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Hey guys! Welcome to another video of mine :) In today's video, I decided to give some advice to not only freshmen but to my lovely sophomores, juniors and seniors! This video is a survival guide to high school that anyone can follow! If you're going into your first or another year of high school, good luck and I love you! Good Luck! I hope my video helped in some way!!
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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 989
Courtney the Dark Princess
I took your advice and joined the robotics club
Philippa Baker
Philippa Baker 11 days ago
Ur so pretty 😍xx
Pierce The Phan
Pierce The Phan 13 days ago
Excuse meee did you say CHARLOTTE, NC???? So many Carolinians i loovveeee ittt
gloxzahh 14 days ago
Im a 11 and i need help with my colloge classes and taking notes faster i need help😭😭 pls help anyone
gloxzahh 14 days ago
@aliyah simone omg!!! U responded thx your a life saver
aliyah simone
aliyah simone 14 days ago
i am uploading a video on sept 5th @ 3:00 pm EST about note taking and organization!
Marissa w
Marissa w 14 days ago
I start my freshman year tmr😭😭😭 I wanna cry I’m not ready 😂
Sarah Cait
Sarah Cait 16 days ago
This is probably the realest high school advice vid I’ve ever seen👍
Sofia Gomes
Sofia Gomes 16 days ago
OMG she is the sweetest RUvidr that I have ever seen !!! ❤️❤️⭐
Princess-Briyana Calhoun
I tried to fit in a locker but my skeleton is too wide
RSmall FRY
RSmall FRY 17 days ago
I never really got into AP and/or honors classes, it’s fine I guess since I already fit my requirements for graduating for that standard diploma. Was I too late or what? I can make beats, but I don’t know if that can really be for living. Am I doing well for now or should I change? I’m taking psychology right now, it might help throughout my junior year. I hope.
Kimberly Nguyen
Kimberly Nguyen 17 days ago
I am put AP classes in Junior year and I don’t stressed out my life
Kimberly Nguyen
Kimberly Nguyen 17 days ago
I took less class in Sophomore because of JROTC and also I really don’t need more classes this year in 10th grade and so I started in 3 day
Faith Stanley
Faith Stanley 18 days ago
My school removes teachers basically every year and councillors. 😭😭😭
Kaylen Kenney
Kaylen Kenney 19 days ago
Can you do an updated room tour
whooshy 19 days ago
The UnicornTrash690
Lydia Banadyha
Lydia Banadyha 20 days ago
no one: aliyah: 7:42 DepReSiOn✨💁‍♀️
Jay lí Tv
Jay lí Tv 21 day ago
Can you do ap and dual enrollmemt
Ariella Kherrington
not gonna lie... this helped me a lot
Tokki 22 days ago
my teachers put me in AP human geography (i'm in 9th) and i'm SUFFERING
mishael johnson
mishael johnson 22 days ago
i’m doing ap psychology work rn 😭
Still Poppin
Still Poppin 22 days ago
YOOO Senior gang where ya at? 2020 BABYY
Pizza is Life!!!
Pizza is Life!!! 23 days ago
I’m not even in high school yet. 😅
lexy girl
lexy girl 24 days ago
Hey Aliyah I have a question does Charlotte have the avid program and also one thing that I learned is asking questions help you through school and also getting all the help you can get like nighttime helps
Just Wingin' It At This Point
THANK YOU ALIYAH! Rising junior here and I knew junior year was only going to be as hard as I made it. A lot of teachers/admin loveee to stress you out because they want to motivate you, but in reality they stress out the people who don't have other P.O.V.s. I go to an exam school dubbed best in my state and even regular classes are the equivalent of honors, but I know I got this! PS, you really inspire me because God knows there aren't a lot of black and brown studytubers out there; you're totally breaking the mold and I'm HERE FOR IT! #caribbean #stthomas #guyana
TT Baka
TT Baka 25 days ago
Alexa Is dumb
Alexa Is dumb 25 days ago
“We won’t hang you from the flag pole” HOLD UP!!!!!!!!! People actually think about this? 😬😂🤣
Lily Wear
Lily Wear 25 days ago
do u see that metal straw in the back😂😂
Spicy Potatoes
Spicy Potatoes 26 days ago
I have to say that befriending older upperclassman was the best thing I have done. They tell me which teachers to look out for and they drive you places when you guys wanna hang out, which is pretty cool. If you’re a freshman, befriend upperclassmen and just chill, you’re not the hottest thing since sliced bread and if you think you are then people from your class and upperclassmen may be quick to avoid you and no one wants to be friendless in the beginning of high school.
Aria Griffin
Aria Griffin 26 days ago
Hi I’m not even in high school yet I just luv your videos 🤗
el mariajin
el mariajin 27 days ago
wait omg we live in the same place-
Laura Kent
Laura Kent 27 days ago
you look like lil tecca
Protein Shake
Protein Shake 27 days ago
Aliyah I just found your channel like a week ago and I love your videos so much and you're so adorable
Kiera Tatum
Kiera Tatum 27 days ago
Who else just watches Aliyah and be thinking “......damn sis is really pretty 😍”
Kai & Jor Harney
Kai & Jor Harney 27 days ago
I going to be in 11th and I’m so scared idk what’s to come
TalayhaaDarling 27 days ago
Binge watching while studying for biology👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
olivia k
olivia k 27 days ago
your advice saves my life oh my god
and i oppp
and i oppp 28 days ago
Im going into 9th grade..
Nadia Diaz
Nadia Diaz 28 days ago
thank you so much for the tips they are really helpful because this year im trying to have the best year ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nadia Diaz
Nadia Diaz 28 days ago
thank you so much for the tips they are really helpful because this year im trying to have the best year ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nadia Diaz
Nadia Diaz 28 days ago
thank you so much for the tips they are really helpful because this year im trying to have the best year ❤️❤️❤️❤️
arimenta joelle ✰
i leave those AP classes alonee lmaoo 😭 my school doesnt have weighted grades and i dont plan on going to an ivy league school or anything and i would like to spare myself the headache lmaooo. im taking 4 honors classes and i feel like theyre a good option for alot of people if you want a challenge but dont wanna die in AP 😓
Nahomi Garin
Nahomi Garin 29 days ago
I’m taking ap classes and I’m a freshmen
Jaime Scarlett
Jaime Scarlett 29 days ago
Ur energy is so refreshing I honestly need a person like u in my lifeee
Spicy Republican
Spicy Republican 29 days ago
I literally start highschool in 14 days and I need to write a whole book full of advice. I love binge watching your videos and attempting to write then down. But all this freshman stuff has got me stressed.
Hope Yolain
Hope Yolain Month ago
Lol I’m so glad I found her before I ended school she really helped me
Hope Yolain
Hope Yolain Month ago
I really want to start making he most of senior year so anybody in the comments have tips for confidence. I’m a shy person I usually stay back.
Zoey Maya
Zoey Maya Month ago
these help sm
Talyiayeah 5
Talyiayeah 5 Month ago
a y a n c a l i g a c a l
i never noticed you were from charlotte ejcnebxhehchejcjenchejjcjej, also i’m tryna transfer high schools and idk what one to go to 😔 ALIYAH HEARTED MY COMMENT YAY
its_n Month ago
I’m gonna be a freshman this year and I’m so scared. 🥺
a local tumbleweed
Im going into 7th but whatever lmaooo
Boopp Sammy
Boopp Sammy Month ago
Majority aice classes my senior year and got mad hw the first week, surprisingly not stressed 😊✨
Shahnda Shaker
Shahnda Shaker Month ago
any IB freshmans watching her video??
sydeny 29 days ago
Shahnda Shaker sophomore but yeah
Shahnda Shaker
Shahnda Shaker Month ago
I’m so happy that I got the first piece of advice for a freshman down😂
Mia Gilson
Mia Gilson Month ago
I love your enthusiasm! I entered your giveaway btw!
rylee smith
rylee smith Month ago
im in 8th and they make me go to the hs sp THANKS🥳💙
Hassatou Barry
Hassatou Barry Month ago
Cool and helpful
Katelyn Paolini
Katelyn Paolini Month ago
I know that your talking about high school right now but does collage look at what u did in middle school because I got a three day out of school suspension for vaping in class
Destini Medlock
Destini Medlock Month ago
Your videos really are pumping me up about school cause I feel like this engineering program is pumping me down
Vannessa Danquah
Guess who's still going to take multiple AP classes and do extra activities🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ can't wait to stress myself out🙃 I need to be ranked #1,2, or 3 😭 I love you sis❤️❤️❤️
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