My Greyhound Tries Fruits And Vegetables

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May 23, 2019




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Comments 80
The real Rougedrip
The real Rougedrip 22 hours ago
Bunny and Kermit are my favorite doggies
Miss B
Miss B Day ago
One of my favourite doggo things and greys do it a lot is how they take their snack away to eat in a special spot
Mangodt 2 days ago
“She likes carrots!” What a bunny thing to like... “She likes apples!” What a horse thing to like...
Brittany Martinez
Seeing all of Jenna's dogs enjoy watermelon makes me so sad that I'm allergic to it 😭
Buddestspeed 2 days ago
Bunny said no bonkly
Mochi_king 417
Mochi_king 417 3 days ago
Are dogs just addicted to watermelon?? I gave my dog a single piece and she loves following me until I let her bite some leftover watermelon off the rind.
Sierra Davis
Sierra Davis 3 days ago
3:45 she made the same joke to him years ago! ruvid.net/video/video-eQq4-3crqGA.html
Karica Chen
Karica Chen 3 days ago
Karica Chen
Karica Chen 3 days ago
👁 👁
QuackCalledQuest 3 days ago
when the camera zoomed dramatically on peach i lost it
Lizzie Bartolo
Lizzie Bartolo 3 days ago
Demian spiller
Demian spiller 5 days ago
My dogs dont like cucumber ether there whippets wich are basically mini greyhounds
Ella Lafosse
Ella Lafosse 5 days ago
“Do you want an apple bunny?” *eats the entire thing* *she is truley a horse.*
angela liu
angela liu 8 days ago
I feel like Bunny is the sort of girl who wouldn't complain about food at a friend's house. She would just nibble at it and politely excuse herself because she doesn't want to be rude.
Kuro myou
Kuro myou 8 days ago
I gave my sister's cat spinach and he ate it. 😅
Doctour Two skull
Blueberries are actually pretty healthy for them
Peter Samson
Peter Samson 9 days ago
bunny is weird. but peaceful
Anna A
Anna A 9 days ago
I love Bunny’s camera nose boops
jessica franklin
jessica franklin 11 days ago
*points to self*-this person: has mouth, loves watermelon
paul sutton
paul sutton 11 days ago
Are you growing another head, on top of your regular head?
phag 11 days ago
Jennas fake blaccent lmao... stop
Julia Fernandez
Julia Fernandez 11 days ago
garlic is FINE for dogs by the way
Fluffy_Gamer_ Girl
Fluffy_Gamer_ Girl 12 days ago
I feel like Bunny might just be eating the stuff to make jenna happy. Because in her last home if she's a rescue she was probably abused
Fluffy_Gamer_ Girl
Fluffy_Gamer_ Girl 12 days ago
Who else is low key kinda scared when Bunny showed her teeth
Shandy Mojica
Shandy Mojica 13 days ago
I love bunnyyy! 😍
Daniel XXX
Daniel XXX 13 days ago
I don't know why some people don't like bunny videos, these are super wholesome and heartwarming, makes me go :))))))))))))))))))))))
Thalia Khan
Thalia Khan 13 days ago
Can't stop thinking of the NastyFiles "Mom is that a BoNkLy?"
jonesthe_ coolkid
jonesthe_ coolkid 13 days ago
Shibu Inu's are just compressed bunny.
Karolina Tchórzewska
I'm living for the wholesome dog content 🖤
Taman Shud
Taman Shud 16 days ago
I call my German Shepherd Big Baby, too. She acts like one
phantom2 _
phantom2 _ 16 days ago
shes so gentle🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Dilly Baldimore
Dilly Baldimore 17 days ago
I love her so much She's so pretty and cuteee Aaaa Bunnyyyyy
Stella McClymont
Stella McClymont 18 days ago
I want Jenna to host a kids' show with her dogs with no cursing and Julien talking in the background. Wholesome Jenna is best Jenna
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis 19 days ago
It’s been a year and I stan bunny harder now than I did and I do not understand how
Gordan Ng
Gordan Ng 20 days ago
Peach in the first few minutes is me when I peed my bed as a kid and trying to get my mom's attention
code ghost
code ghost 20 days ago
My dogs love carrots
non existent
non existent 22 days ago
Bunny: gentle with eating out of jenna's hand, careful not to bite My dog: the hand is part of the meal
Hi there
Hi there 23 days ago
That fist sentence is on tik tok. Its animated by TootyMcNooty on there. Go watch it beech
Toe_taker 24 days ago
1:47 he hop
ShyShyDrake 24 days ago
Bunny is so sweet and gentle and wholesome and PURE
Calvin TheSunsetLimited
Bunny is such a sweetheart I love her
Kirsten Howell
Kirsten Howell 24 days ago
the horse likes apples, who’s surprised
meowmeow ima cow
meowmeow ima cow 25 days ago
i love bunny! shes so cute and young and awwwww i love her :D also shes super funny
Daria Lakhtikova
Daria Lakhtikova 26 days ago
Me: drinking water at 2am in a dark kitchen Jenna: is she drinking water?? Me: wot 😳
Tegan Coxen
Tegan Coxen 27 days ago
I have a mouth and I do not enjoy water melon.
Piyeyeee Sola
Piyeyeee Sola 27 days ago
Ummm exsqueeze meew?? More bunny content pleeeeasseeee.
King explosion murder fuck off
King explosion murder fuck off
Bunny is basically the buzzfeed guy who has never eaten vegetables.
ArtisticSin 27 days ago
Me: *has mouth* Jenna 1:38 Me: *doesn’t like watermelon* Me: confused why I have a mouth
Ursula Cole
Ursula Cole 27 days ago
you are not giving the other two anything??????
Osterhagen 28 days ago
It’s likely that Bunny has had fruits and veggies before on the track, most feed them very well with a good nutritious diet of fruits veggies and meats.
SuchFrecks 28 days ago
Bunny like - go to carpet Bunny no like - blerp on spot Bunny very like - eat instantly no time for carpet
nala puppys
nala puppys 28 days ago
I want a video of them just blogging bunny, similar to filming my dog whenever he cried, like they follow her around for a day and just filmed her. Lime time-lapse of her sleeping, dinner time/breakfast, playing outside, doing horse things, things like that. I just think it would be so cute.
Ember Provost
Ember Provost 29 days ago
a blueberry is navy blue on the outside, when you bite it its green, yet it has purple juice. WHAT HAPPENS IN A BLUEBERRY.
Jamsless Mochi
Jamsless Mochi 29 days ago
I live for the bunny content...
Olaf The_Snowman
Olaf The_Snowman 29 days ago
Sometimes I give my dog ice and he licks it, puts it in his mouth, and then he spits it out and leaves it there and I always step on it!
talia maloof
talia maloof Month ago
I've had 17 rabbits and they would much rather eat the banana
Dumb, Enby, and Doomed
Jenna: She likes apples!!! Me: I though that horses liking apples was common knowledge
Makenna D
Makenna D Month ago
Am I the only one who doesn't like watermelon? *nervous smile*
Bivalve Plays
Bivalve Plays Month ago
Omg my grandma got a blue greyhound jeez it’s literally the cutest thing ever
Vaulksmir Month ago
Kremit and Paesch: You fed me one gram of heavenmelon once and now youre giving all the rest IN THE WORLD to this BULLY!? I am fooled and betrayed by my own mother.
Raegen Baiamonte
NO ONE IS SICK OF BUNNY CONTENT! I rewatch bunny videos all the time
livi_ _little
livi_ _little Month ago
0:46 is the cutest thing
Sarah BR
Sarah BR Month ago
I also love how Kermit went RIGHT for the WATERMELON. What the F is with Jenna and these dogs and watermelon?!? 🤣😂🤣
Sarah BR
Sarah BR Month ago
12:01 "well you aren't scared of that noise are ya" You never know when Jenna is gonna say something and make you choke on your soda. Thanks Jenna 😊
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley Month ago
My cats enjoy melon chopped fine, steamed broccoli, baked potato and cooked asparagus. I used to have a cat who liked roasted green chile.
cemiller1292 Month ago
I can't get over how delicately Bunny eats...
Origami and Cats
Dogs like meatsicles.
Lilly UWU
Lilly UWU Month ago
Carrots are only treats for bunny
Faiiryliigxts Month ago
Lucy Mann
Lucy Mann Month ago
Can you just set up a channel full of Bunny content? I LOVE WOULD LOVE TO WATCH IT ALL. ❤️
Burken Productions
You should make her a nice bowl of fruid salad then :)
Burken Productions
1:24 "Vegan boyfriends" ?? plural? friendS ??? wait a minute you have several now??
lmao nah
lmao nah Month ago
She eats like shes scared its going to hurt her mouth :(
Teddy-Bear Gamer
Why does 10:08 remind me of the Final Pam? XD
Noobmaster69 Month ago
coxy1269 Month ago
How could anyone not want to see a Bunny video
Upset Eggplant
Upset Eggplant Month ago
I don't know why but it's never occurred to me that Bunny has big teeth. Where do they go? Why does she have those big ol things?
Shea Fitzpatrick
What is wrong with these dogs they love watermelon that's Nasty!
JJ Syko
JJ Syko Month ago
I had a shih tzu who doesn't care and bite hard including my fingers when I hand feed her. My bigger sized dog very carefully takes it from my hand or sometimes she signals me to drop it on the floor with her eyes then bows a little.
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