My Coming Out Story (TMI version)

Alanah Cole
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Here is my coming out story, and yes I shared a bit too much! All the juicy details and more about coming out to my mom, dad and friends.








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Uzoma Albert Okwuadigbo
My god. You talk too much and probably a gossip too.
Uzoma Albert Okwuadigbo
@Alanah Cole I'm referring to your pace, lol. A goddam gossip can't wait to get it all out. By the way I'm curious how does a lesbian tell her partner she doesn't smell right down there and that she's going to fast instead of dying from puss* poisoning?
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole Day ago
It’s a RUvid video. What do you expect me to do. Sit here in silence?? 😂
Jacqui James
Jacqui James 5 days ago
You are so gorgeous :)
Peace be upon you to our beloved brothers and dearest sisters, you kinda need to listen to me, I just want to say that:- If you got anyone in your life that ever said to you likes ''how did it come to this?'' in the unkind ways, you know what I mean. This is what you tell them, you look at straight into their eyes and you saying: 1. Religion is about Peace and Mercy of God. 2. a) Do you believe in God? Yes. And if God didn’t want you this way, He wouldn’t have made you this way. Correct! 2. b) God have made and want you this way, because He love you. So, you will get more closely and continuously approach to God. He want you to love Him more than everything else, and the love that's exclusive only for Him. Not so many people out there got that chance. That's why you have to learn and understand the hidden message of God. 3. Whenever you come close yourself to God, He will never judge you based on your sexuality. He will judges and look at you, by what kind of a person you are. 4. Humanity is about as long as we bring ourselves to loves someone else, no matter what colour, no matter what race, no matter what religion, and no matter what gender. Humanity just want us to be loved, and to be able to love somebody back. 5. God loves us beyond any and everything else, and that’s who we should love first. 6. And in God's eyes kindness and love are what it’s all about.
Madison Gomez
Madison Gomez 8 days ago
Ok you are so beautiful 😍😍
Abz Hendricks
Abz Hendricks 17 days ago
Jaden Brianna
Jaden Brianna 23 days ago
I just recorded my own coming out video and I can’t wait to share it! Your video was great, loove your personality 💕
Lelly Parker
Lelly Parker 23 days ago
Tanya Edinjiklian
Tanya Edinjiklian 28 days ago
I’m glad you had a great family experience and that you a great support system. You’re awesome and thank you for sharing your story 🖤🖤🖤
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 27 days ago
Thanks Tanya 💖
Alibye Baby
Alibye Baby Month ago
david key
david key Month ago
So beautiful
Arianna Month ago
The end of the video really got me, I can relate so much✨ sometimes saying “who you are is fine” is not that easy, but knowing there’s people who feel like you it’s really reassuring.. I still don’t know anyone in real life I can relate to and these videos make me feel much better with my self, so thank you ❤️
hoodbooger Month ago
This bitch lying she know she can suck a mean one
hoodbooger Month ago
@Alanah Cole I bet you like a fist up your butt
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole Month ago
Lying that I like both guys and girls? Lol you clearly didn’t watch the video 😂
Nora Hughes
Nora Hughes Month ago
I’m literally 23 just finding your videos and I relate SO much. I’m bi but I’ve only openly dated guys and I’ve been dating a guy for the past two years but like I’m constantly feeling invalidated and like I’m hiding. I live at home but wanna move and just like feel more confident in who I am. Love your channel bc I feel pretty isolated about this sort of stuff
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole Month ago
Hi Nora! I can totally relate to how you feel! Its such shitty spot to be in when you feel like part of you is in the dark. It takes time to come out and I definitely recommend going at your own pace and don't feel like you have to rush. I think thats what causes the pressure feeling sometimes. Take things day by day and one day you will just be "ready". Everytime Im in a relationship I feel like people "see" me as one or the other, straight or gay. Im like nOOOOOOOoooooOOOOO im Pan and always will. It doesnt change if im dating one gender or the other. But honestly, it really doens't matter what anyone else thinks. XOXOXOXOXOXO
Karoline Simonsen
Friends who devalidate your identity shouldn't be your friends :/
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole Month ago
truttthhh but sometimes Its just not worth it to talk about it with them in the first place. My dating life isn't their business anyway. I just do me 🙌🏼
Meghan Smith
Meghan Smith Month ago
Ur hot purrrr heheh wink...meow
finding my way back to me
Girl, you are perfectly valid! From one bi girl to another, don't ever let others convince you otherwise! 💕
ashleehw Month ago
I just subscribed to you bc you said your vagina was funky and that cracked me up, so real! First video I’ve seen of you and already a fan- yessss girl!
Love this . Iam slowly coming out as questioning and feeling transgender and feeling lesbian . Which about time after trying to find myself . Nice hearing your story looking forward to other videos of yours.
cheychey williams
Dammit I so did not feel like commenting the same thing I just finish writing on this guy's channel about how difficult it is to be bisexual or pan because Im referred to as pansexual,like I just have a big heart and I'm very free-spirited and open so I like who and what I like and it looks very indecisive and messy and confusing to other people and it can get a little hard when I'm dealing with one sex because of their insecurities knowing that I like a little of everything LOL,I'm not confused at all I am just me but I can and must say that I am least 95% lesbian 💋🏳️‍🌈🤣💯
cheychey williams
I subscribed 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 only two minutes in,and I'm like she dope ahaha
cheychey williams
oh man same here I knew since the beginning of time though that I was gay but I am so the touchy one out of my friends like I'm so touchy 🙌🏼🙌🏼👀👅👅👅😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹🤷🤷🤷👏🏼💙💚💜❤️💛🧡💯💯💯💯💯💋💋💋
agatworose Month ago
i’m 16 right now and when i remember i always used to be homophobic (i never was educated about lgbt) but theeeen when i was 13 i watched orange is the new black and it changed my mind so much. i was really attracted to alex and so i just did research about it and thought that i may be lesbian. i don’t really get crushes in real life, only from tv shows, movies. i have never have been in relationship and i’m not sure what my orentation is but i think i may be bi((:
Shonna A
Shonna A 22 days ago
@the 108th Sage [Ynza] I'm sorry, but I'm deleting my Amino app because Amino hates me! Every time I joined an Amino that's perfect for me, I randomly get violations or a strike. Even after I followed the guidelines, I'd still get a violation over an innocent post.
the 108th Sage [Ynza]
@Shonna A The Amino Apps can be good for that.
Shonna A
Shonna A Month ago
I used to be cool with gay couples, but I was ~never~ into lesbians (yet) during my pre teen years. When I was in my senior in high school, I thought that I was Bisexual because I'm used to find women pretty attractive and I have no interest of having a boyfriend. Until one Valentine's Day later, when I took the sexual orientation quizzes, I've discovered that I'm truly a ~lesbian~ . I've yet told anyone about it and I'm getting use of being an autistic lesbian, I just need somebody to talk to...
Thomas McDonald
Thomas McDonald Month ago
Good that you have a supportive family. i would offer a quote from a WebVideo series "Love is not about the plumbing." Best wishes to you in the future.
pppppppp Month ago
that frd built a wall of pillows are narcissist...lolll
Jess Hansen
Jess Hansen Month ago
This video is amazing. I watch these type of vids all the time and yours is one of the realest ones I’ve heard and you were so fourth coming. I can’t wait to watch more of your vids!!
Drusilla Hodges
Drusilla Hodges Month ago
Keep it up, great video!! Did you ever think about using followsm[.]com? It’s the best way to get your videos higher in the search results!
Arianna Month ago
The last part of the video is so relatable✨ I felt every single moment of it
Madi Chambers
Madi Chambers Month ago
Midst :)
AudaciouslyKari Month ago
lmao, I used to always say “idk if I could eat pussy” until I actually did it 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
buffy455 2 months ago
Sooo weird! I’ve just watched another coming out video and the girl who came out as lesbian put a wall of pillows when she slept with the woman she’s in love and has a relationship with now! 😳
Shu Ting Tia
Shu Ting Tia 2 months ago
who else came here from tiktok
Zoey Paige
Zoey Paige 2 months ago
Holy shit I just watched your first coming out video. You’ve changed so much! I mean you were perfectly lovely before but you’re stunning now. I’m married so I’m not swiping right (or whatever it is ha ha) but I had to pass on the compliment.
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 2 months ago
Hi Zoey! Thanks so much! Yeah I’ve grown up a bit hahah 😂
Zoey Paige
Zoey Paige 2 months ago
I’m so happy for you that you have a supportive family. I came out in high school at 17 to my parents. My mom was like “duh of course you’re gay”. My dad said “thank god. Now I can quit worrying about pregnancy (LOL)” It makes me so happy to see that other people have loving parents who support them. Some of the coming out stories on RUvid make me cry
tiff got jimins jams!
Aw I love that for you 😂
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 2 months ago
Omg your dad sounds like such a funny guy!! Good to hear you had an easy coming out ❤️🌈
RenaiNay 2 months ago
You all types of cute, cute!
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 2 months ago
RenaiNay thank you 😊
Meghan Smith
Meghan Smith 2 months ago
Ur lucky,none of my friends doesn't feel comfortable experiencing with me or to each other, and some r Bi curious. Awww Notes on the windshield of ur car. Thts romantic hehe. Also damn ur hot hehe Sorry im weird and a tart...Meow
Nipplasia 2 months ago
That YOU GOOD made me lol!!!
Glenn Johnson
Glenn Johnson 2 months ago
Hey what's good. You know I have nothing against woman with woman I think it is very sexy.
Claudia Guerrini
Claudia Guerrini 3 months ago
Watching your video directly from Italia 😘 Thank you for always keeping me company, I could listen to you talk for hours and still be interested and amazed ❤️ I love how real and down to earth you are and you definitely deserve more recognition! Your channel has a special place in my heart :'''') Claudia. xx
Miya Gordie
Miya Gordie 3 months ago
Love this
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 3 months ago
Edina Cole
Edina Cole 3 months ago
Emma's Vlogzz
Emma's Vlogzz Month ago
@Edina Cole you just spelled it wrong
Edina Cole
Edina Cole Month ago
ItsEmmasVlogzz lol, or a phase 😂😂😂 I didn’t say that either
Emma's Vlogzz
Emma's Vlogzz 2 months ago
@Zoey Paige thanks ig
Zoey Paige
Zoey Paige 2 months ago
Omg you’re so adorable lol
Emma's Vlogzz
Emma's Vlogzz 2 months ago
Shag Wellington
Shag Wellington 3 months ago
Your hair is great. Nice, honest video. You would be attractive to anyone. It's nice your family was supportive. I dated a girl in L.A. who was pansexual. I didn't have any problem with it. It just wasn't any big deal. I figured if she wanted to be with me fine, if not fine. Do what makes you happy.
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 3 months ago
Thanks! Yeah I think let anyone be who they want to be and they choose you, then they choose you. Nothing to worry about!
Zakary Scott
Zakary Scott 3 months ago
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 3 months ago
Harsha Subbaiah
Harsha Subbaiah 3 months ago
U are amazing alanah. I still remember that video when you called your dad and told him about you having a girlfriend. Bold ass move. It's better to accept what we are then pretend to. Good on ye mate. Big up 👍🏻
Harsha Subbaiah
Harsha Subbaiah 3 months ago
@Alanah Cole 2 years. Talking bout anxiety attacks to losing friends to you finding your self a partner to trips to vancouver and then recently to Europe and your shift to another city apparel hauls. It's been a roller coaster pal.
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 3 months ago
Hi Harsha! Thanks so much! Did you use to watch my videos way back then too??
chris gay
chris gay 3 months ago
i am gay
felicity •
felicity • Month ago
chris gay, THATS AWESOME!
Cerina 3 months ago
A living human being with whom you connect with is your "type" and that's perfectly okay 🥳 I'm glad that even though sometimes others insecurities get you down that you're able to recognize that it's their issues they need to deal with and it has nothing to do with you. Being able to separate the two shows a lot 🙌🏻 Nothing but self love and growth in 2020 !! Thanks for sharing Alanah 🤗
tiff got jimins jams!
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 3 months ago
Hi Cerina! That is sooooo true. I try to separate the two but it can definitely be a struggle some times. Love that for 2020!!
Bonn 3 months ago
In the mist has me crackin at the beginning lol love this!❤️
Jayakrishnan Tr
Jayakrishnan Tr 3 months ago
Great to know all these details about your life Alanah. Loved how confident you were in sharing this with us. Keep being a badass!!😊❤
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 3 months ago
Hi Jay!! Glad you liked the video. Keep being badass too!!!
Carl 3 months ago
Great video!🌈😀
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 3 months ago
Thanks Carl!
BabyNameLover98 3 months ago
Are you going to do an updated tattoo video this year?
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 3 months ago
I think I will!! Maybe in the spring time. I have a lot more now so I definitely should do an updated one!
K K M 3 months ago
Hi alanah great video I really enjoyed this one I really appreciate my friendship with you I know I'm pansexual for sure I like everyone including fellow transgender people too I know I'm a guy but my brain says no your a girl your a special girl anyhow I hope our friendship has gotten stronger since the first time I commented on your videos your my best friend I love you Hope to hear from you soon Love always Khloe
K K M 3 months ago
@Alanah Cole dear alanah I am doing okay just got alot on my mind and I just trying to keep my mind focused on postive things but in the past hour or two I've realized that i am very proud to call you my best friend and I know that will always be best friends i hope you think the same. Becuase people who are my friends don't stay my friends for long they either tell me one minute they are going to be friend then turn around not be my friend anymore. Like i had a family member once tell me oh I'll be there for you and i said to myself great then all of a sudden she turned out to be a two face person who totally stop talking to me. Then i had to many more friends who did that to me to i wouldn't even call them a friend anymore and being transgender makes my life more difficult anyhow i love you alanah please don't forget about me your my best friend Love Khloe
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 3 months ago
Hi Khloe! Yeah, we are both pansexual! And if you feel like a girl then you are a girl and no one can tell you otherwise. Hope you are doing well! Lots of love!
Timothy Rowland
Timothy Rowland 3 months ago
I turned 40 five days ago. I've known I was multi-sexual since I was about 14 or 15. I STILL waiver in my mind all the time. My attractions change and shift thru the years too; which only makes that factor worse. I've always stayed attracted to all genders, but the percentage shifts over the years. At this point... I generally tell people I'm "Hetero-flexible" and leave it at that. Then again; I've also stopped trying to have an answer for anyone else or even myself on this. Whatever is...just is. I've learned to be okay with that. Great video again. Lived up to the "TMI" part of the title too lol. All good though. You are and forever will be... a Goddess among mortals.
Timothy Rowland
Timothy Rowland 18 days ago
@Lissette Santiago Bisexual and Lesbian are two very different things. Just like Gay and Bisexual are two different things.
Lissette Santiago
Lissette Santiago 18 days ago
that’s just bi with a preference
Timothy Rowland
Timothy Rowland 3 months ago
@Threshold Video I've never done that. Had it done to me before and could never do that to another person. My interest in genders shifts; my interest in a person when I have it... that doesn't shift any more than anyone else's would. Which is to say that it shifts according to how they treat people and how they interact with me.
Timothy Rowland
Timothy Rowland 3 months ago
@Alanah Cole Something that is difficult but crucial is that when hearing other peoples' perspectives, be sure to keep those perspectives separate from your own feelings and thoughts. Easy to get trapped by other peoples' stories and outlooks. You are a strong woman...you'll be alright.
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 3 months ago
Hi Timothy! Thanks for sharing some of your story. I always find it interesting to hear different perspectives of coming out. So interesting how we all just want to be ourselves but feels like such a burden on other people in a way. I think my percentages have changed throughout the years too!! We are similar in that way!
ace408561 3 months ago
First and great video
Alanah Cole
Alanah Cole 3 months ago
Hi Alex! Thanks for always being the first!!
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