My Girlfriend Gets A Boob Job

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Jul 19, 2019

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Comments 13 483
Mate Wait
Mate Wait Hour ago
Maybe you should let it coooll HAHAHAHAA
yaya toure2
yaya toure2 2 hours ago
She's bomb asf tho
Andres Zarate
Andres Zarate 4 hours ago
Rice your holding a real living dog not a stuffed dog 6:23
Jaylah Edmond
Jaylah Edmond 5 hours ago
Can I move in ?
1000 subs in a week
I realized there was my girlfriend does this and that for like 6 videos straight
Alex Burnett
Alex Burnett 7 hours ago
She looks like a whole different person with no makeup on
Arion Payton
Arion Payton 8 hours ago
Yup I remember the streams in ur messy ass room 😂 the calls, the convos 😂😂☠️
Janice Eich
Janice Eich 8 hours ago
He has been a 10 m for ever
FLvids 18 hours ago
you couldve copped an ethnic girl but u chose a boof ass plastic white bitch. anywaysss.s...s.s.s..s.s
kingsavage Fortnite live
Rice: I talk about you guys all the time all the time His Girlfriend:ya all the time Reality:nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ACOG Batteries
ACOG Batteries 23 hours ago
Ew. You're a disgusting human. Do humanity a favor and do the complete opposite of every decision, every choice, and every thought you've ever had. You'll be a better person. Just do the complete opposite of your entire life.
Solo Senpai
Solo Senpai Day ago
Wrap me in plastic
Hau Pham
Hau Pham Day ago
you guys both got a boob job
Hau Pham
Hau Pham Day ago
u mean u got a boobjob
Nathan Lachney
Thank you for giving Logan Paula a even prettier girlfriend... You stupid 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Young Grump
Young Grump Day ago
It’s fantastic! Made of plastic !
ZoeArabella Kippen
bro why is he holding the dog like that. i'm a little scared.
mama mia
mama mia Day ago
Why is he paying for her ? She should be independant.
xsniprr TM
xsniprr TM Day ago
Doctors: Ok rice here is the price. Ricegum: Hey RUvid I'm back.
Hussien Haji
Hussien Haji Day ago
you have a cute girlfriend
Just looks more like Barbie i guess....
Ricegum ma boy wut u doing
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez Day ago
Ricegum bummy asf lmao😂
Mr.dumnub Day ago
What does he think she's getting? Lmao
Henguzman 294
So rice mistakes Abby for her sister, fucks around and fucks her mom
akke66 -
akke66 - Day ago
step mom :))))
akke66 -
akke66 - Day ago
hell no
SotoBrandon Day ago
10:47 why did my grandma have to walk in at that exact moment
AJ7Matrix Day ago
Mag Rocha
Mag Rocha Day ago
She a gold digger
Chocola En pupies
_It’s like a whole thing_ I swear this guy would’ve thrown that woman into a illegal dark surgery room if this wasn’t for RUvid (which his whole life is, clearly)
Sonic Games
Sonic Games Day ago
When Ricegum Eats Rice
Tuls Productions
That’s the cutest dog ever omg💕
You are gay
Andrew Escobar
geeze he’s giving the mom money too
laura x
laura x Day ago
*when your dog said 🧹; I felt that shit*
Hyperbeam 72
Hyperbeam 72 Day ago
Bro they are bigger then fucken melons 🍈
Juicy Kore
Juicy Kore Day ago
did it feel good tho
C. Johnson
C. Johnson Day ago
seriously? raspberries?
JMPro Day ago
We all know rice gonna eat that dog later
light eyes
light eyes Day ago
You have a gf now
M A Day ago
bro she would leave him in 2 seconds if he had no clout or money.. we know it he knows it and she fucking knows it. it is what it is, enjoy it bro
Demetrius Jackson
you are so dirty in nasty an nobody likes you
When I read this I thought it said blow job and I saw her in a hospital
Terrel Clayton
3:22 that transition was sooo crisp I didnt know what hit me lol
cheezitguy577 2 days ago
Damn them bitches fat
tava 2 days ago
I decided to visit a ricegum video and to be honest it’s kinda what I expected
NoCvpTvny 2 days ago
Her mom a lowkey milf
Filip hubler
Filip hubler 2 days ago
Poor dog
Melanie Aceves
Melanie Aceves 2 days ago
How do u even have a gf it is just for clout no wonder its called clout gang cause u only want us for clout and his ugly ass gf
YT_Greeds 2 days ago
I personally don’t like plastic surgery but I like how she’s open about it to !!
Joshua berrio
Joshua berrio 2 days ago
lol rice gum pulled back the OG bowl cut
TF Souce
TF Souce 2 days ago
I hope you gf dies
Sam Russell
Sam Russell 2 days ago
There is hope for us if he managed to bag her. Christ
DoNtDoDrUgZkIdZ 2 days ago
I missed the old ricegum. Go back to the good old days when you bullied little kids and didn't give a fuck about what anybody said. Your content is just not as entertaining anymore. Not hating just some friendly advice from a long time fan. I'm still going to watch all your videos and support you but come on rice we both know you can do better than that
T McC 2 days ago
Kylie "got some work done" is an understatement
Neli Garbajs Watzak
Is it Just me or is their dog always smiling?cute💓
Gacha Life
Gacha Life 2 days ago
wOw she was scared in the beginning oof
Officer Kenny
Officer Kenny 2 days ago
3:14 Ricegum wildin 😂😂😂
tawnee marie
tawnee marie 2 days ago
10:08 a stripper 💀
tawnee marie
tawnee marie 2 days ago
“fat tata” had me dead 💀
bryant roles
bryant roles 2 days ago
Jaybincappin 2 days ago
Rice runnin out of that mula💰❌🧢
Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes 2 days ago
I have nothing wrong with plastic surgery the only sad thing is that it was invented by the Germans during the holocaust
Jonathan Torres
Jonathan Torres 2 days ago
10:58 ...too late 😳😂
Melany S
Melany S 2 days ago
Yo rice hopefully you see this but don’t hate on me but I’m yo biggest fan so I’ll always help you out I watched most of your videos about your girlfriend she’s a gold digger I think you break up with her . How many people thigh she was a gold digger 👇🏼
IceDouT-Bang 2 days ago
something else for the turtles could eat “plastic”
Trace Cooper
Trace Cooper 2 days ago
A narcissist. Insecure and predictable. This is so sad to watch.
Luke Goldberg
Luke Goldberg 2 days ago
ludovic kamani
ludovic kamani 3 days ago
7:39 the eye roll😂🤣
YOURか TRASH 3 days ago
Gold digger.
Joy Ahmed
Joy Ahmed 3 days ago
I'm I'm pretty sure she used you to get those implants cause you ugly
Allie Cook
Allie Cook 3 days ago
I miss the old Gum this shit sucks
Angelos Anastasopoulos
She went from flat chested to an A cup, there’s practically no difference
Chris Ruiz
Chris Ruiz 3 days ago
Lets all be honest this is probably like her fourth body job she is so full of plastic peta be after her😂😂😂
phrogy Day ago
That made 0 sense
PSN ExiledGalaxy
PSN ExiledGalaxy 3 days ago
abby so cute with out makeup wtf
Charine 08
Charine 08 3 days ago
HE SAID *im checking the before and after* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Noicurek Gaming
Noicurek Gaming 3 days ago
you girlfreinds boobs are faker then your channel
ashley m
ashley m 3 days ago
Who raised him
agi 3 days ago
bryan really turned out just like the boys he used to roast huh that cocky... whatta glo down
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i'm getting a boob job..
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My Girlfriend Gets A Boob Job
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