Muanpuii
Cvl Muanpuii Day ago
Went straight to google, typed in 'Aries' because I'm Aries, and the first suggestion is 'Aries and Libra'. Why😆
Ella Lafosse
Ella Lafosse Day ago
“whats the inanimate object?” *misses the scale for libra*
Hanne Sæther
i have the same birthdate as ben :OOO
laura with a cat
laura with a cat 2 days ago
I am libra to and I always break my right foot
Just a person who likes Windows
I am a leo... I'm glad I didn't do this myself 😂 ( I don't like gold nail polish and it would probably be gold and red)
Petra Davidson
Petra Davidson 3 days ago
So Cristine when's yo birthday.
Madd1e Lov3ly
Madd1e Lov3ly 3 days ago
Im a cancer and they say cancers are very emotinal im not so zodiacs arent allways right everyone also has multiple zodiacs too lol so sometimes your more like other ones but dont believe everything about your zodiac edit:I just looked it up and there rising signs and moon signs and sun signs but im not sure about two zodiacs but if I am please let me know nicely
Ayndrew Waggoner
Ayndrew Waggoner 4 days ago
It's hilarious, Cristine acts more like an Aries and Ben more like a Libra in accordance to their elements
It’s Izzy Wolfe
why don't you use some taco to glue them on?????????????????
You Tube
You Tube 4 days ago
Cristine: Time for some nail art. Bet the horoscope didn’t see that coming! Me: It said you should be a painter!?
Barbora Aleksandrovaite
why do you have 30 birthay every year?
Sarah Mella
Sarah Mella 4 days ago
when you said "you know what's in your horiscope?" my laptop gave me a battery warning HAHAHAH
wolf theories
wolf theories 5 days ago
Anyone else a fellow libra
vxnillaa drxps
vxnillaa drxps 5 days ago
Rosy Lemonbee
Rosy Lemonbee 5 days ago
I hAd A foRTuNE CoOKie oNCe
Addie Sheats
Addie Sheats 6 days ago
Me and you are libra buddy's❤❤
Angel B
Angel B 7 days ago
isla-rose motion
isla-rose motion 7 days ago
who elses birthday is the 17th October ?? mine is.
isla-rose motion
isla-rose motion 7 days ago
hi i am a libra too [my birthday is the same as yours]
Andrea Mark
Andrea Mark 7 days ago
Noooooooo I’m an Aries
trashy gachagirl
trashy gachagirl 7 days ago
Pisces ♓️ anyone?
Eve The Panda Queen
Soff Moff
Soff Moff 7 days ago
She says be careful with crazy glue then straight after puts it on her nails
Yeily Izquierdo
Yeily Izquierdo 8 days ago
I’m a Libra too. Lol that’s why you’re so much like me
Shelly T Halliburton
I'm a libra and I have problems with 2 glands in my endocrine system, infact, 1 was surgically removed!!!!
Shelly T Halliburton
Lol. Let's see what my nail should look like!!
marcella massengale
my ruling planet is the sun cuz im a leo and my bestfriend journey id the moon so...
Saoirse DIY
Saoirse DIY 8 days ago
Simply the real question is 'Is opal Holo? '
Saoirse DIY
Saoirse DIY 8 days ago
Jasmine R
Jasmine R 8 days ago
Our bdays are one day apart!
k k
k k 8 days ago
"Libra is the only inanimate object" Aquarius: *is literally a jug a water* ._.
Twinkie 9 days ago
Well you do have great balance. Maybe not physically but you can balance your job and RUvid successfully, which, to me, shows your balancisity (I know that’s not a word but whatever it should be)
Kaisa Mikalsen
Kaisa Mikalsen 9 days ago
Blossom Studios
Blossom Studios 9 days ago
Librassss♎ (im a libra
saccin nelson
saccin nelson 9 days ago
all the personalities start with c
Alyson Norris
Alyson Norris 9 days ago
i'm gemini and we get lots of hate
rachel 9 days ago
AngelWingsTV 10 days ago
I really like the opalite nails! They are so pretty!
Ellie 55
Ellie 55 10 days ago
Ellie 55
Ellie 55 10 days ago
Evie Sink
Evie Sink 10 days ago
This was updated day before my birthday... Scary to think she and I are the same sign
BNHA Cosplays
BNHA Cosplays 10 days ago
Omg me and my fav RUvidr has the same sign 😆😆😆
Iris MoonTale
Iris MoonTale 10 days ago
Why is this like such a good nail art ideas
Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson 10 days ago
Grrl of course you're thinking about your place in the universe- you're balls-deep in your Saturn Return! #LookItUp
Kit- Kat
Kit- Kat 11 days ago
We call crazy glue super glue in the us
Silver_ Onyx
Silver_ Onyx 11 days ago
Well they do say libara are crazy
Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll 11 days ago
Why is everyone associating Libra with October like it’s starting in september
Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll 11 days ago
Also Libras birthstone can also be sapphire which is one of their lucky stones
Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll 11 days ago
I’m proud to say we share a horoscope
Annie Mcdougall
Annie Mcdougall 11 days ago
Yesss we share the same sign I am so happy!!! ♎⚖
Lailah 11 days ago
Omg she’s like don’t judge me I’m like GURL u just put acrylic paint on your mouth
-w-•wolf Girl•-w-
I LOVE My doggo Bruno
10:32 -> pause the video -> enjoy 😉
Lelina Ophelia
Lelina Ophelia 12 days ago
I do like her funny way handling this but here I am hoping half the things she asked weren't serious questions. Like "what's a libra?" or "are these real constellations".:|
Emma Barton27
Emma Barton27 12 days ago
Am Libra to
Anne Elizabeth Knicely
i am an aries and it said aries and libras are compatible
:3 -_-
:3 -_- 13 days ago
I'm Aquarius.
queerfanderofmusical s
Everyone hates on things like horoscope and say they're based on nothing but that's literally the same thing is religion. At least they aren't homophobic and shit.
PengwengUnicorn 13 days ago
You heard it here first...Libra, is the balance, of a zebra 🦓 ♎️
Yara Jasim
Yara Jasim 13 days ago
Cristine: "I'm not materialistic" 2,000 nail polish bottles: Am I a joke to you?
STD_Avanthika Krishnan
did no one else notice that she sang a song from full house?
panda makes gacha
panda makes gacha 13 days ago
I'm a libra too yay twins and me to stuck my fingers together with crazy glue
Macie Mikota
Macie Mikota 13 days ago
I'm a Virgo. My best friend who is a boy is a Libra. Virgo and Libra are compatible, when I told him this he freaked out. I think it was more the part that I used to have a crush on him that freaked him out lol!
Constance Wood
Constance Wood 13 days ago
You need to do beyyyyyn's zodiac nails
kaypiwt 14 days ago
Cristine, you need to find out your rising and moon sign! Sometimes you don’t feel like your sun sign because of where is is in your natal chart
Carolyn JImenez
Carolyn JImenez 14 days ago
“Im not materialistic!!!” *hoards nail polish* *hoards tea* *hoards sweat pants*
Carolyn JImenez
Carolyn JImenez 14 days ago
Ily tho Cristine 😂
Michelle Or Whatever
Aaaaaaayyyy I'm a libra
Mememe Memme
Mememe Memme 14 days ago
All of your videos are good!
moonchild 03
moonchild 03 14 days ago
I think libra and Aries are a pretty good match, they kinda balance each other out since they're opposite signs.
hippotrot123 14 days ago
As a fellow Libra, I can conclude that Aries and Libra can be close, whether it be romantically or as friends, but you’ll seem like two completely different people with nothing in common on the surface 😂
Rain Trail
Rain Trail 14 days ago
My parents were the Aries ♈️ Libra ♎️ relationship definitely didn’t work out
Isabel Adarve
Isabel Adarve 14 days ago
really love the videos where you talk shit that makes me laugh but also show some nail art!!!!!
little blueberry
little blueberry 14 days ago
i'm a pisces and my ex gf is a libra so i'm lowkey offended
Izzibee The destroyer
Other people “I met my icon” Me “I have the same sign as simply nailogical”
_Uh_oh_spagettio _
Me too! Her birthday is even the day before mine!
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