My Baby Was Born 4 Months Too Early

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Apr 11, 2019




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Ipazia Mercury
Ipazia Mercury 8 days ago
I was born 3 months early, I'm fine now (25 years later) ^-^
Olivia Joy VanderZon
my little brother was 2 months premature but my dad was training to work in the ER and he helped save his life actually.
I found Jimins jams
I was also born 4 months too early Me and ma twin had holes in our lungs and in our heart, we were really little But we survived, in my childhood I had asthma My twin too, but now our lungs are completely fine We're healthy Thanks to God, it was an hard time for my family❤️
Yumplayyzz zz
Yumplayyzz zz 20 days ago
i was born 1 month too early -3-
Brooke Barnes
Brooke Barnes 25 days ago
Why is this my story I don’t have disorders and my real dad is alcoholic and a drug addict and I’m only 13
Ashlin’s World
Ashlin’s World 29 days ago
I had my son when he was only three weeks early but he had a lot of medical issues and died when he was only seven months old
Shyam Dharmapalan
Shyam Dharmapalan 29 days ago
The Mortal of the Story: Everything will be okay, if you keep trying till the very end.
Daniela Torres
Daniela Torres Month ago
My aunt gave birth to twins and they were born three moths early and one sadly passed one is healthy and very small
PlayzZane Z
PlayzZane Z Month ago
Whoever disliked is a monster! This is kinda SAD!
Pink_syrup_bv Month ago
I was born 2 months early and i had to stay for 2 months in the hospital than i had surgery becuse i wouldint be able to dijest milk🙊
Jess Atkins
Jess Atkins Month ago
If he doesn't make enough money to support both, then he needs to quit drinking!
YeetYeecSkeet 420
Ang3l luv
Ang3l luv Month ago
Why are kids being born so early....I just read a comment and the person said they were born 6 months early. I-is...everyone okay?
Simran Sahu
Simran Sahu Month ago
Just don't give up
shādøw wolļf
shādøw wolļf Month ago
I sometimes wish i didn't know english
Seksikäs Rotta
Seksikäs Rotta Month ago
I am late i know but i born like 2months too early
old Sport
old Sport Month ago
Im happy that the baby survived
Duke L'orange
Duke L'orange Month ago
as a baby born early at 1 pound 11 ounces i understand
Aaron Franklin
Aaron Franklin Month ago
That same thing my baby brother was born early
em Month ago
I hate stories like this. Don't have children if you're not economically and emotionally stable and have a plan B in case of "emergencies", having kids rarely ever solved anything, all you're doing is bringing them into your problems and giving them a miserable life
Jenaye Moffatt
Jenaye Moffatt Month ago
I’m so proud of the mother. She is staying so strong. While I’d say she should try to find a new boyfriend who could make things a bit easier, I’m not her and I can’t choose for her. *If anyone from this story is reading this, I’m sending ALL my love. Please, feel free to acknowledge how great you’ve been*. I have no words to express my gratitude over how you’re trying so hard for this beautiful young girl. I’m hoping you find a loved one to help continue your journey with and that you will soon be able to look back on this, remembering how strong you’ve been.
Olivia Swinnerton
Olivia Swinnerton 2 months ago
*Me and my twin were born 3 months early and i was born legs first! I have an ongoing hip problem and it annoys me sometimes but I'm just happy to be here!*
Jillossotron 2 months ago
This actress is amazing.
Jessica Castillo
Jessica Castillo 2 months ago
This aintaminute vid hahaha
YaYellowGirlio ¿
YaYellowGirlio ¿ 2 months ago
*why does the mother give me ochaco uraraka vibes* also i was only born two days before i was supposed to am i the only one like this?
p'tit biscuit
p'tit biscuit 2 months ago
I was born 6month early too luckly enough my parents were execting me so they had money for me
kohais and pluarls studio
is that urakraka(ik i spelled it wrong) From my hero??
Morgan Knight
Morgan Knight 2 months ago
I keep watching these videos earlier in the morning and making myself sad.
kawai bear sistres squad
i was born 8 months urly
Chris Lu
Chris Lu 2 months ago
I was born 3 months early and had to spend the fist couple of months in an incubator. Was constantly sick until I was 6 years old, but thank god for the doctors and nurses. I'm in perfect health now and never better :)
H o n e y B e a r
H o n e y B e a r 2 months ago
I came 3 months early and my twin sisters died due to problems with my moms back and a misscarage
RickMario 4648
RickMario 4648 2 months ago
I was born 3 months early , so I'm not the only one
What Am I Doing
What Am I Doing 2 months ago
I had a 13% of surviving when I was born and eventually was completely normal. I still can’t believe that I’m still here, way too lucky
Cece Gundrum
Cece Gundrum 2 months ago
And that’s on not calling the child a fetus✌️
- Lulu Gacha -
- Lulu Gacha - 2 months ago
Its ok because i was born feet first and was early but still have problem breathing now :C
cami sly
cami sly 2 months ago
When my cousin was born who is like 4'5 at 10 she was 1.2 lbs when she was born but me a about 5'4 was born 9.10 lbs when I was born she is 2 weeks older than me
Justine Johnson
Justine Johnson 3 months ago
My daughter was born three months early and she is fine now at 2 years old
Katerina Konsta
Katerina Konsta 3 months ago
Faith Fischer
Faith Fischer 3 months ago
I was about 8 months really
annie swans
annie swans 3 months ago
what drawing program do you use?
Brianna Johnson
Brianna Johnson 3 months ago
Dang, I'm sorry🙇‍♀️
ChristineSG19 3 months ago
Girl it is usually fatal for the mother and child Me watching this well it wasn’t
PixelaGames2000 3 months ago
Similar to this story I was a premature baby myself I was only in my mother for 7 months and so I was freakin tiny I don’t think I was 3 pounds like the baby in this story but I was still freakin tiny just like her I hade tubs in me and just like in this story I couldn’t be held I didn’t come out early like in this story but instead there was something wrong with the inbibacule cord so in order to say be the doctors hade to cut a hole in my mother’s stomach I was in the hospital for like a month and a half I think or two months idk I can’t remember but according to my parents and there friends it was shocked how I survived that I could go on and on about this but I think I’ll just do my own animated stories in the future sense I’m interested in giving animation a try Edit: ok so apparently I was 1 pound and 13 ounces so I was actually smaller then the baby in this story holy crap
Lucas G
Lucas G 3 months ago
My weight when I was born (3 months premature) I was only 1 lbs 15 oz.!!! I should have died and been blind but survived!!!
Miss Nightmare
Miss Nightmare 3 months ago
I was born 2 months too early
Carmelo Bob
Carmelo Bob 3 months ago
Omg this actully happened to my parents and my brother 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 im not kidding and my parkents are divorsed when i was 1 week
Aja Daniel
Aja Daniel 3 months ago
i have triplet cousins and they were born 3 mouths early
Galaxy Gacha
Galaxy Gacha 3 months ago
Me and my sis were born 3 months (my mom and is almost die)
ѕαтυяи * * ωєѕтfαll
*shes trying not to cry...everyone can tell*
Scarlett Wise
Scarlett Wise 3 months ago
Don’t worry that’s what happend to my brother
Olivia Cunningham
Olivia Cunningham 3 months ago
That's like me my mum was a person who all ways drank l looked after area week year old when l was 3
Sushmita Stark
Sushmita Stark 3 months ago
I was born 2months earlier and was like 4 pounds barely survived... 😴😴😴
FloraSkunk Yay
FloraSkunk Yay 3 months ago
Everybody: born 9 months early Video: a baby born 4 months early Me: BoRN 5 MOnThs EArLy
CANDI Boni 3 months ago
I feel so bad
michele crosby
michele crosby 3 months ago
michele crosby
michele crosby 3 months ago
Gacha Emily_ 353
Gacha Emily_ 353 3 months ago
My mom had an amniotic fluid empilesi that means that the fluid got into i and my moms lungs but both my mom and me survived
Lily Bean
Lily Bean 3 months ago
king beast
king beast 3 months ago
Dont fell bad i was born 4 months early and made it out good
Lily West
Lily West 3 months ago
Little girl has the same coloured hair as the doctor
Cookie Roblox
Cookie Roblox 3 months ago
I was a week early But was the sickest of all my brothers and sisters I was yellow floppy and stayed in the hospital for 4 months trying to get better! I just made it and when I was 7-8 My lungs collapsed I ended up with doctors telling me I had a slim chance of me surviving! It was horrible and they said it was a miracle that I survived But I just wanna say Don’t take life for granted! Because things can change all of a sudden!
Lucille Van Rooyen
Lucille Van Rooyen 3 months ago
Anna Kaiser
Anna Kaiser 3 months ago
My dad is an alcoholic to
Smoke Wizz
Smoke Wizz 3 months ago
Yo my friend is the exact same
Kelly Kerr
Kelly Kerr 3 months ago
This video sucks. This happens way too often. Having to sleep in the woods while pregnant sounds awful. I have been close to being homeless and feel incredibly lucky that I have a roof over my head. In the olden days when women had babies without doctors, the death rates were much higher for both the babies and the mothers.
lemon uwu
lemon uwu 3 months ago
Spider monkey OK what ever floats your boat
Eshal 3 months ago
im fostered and my little foster sister is adopted and was 4 months premature and survived and is very healthy she still has a disease called gastroparesis since she was only 0.7kg and couldnt digest food yet
tiktok queen
tiktok queen 3 months ago
@ 8:34 I had the same thing when I was 18 months now I'm almost 12 and going strong thanks to the hospital that fixed it they r the best
aftab khan
aftab khan 3 months ago
I was born 5 months early I went through a lot of diseases and lots of pain and now I am 19 I had my baby when I was 18 my baby was born 5 months early I push I my privet part nealymbrok and now my privet part has broke and nearly gone I dont go to the toilet any more
Rachel Marie Cabera Pacheco
...this story really got me in tears...I hope the best for you and your brave daughter, I really do.
Wolfie 3 months ago
I was born 3 months early my littl sister died because she had her naval cord (i dont know if that is the right word) wrapped around her neck and she choked
WJB 3 months ago
craven pancakes i am so sorry for what happened to your sister
Kamara Burney
Kamara Burney 3 months ago
I’m just weirded out by the fact that ur almost 30 and can’t take care of a child who raises you ?!! Oh and no offense just putting it out there
Mayhem Moriarty
Mayhem Moriarty 4 months ago
•Lucky Døg•
•Lucky Døg• 4 months ago
My sister was premature and 3 pounds as well but now she is a strong and healthy 9 year old, I hope you’re doing well :)
Maryam Naqawe
Maryam Naqawe 4 months ago
My brother was born 3 months early, he has something called cone-rod dystrophy. It kills the cones and rods in his eyes, he will eventually go blind, wich is the sad truth of it all. My entire family has bad eyesight but his is the worst, and I hope he gets better.
Pastel Pearl
Pastel Pearl 4 months ago
Kami: this person doesn't look ready for a child Other kami: LeTs gIvE tHeM a ChIlD aNyWaY
Zhamini 101
Zhamini 101 4 months ago
Ronaldo Christ
Ronaldo Christ 4 months ago
My little brother came out feet first and he is alive and healthy Thank God🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Pentagoria (Penta)
Pentagoria (Penta) 4 months ago
The drawings are beautyfull 😍 and such an sad but happy story i love it
ellie 4 months ago
Ok so literally no one in the comment section understands genetics. Like yes mom-brown hair, dad-black hair...mutation in MC1R- baby has red hair/is ginger. Cmon this is 8th grade science class
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