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Records are made to be broken. Today I got my first 40 bomb in Fortnite!
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Published on


Mar 1, 2021




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Comments 100
Leros Player
Leros Player Hour ago
This Video was published one month ago
Funny among us Lol
Lachlan you deserve a sub from me
Lujan 2007
Lujan 2007 17 hours ago
My highest kill game was a 27 kill Vic roy!
Snoof 18 hours ago
I was eating a strawberry while watching this
Penguin Gamer boi
Penguin Gamer boi 18 hours ago
Bence Present
u so faking bad
TheOneEye AndTheOnlyEye
I dropped 35 bomb in solo duos and he got 40 in comeback🤣🤣
TheOneEye AndTheOnlyEye
@Nikki Holdmeier I did 🤣
Nikki Holdmeier
Nikki Holdmeier 10 hours ago
No you didn't
Lotyaly Lethal
Anyone else notice his facecam changed color depending on his rari
Mouldy Bread
Mouldy Bread Day ago
haha lachy go brr
Jayden Grays
Jayden Grays Day ago
Actually a 42 Bomb
Jayden Grays
Jayden Grays Day ago
*When you kill me 3 TIMES MAN*
Angel Gomez-Gonzalez
Lachlan went super saiyan
Henry Stickman
Well you did beat my record from the dance boogie from chapter one season six
Michael Hernandez
3:05 tf did I see with the pistol
Ivaneon 21
Ivaneon 21 Day ago
I’m from Russia, sorry for mistakes! Lachlan, there was good, when your chromocey color was the gun’s color. Understand ???
Mauro X
Mauro X Day ago
Hi lightnin bolt
Ian Hedge
Ian Hedge Day ago
Alexander Zhang
Alexander Zhang 2 days ago
does anyone notice that lachy is naruto but maybe he is ssj goku ok im an anime nerd.
DRIZZ 2 days ago
Imagine if it was a 1v1 both of you are on gold and you traded who would win.
Nikki Holdmeier
Nikki Holdmeier 10 hours ago
Who would have faster ping
:D ‘
:D ‘ 2 days ago
Mans just went ssjbke
Jay Tabares
Jay Tabares 2 days ago
They should add 6 lives because mythic weapons
Ponçikgamer 2 days ago
Yousof Almghari
Yousof Almghari 2 days ago
Lacey just went ultra instinct
Hello lachy
aguibou barry
aguibou barry 2 days ago
Drum gun he got 46 kills
Wyatt Poplawski
Wyatt Poplawski 2 days ago
i was the last one
Wyatt Poplawski
Wyatt Poplawski 2 days ago
MR SLIPPY 2 days ago
I love Lachlan and he has got so sweaty 🥵 over lockdown
Firestorm And spark
Surprised he didn’t get the 40 during the shadow Midas event
Brandon crouch
Brandon crouch 2 days ago
O ping 🤣
Cook with Amber
Cook with Amber 2 days ago
I'm using lachy bc ur vids are amazing and ur a season 1 player soo I will respect you
Alexandra Moschou
Lachy ur most kills ever is 46
Liam Watters
Liam Watters 2 days ago
Lachlan makes the best videos
6jrat Roblox
6jrat Roblox 3 days ago
That a lot of kills
Frostyz LF
Frostyz LF 3 days ago
How is there 4 people left and when he kills someone it's still 4 people left 8:22
Monkey12_ YT
Monkey12_ YT 3 days ago
Banana Boy
Banana Boy 3 days ago
Xd Tossing
Xd Tossing 3 days ago
The thumbnail bourto?
RK Swifty
RK Swifty 3 days ago
Marco D.
Marco D. 3 days ago
U got 45 kills with the ghost Midas drumgun
Kaaangs 3 days ago
Patrick Armstrong
My high is 31
RYtexHaveCat 3 days ago
You are soooooooo9в>> =god in Fortniite not so god
RYtexHaveCat 3 days ago
You not bad you not bad god god
RYtexHaveCat 3 days ago
Can you speek german
Nadia Sl
Nadia Sl 3 days ago
Who remebes lachy dachy r.i.p old fortnite
ekam laicha
ekam laicha 4 days ago
Hey Lachy you watch anime
plasma bee
plasma bee 4 days ago
8:10 my man reppin for the bi gang --- bi lachlan fan
Icy Fire
Icy Fire 4 days ago
Boba tea tapioca
Boba tea tapioca 4 days ago
My dumb ass trying to go into arena and win Me getting destroyed
slashergames Tv
slashergames Tv 4 days ago
el pepe
el pepe 4 days ago
Porque puso un ssj en la portada?
X2_Friends 4 days ago
I just realized it’s a Ltm your dog
X2_Friends 4 days ago
My highest kill game is 48
Whatever after
Whatever after 4 days ago
Did you guys know that when he dies if back round turns did colot
lime fog
lime fog 4 days ago
Is gold pistol pogler
Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale 4 days ago
me: sees a infinity sword also me: zoinks, its the gay blade!
Saaz 21
Saaz 21 4 days ago
Lachy makes it look so easy to kill these sweats
Zack Kellow
Zack Kellow 4 days ago
Fresh did it with life gold
Danfriveg 4 days ago
Mandy Agard
Mandy Agard 4 days ago
Oh i’ve been afraid for six years
Lisa Rennie
Lisa Rennie 4 days ago
Good job getting a 40 bomb in fortnite battle Royale
Haribobrain Gaming
He got 45 eliminations in season 4
Annamarie Coyne
Annamarie Coyne 4 days ago
My name is laughlin is well
Kaden Colville
Kaden Colville 5 days ago
Lachlan go brrrrr
Hergis Muca
Hergis Muca 5 days ago
Can you add me
Zian Scroggie
Zian Scroggie 5 days ago
Bro you dog you have to get a 40 in comeback I got a 35 kill game in solos and won
Adrian Cravens
Adrian Cravens 5 days ago
lachlan good job
Adrian Cravens
Adrian Cravens 5 days ago
Luke Thomson
Luke Thomson 5 days ago
I yous code
Luke Thomson
Luke Thomson 5 days ago
I don't care
Ethan Britten
Ethan Britten 5 days ago
Ur the best player in fortnite bro
ayham 3070
ayham 3070 5 days ago
If i got an 40 bomb: ORA ORA ORA BAAKKKAAAA
Miguel Maestas
Miguel Maestas 6 days ago
How dare you kill that peeley
Ryan Joshua
Ryan Joshua 6 days ago
Lachlan I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️
زبان فراز a
I use your code lachy
md mastafa
md mastafa 7 days ago
He's super saiyan
Rylan Taylor
Rylan Taylor 7 days ago
My kills score is 51
Sabrina Wagenaar
Sabrina Wagenaar 8 days ago
hi lachlan
PuRe Legend
PuRe Legend 8 days ago
I used to love watching Lachlan but he never moved on from Fortnite and that’s what made me stop watching him
Narelle Hatton
Narelle Hatton 8 days ago
Blake Larkin
Blake Larkin 8 days ago
Lol Lachlan sucks, I am un-subcribing if he can’t beat me in a 1v1. My user is Blake Larkin
Pandabelly Gaming
Lachy: that is 42 kills that is a record Me: I got 46 kills in a solo not comeback. Is that really a record lachy.
Belinda Williams
Belinda Williams 8 days ago
As if
Luke leonard
Luke leonard 8 days ago
its an aug not a famas
My name is pp Xd
My name is pp Xd 8 days ago
Shane Ayeni
Shane Ayeni 8 days ago
Not even in a real match but he was pretty cracked
Allex Lambert
Allex Lambert 8 days ago
:Him killing people: People who get aim boted CONTROLLER PLAYERS WHAT IS THIS GAME WHERE IS HE : people who is not surprised : I quit headphones dropped : slammed desk : BRUHUUUU screams :I HATE this GAME! The kid Who lies this guy is so trash 🗑 :POV: is teammates he is not bad he is good and just good aim
Sugarcube5 9 days ago
Tsm Myth
Tsm Myth 9 days ago
who's gonna tell him the 40 bomb don't count in this mode );
ItsJoxy 9 days ago
I played comback and didnt die once and got a 25 bomb and carried my friends to a win lmao
Immortality 9 days ago
Wilbur soot
Jacob Lambird
Jacob Lambird 9 days ago
Nathan Ortiz
Nathan Ortiz 9 days ago
Ping is cracked with had that
Ethan C
Ethan C 9 days ago
3:44 is called streamer loot
Justabunch Ofrandomstuff2.0
Next video: win with only grey
Silentaiy 9 days ago
when you verse bots and think you're a god
Peter Gamer
Peter Gamer 9 days ago
Comeback needs to comeback
Muhammed Fahim.N
Muhammed Fahim.N 9 days ago
That headshot on rare weapons guy t And the fun fact it you killed him and he revenge his name is shoot
BoTs Tripis
BoTs Tripis 9 days ago
I got 22kills on grey
hani sherif
hani sherif 9 days ago
My word recorded of kills 33 in solos
Jacob Acido
Jacob Acido 9 days ago
No one looks at locks limping lamp lamp lamp lamp lamp lamp lamp
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