My 15 Year Old Brother Ate The Entire McDonald's Menu in 10 Minutes

FaZe Kay
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About FaZe Kay:
My name’s FaZe Kay and I love to play games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops. I’m also popularly known for my challenges, pranks, water bottle flips, and videos with my 15 year old little brother, Jarvis.
My 15 Year Old Brother Ate The Entire McDonald's Menu in 10 Minutes
FaZe Kay

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Jun 11, 2018

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Comments 701
Guillermo Diaz
Guillermo Diaz 11 hours ago
Jarvis:eats like 10 burgers and is close to diabetes Frazier: ThAts InSaNe BROOO
aries_MANDARIN 15 hours ago
Oscar Bob
Oscar Bob 20 hours ago
Your brother and stevewilldoit should collab
Try not to cringe
Bro I would die if I did this 🤢💀🍔🍟
Christine Gibson
Who else saw the 2 girls fighting in the background once they got in mcdonalds😂😂
Blorange 2006
Since u had leftovers you could of called everyone in the restaurant if they wanted leftovers
Seng Gechlay
Seng Gechlay 2 days ago
you are literally the best brother ever and that is insane bro
Uniqe_ cash
Uniqe_ cash 6 days ago
Were are the left overs going trash ofr africa
Ayham Ibrahim
Ayham Ibrahim 6 days ago
Nobody: Kay: oR 6 fT 12
gammer 10
gammer 10 6 days ago
Not 10 seconds it was like 30 seconds
Eldinex 11
Eldinex 11 6 days ago
I wish i had that much money
william 1822
william 1822 8 days ago
Bro this video is making me so hungry but it's 3 am when I'm watching this so I can't eat anything 😭
Andrew Sanchez
Andrew Sanchez 8 days ago
6’12” or 7’
Enis Halilovic 5A Ejerslykkeskolen
I Can eat a Big mac 1 minute
agustina valenzuela
My Parents barley have money for food i barlie have internet
HypeKermit LeAsH
HypeKermit LeAsH 8 days ago
agustina valenzuela that’s insane bro
xdSAVAGE Shin 10 days ago
1:20 6"12 haha
YT_FuZy -_-
YT_FuZy -_- 12 days ago
Jarvis: he ate an hamburger Kay: ohhh Jarvis that was INSANE
lione dude
lione dude 14 days ago
I need some of that
Try hard
Try hard 14 days ago
They are making their brother fat while they stay slim
(Elliot) Elliot Sykes
Now you put me in the mood for McDonald’s and I’m somewhere in the world that doesn’t have McDonald’s 😭😩☹️
Juancarlos Orellana Reyes
we need him more chanler
Donald Seward
Donald Seward 16 days ago
Jarvis ordering everything at McDonalds faze kay that insane bro
Heater 1982747
Heater 1982747 17 days ago
Jaspal is mac daddy
arshiya nozaiem
arshiya nozaiem 17 days ago
TSM Sniper
TSM Sniper 17 days ago
3:48 Wow bro that was INSANE
Tjzombie Warrior
Tjzombie Warrior 18 days ago
jarvis: takes one little bite of a burger kay: omg bro that’s insane
aris theprogamer
aris theprogamer 18 days ago
I saw this in 1:11 am
Blazelane44 ,
Blazelane44 , 22 days ago
Fortnite Eat Sleep Repeat Is On A T-shirt
Default Gaming
Default Gaming 22 days ago
who else felt hungry during the vid?? lol
Logan Hsu
Logan Hsu 24 days ago
Matt stone can do this all by himself
Zefrogking 24 days ago
Big turds
Moboftedead 935
Moboftedead 935 24 days ago
jarvis:*faints* kay: yO thAts InsAnE BrO
Kenyon Figueroa
Kenyon Figueroa 25 days ago
6 foot 12 btw
Muhammad Ide
Muhammad Ide 25 days ago
Do a who ever can eat the most boneless wings from wing stop or Buffalo Wild Wings
LilJoker 360
LilJoker 360 25 days ago
BRO NO WAY that recipe is taller then FaZe Apex
DARK SWORD 27 days ago
That’s insane bro
Abraham Pulido
Abraham Pulido 28 days ago
Drinks orange juice Faze kay: thats insane brooo
Chewie CryPt
Chewie CryPt 28 days ago
What’s weird is the salads are worse for you than the rest of the menu
Elite Panda
Elite Panda 28 days ago
1:02 off white air Force ones 🤢
GayCodyKH 28 days ago
Hamburger 🍔
fnK Twinkiie
fnK Twinkiie 28 days ago
A piece of chicken burger falls of Kay: Jeez bro that was insane
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 29 days ago
still comeback and watch this
Roberto Trejo
Roberto Trejo 29 days ago
If Matt stonie were there The challenge would've ended when it started
Trixz-Fortnite Month ago
who was eating mcdonald's and watching this video?
Dean Te Amo
Dean Te Amo Month ago
Is chana
Bryce Shields
Bryce Shields Month ago
Eating at Mac Donald's
Hurt2 Month ago
Jarvis: tries doing the whole menu in 10 mins Matt stonie: hold my beer
LazarBeam 29 days ago
Furious Pete: Hold my nutella jar (ik matt stonies better)
Otto Martin
Otto Martin Month ago
Plz take a break from saying bro 🤬🤬😡😡🥵🥵
Littlechacha 2164
TR Savy
TR Savy Month ago
Matt stonie entered the chat
Heather Shane
Heather Shane Month ago
6 foot 11 or 12 makes since.
Nalle ツ
Nalle ツ 20 days ago
your grammar makes sense too.
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