My 15 Year Old Brother Ate The Entire McDonald's Menu in 10 Minutes

FaZe Kay
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About FaZe Kay:
My name’s FaZe Kay and I love to play games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops. I’m also popularly known for my challenges, pranks, water bottle flips, and videos with my 15 year old little brother, Jarvis.
My 15 Year Old Brother Ate The Entire McDonald's Menu in 10 Minutes
FaZe Kay

Published on


Jun 11, 2018




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Comments 793
Bryan BTW
Bryan BTW Day ago
bro im so hungry after watching this
kerr dunty
kerr dunty 9 days ago
18 seconds
christie ure
christie ure 11 days ago
New phase ur actually killing it bro
Marc Oram
Marc Oram 13 days ago
Jarvis takes weak bites
Michelle McConville
ING Scopzy
ING Scopzy 18 days ago
fortnite fortnite fortnite , that's life
Roni 19 days ago
You making me SUPER hungry
Melinda Long
Melinda Long 21 day ago
Dstargamerplayz123 22 days ago
Bruv big man listennn my g Jarvis ain’t 15 dummie he is 17
Anders Stenfeldt
Anders Stenfeldt 23 days ago
Burger king is the best!!!
Chase Gonzales
Chase Gonzales 23 days ago
That's insane Jarvis
Chase Gonzales
Chase Gonzales 23 days ago
One lik Twan like equals one that's insane Travis
eidy adauta
eidy adauta 23 days ago
I love the Mc Chicken
Sultan Kharie (269SulKhar)
see jarvis at the end
Xx_CookieXx :3
Xx_CookieXx :3 26 days ago
There is so many plastic straws the vsco boys and girls are quaking
Tai Wirori
Tai Wirori Month ago
- ' 2lkskskksksif1 I love you have a good day and trip home hope your foots I love you pp09pp
Fortgod Month ago
Faze Kay so close Table food every where
Fortgod Month ago
Brain freeze for chicken nuggets wtf
Fortgod Month ago
More than 21 second insane
Zyno Month ago
Jarvis eats whole menu what?
Grapple Gaming
Grapple Gaming Month ago
This is how many people were hungry watching this 👇👇
Lello Balda25
Lello Balda25 Month ago
You’re awesome dude
Peyton Tuttle
Peyton Tuttle Month ago
I can eat as fast as that one guy with the red bag on
just jason
just jason Month ago
You ask them for 1 of everything but there is 2 mcchickens
just jason
just jason Month ago
Faisal Abdullrazzaq really? In my country we dont have spicy mcchicken
Faisal Abdullrazzaq
just jason there is a spicy mckchicken
Youtube CaidenN
Youtube CaidenN Month ago
Matt stonier is a beas
Alex Tzountzourkas-Dowie
Bring chandler to the faze hoise
Void YT
Void YT Month ago
Lol 2019 anyone
Oskar De waele
Oskar De waele Month ago
Evan D
Evan D Month ago
That was so not the whole menu
Jaoss Month ago
Eats half a burger Kay : do you even have any more oxygen
Maxbro Month ago
Is Jarvis and chandler brothers
Maxbro Month ago
Is chandler and jarvis
Philippe N’techobo
Matt jarvis😂😂
Acronixs Month ago
This challenge was meant for Matt Stonie
Marvi Demon
Marvi Demon Month ago
Chandler: says he can eat a burger in 10 secs Matt stonie:hold my nuggets
Lil Brokeboi
Lil Brokeboi Month ago
Puberty hit hard on Jarvis
General Ex
General Ex Month ago
0:27 did anyone else notice the kid fight
Chase Morris
Chase Morris Month ago
That’s like a big chicken nugget
Khizar Babar
Khizar Babar Month ago
10 seconds more like a minute
specs Fortnite
specs Fortnite Month ago
Faze Kay: Win this game and I will buy you a Tesla Jarvis: wins game Faze Kay: your INSANE JARVIS!!
Obliviate Gaming
Most of the comments are Kay and Jarvis That’s insane bro I’m the 1 percent that complains about that
Caramelo Pistachio
Jarvis: yo let me spread some BBQ sauce on that burger Kay: yo that’s insane bro
ItzRizqs Month ago
Says 10 seconds reality took him like 35 seconds Matt Stonie hold my coke and cookies
master x
master x 2 months ago
Hi javis
Drax_101 2 months ago
Jarvis: takes one little crumble out of a chicken nugget Kay: that's insane bro
Xx_Mitchy06_xX 2 months ago
Now jarvis is gonna be big smoke lol
Harvey Ukwunna
Harvey Ukwunna 2 months ago
20 seconds not 10
Manny's motors.
Manny's motors. 2 months ago
Why can’t I do this
Drifty_shangi 2 months ago
Jarvis this chicken nugent is big Me I'm getting hungry I eat every thing in the fridge
IcLoPcLaPz YT 2 months ago
I am legit eating banana flavoured weetabix
cgpal78 2 months ago
I’m Hungry For A Big Mac!! 🍔
michaela hamilton
michaela hamilton 2 months ago
Hi faze kay from Vandy
TDT_ Savage23
TDT_ Savage23 2 months ago
If you only loss 200 pounds you could eat all that by yourself
Wolf_ Kaoss
Wolf_ Kaoss 2 months ago
Quanto era brutto jarvis all fine ?
Gamer 2605
Gamer 2605 2 months ago
7:08 “wE lOvE fOrTnItE”
The Fortnite Gamer
The Fortnite Gamer 2 months ago
FaZe Jarvis you are making me hungry
Juan Navas
Juan Navas 2 months ago
Good Thing Matt Stonie was Around 😂😂😂
Liam Chelton
Liam Chelton 2 months ago
Bro please fly me out to l.a so I can try out for faze I'm a big big fan bro please I love your vids if not then drive me up to your house in England I live there too
Andy Mejia
Andy Mejia 2 months ago
Fannie Lord
Fannie Lord 2 months ago
This is making me hungry af
Fresh Pyster
Fresh Pyster 2 months ago
Jarvis:takes a bite Kay:you are nuts man
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