My Baby Was Born 4 Months Too Early

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Keri Avaritt
Keri Avaritt 3 hours ago
bless your little girl tell her to always stay strong no matter what happens
ClikaXx 9045
ClikaXx 9045 3 hours ago
It’s fine I’m an 8 month old and a month before I had to be born because I was suppose to be born in September 16 but I was born in August 16
Fiammetta Mishal
Fiammetta Mishal 10 hours ago
I was born 1 month and 2 weeks early! Does that count?
Ona’s cool Vids
Ona’s cool Vids 12 hours ago
I was a breech baby and had to live in a leg harness for the first year of my life and my mom was scared but trust me it’ll get better
Coco Drawz
Coco Drawz 13 hours ago
I was stuck sideways too but it was easy to move me around! Just 46 hours of contractions before the doctors realized that I was like that.
Mimi onoue
Mimi onoue 20 hours ago
**reads title** Me: *Your fault*
jin's dimple
jin's dimple 23 hours ago
okay but like how is the daughter a ginger
JustBrooklyn JustBrooklyn
Maria Campos
Maria Campos Day ago
Mom: is a brunette Dad: has black hair Child: is a redhead Me: wtf, where? When?
Aym play list
I was born to early to I was born in 4 month ago
Cocoa And Puffs
I have a heart murmur
One of best friend was born 4 months early too... But thankfully she ok and has nothing wrong with her (maybe a bit of a wild streak) She's a fabulous artist and the kind of person that would get a 8/7 in a test. She's funny and she is easily on of my best friend.
Hello I’m a person
I was born two months too early (no one cares ik)
JackieChica Day ago
Doesn't want to expose her daughter to her childhood traumas. Literally moves in with the man that sexually assaulted her as a child. Girl, you stupid.
Alex Young
Alex Young Day ago
Someone stole my cheeseburger ACTUA- Oh,wrong channel
재열렬한민 2 days ago
Fun fact: I was born 3 1/2 months early :3 I'm just like every other human being. Except I have my greater flaws then normal people. I was 2 pounds when I was born, and had a hole in my heart, that quickly need surgery. I was in the hospital for 4 months before I could ever go home because of how ill I was. People say I'm a miracle, but I just see it as lucky. I'm no miracle, and a human just like you and everyone else. So if you are someone who makes fun of people with mental disabilities, or any other disabilities, I would advise you to please learn some manners and respect in your life. :) life is too short to be constantly fearing death, and wasting your breath to put others down. Give this game of life a chance, before throwing it all away and taking it for granted. Life is a game, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun! ^-^ - Jae -
NomNom Fish Plz
NomNom Fish Plz 2 days ago
My mom got worried cuz I was born a month LATE. And my sister was born a month EARLY. Btw my mom wasn’t supposed to have babies so I’m technically a miracle. Im so selfish...
Gacha Tale
Gacha Tale 2 days ago
I think I was dropped on my head as a baby tbh
Verónica Osuna
Verónica Osuna 2 days ago
So......according to u......if ur friend has too many pets u should go live in the woods???? Yeah ok
Tiffany Edwards
Tiffany Edwards 2 days ago
I was 3 months early and like 2 pound 10 and I had a tube up my nose and I was a mirical but my mum did come down with Preeclampsia but she's okay now and I am 14
eppiizz 2 days ago
I was born 3 months early too and i don't really know about that time when i was a baby (was i sick or something) but what i know i've always been healthy
Kulsoom Khaleeq
Kulsoom Khaleeq 2 days ago
Ok soo, anyone noticed that the boyfriends hair was navy blue, girlfriends hair was brown, and hell no, the daughters hair were FREAKIN ORANGE!!!
Rinada *
Rinada * 2 days ago
Can’t relate I was born 2 weeks late Lmao.
Silver Eye
Silver Eye 2 days ago
Minute videos Ha
elamations 101
elamations 101 2 days ago
I was born 8 months. And i survived... but my little bro... idk.. i think it was 3 months or... idk why he died... but i think my mom said it was cause he was born 3 months... and he didn't make it... i would always imagine what would life be with my bro.... But for now... Im just letting him be in peace. And not complain too much... This story tho... it just reminds me of me and my little bro....
Charlize Green
Charlize Green 2 days ago
My friends poor baby had a hole in her heart:(
Firefly 2 days ago
you already know you situation and know your struggles and you decided to spread your legs? now you guys are having problems and the baby is suffering
Anika 2 days ago
My cousin sister was born 4 months too early too, they said my aunt was nearly going to die, and the baby had no chance of living. But luckily, thankfully, both my aunt and my little cousin survived, and my cousin is now a cute lil bean
Erika Gwen Tiongco
chuuing gum
chuuing gum 3 days ago
When I was born, my feet came out first. Glad that I wasn't suffocated when I was brought out.
Dear Little Ignatius
I was born wEIrD XD my arm didn’t WoRk
TJ The Entertainer
What exactly can cause a baby to be born at a very early age?
Kacey Soto
Kacey Soto 3 days ago
Idk I kinda hate when people get sad about their child like it's just a human 😑
Jimena Gil
Jimena Gil 3 days ago
My brother was born like that
Louis Greaves
Louis Greaves 3 days ago
I was born 2 weeks late
Narns Corner
Narns Corner 3 days ago
*i was born 2 months early :)*
glossy peaches
glossy peaches 3 days ago
I was born 4 months early sksksks
robo 550
robo 550 3 days ago
You have girlfriends and boyfriend
Yvette Andrews
Yvette Andrews 3 days ago
How does the little girl have orange hair if the parents have blue and brown😅
Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose 3 days ago
I almost cried. The story is so heartbreaking
xX Luna xX
xX Luna xX 4 days ago
I thought I was born early 1 month and like 4 days I think but 4 months like wow
Scars 4 days ago
I was born 6 months early :/ (I dunno how, just go with it....)
Jalen /JJ
Jalen /JJ 4 days ago
Cian Cosejo
Cian Cosejo 4 days ago
Cian Cosejo
Cian Cosejo 4 days ago
Oh shit
Cian Cosejo
Cian Cosejo 4 days ago
Anything. Lucy
Anything. Lucy 4 days ago
I was ten days early
LemonCandii 4 days ago
So? I was born *3* months early.. And i'm still tiny as heck. uwu
Oniya’s World
Oniya’s World 4 days ago
We’re having a baby let’s live in the woods -boyfriend
Lil Bird
Lil Bird 4 days ago
You had amazing illustrations
Mirr 4 days ago
You were pregnant with ur boyfriends child.... wait what
Ruby Rodriguez
Ruby Rodriguez 4 days ago
It said minute videos the is 11 minutes
Aliana Strazzeri
Aliana Strazzeri 4 days ago
I had a heart murmur but now I’m okay and I don’t have it no more and I can breath perfectly
Maja Dalborg
Maja Dalborg 4 days ago
I am also born 4 months early
NOTHayDen._ 4 days ago
Omg is your baby ok? I hope she is may god bless her to live ❤️❤️
HHYY Du 4 days ago
I was actually born 3 days late
Sireesha D
Sireesha D 4 days ago
Brave lady... You are going through so much crap and being strong. Wishing you all the happiness.
Crash Test
Crash Test 5 days ago
What is the girl's name? And does anyone think that the kid looks really cute when she smiles?
Camila Aguirre
Camila Aguirre 5 days ago
My sister was born like that
Christian Mccurdy
I was born 4 months early too NO JOKE
julo the generically generic youtuber morales
If Ochaco became a mom...thats all i can say
Reading to Landon
My brother was born at 6 months and then we had them for another five months and then he died😭
Brioni Earle
Brioni Earle 5 days ago
Why do I even watch these
PaBlOoo 5 days ago
Idiot just hold him in
Rosalynn Belle
Rosalynn Belle 5 days ago
My mom had a sea section and got an infection.my mom and my sister almost died
Marina Shenouda
Marina Shenouda 5 days ago
i was born two days early
Jamie Gato
Jamie Gato 5 days ago
Wait a minute, you LIVED in the woods?!!!
Felicity Fuller
Felicity Fuller 5 days ago
My friend was born 4mouth early
Felicity Fuller
Felicity Fuller 5 days ago
Sorry 3mouths early
Fenomanom Slimes
Fenomanom Slimes 5 days ago
My cousin was born 4 months early. Thank god he lived
Siena's World
Siena's World 5 days ago
I, Siena G, was born pre-mature. (Early), a month early to be exact. my friends still think i was haunted because i was born friday the thirteenth..
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker 5 days ago
Why df have sex? When you just going to bring the poor thing to two broke young parents
elle basi
elle basi 5 days ago
i was born 3 or 4 months early, my birthday is July 24th!! 🤹🤹
leslie messagie
leslie messagie 5 days ago
One of my friends, her little sister was born 3 months late Due September 9 Came December 31
Laila Shadow
Laila Shadow 5 days ago
Mother: brown hair Father : black hair Daughter: ginger hair How....
Jade Chan
Jade Chan 5 days ago
I was born on friday the 13th of january 2008 my foot came out first and i was 6 months old my weight was 876 grams i had needles all over my body my parents spent a lot of money on me i still have those marks from those needles on my hands and feet the nurses were surprised when they inserted the needles to my limbs I didn't cry most of find doctors were from the middle east most of my doctors were muslim and i was a catholic my mom said that the doctors prayed for me I'm now 11 soon to be in Grade 6
•Konu*Chan•TM YT
Mah mother born mah baby brother the same to. Ya!
Tigerclaw 5 days ago
You honestly look like Ochaco Uraraka from my hero academia and that's a complement
Stephanie Chapa
Stephanie Chapa 6 days ago
I was born 3 months early my birthday is on May 23rd .When I was born I was 2lbs 14ounces
Brooke land
Brooke land 6 days ago
Me and my brother both came out feet first we both made it but my brother almost did not i just had to go on a thing to help me breth
10236513 Bellevue
O no
Maddie The Devil
Maddie The Devil 6 days ago
Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu 6 days ago
I wish people wouldn't have invented alcohol... Men should understand what women go through.... There is periods, pain, birth, being a mom.... Happy mother's day!!! There is also more pain... My mom had two miscarriages before me and my sister...
Giselle Kitzman
Giselle Kitzman 6 days ago
She lived in the woods?!
SniperBossYT 6 days ago
Hah! The comments say 4K which i mean the amount of comments and the tv display quality
Kristen Laxton
Kristen Laxton 6 days ago
Julia Odegaard
Julia Odegaard 6 days ago
I was 1.0 pounds and 3. 1/2 months early
Julia Odegaard
Julia Odegaard 6 days ago
I was born 3 1/2 months early
Prankster hero
Prankster hero 6 days ago
My little brother was just like that baby. He is now a happy and healthy child.
Agatha Gigliotti
Agatha Gigliotti 6 days ago
My friend was born 4 months early too!!
Cheryl Kelly
Cheryl Kelly 6 days ago
Royal Poitierrr
Royal Poitierrr 6 days ago
5:00 XD and sub
I was 6 days late lol
Bulldog Lover229
Bulldog Lover229 6 days ago
I am so happy for you and you went through all that. You were rewarded for every hard task. My little brother was 3 pounds too I am so happy for you and your boyfriend. I hope your boyfriend deals with his problem. Even know u had to go through that you are actually really lucky 🍀.
ItsGamingTime 17
ItsGamingTime 17 6 days ago
my birthday is on july 14
DRIP X 7 days ago
In the middle of the vid a add came on with this guy making random noises on his phone
DRIP X 7 days ago
5:55 wasn't expecting that
Erica Judgette
Erica Judgette 7 days ago
No offense, but I think you should get a boyfriend that actually cares about getting a baby and cares about you.
Natalie Rivera
Natalie Rivera 7 days ago
I never knew how hard life is.......
Natalie Rivera
Natalie Rivera 7 days ago
Your life is so sad i know you sufer in your days
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