My Horoscope Picks My Nail Art ~*~⚖️Libra Season⚖️~*~

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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 15 341
Simply Nailogical
All the dislikes are Aries
ɞ ʟ ѧ ċ ҡ ҡ ı ṭ ṭ ʏ
I’m an aries and ... Let’s say I didn’t listen to your comment
Vanessa McCammon
Vanessa McCammon 7 days ago
I'm a libra
The weirdo Elise
The weirdo Elise 8 days ago
Simply Nailogical agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddeeeeeeeeee
Raven Cookie
Raven Cookie 16 days ago
I’m an Aries and I liked this! 😡
Sylvia Lazcano
Sylvia Lazcano 16 days ago
Naomi Sedgwick
Naomi Sedgwick 5 hours ago
Makes so much sense she's a libra hahaha I love this nail look
Micaela Castro Debes
Normal moms -okaaay no candy b4 bed- Cristines mom - no nail polish b4 bed-
Zeal Is Trash
Zeal Is Trash 6 hours ago
Poor Ben, he looks like the most confused dad that's just coming to terms that he's getting too old to understand his child's memes
jennifer ajavon
jennifer ajavon 13 hours ago
i wanna grow my channel
Family Of Shepherds
Family Of Shepherds 17 hours ago
Im a Libra too!
Keonna’s Life
Keonna’s Life 18 hours ago
Is it just me that the cat clock is always a different color lol
Autumn The gay
I'm a libra!! Libra gang 👇🏻
the binge watcher
Alison Wings
Alison Wings Day ago
I have the same zodiac sign😃
Kalista Syfritto
apparently to google i have 8 stones as a taurus, "The Zodiac sign of Taurus includes six stones: sapphire, amber, coral, emerald, rose quartz, and turquoise. In addition to the Zodiac stones, aventurine and emerald are listed as the Planetary stones for Taurus and garnet as the Talismanic Stone."
Allie Etter
Allie Etter Day ago
I have a RUvid channel it’s called Allie Etter no spaces please go subscribe please I’m desperate
Kate Rojas
Kate Rojas Day ago
do bens horoscope on ben
Megan’s life
What site did she use to find out her horoscope info
roblox with Autumn 'n' Sara
I'm aquarius
Amaree Mccolloch
You should do a zodiac sign nail art serious
Scifikimmi Day ago
I'm an Aries too Ben !
aya qi
aya qi Day ago
Libra gang ♎️
Olivia D'Angelo
Anyone else's birthday on march 29th?
Brittany Turner
Brittany Turner 2 days ago
I’m an Aries and this is one of my favorite videos. 🙂
Darkhorse3211 2 days ago
Ah, fellow Libra! I find horoscope stuff fun, but I don't take it too seriously.
Stella O'Brien
Stella O'Brien 2 days ago
"... Balance of a zEbrA... I saw the sign" ~ cRistine 2019
Nyomi Zuniga
Nyomi Zuniga 2 days ago
You should do a video where you paint your nails with things that aren’t nail polish
Kaleigh Sideri
Kaleigh Sideri 2 days ago
I’m a Libra too
Student Arden Winfield
hi i wish i can meet you
Kitty vlogs
Kitty vlogs 2 days ago
you have been raided by cancer horoscope!!!
*cringy potato*
*cringy potato* 2 days ago
whos also proud of being a libra because simplynailogical is also a libra lol
Jonoandreb Johnson
Can some one say come to Andamooka Australia so she can get some opals please.
BLUSH Syndrome
BLUSH Syndrome 2 days ago
1:14 fuck me does she had the same colour on both hands 👐,,, What is going on where is this world going omg
Julia Elisha
Julia Elisha 2 days ago
I'm a Libra
princess dede
princess dede 2 days ago
Imma Sagittarius ♐️
Raven Cookie
Raven Cookie 3 days ago
I love your vids and I’m an Aries
Phoebe Zamiya
Phoebe Zamiya 3 days ago
bruh I was calling my bf and he heard *"peal porn"* and hung up lmaoooo
kellercecelia77 3 days ago
Im a Libra!!!!!♎♎♎♎♎♎♎
Alexia Gough
Alexia Gough 3 days ago
Your making me cringe by using Wikipedia.
the horoscope said just say no to me!!!!! (Im Pisces ;-; )
Marina Fudulache
Marina Fudulache 3 days ago
I'm a libra too
Molls 3 days ago
*Christine:* What’s Libra’s color? *Me, being bombarded with Homestuck flashbacks:* ...teal
Uriah Swope
Uriah Swope 4 days ago
Please do other zodiac signs
Amelia Amaze
Amelia Amaze 4 days ago
Scorpio gang show your presence by liking this
Amelia Amaze
Amelia Amaze 4 days ago
6:39 me pls
Leigha-Jade Williams
You have a balance of nail polish and TEA sis
Da Gacha girl
Da Gacha girl 4 days ago
Me and Ben have the same birthday 😆😂
Abby Morrison
Abby Morrison 4 days ago
Girl, what is your rising sign? Is it Pisces??
Ellie Gaunt
Ellie Gaunt 4 days ago
Why is the cat clock always a different colour
E-liška Hrubcová
I don't like pastel colours much but this is BEAAAAATIFUL!
rachiebubb 4 days ago
So I can appreciate the awesome nail art on this one. But what has stolen my attention is CRISTINE'S LIPSTICK. What is it??
Sweet Tist
Sweet Tist 5 days ago
Ben and my boyfriend share the same birthday!
Bts Armyy
Bts Armyy 5 days ago
I am an libra
ThatMemeArtist 5 days ago
Fun fact: You have a sign for each planet based on when you were born. They ate supposed to give a deeper personality.
Julia King
Julia King 5 days ago
I’m honored to share the same sign as Christine 🙏🏼🙏🏼 LIBGANG
Curtis' Corner
Curtis' Corner 6 days ago
Who wants to grow their channel? Hi I'm Curtis. Nice to meet you!\
Curtis' Corner
Curtis' Corner 6 days ago
okay you literally made me spit on my brand new macbook when you said "it's libra season...idk what that means, but it is" lol so thank you! btw, ottawa resident here too!!
Leah 6 days ago
I think the question is what do you think Cristine?
Kate Rozenvalde
Kate Rozenvalde 6 days ago
Ch is č in latvian
Ana-Lucia Reyes
Ana-Lucia Reyes 6 days ago
they have brought out a 13th zodiac so you should seach up the new zodiacs
WilsonScooterBlueberry Love
7:20 hold up! Did you get that nail polish from holota.co/holothere1 ???
Deb Rose
Deb Rose 7 days ago
Heeyy! Me too. ♎♎
Savanna Saydyk
Savanna Saydyk 7 days ago
Yesss bens an ARIESSSS
George Disney
George Disney 7 days ago
What website had all the cool info (the one after wikapidea
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