My Fire Ants Are Planning an Escape

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My fire ants are planning a great escape! This video shows what I did to circumvent their plans and make them change their minds. Hope you like this video! Visit us at www.antscanada.com
Hidden video link: ruvid.net/video/video-Gyl39QlEx-o.html
English CC by Karthika Devi Veeramani, Ruact Mini, Ruact Mini
Portugese CC by Brenda Fernandes
Finnish CC by Antzillion
Spanish CC by LUIS-FX, tvAlexchannel, carlos ramos, Tigerlicious AJ, LUIS ACA, Valentina Torres, Benjamin R. Asesoria GRATIS en Tareas de Inglès, Damián Rojas
Thumbnail and photos in this video courtesy of Alex Wild Photography www.alexanderwild.com.
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Comments 100
LillyGamer 55 minutes ago
Wakes up- why are there fire ants all over me My mom-dont move
Dionato Fonseca
Vim pelo MR POLADOFUL mais alguém?
SARISS80 2 hours ago
So his neighbors are forever calling pest control.
bri 3 hours ago
i’m so stoned and this is so great
Wolf- Chan
Wolf- Chan 3 hours ago
ghost spectr
ghost spectr 5 hours ago
Looks at RUvid channel* hmm air Canada Later in the video* here In the Philippines* Nani I have been bamboozled
Melvin Harim
Melvin Harim 5 hours ago
The Promised Neverland.
Jon Coco Bones
Jon Coco Bones 5 hours ago
Why is it everytime i see ant videos i feel the need to smack myself because i feel like their on me
sahra ibrahim
sahra ibrahim 6 hours ago
Some people are stranger than others...
sahra ibrahim
sahra ibrahim 6 hours ago
I have comed to the wrong side of RUvid
sahra ibrahim
sahra ibrahim 6 hours ago
Didnt Even know ant keeping was a thing
Jenny Hart
Jenny Hart 8 hours ago
The future selva de fuegans already getting in their ways.
Otávio Augusto
Otávio Augusto 9 hours ago
Vim pelo Poladoful
NEDARDC-X 9 hours ago
i like pet ants
Freedom And pizzarolls
It’s 2 am and I’m on the weird side of RUvid
Brooke Bowman
Brooke Bowman 12 hours ago
Watching this video made me both wish that I lived in the Philippines (so I could befriend this guy), and also that I actually liked ants. He loves them so much! And he sounds so content with his antfriends... Here is a man who has really figured things out. Forget 42. The answer was ANTS all along!
thad anderson
thad anderson 14 hours ago
I could picture this guys girlfriend... Liberian..
Nicole Topera
Nicole Topera 14 hours ago
Polado ?
N Crowbar
N Crowbar 14 hours ago
I may have owned an ant farm but however I think I have killed them on accident....I’m a terrible ant parent.
tea4al 15 hours ago
What are the slightly bigger ants? Are they different than the normal smaller worker ants?
Isabel BLAraújo
Isabel BLAraújo 16 hours ago
_ Son of Pepe
_ Son of Pepe 16 hours ago
How long do you think I can keep my hand in there
lorengamez 16 hours ago
vim pelo polado kkkk
Card Hero
Card Hero 16 hours ago
Am i the only one that likes to water an anthill when i see one
Amy Julieta
Amy Julieta 16 hours ago
Am I the only one that saw the 2 ants disappear 5:38
Tiffany Taylor
Tiffany Taylor 16 hours ago
Im itching
jesus hernandez
jesus hernandez 18 hours ago
Daily Six
Daily Six 19 hours ago
Help me. I'm crawling in my skin. Sometimes I feel like giving up. Because the Ants...
MrIsaacE 20 hours ago
Vale Video
Vale Video 21 hour ago
Introducing the new form of hexbugs!
how about no
how about no 22 hours ago
Yume lipede
Yume lipede 22 hours ago
Kill the damn ants
Danillo Fernandes
Quem mais veio pelo Polado?
Physiczz Day ago
Um guys i need help... Well my humans are planning an escape and I'm worried what will happen if they get out... Please help
João Marcos
João Marcos Day ago
Ricardo Henrique
Larissa Tonatto
He takes care of the ants, I try to kill them all. This video gave me a little agony 😳
Yau Lilly
Yau Lilly Day ago
NutLover360 Day ago
I feel a slight itch
NutLover360 Day ago
Be thanos and kill half of them
Just like blacks breeding out of control in Africa and colonizing Europe.
Melody Winnie
Am I the only person thinking about ant-man through this video ??
iSpitboxer Day ago
Zajiira Day ago
If I was a ant , I’d get lost in this sh**
Blue-Maned Hawk
You know, normal people just have aquariums.
Jack David
Jack David Day ago
Your poor house keeper
Noel Negron
Noel Negron Day ago
Idk how this was recommended but I enjoyed watching it.
Igor Maestri
Igor Maestri Day ago
Polado me trouxe aqui...
Doose y
Doose y Day ago
*ant eater wants to know your location*
elisa adrina
elisa adrina Day ago
I still hate ants for getting in my food and drinks
Dogs are awesome
Wait so when are you going to stop adding living space?
dogo sovietico
Mason Day ago
I would never have thought that video about antkeeping could gain 35 million views!
Somehow, I went from watching Kpop to Tik Tok to this... my recommended is gonna be so confused 😂
Ethan Kerr
Ethan Kerr Day ago
This video has been watched by the whole population of canada
Jarena Marie
Jarena Marie Day ago
I got these in my history teachers class for free
Matheus Rodrigues
P O L A D O 😀
Maque Day ago
Vim pelo polado
drizzyge Day ago
Whats is it about baby powder?
AreYouCrazy? AYC
Polado te trouxe aqui?
Pedro Ninno e Silva
Vim pelo poladoful
Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones Day ago
Sacred Sun
Sacred Sun Day ago
I could limit food to keep their population under control but that's cruel. You know its what's called nature. Otherwise abundance of resources and growth would, in nature, be massive death. Eventually keeping them as this guy has at some point he will still have to address that issue.
lHELLB0Y Day ago
I like let my ants out in the wild and grow mounds around my house. I seem to be a pretty good ant keeper. There's like 6 or 7 ant piles around my house now.
Hévila gamer br
Eu vim pelo mrpoladoful
Abigail Beasley
Abigail Beasley 2 days ago
A few weeks?
Abigail Beasley
Abigail Beasley 2 days ago
Mass deaths
Sabitra Giri
Sabitra Giri 2 days ago
Can anyone tell me about the background music?in the first minute
Kauã Rebello
Kauã Rebello 2 days ago
Vim pelo polado
Rafael Gomes
Rafael Gomes 2 days ago
Quem veio pelo polado da um like ai hauahauhaua!
joaozinho123 2 days ago
Vim pelo Poladoful
AUBREY 2 days ago
ALGUEM VEIO PELO MR.POLADOFUL?????????????????????
William Pazello
William Pazello 2 days ago
Quem veio pelo polado ??
Theodoric93 2 days ago
For when you get tired of playing "Populous"
kevin limbo
kevin limbo 2 days ago
madaming ganyan sa bahay ano bayan alien bayan hahaha
Mi Lla
Mi Lla 2 days ago
Where do you live in the philippines
William Hutchinson
yuck! get some RAID.💣
DEADPOOL 2 days ago
Is anyone else itchy?
DEADPOOL 2 days ago
(Archer has left the chat)
The Finnish Mad Lad
4 o'clock in the morning and this what autoplay gives me
Belinda Tirado
Belinda Tirado 2 days ago
I am allergic to all types of ants and I am so interested in these type of videos, but I always feel as if I have ants all over my body!😩
Eddie Palma
Eddie Palma 2 days ago
*gang gang*
Myla Mynah
Myla Mynah 2 days ago
Why are you keeping fire ants? What purpose does it serve except for you getting bit up? Nobody eats them, they dont make anything we can eat. Helllllp me understand
Richard Dadzie
Richard Dadzie 2 days ago
How many Hungry kids have you fed or wanted to keep? Meanwhile you have the time to keep so many ants and even feed them. The world is indeed a bad place to be right now.
Violett Reyes
Violett Reyes 2 days ago
A tiny planet of its own. I wonder how many ants are in there.
Martha G.
Martha G. 2 days ago
"I'll just feed them more cockroaches. Check it out, guys!" Me: *NO, THANK YOU* It was interesting watching them move into the ANTagon, though!
Sora Sanchi
Sora Sanchi 2 days ago
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to " Why is this in my reccemindations?" Episode 4 Season 1
Kavi Kumar
Kavi Kumar 2 days ago
you are such a virgin
SNOWBELL 2 days ago
I am terrified of insects and seeing a title that suggests at their ability to make a complex plan is absolutely mortifying
SNOWBELL 2 days ago
I retract my comment this guy is impressively fascinated by his ants and I admire it
Insomniac Hart
Insomniac Hart 2 days ago
I don't like ants... I mean... I can respect you for owning them as pets, and good job keeping them contained, healthy, and well fed. You are a responsible pet owner! Honestly I liked the video, very informative... But it made me realize something... When you were putting the ants back... I asked myself... "Would it be easier to connect everything and just kill the escapees? " I see ants and I don't see a pet, I see something that has to be killed... Pest's... I see damaged lawns, damaged ground, potential sting or ant bite towards small children, or even worse if its the whole colony involved! At least they aren't racist and they'll eat anything and anyone sitting on their ant hill. Do they eat crops if they are large enough? How would one consider an ant infestation? lost crops..? Don't they outnumber us anyway? And say that the queen gets out or you die and the bastards get out... If they aren't local animals, they are going to destroy the environment they escape to or die themselves... Nope... Id kill every single ant in there and fumigate my home outside to prevent them from being anywhere near where I live... EVEN if it comes to Molten Aluminum being poured into the ant hill... Again, I mean no offense. I've always been taught those animals are a pest unless they are in the wild. but again good job dude! you know your ants!
Paula Font-Cruz
Paula Font-Cruz 2 days ago
watching this makes me skin crawl
Fahad M
Fahad M 2 days ago
im out here killing ants if i see one thinking itll crawl on me and this dude out here keeping farms in his house wtf
Pepe Greenfrog
Pepe Greenfrog 2 days ago
Cool video! Are you on Bitchute?
KittyKat12321 2 days ago
That cockroach would be me covered in ants after I accidentally leave the lid off
Mimikyu 2 days ago
Good. They should be free.
Christina Dcruz
Christina Dcruz 2 days ago
The title is kinda hilarious....
romantic horror
romantic horror 2 days ago
I got one word for ya: Raid. Spray them bitches. 😒
Bailey Goodwin
Bailey Goodwin 2 days ago
Why tf am I watching this
Abdullah Junaid
Abdullah Junaid 3 days ago
A horror film for us to watch them eat cockroaches a nightmare for them
Abdullah Junaid
Abdullah Junaid 3 days ago
Free ant :yes I'm finally case later second darn it I'm back here again Me: no wonder there gonna take over it house
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