my everyday grunge aesthetic makeup 🥀

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teehee love u all
products used:
*Garnier rosewater moisturizer
*Some sort of primer?
*Makeup revolution concealor in C1
*Sleek highlight
*Wetnwild blush
*Elf eyeliner
*Rimmel London brow gel
*Kat Von D saint and sinner palette
*Wet n wild eyeliner
*Random mascara
*Kiss lashes in couture
*Random dark red lipstick idk man
*Dollar store lip gloss

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Nov 24, 2018




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Comments 1 113
eve frsr
eve frsr Year ago
UUuuh this is so cute omg I’m inspired
Diana Villatoro
Diana Villatoro 7 months ago
Valliet Hegg
Valliet Hegg Year ago
Md. Saidul Karim Sumon
OMG I love you (=^-^=) and thx a lot for replying btw the makeup was amazing my friend was trying out the makeup and failed so hard lol😆
guchi wang
guchi wang Year ago
Froggy Chair
Froggy Chair Year ago
My two kweens in the same comment section???
Exmortis 999
Exmortis 999 4 days ago
Liked it♥️☺️
Eric loves energy
красота! 🥺🥺
Kim Possible
Kim Possible 7 days ago
YOU ARE JUST SOOOOO PRETTY EVEN WITHOUT ALL THE MAKEUP 😭😍 love your eyes, so mesmerizingggg
Milcouna Month ago
you're so cute
me: has inner double eyelid(almost a single eyelid), trying to follow the makeup tutorial her: applies deep color shadow all over her eyelid and still managed to look pretty me: *surprised pikachu face*
KAKA VIZKA Month ago
KAKA VIZKA Month ago
i can't sleep lmaooo
What moisturizer do u use? 🙂
So so so so cute😍😍😍
Andy Kade
Andy Kade Month ago
Do you use picsart to edit your thumbnails?? If not what do you use?? I absolutely love them. And I love your videos, I literally binge them.
Юлианна Параева
🆘 Pisos Сос писос
Akemi Ssi.
Akemi Ssi. Month ago
I'm in luv
{Mental_Roses} Month ago
Those brows are DARK.
My hand is itchy
this looks really good but I lack the skills or eyelids to do it
Sips_Txa 2 months ago
I need to learn how to do eyeshadoww
Полина Зенина
Блять, ты такая классная..
a n g e l
a n g e l 2 months ago
gosh you're so pretty! im trying out this look (or something similar cuz i suck at eyeshadow) for school so i hope it works out!~
HarvesterOfShadows 2 months ago
How are you so cute ffs i could NEVER
J o s s
J o s s 2 months ago
mom, im gay
Hanna Reiss
Hanna Reiss 3 months ago
your face is perfect!!
Maggie Lou
Maggie Lou 3 months ago
I know ur sister Kyra!
桜吹雪E D G Y
why i'm poor :(?
milk 3 months ago
Whenever I try doing my makeup I look like one of those British girls that put on too much of it😷🤣
soft girl
soft girl 3 months ago
Пусть все думают ,что тут написано что то умное 😂
Zyra 3 months ago
I love you emma ♡
Agatha Modesto
Agatha Modesto 3 months ago
gente queria tanti saber fazer
Lanaa 3 months ago
You're so cute and so pretty😍💋
woah dude
woah dude 3 months ago
I think you look good and you have very clear skin without makeup but you shouldn’t have to apologize for the way you look. Great video though! 😂👍😆😀
Jether Dale
Jether Dale 3 months ago
Thanks for makeup tutorial
Jaccy G
Jaccy G 4 months ago
In my opinion you look even stunning without make-up⚡
Helena Webster
Helena Webster 4 months ago
Which sleek highlight?
Evelyn McGetrick
Evelyn McGetrick 4 months ago
Yea I'm definitely not straight
BaddieX Tia
BaddieX Tia 4 months ago
👻☠️like it☠️👿
HonestlyCryMeARiver 4 months ago
The products list gives me mf life. Lmao
Andreanalu Villegas Fuentes
* Bisexuals entered the chat *
lolitahaze02 4 months ago
i feel like everybody in 2018 look like you. Especially the "instagram model" ones.. 🙄🙄
julia mae
julia mae 4 months ago
will someone PLEASE tell me which exact sleek highlighter she uses...
Marl Takahashi
Marl Takahashi 4 months ago
*awwww look at her nose, so adorable!*
Trisna Wati
Trisna Wati 4 months ago
Your face is a definition of victorian gorgeus doll
Sachi 4 months ago
you kinda resemble jules from euphoria
Baylee Jones
Baylee Jones 5 months ago
What highlight did you use?
FANG the Vamp Quinn
FANG the Vamp Quinn 5 months ago
wow we have the same style of doing make ups 😍 but mostly I use my finger on applying eyeshadow 😂
Hanako DTB
Hanako DTB 5 months ago
Imma. Do it! And we have the same skintone so this is even better.
Olivia Wofford
Olivia Wofford 5 months ago
She kind of reminds me of Mel Mercer
Santiago 5 months ago
Ur hands in 1:42 around their kinda look like this baby plastic hands no bully just telly
Bunni Morgan
Bunni Morgan 5 months ago
You are seriously cute. Very inspiring, I must say. ♡
Jhei Dee
Jhei Dee 5 months ago
u have billie eilish's eyes
amelia russo
amelia russo 5 months ago
Might do this for back to school it looks cool as hell
Reece 5 months ago
Dear god 😨
munegloss :3
munegloss :3 5 months ago
This girl needs so many more subscribers I cant even tell you
I am very boring
I am very boring 5 months ago
Your makeup is always so pretty and when I try to do it I look like I have a stye
Fernanda Cortes
Fernanda Cortes 5 months ago
You're so pretty 🌟❤
softan9el 5 months ago
Kiwi Berry Chan
Kiwi Berry Chan 6 months ago
I love this, tis cute!
Aleksandra Vaher
Aleksandra Vaher 6 months ago
Me, just two minutes in the video as an uncultured swine: o so pretty howwwww wowo pretty owowow~
Sangram Singh
Sangram Singh 6 months ago
Nice lipistick
• Vxnxzza •
Her eye color said “🌊🌊🌊🌊”
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