My Friends Draw My Makeup Looks!

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I snapchatted a few of my influencer friends and asked them to draw me a makeup look! Watch as Addison Rae, Charli D'amelio, David Dobrik & more all challenge me with INSANE looks! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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Jul 10, 2020




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Comments 60
Hilde Mensah
Hilde Mensah 20 minutes ago
James charles called everyone accept abby
Linde Van der reijden
Linde Van der reijden 43 minutes ago
the results are so good!!!
Heidi 50 minutes ago
I think @daviddobrik reaction was the best
ArtjetArsh Hour ago
James: 8 million Me:dollors James:hours Me:probably both
Bro Sis channel
James I so talented SHE MAKES ME CRY 😭😭😭😭༎ຶ‿༎ຶ SIS BE LIKE 👁️ 👁️ 💫👄💫
Pooja Kini
Pooja Kini Hour ago
why does remove instead do it 4 days along...common sense
Sweet_Pea Hour ago
Me when I'm watching James Charles: I'm a fan that just found out James existed a year ago. Oof Im a get a lot of dislikes. TvT
Tori Lator
Tori Lator Hour ago
There is a one in 53,000 chance someone will like this
Pam S
Pam S Hour ago
I definitely loved David's look the most! You absolutely crushed it and you did amazing on such a difficult look! Phenomenal!
Ireland And Audrey
Ireland And Audrey 2 hours ago
Ooooooooooh hey eeeeeieiee ooooohhh
Melissa Diaz
Melissa Diaz 2 hours ago
My mom thought someone was texting me because of the sounds of snap
•F N A F F A N G I R L•
You Aren't Gonna Guess Who Is The Best Person In The World Now read the first 2 words
Martha Apa
Martha Apa 2 hours ago
hi james big fan of your work can you follow me on tiktok @marthaprivet it private but i will accept you sister promise . :)
Carlota Bum RB
Carlota Bum RB 3 hours ago
Addison's make up was the best in my pov... But you are amazing with make up or without it! Love you!
Gianna Alexander
Gianna Alexander 3 hours ago
You are just amazing I can’t stand it!🤩
Just some weeb
Just some weeb 3 hours ago
Why he speak so fast doe
period sis
period sis 3 hours ago
Any people who are James fans but not American?
Noel Moses
Noel Moses Hour ago
Me lol Indian
wempy taulo
wempy taulo 3 hours ago
Me lol
이윤경 4 hours ago
M GXMING 5 hours ago
Please do part 2
Suzzette John
Suzzette John 5 hours ago
I no because there are so there are dunm
Wiktoria Wuszyńska
I don't know if it will be spelled correctly but you look great in it
Wiktoria Wuszyńska
saad Alsanaty
saad Alsanaty 5 hours ago
Your makeup is so pretty and I really really want to see you in real life but I’m in Australia my cousin said you’re in America isn’t that right????
saad Alsanaty
saad Alsanaty 5 hours ago
Omg hi James Charles I love your make up and even my brother likes you
Bella Gurkan
Bella Gurkan 5 hours ago
Sisters merch is better than GG
lilly is cute
lilly is cute 5 hours ago
Dishita Bhatt
Dishita Bhatt 6 hours ago
wow you do beautiful makeup
AGAM YAZDIAN 6 hours ago
And what about Charlie ???!!!
Vale Valentina
Vale Valentina 6 hours ago
I love you 💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤❤
Olivia Roblox
Olivia Roblox 6 hours ago
Olivia Roblox
Olivia Roblox 5 hours ago
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 5 hours ago
James charles i love you💗💗💗💗
brother filla
brother filla 6 hours ago
my love)))
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 5 hours ago
Avanis and Adisons win
Vanessa Shaw
Vanessa Shaw 7 hours ago
You look ao beautiful without make up :3
Felicia Wuatai
Felicia Wuatai 7 hours ago
Every time the Snapchat thing went off I thought it was my phone then I realised it was the vid xD
Jane Sandford
Jane Sandford 7 hours ago
James is so cool I love James u go sister
Joana Cat
Joana Cat 7 hours ago
Make a part two with the other ones pleeeease
Gacha UwU
Gacha UwU 7 hours ago
lol you talk to fast hehe 😂 but James luv your vids!!!!
Petra Radoš
Petra Radoš 7 hours ago
Plss do Part 2 i love you sister James i snapchatded you
Shayaly Torres
Shayaly Torres 8 hours ago
Ashlet plays
Ashlet plays 8 hours ago
Even tho like I don't wear makeup I just watch him because it's entertaining and fun xD
Bert Van den bossche
I love him !!!!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
lori balbuenaa
lori balbuenaa 8 hours ago
Mikhail Tañan
Mikhail Tañan 8 hours ago
True The Shiniest Golden Egg
Alysa Wavyyy
Alysa Wavyyy 9 hours ago
Omg your talent is insanely good omg I’m speechless
Alexia Galerou
Alexia Galerou 10 hours ago
Avanis and Adisons win
J A D E 'S vlogs
J A D E 'S vlogs 10 hours ago
James charles i love you💗💗💗💗
Simoné Botha
Simoné Botha 10 hours ago
Rocket_Randy 2553
Rocket_Randy 2553 10 hours ago
Jasmine Sibrian
Jasmine Sibrian 10 hours ago
Do it
alyssa olguin
alyssa olguin 10 hours ago
james i love you . you are so positiv and alwas make the best out of things and you are so talinted pls dot ever stop . Love you !!!
Stephanie Bennett
Stephanie Bennett 11 hours ago
I cant even try to dislike you, your content is just too funny😂
Madison123 11 hours ago
Did he seriously just give away is phone number
Bella Marie
Bella Marie 11 hours ago
Make a part two so I can do all the make up’s
Lucy Dawson
Lucy Dawson 12 hours ago
If I was as good as James with makeup I would take a photo of the looks I do
Astrid Villanueva
Astrid Villanueva 12 hours ago
James Charles face is like a canvas
I need a bad bleep Addison Rae
James has to be a GOD of he did not get anything on his hoodie that's some real talent
Micheal Salazar
Micheal Salazar 12 hours ago
I heard he never likes 😞
Ellie's Gacha life story's!
Please do a part 2❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ursula Wells
Ursula Wells 12 hours ago
when you where on the stary night look and singed I had headphones on so you have to do pay back you have to do smokey eye in two not matching colers sorry James hope you don't make fun of me just so you know i'm a fan but I had to do it hope you understand
Brenda Rodriguez
Brenda Rodriguez 12 hours ago
I keep thinking I’m getting snapchats whenever he shows the pictures😂😂
deni92ish 13 hours ago
Hi James your makeup that you do are great I am so happy that I am apart the sisters team 😂 And I sud love your vid James
Clarissa Altamirano
Clarissa Altamirano 13 hours ago
How South South Souw How How How How
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