My Baby Was Born 4 Months Too Early

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Apr 11, 2019




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Comments 5 215
Amber The Artist
Amber The Artist 18 hours ago
This story is so freaking heartwarming THIS IS THE MIRACLE OF GOD PEOPLE and I literally almost died crying
Sameera Shaik the great
I was born 2 months earlier
Galaxy Chan
Galaxy Chan Day ago
now i know i nearly died O-O'
Smriti Limbu
Smriti Limbu Day ago
Sooo emotional I literally cry when I hear ur story🥰😍I was also not healthy when i was born ans could die too but my parents didn't gave up and today I m here sharing and commenting in ur story thanks to my supportive parents🥰😍
3:25 made me mad
LpsValysGirls OceanPerl
And your baby
LpsValysGirls OceanPerl
But I am sooo sooo sorry about all of your childhood
LpsValysGirls OceanPerl
When my mother had me my feet came out first my mom was very worried but I was fine and my mother as well and now I’m 11
Faith Barthel
When I was born I only Weighed 1 and 1/2 pounds
Unicorn Gacha
I’m watching this at 8:57am on Friday Welp I’m missing school today
Zion Does Stuff
I was born 6 days late.
MYL FAM Day ago
My tia had a baby 3 months early but not 4 month she has an oxagine tank
Nisas Lupin
Nisas Lupin 2 days ago
Me and my identical twin sister were born 3 months early ❤️
Inging Arojchaporn Palarit
I hope you get back with your boyfriend
Chris Mis
Chris Mis 2 days ago
My sister died in my moms Tommy 😭😭😭 her name was Rebecca 😩😖😢😭
PuppyGamer 254
PuppyGamer 254 13 hours ago
I’m so sorry for you, hope you feel better, she will always be next to you,
Bailey 2 days ago
My brother came out 2 months early and he was so small
Sowon Kim
Sowon Kim 2 days ago
My mum and I almost died, I was given birth to facing up, the umbilical cord around my neck the face blue. She was 38 when she gave birth to me, she almost died from blood loss
Team Docherty
Team Docherty 2 days ago
That’s exactly what happened to me my mom had to get a c-section too
Brittany Stewart
Brittany Stewart 2 days ago
I was born feet first I was born 1 pound and 5 ounces. I was born in 5 months I am now 28 but have a lot of health companies along with learning issues
Taylor’s Turtles
So you brought your young daughter into a house with a man who abused you and your sister in some sort of way to live with him
valnicek esme
valnicek esme 2 days ago
Poor woman no one should ever go through this... I would never want to go through this its heart breaking.😭😭😭 She is very strong
Official Toonie !
Story time So my 20 year old brother that has a gf and still lives with us my big brother was born 6months and he kept the same way as you daughter. And he has no bellybutton belive me he has a ✂ cut in the bottom :c
Postal Annex San Marcos
Ya I can imagine bc my baby sister was born early too
Hannah Long
Hannah Long 3 days ago
Ok kids! Our new student is here. Hun would you like to share a bit about yourself? uH **plays video**
Marlee Scoville
Marlee Scoville 3 days ago
Same thing happened to my cousin she had a daughter five months early. Her daughter's hand and foot was smaller than her thumb! But I think she died!
Jiajing Teng
Jiajing Teng 3 days ago
I was 3 pound when I was 🍼 baby but I’m still very healthy
agentfreshdasquid 35
I bet my mom can relate to the "my kid was born early" thing... apparently, i think she said i was like, 1 pound and 11 ounces when i was born or something. I may be wrong
Les gee
Les gee 4 days ago
Its ok my father drinks to but its his way of coping with stress like me the way i cope with stress is getin' in fights at school or on my street i know i must have hella lot of scares
Diamondcookie Girl
All the suffering you are experiencing now won’t compare to the glory you’ll be given in the end
Thanh Nha Thanh Vo
well, I had the same condition
Charlene Fraley
Charlene Fraley 4 days ago
I was born 4 months too early as well
Charlene Fraley
Charlene Fraley 4 days ago
I weighed only 2lbs 6oz when I was born
Mariah Hurtado
Mariah Hurtado 4 days ago
*I mean I was a accident*
Sadie Rubio
Sadie Rubio 4 days ago
I was supposed to be born in April 2007 but instead I was born January 2007.
how does she have red hair? both of the parents have to be red headed to have the child have red hair? both parents dont have red hair
Awesome Amy
Awesome Amy 5 days ago
My little brother and sister (twins ) were born premature 3 months early but now they are healthy
Frisky Life
Frisky Life 5 days ago
When I was born I was like your daughter. I’m glad your child is OK
Alex Undercover
Alex Undercover 5 days ago
I was born 4 months too early as well and I am very happy your daughter is okay (I am too) HELL YEA EARLY KIDS,WE CAN DO IT!😂😂
stella ShOOk
stella ShOOk 5 days ago
*"I felt pain"* OKAY SAME..I MEAN MENTALLY lol
Lane 5 days ago
All these people being born legs first, or born with something coming out at all. I was cut out of my mom.
Kearasocute Cutie
My sister was born 3 months early and she was kept in the hospital for 3 months before we could bring her home she was 1 pound and 11 ounces but now she's healthy and she's gotten really big compared to her size when she was born
Jared Euceda
Jared Euceda 6 days ago
:girl all of my. Girl friends
Level 10 Trash
Level 10 Trash 6 days ago
*_-but is it her child tho-_*
Nayeil Walton
Nayeil Walton 6 days ago
My sister was born at 6 months and she has a lot of tubes in her throat and she at 2 months now and is still in the hospital
Khady Cisse
Khady Cisse 6 days ago
i was born 4 months early too
Linda Kartak
Linda Kartak 6 days ago
This story reminds me of my ex girlfriend bc her birth was almost identical
FlamezGames 2
FlamezGames 2 6 days ago
Kairi Feaganes
Kairi Feaganes 6 days ago
Wow, just imagine how much thinking and work they had to do to do that for babies 😥 I was 3 pounds, but 1 month early
Unicorn Galaxy Wolf
People put these things Cuz they have actually had them go through this and the just want to share it to all of us for some comfort from and and they want us to support them to make them happy😃😄☺️
Elisa Hutchinson
Elisa Hutchinson 7 days ago
I’m so sorry for you but don’t give up!
Meera Arulampalam
I did ultra sound but I wasn’t pregnant it’s cuz I had bacteria somewhere >:)
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