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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Draft to Glory Episode 27
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Nov 20, 2019




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Comments 60
Ronan Davidson
Ronan Davidson Month ago
Vvvvv stinky draft
Zvi Reuben
Zvi Reuben 3 months ago
3:32 69 chemistry? 😂😂😂
Jay 8 months ago
3:30 we have 89 rated and 69 chem Great eyes mate
Alv 7
Alv 7 8 months ago
You so dunck
FReSh JiVE 8 months ago
Is this content creation ?
Surfaceprawn YT
Surfaceprawn YT 8 months ago
3:34 “69 chem”
MechaMan_ 8 months ago
Ain't Nep an Arsenal fan? How come he didn't know who Chambers was?
A A 8 months ago
What camera angle and settings does nep use?
Kriton Kioussis
Kriton Kioussis 8 months ago
why do you pick the GK before the CBs? it doesn't make sense
cake_assasin 8 months ago
Why didnt he go carvajal for ful chem to varane... instead he picks pique
OliverAdams1209 8 months ago
Inthezal 8 months ago
Dislike video for fake thumbnail -
Markus Ikast
Markus Ikast 8 months ago
Trapping like the narco
James Pauline
James Pauline 8 months ago
" 69 chem" , Nepo Its 96 chem
Andy Michie
Andy Michie 8 months ago
Troops. Its Scream Kevin Gameiro CAM any good? Cheers x
1000 subs With no vids challenge
King kenny yass
AbuBakr Siddique
AbuBakr Siddique 8 months ago
Let's get Kepa incase we get Ramos. Has de Gea in goal
eric.g96 8 months ago
“He just plays above and beyond his means” Yup. Thats king kenny
Walkout 6233
Walkout 6233 8 months ago
Has 96 chem Nep: 69 Chem
Joe Matthews
Joe Matthews 8 months ago
My god get on with it! You waffle soo much its mad!
Conor 000
Conor 000 8 months ago
You had to picked lenglet but no u had to be stupid
xlightless 8 months ago
i lost my first game on draft and managed to pack pogba out of a 5k pack sold him for 400k
Kjarval Thor
Kjarval Thor 8 months ago
I just got ucl van dijk out of a free pack from the Paulinho sbc
Master Knight
Master Knight 8 months ago
again.. does nep hate laporte or something? Second draft in a row I think hes passed him up and then struggled to make the team fit
BulletX Drop
BulletX Drop 8 months ago
Modric gave varan 10 chem 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Xboxnugent 1908
Xboxnugent 1908 8 months ago
Should've taken lenglet and loris
Jake T
Jake T 8 months ago
We need a Premier League LB and doesn't take Alonso
ravi pahal
ravi pahal 8 months ago
Why didn’t he pick alonso
Andrew Monk
Andrew Monk 8 months ago
ravi pahal slow
Luca Brewedell
Luca Brewedell 8 months ago
I cryed when he took hernandez oder Alonso as his left back
Jack M
Jack M 8 months ago
3:30 “69 chemistry” 😂😂😂 nep has some mad blunders must be deliberate lol.
Jayson Lauko
Jayson Lauko 8 months ago
I fucking love Draft To Glory! Good shit NEP!
Bob Games
Bob Games 8 months ago
Like this or reply if you want Fifa 14 servers back up!! We want to go back and see our insane ultimate team!! Start emailing EA and start petitions. Here’s a already typed email... Dear EA sports, I am e-mailing regarding Fifa 14. I know this game is old and that the EA servers are down. However, this game wants to be revived by popular demand as it’s a game that everyone loved. Everyone wants to be able to look back and there FUT and play online. I am requesting that you put the servers back up permanently or for at least a bit of time. We paid for the game and deserve to have the right to play online. Thankyou, “Name”
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor 8 months ago
Hey Nep, I’m a gold 1 player but every time I go into draft I can’t get past the first or second round. Not sure why is there any tips you can give to help?
siggi Mumbai
siggi Mumbai 8 months ago
Love the drafts🦧
Enea Hoxhaj
Enea Hoxhaj 8 months ago
I have played like 10 drafts in a row and i lost them all in the first round (i am an gold 1 or elite player) i don't know what to do to improve. Any tips?
Sam Turton
Sam Turton 8 months ago
Why don’t you buy Dalglish in your rtg?
Eleven Ocean
Eleven Ocean 8 months ago
The upgrades are pretty trash, but if they improved more stats he'd have a 99 card before TOTY even came out. They have to minimise it, season just started
far side
far side 8 months ago
Don't fucking pick the keeper before the defender for fuck sake
Jordan Banfield
Jordan Banfield 8 months ago
Nep what do you mean by Bale being heavy this year? Was thinking of investing in his rttf and playing him RF. Let me know your thoughts on this bro
thomasimon 8 months ago
I feel like picking the goalkeeper first has at no point in this series worked out as an advantage
ASideOfChicken 8 months ago
Hey nep this episode every time you speak your microphone was making a really high pitched ringing noise, wasn’t too bad but deffinetly noticeable. Just wanted to let you know so you can find out and try fix it for next time dude, love the content. Like if you hear it too guys so nep sees this
Robert Verwijs
Robert Verwijs 8 months ago
Put paulinho is your main team m8 hes siiiiick
Hawk Eye Daily Gaming Video
The moment nep went to final I knew for sure he was gonna win...Caz Oppo team had ernesto valverde as his manager....yikes
Nikola Palic
Nikola Palic 8 months ago
Why dont you make new account for draft to glory?btw great video
Marco Stevens
Marco Stevens 8 months ago
i know you like getting high rated drafts, but can you try build your teams around different players. like take Mertens as your captain
FluidT 8 months ago
I packed hazard from a rare gold pack
Alexander Iwobi VI
Alexander Iwobi VI 8 months ago
Nep complicates almost every pick
Lewis Baxter
Lewis Baxter 8 months ago
Nep u should do draft challenges like least chem a premier league squad stuff like that like if he should
Paul Davie
Paul Davie 8 months ago
I love that chamberland arsenal player, hes just phenomenal
Subscribe to me for no reason
Who else noticed navas plays for psg
Jonah da BoT
Jonah da BoT 8 months ago
AFK129 he does play for psg?
Adam Clarke
Adam Clarke 8 months ago
Can someone explain what this is all about it’s draft to glory but on his rtg so his profit goes to the rtg? So that means his rtg is dtg
Teddy Fandango
Teddy Fandango 8 months ago
Nep bro get some sleep you nut
Alejo Giamba
Alejo Giamba 8 months ago
I guess we are back with the “highest rated drafts”
The FIFA Analyst
The FIFA Analyst 8 months ago
Sold draft and win Nep, that Hazard looks dirty
Pranab Saha
Pranab Saha 8 months ago
Why does he explains chemistry on defenders so much... just making a huge content time !
Everest Marandi
Everest Marandi 8 months ago
3:31 "We are 89 rated with 69 chemistry" Chemistry is 96 smh
André V.
André V. 8 months ago
Why does he have 1.3 mil in the bank? Did I miss a big pack pull?
MrYugi PlaysIosGames
André V. U missed a few epi’s
Arena Jap
Arena Jap 8 months ago
As a granddad nep forgot His sons name, Chambers. Im sorry to say. ok boomer
Colin Xiong
Colin Xiong 8 months ago
Imagine u earn 15k to try getting packs and u play nep and lose 8-1 first game bye bye PS4 remote
WEELOOD O 8 months ago
Is it me or did they keep all the old icons in draft but Pele
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