My $25,000 Gold Bike Tour!

Garrett Watts
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You ever seen a $25,000 bike? Ima' bout to change that. Also, enjoy... EVERYTHING that happens after I show you this bike cause it gets pretty insane. This video turns into a wild adventure. It get's weird. I cannot wait for you to see this video. K, love you mean it.
If you're wondering about the question section at end, it will be in the next video! =o)
THANK YOU to Lithium Cycle and Michael Cannavo for the new ride!
Andrew's Insta: instagram.com/andrewsiwicki/?hl=en
Lithium Instam: instagram.com/super73/?hl=en
Michael's Insta: instagram.com/michaelcannavo/?hl=en
Michael's Channel: ruvid.net/show-UCPJcFesCtKSBEVYlUi0BP1w
Jesse's Channel: ruvid.net/u-PrankvsPrank

If you're reading this I love you and thank you for watching the things I make.
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Music used in video is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/...)
Wallpaper by Kevin MacLeod
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May 23, 2018




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Comments 80
x.makeup _lover
x.makeup _lover 4 hours ago
Why does the warehouse looks like Jeffree stars makeup warehouse thing when they did the series with Shane and showed the office and how they were watching the music video
Aidan Tardif
Aidan Tardif 4 hours ago
Anyone else watching this during quarantine
Indigo_ Wolf1424
Indigo_ Wolf1424 5 hours ago
Garrett: "i feel like throwing up-" Andrew: "yea" BAHAHAHA
Indigo_ Wolf1424
Indigo_ Wolf1424 5 hours ago
So. If i watch a video more than 3 times lmao. I make a comment and i count each time. Ive watched it 4 times so im starting now lmao. This is mostly for me lmao. So dont mind me lmao. Also this includes both videos so if for some reason wanna see how many times i watch it them yea. Bye lmao
Ola Paszkowska
The music from "Danger! Diabolik" is everything :) :) :)
addi 2 days ago
Still jealous that he got an endless bike 💔
asia engel
asia engel 2 days ago
31:23 i have the same damn problem! haha
carolina 2 days ago
u r so cute with the beard
just keep swimming
How did you get in tho lol
Emmanuelle Garvey
garret is me at every hs dance ever
Yesys 13
Yesys 13 5 days ago
This video just made me aware of the lyrics of what I listen to lmao
hxneyy vlogsx
hxneyy vlogsx 6 days ago
garrett you will always look like chris evans.
Lily Harris
Lily Harris 6 days ago
Darking bog ?
Makenna Austin
Makenna Austin 8 days ago
Can we just talk about Andrews little laugh in the background
Spencer Scott
Spencer Scott 9 days ago
garrett: I guarantee theres millions of cameras in here shane: hey what's up you guys...
Melissa Taylor
Melissa Taylor 9 days ago
I once met Jesse at Playlist Live and we were just talking then he asked if I wanted a photo and I had to awkwardly tell him I didn't know who he was lmao
Emerson Stallings
Who was blinking while he was talking and said not to
Harry Morley
Harry Morley 10 days ago
This is literally me in school
ntathatantha 10 days ago
He referred to all these young youtubers as big celebs but Jesse from PVP as his friend's friend... How times have changed lol I'm old
mariah åhr
mariah åhr 11 days ago
blake griffin looks like shane tbh
Veronica Haverkampf
Now Frank Ocean is popular because of TikTok in 2020 😂
WutThe Unicorn
WutThe Unicorn 14 days ago
He do be lookin like Chris Evans doe 😳😂
Jasmin 14 days ago
I feel like garret is that one gay uncle if u had a gay white uncle
Miss Misfits
Miss Misfits 14 days ago
I'm mad at myself that didn't trust Garretts amazingness and ability to make anything entertaining or put a twist on everything. I read the title and never clicked because a tour of a 25k bike just doesn't appeal to me. I'd rather watch him go shopping in target tbh. But I keep seeing it in my recommended so I decided to click and I'm so glad I did because the bike is only the catalyst (though the one that was made for him is so thoughtful) and now I'm kicking myself for missing this amazingness for so long!!!
Miss Misfits
Miss Misfits 14 days ago
Molly flowers 💀
ThatOnePerson WhoDraws
Big Rat Vibes
Big Rat Vibes 14 days ago
Why does Michael seem like Garrett 2.0
Jade 16 days ago
why doesnt this have more views
Henry Livingstone
Henry Livingstone 17 days ago
Garrett has such great friends😌😌😌Great friends for a great boy.
Anna Carmi B
Anna Carmi B 18 days ago
I wish Post Malone saw this!
Adison Jones
Adison Jones 18 days ago
Benjamin needs a tuxedo Garett
Skylar Schilffarth
Skylar Schilffarth 18 days ago
“Andrew: generally nervous” 🤣
Anwesha Muherjee
Anwesha Muherjee 18 days ago
Just saying.... Chris Evans’s brother is also gay
Amanda Cash
Amanda Cash 18 days ago
Natalia Lolo
Natalia Lolo 19 days ago
Omg Siri 😂😂😂😂
Katie Hazelwood
Katie Hazelwood 20 days ago
Squee ❤
Mr Random
Mr Random 21 day ago
Boat 🛥
Erin vesayaporn
Erin vesayaporn 21 day ago
I love Harry Potter and I have cups of the houses❤️
Jesse remains me of my ex 🥺🥺🥺 . 😩😩😩😭
Jolie Kerwin
Jolie Kerwin 25 days ago
this video is the best thing i’ve seen in the longest time
Lanie Mclauchlan
Lanie Mclauchlan 25 days ago
I love fucking Benji
Molly Haney
Molly Haney 27 days ago
I can’t explain how much I love these humans, Garrett and Andrew are my favorite duo of all time. They’re so precious and cuteeeeeeee🥺💖
Scribble Kat
Scribble Kat 28 days ago
In the intro Garrett's shirt looks like the shirt Jimin from BTS wore in I need u. Sorry, I like BTS.
lorelye yay
lorelye yay 28 days ago
How are you single, your amazing
Megan Recker
Megan Recker Month ago
Garrett you have a heart of gold & deserve everything good in your life.
Meredith Patterson
Everytime your with Andrew, your distracted the freaking most🤣❤️
Meredith Patterson
rachel c
rachel c Month ago
andrew “generally nervous and laughs a lot” if that isn’t a perfect description of me i dont know what is
Lolita Month ago
Michael looks more gay than Garett does
Ms. Crackpot
Ms. Crackpot Month ago
Garrett, congratulations. This is one of the first videos that pop up when you search "post malone"
Bailey Pierce
Bailey Pierce Month ago
So Garret........ Do you have a small crush on Jesse Wellens...?
Bailey Pierce
Bailey Pierce Month ago
2:30 "Also I'm low key in love with him but uhm he's straight and that's tragic, and sad" I felt that lol
Eve Elizabeth
Eve Elizabeth Month ago
No one Actually no one Garret: gives a dog a onion even tho if the dog eats it he will die because they are poison to dogs
maya datt
maya datt Month ago
baby Benjamin when Garret is narrating.
Irrelevant Month ago
He is not allowed to be straight! Marry him!
Ellie 2008
Ellie 2008 Month ago
Garrett's subs could be called wattsits
summer Month ago
Garrett asking him what his favorite color at 5:01 is so precious 🥺👉👈
Isabel Cruz
Isabel Cruz Month ago
why does benjamin sound like hes speaking parseltongue
Kevin Afenyo
Kevin Afenyo Month ago
A friendship that will actually last! Finally!
Taylor Joedicke
Taylor Joedicke Month ago
Wait Jessy was in the military
cxndylxmxns Month ago
Am I the only one that thinks Garrett looks like Rhett from Good Mythical Morning in this video?
Sofia Is a human
I wonder if the wine lady knows that she's in Garrets videos
Baleigh Miller
Baleigh Miller Month ago
Garret does look like Chris Evans a little bit!😂
kika laperrita
kika laperrita Month ago
*Garret is the real life version of Mr. Peanutbutter* YOU CANT PROVE ME WRONG OMG
Lorien Aponte
Lorien Aponte Month ago
Your physical embodiment of a hufflepuff😂😂😂
Starr Scicluna
Starr Scicluna Month ago
I now think of twins as glitches
Chloe Rene
Chloe Rene Month ago
This..... is just so fucking good
brinley wilson
brinley wilson Month ago
I wanna know the secret Garrett,how TF are you so comfortable around people you've never met
Lucicy Month ago
This looks like so much fun and I’m jealous
Maddie Brannan
Maddie Brannan Month ago
I know Michael is straight...but like... he and Garrett would be so cute together...
Vicky Kha
Vicky Kha Month ago
When I run out of things to watch I rewatch Garrett Watts
oh shit it's conan
Mr Random
Mr Random Month ago
Baby 👶🏻
Alessandra Pahinado
I need a Garret watts in my life
Paige Fowler
Paige Fowler Month ago
Garrett is honestly me in every way shape and form
Tori H
Tori H Month ago
I would hang out with Garrett for 48hrs NO SLEEP
Ray Eres
Ray Eres Month ago
Don't mind me just binge watching garrett video's while one quarantine hdhdhhd
Ivy Schoof
Ivy Schoof Month ago
garret being one who would never ever be able to say that he went to coachella now he can say it!! we are SOOO happy for him
Ivy Schoof
Ivy Schoof Month ago
garret being one who would never ever be able to say that he went to coachella now he can say it!! we are SOOO happy for him
Maya Marchant
Maya Marchant Month ago
I searched up post Malone and this is what came up lol it makes sense but garret u made it whenever people search post Malone their greeted with ur face cangrats lol
Maya Marchant
Maya Marchant Month ago
Wait lol the part when he was like “I can have a basket for my little mice” then that noise ahah
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