My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love You [Official Music Video]

My Chemical Romance
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From ‘The Black Parade’
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Oct 26, 2009




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Comments 100
Emildwin Aliong
Emildwin Aliong 29 minutes ago
Ariadna Guadalupe Elizalde Borja
No voy a llorrar pero como no llorar con el rolon
Ariadna Guadalupe Elizalde Borja
Le agradezco a la cuarenta averme encontrado con ustedes
Fikri Ansyah Official
🇲🇨 05-12-2020
JosueGames OMG!!
JosueGames OMG!! 3 hours ago
Aldrin Rotairo
Aldrin Rotairo 4 hours ago
December 2020. We're always here. 🥰
Ba Kho
Ba Kho 7 hours ago
Namjoons dimples
Namjoons dimples 9 hours ago
Iconic song and album from my childhood. Love MCR
Kim Star
Kim Star 9 hours ago
I’m still here
Gairanlung Riamei
Gairanlung Riamei 11 hours ago
4th December 2020.
Pamela Venegas
Pamela Venegas 12 hours ago
Me encantan este tema aunque pasen los años siempre lo escuchare 202...
Royal Payne
Royal Payne 15 hours ago
Been in love with this song 11 years ago. Hey Chemical Romance 😁
James Bryan J. Fombuena
You can't spell I'm crying without MCR.
Tyche 18 hours ago
I dont know how there are dislikes in this video. Maybe they do not like black and white colors lol👌.
Rochansanga Chhakchhuak
Who hate MCR take your gloves and get out
Paul Rose
Paul Rose 21 hour ago
Paul Rose
Paul Rose 21 hour ago
10 years on my first listen. And still WOW
Lan Vuong
Lan Vuong 21 hour ago
Tan Anh
Tan Anh 21 hour ago
Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.
noel mesa
noel mesa 22 hours ago
Still watching 2020? Like
yeru melichow ben hannanajiew
ou can do
yeru melichow ben hannanajiew
also may there...
yeru melichow ben hannanajiew
there is one way of pray
노장공시생 23 hours ago
I love MCR like I did yesterday
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 23 hours ago
When you're 30 and your HS playlist makes more sense...
Raiders 23
Raiders 23 Day ago
who's still with me?
Asha Yahya
Asha Yahya Day ago
4th december 2020, I'm here
Damian Abrego
Damian Abrego 4 hours ago
Me too! Have a blessed day
Emm Oh
Emm Oh Day ago
Still my fav rock band since I was 17!
i dont luv luv! like i did yesterday!
like i did. yesterday!
Brandon Waite
Just discovered this song and dear god it’s amazing 💙
Lan Vuong
Lan Vuong Day ago
Que Dios nos perdone.
Vicky Anderson
My daughter in 2000's driving me mad with MCR and Green Day wishing I could have them years back again
Agis Maulana Robani
i don’t love you, like i loved you yesterday.
Arturo Caceres
Me encanta
Stefania Martins
Adoro essa música tão melancólica
TitoEstrada XD
Legend alive are gonna give this a like in 2020.
Glendie Dela Cerna
i'm still inlove with this band tho
Haruto Riku
Haruto Riku 2 days ago
December 3rd 2020 anyone? This song will be my friend at Christmas Eve while I sob at my failure of a life
korn20102001 18 hours ago
My Christmas playlist includes this, Snuff by slipknot Bother by stone sour Creep by Radiohead The bleeding by five finger death punch And of course Johnny cash's version of hurt. Not only my Christmas playlist but also my funeral playlist when that time comes. But I must tell everyone (including myself) this one thing I learned from barrr_none on tiktok. You're not allowed to quit. You have a purpose and when things seem the darkest there are other members of the Great Friends Club that are here for you.
A Anonymous
A Anonymous Day ago
I’m right here with you
A Anonymous
A Anonymous Day ago
My husband and father of my children told me he wanted a divorce yesterday
OkaMotret 2 days ago
2020 like
Shreejan Bhujel
Shreejan Bhujel 2 days ago
here we go again
Reduan Zainuddin
Reduan Zainuddin 2 days ago
lakei ngak ako teah lagu ih ajau..best ateng masa mudak sabei..mun bei mesin masa,luk balik udei gak masa sabei..ubah benda wak berlaku ajau
random stuff
random stuff 2 days ago
love this song so much ❣️
hafiz grunge
hafiz grunge 2 days ago
MCR music is rare guys...
Bisami Blanche
Bisami Blanche 2 days ago
How is that I am still enchanted by their music?
I remember this song in highschool days ♠️♣️
Aba Umma di Belanda
OMG this was from 2009 wowww i was 24, clueless but so in love
Heivrin Thing
Heivrin Thing 2 days ago
Now I internalize the meaning of it after my first break-up.
HannahGraciela TV
It's 2020 and I'm still listening to this. Who's with me? 🖤This one's my fave among their tracks.
Harvy Ligaray
Harvy Ligaray 15 hours ago
Sameeee here! 💖
Noor Raihan
Noor Raihan Day ago
me...from revenge era..
Rizzie Pizzie
They will rock plus love music
Arvind Khandekar
Arvind Khandekar 2 days ago
Starting guitar note sounds like Yellow by Coldplay
Damian Abrego
Damian Abrego 4 hours ago
Surya Alam
Surya Alam 3 days ago
Why they love us and go away😮until we know they don't love us
elle mnop
elle mnop 3 days ago
here because of my dad. he always play this song
Dawn 2024
Dawn 2024 3 days ago
I kinda wanna sing this to my ex boyfriend. After all the BS, I went through only for him to cheat on me with his ex girlfriend. (Keep in mind, she MADE him toxic.) "I don't love you like i did yesterday."
Gomgom Siahaan
Gomgom Siahaan 3 days ago
Siap yang masih kangen lagu ini..
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen 3 days ago
Very good song.
Awkward Abby
Awkward Abby 3 days ago
The way this was shot in black and white really adds to the tone of the video. It makes it seem even more melancholy, even though the song is already very sad.
Pedro Ítalo
Pedro Ítalo 3 days ago
December, 2020. Yeah, we're still here.
Pumpkinpie mf
Pumpkinpie mf 4 hours ago
Defiant till the end
Maru Fox
Maru Fox 19 hours ago
til now. mcr legends!!!
Putri Mega
Putri Mega 20 hours ago
삐요 21 hour ago
Yes i am here too.!!!
Noor Raihan
Noor Raihan Day ago
yeahh....from revenge era 2004..
in espanish
my favorite song that he taught me in Spanish because it is my language with English
Jamaica Patriarca
Cape Baldy
Cape Baldy 3 days ago
Still listening to MCR this 2020 ❤
David Acuña
David Acuña 3 days ago
i love this band 🤩
Emely June Uba
Emely June Uba 3 days ago
After all, I still love you like I did yesterday. 🥺
Alfon Sendow
Alfon Sendow 3 days ago
morning bloom.
morning bloom. 3 days ago
John Contado
John Contado 3 days ago
Hello 2020 bye 2020
Magnum Dong Adventures
Everyone be like "its not a phase" eh.. it was kind of a phase.. that lasted me a good 5 years but still a phase..
LelekBlaster96 4 days ago
Hate that Comment-scrolling-reflex..
nodus tollens
nodus tollens 4 days ago
Lorenetta 4 days ago
The lyrics are so visceral, I adore them, really f*cking LOVE this song !!
Apih 4 days ago
2021 Soon
Keint Punay
Keint Punay 4 days ago
I'll come back here after 10 years later, I'll just reminisce how things they were before and how things are happening the future. If I won't, I'm sure goosebumps will take over me feeling nostalgic. "Hey it's me, the young adult, I miss how this era bring me so much happiness." I would love to say it again.
Mr:Dome Malitong
Mr:Dome Malitong 4 days ago
Mr:Dome Malitong
Mr:Dome Malitong 4 days ago
When Vs Thanisorn More batter Dome!กัดหูลู่ลม.
Mr:Dome Malitong
Mr:Dome Malitong 4 days ago
13.5kilomatter day time or night.I wait!Because I like one reason passed always.sone frinds in side mast happy.
Vane Salazar rojas
Very good
Leeian Kyrelle Aurio
11 years ago. Im 9rs old. This is the first song that I sang to karaoke.
Stella Krane
Stella Krane 3 days ago
Isabelle Schuyler
Can we talk about the fact that Gerald looks so sad and depressive.
나라 Muse
나라 Muse Day ago
@DC geralt??
Lilly Plays Roblox
i- ok then. his new name is Gerald i guess
DC 2 days ago
gerald of rivera?
Awkward Abby
Awkward Abby 3 days ago
GERALD? i think you mean Gerard
Aadrita Ghose
Aadrita Ghose 3 days ago
Lp Sonam
Lp Sonam 4 days ago
She is getting married next year with someone else and i am depressed as hell Hey yangchen I still love you like I did yesterday 😭😭💔
나라 Muse
나라 Muse Day ago
Hey I know somewhat how you feel. My boyfriend changed so suddenly and abruptly told me he doesnt have any feelings for me anymore. So he dumped me for another girl. It hurts. I thought of this song after everything that happened.
TuWaifu VendeDrogas
Borra eso por favor que es muy triste
Lp Sonam
Lp Sonam Day ago
@LIGHT ARMY she is my love but no more
Faishal Azizi
fuck off cringe lord
Darwin Orot
Darwin Orot 3 days ago
Sorry for that. Stay strong
Dan Can
Dan Can 4 days ago
seny chavez
seny chavez 5 days ago
Que recuerdos...
Muhammad Machfud
Muhammad Machfud 5 days ago
Indonesia, november 2020
Summer Gipson
Summer Gipson 5 days ago
anyone else thinking Gerard is singing this to Frank no just me okay
andres felipe castaño correa
Que mierda de banda
uncle zar
uncle zar 5 days ago
no one can cover this song better than gerard did... gerard put emotion to the song... you can feel the heartbreak...
Anning Kim
Anning Kim 5 days ago
Oh thank you for recommending this song ♡
BlackCatcher 5 days ago
Masih disini !
Steven Apples
Steven Apples 5 days ago
Steffi Yun
Steffi Yun 5 days ago
Love this since i was in high school. Now I’m almost 30, a teacher and also a mom 😆
Binoy Perera
Binoy Perera 5 days ago
Ize The Destroyer
I know you didn't listen to this song just once. 😎
Eli Inka
Eli Inka 5 days ago
that guitar solo still gets me
Faby and the paint brush
First time listening any recommendations?
Buhhrierr 5 days ago
Well i suggest you listen to ghost of you. Its is truly amazing. That and this bro
garp monkey
garp monkey 6 days ago
Good old days 🙂
Roanoke 6 days ago
I'm still here
Gustavo Guilbert
Gustavo Guilbert 6 days ago
I don't love you
The Hidden Pineapple
I was right. It wasn't a phase.
Mamma Kraken
Mamma Kraken 6 days ago
Mine will never be a phase
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