My Hometown Live 2013

Rick Medina
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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - My Hometown Live 2013


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Jan 19, 2014




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Comments 80
Boni Beni
Boni Beni Month ago
Eno Mlakar
Eno Mlakar Month ago
Amazing 🤍🤍🤍🤍
Cláudia Evangelista
Bruce que da Hora,nao existi igual
branca giacomino
Da anni é il numero uno del panorama musicale ciao Bruce
Ann Kaastrup
Ann Kaastrup Month ago
Can somone tell me the locataion of this georgeus performance? Bruce - and an audience - never heard better ❤
Caterina De Simone
Valquiria Bueno
Valquiria Bueno Month ago
Meu refrigério nessa quarentena 🙏 AMOOOOOO-te 💘 Bruce Springsteen 💘
Polo Posada
Polo Posada Month ago
Brillante!!! el jefe es realmente brillante, "el mejor" Recuerdos con mi viejo! muchisimossss
Gerda Baldung
Gerda Baldung Month ago
Diese Zeit ist etwas besonderes
Jose Renato Vieira
Pó está musica eu escuto todos os dias Eu gosto de fechar os olhos meda um paz enorme
Andre Luiz Coelho
Bruce é extraordinário
ARIO 1970
ARIO 1970 Month ago
Vanessa Pretorius
Entertainment gumpetrobnyvt
Giancarlo O E
Giancarlo O E Month ago
Tremendo rockero..grande Brucce Springten...Saludos desde Perù.
Pauloftd Month ago
Donatella Manzoni
sempre sensazioni meravigliose
aleksandra maria
Heiko Otto
Heiko Otto Month ago
Einfach nur geil
verônica garcia
Não canso de ver e ouvir você Bruce. Você e sua música espanta os meus fantasmas. I Love You
Edmond Forster
Edmond Forster Month ago
I dedicate this song to all those helping to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.
Oscar Obregon
Oscar Obregon Month ago
El mejor con diferencia del segundo te Bosh
Johan van Alphen
this is your hometown.....
Johan van Alphen
my childhood revisited...
nova1343 Month ago
Goose bumps!!!
Marlise Silva
Marlise Silva Month ago
É simplesmente maravilhosa essa música sem palavras para me definir que eu sinto.
Michael Walton
Michael Walton 2 months ago
brilliant live performance the boss...fan from england
Carmen Batista
Carmen Batista 2 months ago
Homem envolvente voz. Linda adorável.
Neil Brown
Neil Brown 2 months ago
When I was 8 years old I had to to to a boarding school away from Family i never had a home town I had to my own way in life and find my home town to me Liverpool is my home Town came to Liverpool when I was 8 years old Had to make my own life from the age of 8 years old
Bryan Nelson
Bryan Nelson 2 months ago
Love this song. However strangely although President trump has being bringing back the jobs that were never coming back with his magic wand Bruce hates Trump! Go figure.
Julio cesar Alves
Julio cesar Alves 2 months ago
anella d'ambrosio
anella d'ambrosio 2 months ago
Mai come in questi giorni la sento mia questa canzone!! Per il brutto momento che stiamo passando!! A causa del coronavirus!! Grazie con tutto il cuore Bruce amico mio caro!!! 😰😪😍😍😍😍😘😘♥️💘
Brakballe 2 months ago
The Boss. Nuff said.. :)
Irineu Pedro
Irineu Pedro 2 months ago
This man is so great! Angola is with you!
paul tennant
paul tennant 2 months ago
I'm 52 I drive a truck for a living This bloke pumps through the speakers every night
Blazo Ivanovic
Blazo Ivanovic 2 months ago
Incredible. Legend!!!
ARCHEVIVA 2 months ago
Dieses Lied gibt mir unglaublich viel Kraft ! Danke Bruce Springsteen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ !
алекс грабитель
Прекрасное исполнение, прекрасная песня, прекрасный певец и музыкант
Neo Net
Neo Net 2 months ago
A Polska slucha
Michał Czopek
Michał Czopek 2 months ago
my HomeTown... Cracov ... miss :(
SkinnySweatyMan 2 months ago
2.1k of people with no soul. Must be awful to be empty.
Gerda Baldung
Gerda Baldung 3 months ago
Super 👍👍👍👍
Mira Trigueiro
Mira Trigueiro 3 months ago
Linda .....
Robert Wiesler
Robert Wiesler 3 months ago
Absolutely fantastic One of the best songs ever written I was there when he did the whole album in Munich 2013 I will never forget this Hey Bruce, please call Your boys and come back to Europe soon I will be there for sure To all the people out there: You must see him live if you can It will change your life
Jose A. Duque
Jose A. Duque 3 months ago
I'm new Yorker I love this great music I'm 75 years I still love this and your music that's is incredible loved for ever...
Bruce Henderson
Bruce Henderson 3 months ago
I was 74 and I still see you in the same way he is a fantastic performer good on you you are the best
Kenit Folio
Kenit Folio 3 months ago
un genio
Carmen Batista
Carmen Batista 3 months ago
Meu Deus. Ele chega arrebentando e. Demais
bernd oppeneiger
bernd oppeneiger 3 months ago
für malli sophie in dlbg mfg bernd o.
Carmen Batista
Carmen Batista 3 months ago
Queria a tradução. Em português. Por favor
Kamila Weber Souza
Kamila Weber Souza 3 months ago
Axel Te
Axel Te 3 months ago
Still the Boss
Steven Hodgson
Steven Hodgson 3 months ago
One of his great "narrative" songs. I live how the first few lines really set the scene, and the era, in the listener's head.
Santinha Conceição
Queria tanto conhecer o Bruce
hendrik hoekstra
hendrik hoekstra 3 months ago
Kippenvel !!!!
Gerda Baldung
Gerda Baldung 3 months ago
Meine große Liebe
Patricia Whitaker
Patricia Whitaker 3 months ago
Our Bruce sings from the heart keep on going we love you Bruce S
mary110970 3 months ago
Esse homem é lindo voz inigualável e igual vinho quanto mais velho mais lindo 💋♥️🌹🌷⚘🌻🌼🙌🥀
Dave Ireland
Dave Ireland 3 months ago
The best ever
johan argus
johan argus 3 months ago
Peter Ryan
Peter Ryan 3 months ago
BRUCE you are amazing love your work well done you are the best ever artist
Tom Draca
Tom Draca 3 months ago
Cabramatta ....my hometown
Tommy pillay
Tommy pillay 3 months ago
My hometown of Chatsworth in South Africa is gone, so many shacks built around hard earned homes, it's gone and never coming back.
Thomas Elbek
Thomas Elbek 3 months ago
Apart from being an incredibly good piece of music and lyric - from the Boss and E-Street Band - I also very much like the way that the audience turns into one gigantic chorus with immense volume and power. Not many artists has that connection with the audience.
ericswain70 3 months ago
I think as long as somebody remembers you you can live forever......Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are gonna live forever.
arianna Zelaschi
arianna Zelaschi 3 months ago
harimil 3 months ago
Melvyn I love his music. Hope you get to read this....rock on. Harry
Alfeu Carvalho
Alfeu Carvalho 3 months ago
O canção bonita canta com sentimento estou ouvindo e févereiro de de 2020
UDAY MEHTA 3 months ago
ruvid.net/group/PLX2lUJpYyDqWGrJyPE014mL5OCOjIqZsx EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE !!! Possibly one of the most iconic songs from the 80's an undeniable classic without a doubt sublime, sexy and timeless....killer tune and band ! THE BOSS rules Planet M(music)
Luigi Bondioni
Luigi Bondioni 3 months ago
You are for me something more , you had help me with your music, your example your karisma in a very diffucult in my live thanks so much my BOSS i love you
Izabel Zabarella
Izabel Zabarella 3 months ago
A música é minha vida eu amo
Jorge Mendes
Jorge Mendes 3 months ago
Fantástico grande Bruce
Juliana Lima
Juliana Lima 3 months ago
Linda voz
Valdete Wenzel
Valdete Wenzel 3 months ago
Andres Jouannet Valderrama
Bruce is something special, he has that feeling that is universal and transcendent, it is rock and roll, passion and feeling. That is why since the end of the world (Chile) we feel it as an American brother.
Mark wahlberg
Mark wahlberg 3 months ago
Sibongiseni Anton
Sibongiseni Anton 3 months ago
Marina Gomez
Marina Gomez 3 months ago
Paula El Asri - van Gorkum
I love this song thank you Bruce
Rogério Barros
Rogério Barros 3 months ago
Neita Costa
Neita Costa 3 months ago
Love, Love,Love
Artemiro Cruz
Artemiro Cruz 3 months ago
This Song is so Wonderful taht I fell all my soul floatting for so distant parts of universe. I am dying here!!! Oh, Captain, my captain!!!
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