My Concealer Line Was Stolen & Leaked ($2.5 Million of Makeup Hijacked)

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Today I'm sharing what's been going on in my life lately. 2 weeks ago over $2.5 million dollars in Jeffree Star Cosmetics makeup products were stolen, including my new Magic Star™ concealer. The concealer packaging has now been leaked online a few days ago and I wanted to share how and why. Thank you for listening.
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Apr 2, 2019




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Kim Garritsen
Kim Garritsen 4 hours ago
Okay, but what are you gonna do with so many concealers? Like selling them wouldn't really go fast bcuz a lot of people don't know were to get it (were the thiefs sell it). And were are they gonna store all of this? Why are these people doing this? Why did they take pics of it? Why did they pick Jeffree? Why this one spicific shade? WHY???
Alana Imboden
Alana Imboden 8 hours ago
How stupid these people can be , they will be caught eventually and posted woo how sick sorry to heard that Jeff
Scott Garb
Scott Garb 13 hours ago
I’m so sorry. Yeah, you’re getting your money back, but you were also violated! One of my houses was broken into, it was a smash and grab. They didn’t get much. But I felt violated and couldn’t feel comfortable there again. I had to dump it and move. It’s not like what happened to you, but I understand some of what you are going through. Also remember, YOU ARE A STARR!!!
Pumpkin mo
Pumpkin mo 13 hours ago
Jeffree : They took an entire FUCKING shade
Not Me
Not Me 14 hours ago
Jeffree:*nearly crying* Me:Jacket tiddies
Jenny Tomka
Jenny Tomka 14 hours ago
Alyssa Shields
Alyssa Shields 15 hours ago
I'm so so sorry you are going through this you are such a motivational person for me and have helped me so much by just being strong and amazing. Keep being strong and dont let those asses knock you down. You got this girl 💖💖
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez 16 hours ago
“I haven’t told anyone this yet. Just me, my team, and my family know” I’d like to think the he was calling Shane family ❤️❤️❤️
Debi B
Debi B 21 hour ago
So, so sorry to hear about your Mom Jeffree... 😢 And the theft!!! How horrible! Waiting for karma to find them... 💞
Little Puny
Little Puny Day ago
Plot Twist: the new pallette was a paid actor
Ana Patterson
This is weird watching this after Shane’s documentary
arxsyn Day ago
well if he did music for a record label, his album could be leaked before being released too. anyway it sucked this happened, but I'm sure the man is well taken care of with an army of lawyers, accountants, insurance adjusters, law enforcement, private investigators etc.
It’sMae Day ago
I am so sorry!! I love ❤️ you so much
spencer splash
"Hii, who wants this?! lmfao
Simple and Basics
Say No To Burglary if you Love jeffreestar. Ups and Down I know you will pull Through.
ava fleckenstein
he’s still looking like a queen doeee
sarahjordan :D
People are so stupid and it's not okay, everybody who was in that damn roberry needs to get fucking put in jail
Grace Sperring
Jeffre stay strong.😥😓😭😢🤯😞😔😟😕🙁☹️
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb Day ago
He once said “I’m not the bitch to fuck with”
Quinten Cabo
Quinten Cabo Day ago
What footage?
Chris Lavoie
Chris Lavoie Day ago
I LOVE YOUUU MR. ⭐🌟🌠!!! 🌹🤗😜😍😘☺️😉🙃❣️❣️❣️U R 🔥🔥🔥
Veronica R da Silveira
❤️ Big warm hugs. Hope they get couth
Darker Fun
Darker Fun 2 days ago
Aww poor jeffree 💙
Who felt like they were actually talking to jeffree and wanted to go give him a hug
samantha wallace
samantha wallace 2 days ago
Man I remember when all of this was going down before the launch, I saw some of his stuff being sold on Facebook and I was actually shook to my core. I reported that shit tho.
Brittany Beautiful
I love you jeffreree, but the word is "trickle" not "trinkel"
Brittany Beautiful
Brittany Beautiful 18 hours ago
@Lamia A A typo is different than a mispronounciation. A typo indicates a one time mistake, when someone mispronounces something, it's usually that they say it that way all the time and, given the fact that jeffree (see I got it that time 😉) mispronounced it multiple times.
Lamia A
Lamia A 18 hours ago
Brittany Beautiful it’s Jeffree not Jeffreree.
Claudine Mira
Claudine Mira 2 days ago
I wanna see the footage And SCREAM
wildrose39 2 days ago
You are everything Jeffree, NEVER forget that! 😊💕
Regan Black
Regan Black 2 days ago
In all honesty stealing from Jeffree seems like suicide. Those people must have a friggin death wish.
diaryofseresha 2 days ago
"No humour, no sarcasm" xp xp 😂😂 the way jeffree said that funny af
Diana Diaz
Diana Diaz 3 days ago
OMG I can't believe that they did that to you taking something that you work so hard for that you put your sweat your love to give it to people that enjoy your products and I can't believe these people these no class no class because it take a low class to do something like this always trying to take something for somebody better girl I felt really bad when you told me girl I felt really bad when you told me something about this I was waiting to get my that you might believe I'm a great fan of yours I have all your makeup and I mean all of them and I can't believe that they did something like this people just don't have respect for other people things that they work so hard for you work so hard for it to somebody comes and take it from you I hope you get the justice that you deserve
phoebs69 3 days ago
If I would see a shady person selling stuff that isn't his/hers, then I would've contacted the police.
Gacha butter- Hollie!
wAiT wHo StEaLs FrOm ThIs BoOtIfUl mAn?
Horror Cloud
Horror Cloud 3 days ago
Can someone please subscribe to me......please?😭😭😭
RedPanda250 3 days ago
Who else I back after watching the new doc episode?
B.L. Snipes
B.L. Snipes 3 days ago
Lyndsey N
Lyndsey N 3 days ago
I'm sure James Charles stole your shit.
Dylan Gilligan
Dylan Gilligan 3 days ago
I love you so much Jeffree I feel like I know you all my life but stay strong hun god is going to teach them people a lesson in others words not mess with his queen love you always 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Suzanne Campbell
Suzanne Campbell 3 days ago
So sad to see this. Sad sad. ❤️❤️
Katt Paris
Katt Paris 3 days ago
Jeffree is absolutely incredible!
margarita pezoa
margarita pezoa 3 days ago
you are so fake , your makeup is trash
Nicole Wang
Nicole Wang 3 days ago
“Thank you god the system works sometimes” 😂😂😂😂 I’m dead key word: sometimes
Rebecca Estep
Rebecca Estep 3 days ago
Everyone’s here after Shane’s documentaries but I came here after Mia Maples’ review video
Kobra Kidding
Kobra Kidding 3 days ago
Posted on my bffs 16th birthday This really changed the mood of her cabin party 😂 Edit: sorry this was late I just found this vid again after watching Shane’s series with Jeffree.
Trxgic Trxsh
Trxgic Trxsh 4 days ago
Lacey Morgan Music
I had no clue this was going on... So late to the game. I sent Jefree a DM with a screenshot to postmark around that time being like "someone is selling counterfeit boxes of your products *sigh* lol" little did I know ... pry was real and now I feel bad.
Alexandra Leicester
No one Litatraly no one People in the comments: wHoS hErE aFtEr ShAnEs ViDeO
Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends
They prob spelled it wrong because he spells it so bizarrely. I don't think they are smart enough to do that.
AnnaLeigh 4 days ago
What an insane violation. I am so sorry.
Valerie Victoria
Valerie Victoria 4 days ago
Who are the theives?
Valerie Victoria
Valerie Victoria 4 days ago
@Ramla Shihab that crazy because I read that one girl from arizona was arrested
Ramla Shihab
Ramla Shihab 4 days ago
it was an inside job
Ivan 4 days ago
It is not just "your rich it doesn't matter" he has about 500 employees (I think) and these people have been working hard on that and they need to be payed for the job. So he has to worry about that even more.
Nino Nadareishvili
I am so sorry Jeffree 😭
miyah tolbert
miyah tolbert 4 days ago
The people that did this are extremely bold. To steal that much product from someone and then show it, and sell it??Bold asf. Karma is gonna come back to haunt them.
Monica Moreno
Monica Moreno 4 days ago
So so sorry for your break in who ever did theft will never be happy obviously they were jealous of your success, also so for your birth mom being so sick I hope and prayed for a speedy recovery with love Monica ps love your videos.
Katie Wisdom
Katie Wisdom 4 days ago
I had no idea this happened I’m so sorry🥺I love your cosmetics and I hope to purchase some items in the future❤️❤️
sammi maddox
sammi maddox 4 days ago
Watching this after the dangerous world of jeffree star has me actually shook
Talia Pettinella
Talia Pettinella 4 days ago
who's here rewatching videos
Italia Montes
Italia Montes 4 days ago
I’m sorry (not really) but anybody who buys from the thieves who are selling it because it’s “cheaper” or bc it’s “cool to get it earlier” are not true Jeffree Starr Supporters PERIODT anybody who truly cares would buy it from the official maker bc it’s *their* brand and its to support *them* ik i’m going to buy from Jeffree no matter what and LET ME CATCH something on the internet trying to sell his products bc i’ll have Starr on speed dial
Momma Geek
Momma Geek 4 days ago
I’m just now seeing this after Shane’s video. Did they ever catch them?!
Lea C.
Lea C. 4 days ago
It doesn't matter if he's already rich , he works really hard for all of that , people just don't see it all the time
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