My Ex-Girlfriend Shows Up At My House After Sommer Ray Did This To Me...

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Comments 80
Micah DeCloedt
Ian-Christopher Covarrubias
Finus Cokes
Finus Cokes 12 hours ago
What happen
Joooge 23 hours ago
Cringe as fuck
Chase Succes
Chase Succes Day ago
1:30 . Me when i get a girlfriend for the first time
Robert Fierro
1:57 Is where the video actually begins 😆😂😅😂😆😅
Robert Fierro
Edit - Where the video actually makes sense*
they still like each other
Thasvin TV
Thasvin TV Day ago
Are you stupid get marryed to Jackie you should be blessed to have a girl like her omg
JQ x
JQ x Day ago
No not Sommer Ray date Jackie like if u agree
Blynk Day ago
Brandon- Hold up Hold Up hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up
BellaVlogs 2 days ago
Personally I think Jackie is better than Sommer Ray so ya like the vid if u agree
VICTOR SUAREZ 3 days ago
he triping
Bryan González
Bryan González 3 days ago
When your happy that a celebrity texted you😂👍
Casualtwo. 3 days ago
Oh shit is Jackie bisexual dam even hotter.😍🥰🤪🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
Ryan Ballou
Ryan Ballou 3 days ago
21:44 Brandon saying how he doesn’t understand why it’s a big deal that Sommer replied on his picture. 2:15 Brandon running around in the street screaming in excitement that Sommer replied to his picture. 🤣😂🤣
AT - 08KH - Lougheed MS (1486)
Me when I got a new phone
Nicholas Alley
Nicholas Alley 4 days ago
He said porn haha lol
Ynw shawn
Ynw shawn 5 days ago
He so happy
Lord Palpatine
Lord Palpatine 5 days ago
Les go boyyyy I’m so proud of u
Rob Isquierdo
Rob Isquierdo 6 days ago
took 5 hours for you to say what happened
Analee Ortega
Analee Ortega 6 days ago
Telling the people she commented on on picture
Foxgamer 6 days ago
Bruh one little comment and this man freaks tf out 🤣 mans is overreacting way to much😭✋🏽
Paul Hakim
Paul Hakim 6 days ago
Jackie is hotter than sommer
FatalPlayz 7 days ago
Y’all need to stop saying he childish asf like he just messing around god damn fucking idiots
Donnelly Meyers
Donnelly Meyers 7 days ago
5:52 flour or
Gordon Johnson
Gordon Johnson 7 days ago
I count down to bro
Babiigurl_ Gemini
When Brawadis was jumping on his bed because of how happy he was it was like a kid getting his favorite video games 😂
clip_ s
clip_ s 7 days ago
Yo no 🧢 I didn’t think anyone was still watching
Marissa Rincon
Marissa Rincon 8 days ago
You and jakie should be parents for 24 hours
BLOODYNITE 8888 8 days ago
you at Safeway
AS1XG 9 days ago
I'm watching this again in 2020 but I have the same shoes as Anthony
Alejandro Olivares
did you forget limes
Defiant Cursored
Defiant Cursored 9 days ago
1:37 , when your 6th grade crush touched your hand in math class**
Ice Out
Ice Out 9 days ago
It’s 100,000 likes do it
Bibak Syrup
Bibak Syrup 9 days ago
Ice Out please sub to me and I will sub to u
Fulnn 9 days ago
Bibak Syrup
Bibak Syrup 9 days ago
Fulnn can you sub to me and I will sub to you
Ethan Blanchard
Ethan Blanchard 9 days ago
He was probably angrying the ghosts in his house when he jumped on the bed.
Bibak Syrup
Bibak Syrup 9 days ago
Ethan Blanchard can you sub to me and I will sub to you
Zachsツ 9 days ago
What’s the similarity between sommer and hot Cheetos. There are both hot
d Denniel-Xx
d Denniel-Xx 10 days ago
Listen to this open.spotify.com/track/6PAr1wwpxJQhHn2c6wKN4O?si=ANVU2ZZYRyaPh-f171yHMQ
Yash Desai
Yash Desai 10 days ago
Talk to faze Jarvis he is not going to like this video
gios world
gios world 10 days ago
0.0 holy he's going crazy
Oasis Luna
Oasis Luna 10 days ago
why did he basically bleep when Anthony asked what did you DM her
Grape Boi
Grape Boi 11 days ago
( 1:36 )
Chase Quinn
Chase Quinn 11 days ago
I fucked summer
Chase Quinn
Chase Quinn 11 days ago
I f summer
Valentino Trujillo
Valentino Trujillo 11 days ago
1:21 - 1:28 when you can't go to your friends house.
Vision KaZoo
Vision KaZoo 11 days ago
they are so loud in the middle of the store😂
TIGER_ 123
TIGER_ 123 12 days ago
Bro ongggg I do be stopping the microwave on 1 second in the middle of the night
Tadeo Lopez
Tadeo Lopez 12 days ago
Yo thats what brawadis wishes ha
Barbara Yates Lockamy
Porn I mean corn😂😂😂😂😂
5000 subs o videos suBss
When your gf first talks to you
5000 subs o videos suBss
You go Phyco
Lucas Likes Yasuo
Lucas Likes Yasuo 12 days ago
Jake34_FN 13 days ago
Let Jackie go through your phone u got 102K likes
Poop butt Stinkhole
What if Summer watches the video
Goku Ultrainstict
Goku Ultrainstict 14 days ago
Me * running to stop the microwave on 1 *
gabbi garcia
gabbi garcia 16 days ago
gabbi garcia
gabbi garcia 16 days ago
Sky Lazer
Sky Lazer 16 days ago
Best youtuber ever funny af
ali sabah
ali sabah 17 days ago
im middle eastern to dolma is my fav food
yoboiimike 681
yoboiimike 681 17 days ago
she wants to go thru brandons face like man come on lets go thru your phone jackie !!!
Savanna Wild
Savanna Wild 18 days ago
is it summer or sonner
Familia Villatoro
Familia Villatoro 19 days ago
You and Jackie are good couple
BullsEye The Second
You should get REAL salsa And then a REAL taco maker... Cough cough my uncle cough cough
BoneMyToaster 1
BoneMyToaster 1 22 days ago
Viagra prank on Jackie
Jose Squashy_IOS
Jose Squashy_IOS 22 days ago
Video idea “taking my dream girl on a romantic date”[ex-girlfriend found out]
Archana Razak
Archana Razak 22 days ago
Yes guyyyyyyyysssssss yes we are not gay
Nicholas Hymer
Nicholas Hymer 25 days ago
Why do you have a freaking police car in your driveway
SAVAGE GAMING 25 days ago
Who remember when anthony was skinny
Adam Bousalman
Adam Bousalman 26 days ago
What does this mean✌️
ironlover1 27 days ago
It just hit 100k likes
Rukmini Vangala
Rukmini Vangala 28 days ago
Tezic Clan XX
Tezic Clan XX 29 days ago
Arroyo Boy 2
Arroyo Boy 2 29 days ago
Brandon is soo funny
John Vidal, Jr
John Vidal, Jr 29 days ago
He said midnight 5:00 am
Lil Edfa
Lil Edfa Month ago
Real tacos are made with corn tortilla
arucade49 Month ago
Waave Thman
Waave Thman Month ago
Jackie is way more beautiful than sommer WTF i swear i can’t see brawadis with sommer eeuuwww 🤢 jackie is hot you are stupid because u already have your dream girl !
Boyz Rubio
Boyz Rubio Month ago
Anthony's is bigger than summeray
Alexander Vasquez
Anthony thicc tho no homo
Zach King Zach
Zach King Zach Month ago
No 100000 like
Alexah McAlpine
Alexah McAlpine Month ago
When they were talking about big mac's..my nick name is BIG MAC LOL
Aidan Ponce
Aidan Ponce Month ago
papa rugs caption shouldve been im getting people pcd up in county
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