My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love You [Official Music Video]

My Chemical Romance
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From ‘The Black Parade’
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Oct 26, 2009




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Comments 80
DEBIE CASTILLO 2 hours ago
i love this song since i was 8 years old :c
Vale 3 hours ago
"why u still emo?? is 2020" - I GREW UP WITH MCR BITCH!!!!
ARTS COKE 5 hours ago
My Chemical Romance , Thank you ♥
Bagaskara Pamungkas
The song of brokenheart
Dev Official
Dev Official 10 hours ago
sukses mcr in the world
Hannah 16 hours ago
My dog and me after she jumps off my bed
Linnea Johnson
Linnea Johnson 19 hours ago
I know that all too well. But I am going to b okay
Zip Crocks
Zip Crocks 21 hour ago
hit a like whos still listening this master piece
Júlia Mogyorósi
It would not have been easier if they shoot with a black man and not a white man painted black?
ACE KiNG Day ago
I wish they'd come back i super mis them since i was 2 yr of highschool i miss them so much😭
Adela Ingebretsen
I would coddle him like a baby. He was sleeping on a floor. His baby momma cussed him out over 48 dollars. He beat me for that. Impregnated that. I could go on if she was pure of heart she wouldn't have been manipulative. Birds of a feather flock together a match made in hell!
fatgamer 919
fatgamer 919 Day ago
Who's here from 2020?
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Day ago
melisyah hamzah
Nela Day ago
On all levels except physical, I am that microphone flying across the stage in slow motion
José Rodríguez
José Rodríguez 2 days ago
Se la dedico a mi Tramadora :(
Brianna Caron
Brianna Caron 2 days ago
I heard the song Everybody’s Changing by Keane and thought of this song. I like both but this one is for sure my jam!
Twinkle Thounaojam
Igor Alencar
Igor Alencar 2 days ago
At 3:21 does anyone else hear a girl saying "Yester-" along with Gerard? I Always wondered who that is.
Erendira Perez
Erendira Perez 12 hours ago
Wood Master31
Wood Master31 2 days ago
Whenever I remember my ex, I just listen to this, effing legend man
Pedro fernández
Pedro fernández 2 days ago
am I the only one who listents part of the Bohemian Rhapsody solo at 2:52 ?? (at some parts the notes are the same)
Yesenia Poma Diego
TT_TT recuerds
Black_cat_emo 2 days ago
So I’m here again..
Marie Bernadette L.
I'm tired 🥺
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia 2 days ago
2020 alguien?
raby hazard
raby hazard 2 days ago
yesterday is my birthday and i broke up with him ( 4 yrs relationship) . Well yes i was expecting some surprise but not this one :)
DIO Joestar
DIO Joestar 2 days ago
2020 quarantined still listening
Djafar Dali
Djafar Dali 2 days ago
Philosopher 2 days ago
It`s incredible masterpiece! After 14 years I still think like that. This song and movie "The Descent" (2005)...mmm...all these are so romantic...
Antonio Bezerra
Antonio Bezerra 2 days ago
Época da moda emo; nostalgia pura Salve aos manos e Minas Br✌️🇧🇷
Angel Gluz
Angel Gluz 3 days ago
Shihab Sadik
Shihab Sadik 3 days ago
Its not just a music band, its all about teenagers emotions... They died and They dreamt over MCR. Thanks MCR!!!!
Aurora aurora Jara Jara
RUvid didn't recommend you this,you search it on yourself..... I'm proud of you :))
Nubola Mad
Nubola Mad 3 days ago
Claudia Chirino
Claudia Chirino 3 days ago
Soy la única que lo escucha en el 2020?
Nubola Mad
Nubola Mad 3 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-eZfN0MkeY28.htmlsub_confirmation=1 El no es el único
Secret2 Man1
Secret2 Man1 3 days ago
I don't love you like i *Deed YestEArdAYE*
Rise Up Step Chickens
I just realised the guy in black us Colton Haynes... I truly am an idiot
kristine la-as
kristine la-as 3 days ago
I am so much fan of this band since high school. Now, I am 24 and still in love with this song ♥️ Hi Gerard I am from Philippines 🙂
Jessica A. Voigt
Jessica A. Voigt 3 days ago
Why does she has such big eyes? And why does it fits this so well?
Goodfella 3 days ago
I know this song because of Cartoon Network
Mfrji 3 days ago
Frank: Epiphone Ray: Gibson Gerard: Gerard Mikey: Fender John (I think... I'm not gonna bother checking): LARS but different because he know how to use a snare and didn't make St. Anger MCR: Let's destroy all of our gear Frank: Not my Epiphone!! MCR: You see that marshall amp Also MCR: Yeah MCR: *Blows it up* Well um not anymore MCR Again: Frank can you throw your guitar? Also let's destroy it like we did in Famous Last Words Frank: Why can't Ray or Mikey do it? MCR: Let's be Frank.... You're Frank. And we need to see some of that Epiphone Les Paul boomage. MCR: Gerard can you launch your mic across the room? Gerard: Yeah sure. Gerard: *Yeets it* Kurt from his grave: Smells like teen spirit huh? Edgelord: the only thing i smell is my will to pulverize the planet 2020: That's the spirit! Bert: Say days ago, me and gerard sang something together.... Jimmy and JT: Why weren't we invited? Silverstein: JT we are waiting for collab JT: ;-; Jimmy: I eat world btw and also me and my "band" have decided to make pop instead of alt rock like we used to :). The Starting Line: THE BEST OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Armor for Sleep: But that's not why I'm here. I came down here to tell you they're trying to record a music vid. Every emo band: let's exit so MCR can do their thing MCR: wtf
Mohd Amri
Mohd Amri 3 days ago
Good song
Ania Lopatiuk
Ania Lopatiuk 3 days ago
Ania Lopatiuk
Ania Lopatiuk 3 days ago
Відео зняв Марк Веб,я не помиляюсь?
Ania Lopatiuk
Ania Lopatiuk 3 days ago
Video was directed byMark Webb, am i right, or not
Ania Lopatiuk
Ania Lopatiuk 3 days ago
Just thought of all bandsi inspired,andlistening to them again,after quite a long time,makes me feel optimistic
ILoveKt 4 days ago
I don't love you anymore
Teffy Rivera
Teffy Rivera 4 days ago
Quisiera volver allá por el 2007 y todo era mejor cuando no existía gente cantando como bad Bunny 🤨😔
wan ruzaini
wan ruzaini 4 days ago
Dark Glow
Dark Glow 4 days ago
Everyone's looking miserable and confused.... then there's *Frank*
Minimal 15
Minimal 15 Day ago
Basically, yeah.
Ęmø Hąņąķø-ķųņ
Why am I cryin?- And why can't I stop?-
Han! 3 hours ago
It’s okay... it’s okay...
HDC Entertainment
I am here stil waiting new single
Benir Ben
Benir Ben 5 days ago
자니윤 5 days ago
언제들어도 졸라좋네
Fahmi Razorblade
Fahmi Razorblade 5 days ago
goth frost
goth frost 5 days ago
.TF this is beutiful
axel rose
axel rose 5 days ago
Aku meh masak owk
Yautja Hish-qu-Ten
TOP fans what?
Why do i feel this song is underrated?
loser0 bunny
loser0 bunny 5 days ago
I ligit sang to this in the shower when me and my bf broke up. Bc one day he loved me and the next he just decided he doesnt love me anymore. I was depressed for like a month after that.
Yami Dani
Yami Dani 5 days ago
Quien escucha desde México 🇲🇽 en plena cuarentena??
Rob Smith
Rob Smith 5 days ago
So take your gloves and get out. Better get out while you can.
ronald hardy
ronald hardy 5 days ago
I came here because im so sick and tired of the needless beating.(fake love)!!
Yurs Kie
Yurs Kie 5 days ago
Still the best one for me at 2020
g o o d v i b e z
I got this in my recommendations. Thanks RUvid for making me cry😭😭😭😭
Akhirun Meidiansa
Cinta ini membunuhku d'masiv
Bersek Philip06
Bersek Philip06 6 days ago
My Girlfriend just broke up with me I listen to My Chemical Romance Song All the time.I hope she's happy with her new boyfriend
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel 6 days ago
Me: Feels horrible for not listening to this when it came out Aslo me: Literatly three when it came out
I'm part of every fandom
Me: wasn't alive when this came out
レオ 2 days ago
i wish i could've been on the scene when the eagles sang new York minute on the mtv live concert back in 1994, but sadly i was born in 1995
k a t h e r i n e
@Sk_Chapel i love this song lmao its not my all time favourite but it’s up there
Sk_Chapel 4 days ago
i was on the scene when this came out and i never dig it. i like other mcr songs but not this one. i came here to see if it is still like after a broke up, and yes. i still dislike this song.
YmerJames Meng
YmerJames Meng 6 days ago
It's May 2020 Who's Still Watching this Music Video? 🎧🎧🔊🔊
Pansy 7 days ago
Ich weiß nicht, aber gibs hier auch deutsche? Heh?
PureNeptune 7 days ago
Raimon Treveler Tv
Kesuma Noer Shiddiq
I don't love you , like I love you , yesterdaaayyyyyyyyyyy
Easter blood skull
I honestly did not know that this film clip existed
Cheri Cha
Cheri Cha 7 days ago
Whenever I listen this song reminds me brake up with my ex boyfriend and still feel distract.
LustyDemon 28
LustyDemon 28 7 days ago
When her words are cold, when she become a numb with you, when she smile and laugh with another person but with you its totally different, when your world its ending...
Guy McElhany
Guy McElhany 7 days ago
when your playing a game and then gee comes on the screen and you really mess up XD
Butter Toast
Butter Toast 7 days ago
We didn't deserve these guys
MJ Ballesteros
MJ Ballesteros 7 days ago
Green day wanna bees
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