My Hero Academia - 2x10 Shoto Todoroki: Origin - Group Reaction

The Normies
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It's time to accept yourself. It's time to live your best life Todoroki! Let's go with more My Hero Academia Reactions!
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May 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Ayessa Marie Bangcale
RIP headphone user at 13:13 to 13:14
Adi Kumar
Adi Kumar 4 days ago
Joshua Saisi
Joshua Saisi 4 days ago
thats why you don't drop the remote while watching anime
Ring-A-DingKing 4 days ago
Normies: All watch how Endeavor clearly beat Shoto and his wife. Nahid: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that.
Nova M.
Nova M. 6 days ago
Y'all nearly ate the poor guy😂😂💀💀💀
3 Punch Out Cold
3 Punch Out Cold 6 days ago
bitch on the right looked better with a broken jaw
Trent Denzel
Trent Denzel 7 days ago
Guy on the far left is a big suck like Jesus 😂
Tiffani Mitchell
Tiffani Mitchell 7 days ago
Just a Wanderer
Just a Wanderer 8 days ago
OMG...i...always had the volume high and ALWAYS forget of what happened at THAT MOMENT 😂😂😂 My ears...T.T😂😂😂
L B 8 days ago
Nahid during 4x24: Endeavor did nothing wrong. It was the mother who abused Shoto. Endeavor never laid his hands on his family.
NoelleXAesthetic PLAYS
please watch more 13 reasons why. it might be too "teeny" but then when you get more into it. its amazing. there are 4 seasons please finish all of them if you can. ty
xman t
xman t 14 days ago
I just realized. Deku is kind of like Goku in this episode with the whole "I won't let you beat me unless you go full power" thing he was doing since the start of the fight.
Zanamato 14 days ago
That remote drop though
Uchiha D Meruem
Uchiha D Meruem 17 days ago
Ah cmon my man nahid dont get to talk
Darkness 18 days ago
MAGI 20 days ago
The only best moment here is dropping the remote- xD
Helena Noldus
Helena Noldus 20 days ago
Were did u see it?
ItsWhiteFang 21 day ago
You have no idea how OP my boi Deku is gonna get.
Jennifer Mashburn
Jennifer Mashburn 24 days ago
07:31 05:32 03:32
Nenot27 Gamer
Nenot27 Gamer Month ago
Bruh 13:10 is one of the Funneist things to occur in Normies History lol
Mikayla Culling
Mikayla Culling Month ago
When he stopped the remote; I had headphones in on MAX level.... R.I.P headphone users 😂😅😪😑
Sagar Month ago
The One Where "Mickey Fucks Up!" XD
Rachelle Redd
Rachelle Redd Month ago
This was one of the most iconic episodes of the entire show. Intense and awe-striking the whole way through. Watching this the second time, I understand why Tododeku is so popular. I actually love that Deku lost because it shows that the writers aren't afraid to make him lose, he doesn't always win. It makes things much less predictable.
khot abhi
khot abhi Month ago
Finally found some genuine anime fans Loved your reactions, keep doing.
Zandeel Remmington
LMAO I love micky
Labinzel 3712
Labinzel 3712 Month ago
Deku definitely takes the pain tolerance crown for those broken fingers but can we take a moment to appreciate that Todoroki took several enhanced punches to the stomach and immediately got up?
Cece Stars
Cece Stars Month ago
for anyone who didnt know, todoroki actually got his scare from his mom trying to freeze the burn she gave him. she felt bad and tried to use her ice to fix it, but it did the opposite and gave him a scar
banx757 Month ago
13:09 Mickey you will NEVER LIVE THIS SHIT DOWN!!! YOU READ ME, NEVER!!!!! Seriously why was the remote on your thigh in the first place!?!?!?!
Delinda Arts
Delinda Arts Month ago
13:05 Mickey’s remote incident has to be top 5 best reaction moments of all time lmao
razgrizraven Month ago
What makes it even better is that, Death Arms & Kamui Woods scolded Deku in the beginning of the series.
Sushi Camejo
Sushi Camejo Month ago
Coming back to watch this after season 4 and being more used to Deku with Full Cowling, it's actually fucking insane that Deku once fought like this. On first watch through it's still insane but you kind of accept it more then because , like Deku, it's the only way you can see him being able to fight Todoroki. But yeah coming back and watching it again it really is beyond crazy Deku went so far.
Ollie TuffyNut
Ollie TuffyNut Month ago
The girl holding the shoto pillow is so me tho!!!!!!!!!!crying tearss during this episode
AROKUMi_ Month ago
endeavor got the best redemption arc ever
Caleb Stephan
Caleb Stephan Month ago
Let be honest, if deku had the same control over one for all in the same way all might had when he first received it, he would've mopped the floor with todoroki. If he had the mobility to move around without breaking himself I see zero possibilities of todoroki beating him.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Month ago
bruh that shared smile between deku and shoto proves they acknowledged eachother and their strive to be a hero. gives me chills every time
Saggal Osman
Saggal Osman Month ago
For some reason I get Rock Lee vs Gaara vibes form this fight. why?
Oscar Sandoval
Oscar Sandoval Month ago
You guys remember when they would warn us headphone users that they would break our ears. Or maby it was that one time in korra when they saw the dragon
Ls Restergarm
Ls Restergarm 2 months ago
Saint Citron
Saint Citron 2 months ago
hoooligans 2 months ago
Micky just took the biggest L
Drew Davidson
Drew Davidson 2 months ago
Thanks for the headphone warning..
zero Z
zero Z 2 months ago
why u cut the video when u talk????????
Maskierter Popo
Maskierter Popo 2 months ago
12:24 "Why would you say that on the phone to anybody?" Yeah who talks with his friends about his problems? Nobody those that. xD
Sergio Cartagena
Sergio Cartagena 2 months ago
Does the girl in the red have an instagram???
Alona86 2 months ago
Todoroki won the battle but Izuku won the war.
johnson gurung
johnson gurung 2 months ago
Someone said in another comment deku lost the battle but he saved todoroki that’s what hero do 🙏🙏🙏
Babeh Love
Babeh Love 2 months ago
Let’s be real Shoto would have more likely to kill deku right there. Shoto is stronger here there’s no way deku would have beat him, so them intervening save deku life. Just saying ppl need to accept that
Novan Satriawan
Novan Satriawan 2 months ago
Can't wait to see endeavor vs Nomu reaction
Anar broken
Anar broken 2 months ago
13:09 savage
Anuj Daniel
Anuj Daniel 2 months ago
Todoroki has more potential with his quirk than Bakugo! There I said it! Fight me!
Caleb Stephan
Caleb Stephan 2 months ago
Dekus arm was already wrecked when he launched his final attack. Due to his weakness against his full power he can't use it effectively. Just wait till season four when deku finally uses his full power without any backlash. He finds a way to use his full power without hurting him and the dude becomes op asf but he only uses it for like 4 minutes. The dude bodies a villain that took out several heroes in just a few attacks. The dudes hair also lights up green when he uses his full power. He basically looks like a super saiyan.
Steven Barry
Steven Barry 2 months ago
13:11 meme was born
nebrasca 2 months ago
How Deku was going to win if his both arms were gone?
Shikashi uchazi
Shikashi uchazi 2 months ago
omg noooo dude i was so hyped to see the fire ahhhh
Avi Krishna
Avi Krishna 2 months ago
I used to actually like these guys until i heard the dub.
Taylor Faulk
Taylor Faulk 2 months ago
Midnight 2 months ago
Avi Krishna They have been reacting to this in dub since ep 1?
Wolfy Dragon
Wolfy Dragon 2 months ago
Belle Mendoza
Belle Mendoza 2 months ago
I hated it when they have to remove the video of anime during their reaction just to show the damn side table. I dont get the sense why they have to do that. If they are doing it to highlight their reaction then that's pretty stupid bcoz we can see their reaction pretty well without having to remove the video.
Ozzy bojj
Ozzy bojj 3 months ago
RIP headphone users
M0M0 117
M0M0 117 3 months ago
I love Nahid but he’s such a dick in this one. Lol
Silver Nathan
Silver Nathan 3 months ago
Bruh you guys rlly don’t understand Bakugou. He is prideful which makes him wanna be on top. Being prideful doesn’t mean you would beat women. He is aggressive also because he doesn’t want feelings with others distracting him. Which doesn’t mean he would be women. It’s. P R I D E. Get it through your head already
Cheezeblade 3 months ago
Shoto finally uses his fire. Krillin: haha...ha...hahha... Were gonna fucking die..
mauricio garces
mauricio garces 3 months ago
pero porque lo ven en ingleeeesss DDDDD:
Scourge Malje
Scourge Malje 3 months ago
Drops the remote and everyone losses their shit
Sg Crafter
Sg Crafter 3 months ago
13:07 To everyone watching this for the first time, lower your volume.
ItsPolo Bro
ItsPolo Bro 3 months ago
I wanna see a rematch now into the show.
Connor Dunseath
Connor Dunseath 3 months ago
Deku is like Goku except he can lose sometimes
t tomix
t tomix 3 months ago
y’all really finna be talking over the most important line of the episode ok
Chernóbil Films
Chernóbil Films 3 months ago
La morra castrosa de la casa xdd
josh reed
josh reed 3 months ago
Putting that fair use timer at the best parts. That sucks :(
Nishanth D Nayak
Nishanth D Nayak 3 months ago
Powerwise Deku weak!?? 😌😌4x13 will prove how strong deku will be!!
Robin Bernardino
Robin Bernardino 3 months ago
Damn rana kinda bad 🤔
SSJ- ROSE 3 months ago
Dekus hit never would’ve landed
Michael Mayor
Michael Mayor 3 months ago
the bad part of being an Naruto fan is that you already know the result of this battle, since the beggining I got that Izuku is Rock lee, it as a matter of time to find who would be Gaara. It's like fight Byguko vs Ochoco, It's totally Hinata vs Neji I was actually imagine she would be more damaged.
Michael Mayor
Michael Mayor 3 months ago
Guys that mother is totally crazy, I thought he killed her self after trying to kill her own child.
isaac Bringas
isaac Bringas 3 months ago
They had to lost one of their arms :( in that last attack
F0izan 3 months ago
About u saying deku getting a lot of focus like what do u expect from a protagonist,protagonists means that the person gets more than half of screen time and i can watch deku for hours because he is the best i love him
CheeseyTaco Time
CheeseyTaco Time 3 months ago
13:10 pause here XD
mindfreaksniper 3 months ago
I know I;m coming in way late to your vids but when she burned him it was an accident and she immediately realized it and it didn't hurt him too much since he is heat resistant on that side but she was too panicked to notice and tried to help him with cold water and if you know anything about burns cold water is bad and is what causes bad scarring.
Simphiwe 4 months ago
*Refs intervened* . Should be a draw. Yes I'm salty😂.
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