[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

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[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

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May 6, 2020




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Comments 100
Rini Dolok
Rini Dolok 14 minutes ago
*see you in my memory*
Francis Spencer
Francis Spencer 29 minutes ago
Yang pilih allah like.
박세황 35 minutes ago
박세황 35 minutes ago
func tion
func tion 36 minutes ago
func tion
func tion 36 minutes ago
func tion
func tion 36 minutes ago
Awesome IU❤️
func tion
func tion 36 minutes ago
func tion
func tion 36 minutes ago
func tion
func tion 37 minutes ago
Jonny Papa
Jonny Papa 41 minute ago
Khizar Hayat
Khizar Hayat 51 minute ago
Lyrics are really really awesome indeed suga genius
Nxxb Idbxb
Nxxb Idbxb Hour ago
Yang pilih allah like.
아랍 아미슈가
사링해요 슈가&이지금❤ 우리 아랍 이라크
스티브 Hour ago
노래 마음에 든다.
sia Syr
sia Syr Hour ago
بوقوشيبدا ..🖤
Yoongi Yhhj
Yoongi Yhhj Hour ago
They should perform this together
Yoongi Yhhj
Yoongi Yhhj Hour ago
90M Let’s go
ghita harkaty
ghita harkaty 2 hours ago
IU and lil meow meow was somthing else
mook. manownoii
mook. manownoii 2 hours ago
MIS Rajesh
MIS Rajesh 2 hours ago
Best colaab ever our Suga and Iu
Immy 3a
Immy 3a 2 hours ago
It would be perfect as an OST for a drama😍😍🌹🌹 Who agrees?👇
Jouwayria Ahmed
Jouwayria Ahmed 2 hours ago
IU has only korean fans bts have world wide fans! Like if you are not korean
minseon yoo
minseon yoo 2 hours ago
정현우 3 hours ago
점점 발전하는 아이유 역시 아이유가 짱이다
blackpinkkk is the revolution
Çok güzel.... dinledikçe kendimi huzurlu hissediyorum Turkish army
루루라라 3 hours ago
아이유님 슈가님 작사 작곡 끝내주게 잘하신다
Virginia Oraiz
Virginia Oraiz 3 hours ago
Blackpink: forever young iu copy Blackpink s and the is boring😑😑😑😑😬😑😬
tripti k
tripti k 3 hours ago
Oh yeah... But didn't they copied their own tunes from let's kill this love to how you like that. Lol they can't even make new tune in a year, and you come here to spam other artists.. Plus it's not like only there song have word forever young, bts also do... So get the fuck out
blackpinkkk is the revolution
Funny :d (im blimy you are stupid
Nhi phạm
Nhi phạm 3 hours ago
Armie Ligson
Armie Ligson 4 hours ago
Happy 12th year anniversary since debut
Ur local Army
Ur local Army 4 hours ago
Is it weird that Yoongi's "emmm" killed me?
Josh 4 hours ago
This song made me happy haha
Cao Khuyến Huỳnh
임정희 5 hours ago
에잇! 다 영어야!
iam Red
iam Red 5 hours ago
Sounds like an animé OST. 😍😍😍
Jay Why Pee
Jay Why Pee 5 hours ago
Medelin Frieska
Medelin Frieska 5 hours ago
Happy 12th anniversary IU💜
Varga Castlo
Varga Castlo 5 hours ago
Who's here because of Suga?
Jay Why Pee
Jay Why Pee 5 hours ago
I'm here to support Suga and IU
Louise Franchesca
Louise Franchesca 5 hours ago
Me in yoongi's playlist.
parvathi sastry
parvathi sastry 5 hours ago
I swear... one can easily get lost forever in her voice and beauty 🥺😍💕
matahari sore
matahari sore 5 hours ago
Jay Why Pee
Jay Why Pee 5 hours ago
Stop mentioning Jungkook here please
Louise Franchesca
Louise Franchesca 5 hours ago
@Rachana Gurung Right.😂
Rachana Gurung
Rachana Gurung 5 hours ago
wtf is wrong with you people???
Mradul Gupta
Mradul Gupta 6 hours ago
Well do you know IU is the first ever soloist which I think has a unique piece of mind and her imagination is beyond words ! Even tho I am a army I didn’t came here for suga I just came here for IU the princess 💜💜💜💜🥺🥺🥺 the cutest anyone could be , and please don’t hate her just because jk is a fanboy of hers please I beg 🥺
Ian Landagan
Ian Landagan 6 hours ago
HAPPY IU 12th Anniversary🥳 #IU #아이유 #IU_12th_Anniversary #IUwithUAENA #12YearsWithIU #행복한_이_기념일의_지은이 #열두해째_아이유를_생각중 #maena
Supremereborn2 6 hours ago
mavis vermillion
mavis vermillion 6 hours ago
Photobook Photobook
The lyric sang by IU in Korean that translates to We dance together without shadows is just more evidence that this song is dedicated to Jonghyun, Sulli, Hara and the other kpop stars that passed away.😭
Madyleine Anne Padida
Miş Dire
Miş Dire 7 hours ago
it's me stans taejin
Eight also means infinite. So it definitely means that all her love ones will be with her forever with all of their memories 💜
Débora Bee
Débora Bee 7 hours ago
브라질은 IU를 사랑합니다
Vhon Ryan Plandez
Vhon Ryan Plandez 7 hours ago
Happy 12 Anniversary IU!!!🎉🎊💜
Nita Febriyanti
Nita Febriyanti 7 hours ago
설리 😫🥺
yeet 7 hours ago
This song was released 4 months ago, I'm still not over it. ❤️
Vhon Ryan Plandez
Vhon Ryan Plandez 7 hours ago
When I started to listening to this song I've never felt sadness anymore💜💜💜haha
* HelenofTroy
* HelenofTroy 7 hours ago
#IU12thAnniversary #12YearsWithIU 💜
nisha v
nisha v 7 hours ago
Happy 12th debut anniversary 👑 12years with IU
Rini Dolok
Rini Dolok 8 hours ago
*so excited for sketchbook!*
Panda Kawaii
Panda Kawaii 8 hours ago
wow i just feel in love
BTS ARMY FOREVER 8 hours ago
Good Tarot Life 슬기로운타로생활TV
Jungkook has a girlfriend?? (English/Japanese version) Dont U know yet BTS Members Love luck&Money Fortune.. let me tell u , if u r real army
wh mantan
wh mantan 8 hours ago
wh mantan
wh mantan 8 hours ago
Wanita ini lucu dan keren
Linima Nagpure
Linima Nagpure 8 hours ago
Happy 12th debut anniversary princess,our uri IU.
أم غمازة
أم غمازة 8 hours ago
Claire Gaw
Claire Gaw 8 hours ago
IU AND SUGA HAVING A COLLAB* so are you happy now? jungkook: no
blackpinkkk is the revolution
m o o n c h i l d
m o o n c h i l d 6 hours ago
jisoo black
jisoo black 9 hours ago
징짱 데뷔 12년 축하합니다~~
Juwar Tini
Juwar Tini 9 hours ago
김유나 9 hours ago
아이유는 못하는게 없네..혹시 초등력자? 춤에 노래에 몸매에 얼굴에 연기에...와..
sara labib
sara labib 9 hours ago
تعرفوا لمن الابداع يتجمع و كون بالاضعاف ده بالضبط يلى بالاغنيه احببببببهم
TheresaMay B
TheresaMay B 9 hours ago
Donna Villamor
Donna Villamor 9 hours ago
Really like this song plus suga is there so inlove his beat rap saranghae suga boarahae
잘생겨따 9 hours ago
정말 힘들게 살아왔던 아이유라 이젠 더이상 힘들지 않고 계속 지금이순간을 더더 즐겨줬으면 좋겠다..♡♡
anjie dano
anjie dano 9 hours ago
Happy IU 12th anniversary 💜
A S 10 hours ago
Eight doing 88M on 18th SEP is such an "8" thingy!
WangYibo and Rosé are My babies
The last where she was sleeping and a tear slipped put of the corner of her eye... That pained me .
Xiiao Jing Soon
Xiiao Jing Soon 11 hours ago
데뷔 12주년 축하해!!🎉🎉🎉💜🐣
seungin 승인
seungin 승인 11 hours ago
This song never failed to make me cry
ゼリアンZerien 11 hours ago
Its just funny that the singers are 28 years old and the title is eight and the views is 88 million and its now september 18 and then she was talking about her 8 years friendship And then we forgot that jonghyun's bday was 8, And then in 8 months, This song will be a hit again!👏
yamima chamling
yamima chamling 11 hours ago
*_Happy IU 12th debut anniversary_*
kyok o
kyok o 11 hours ago
이유진 11 hours ago
지은언니! 데뷔 12주년 축하드려요🥳 좋은 노래 많이 해주셔서 정말 행복했어요 저는 언니가 하고싶은거 다 하면서 행복하게 음악활동 했으면 좋겠어요😍 저희 유애나가 항상 곁에서 응원하고 있는거 아시죠?😘 너무너무 감사하고 사랑해요💜
SinB Is revolution
SinB Is revolution 11 hours ago
Why I am crying huhu
sia Syr
sia Syr 12 hours ago
ينتهي كل شيء عندما يحل الظلام ثم اسافر في ذاكرتي ..
orbitcxv 12 hours ago
This song is so beautiful really puts me to a calmed state of mind
Daisy Ssi
Daisy Ssi 12 hours ago
I'm here again. This song keep winning my heart and today is IU's 12 anniv, and this video hit 88M views on this beautiful day.
orbitcxv 12 hours ago
💛 same here
Amber Hoang
Amber Hoang 12 hours ago
I've never got goosebumps before and didn't even know how it felt like. When I learned the meaning of this sing I couldn't stop my tears. Please stop bullying it doesn't help anyone. Please 😭
Fowlkzxv Tssijzfx
Fowlkzxv Tssijzfx 12 hours ago
Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini
Ade Rifdah
Ade Rifdah 12 hours ago
Joslyn Gonzalez
Joslyn Gonzalez 13 hours ago
3:05 and look at studio pivote kim jissooooo
Wirduna YNS
Wirduna YNS 13 hours ago
Chika al azahra
Chika al azahra 13 hours ago
Joslyn Gonzalez
Joslyn Gonzalez 13 hours ago
jisssooooooooo omggggggggg
Cherismay Duil
Cherismay Duil 13 hours ago
U slayinnnn girlll ! 🤩❤️
Jane Seven
Jane Seven 13 hours ago
1:39 SUGA is actually in the mv holding a phone, wearing BTS/ARMY ring.
Rini Dolok
Rini Dolok 13 hours ago
*good morning guys! today too good luck!*
Rini Dolok
Rini Dolok 12 hours ago
@orbitcxv yes!
orbitcxv 12 hours ago
Thank you ! You too 💜
H i t o m i ;
H i t o m i ; 13 hours ago
Azúcarita music
Azúcarita music 14 hours ago
Hermosa canción
wee gek fong
wee gek fong 14 hours ago
Happy 1 2th anniversary
A 4 millones quinientos mil Jungkook y un Suga les gusta este vídeo
Baby Otter
Baby Otter 14 hours ago
Everytime when i watch this, i always cry because i'm so miss them
Meowmeowngi Min
Meowmeowngi Min 14 hours ago
strong SOTY candidate
Rico John
Rico John 14 hours ago
#12YearsWithIU 💙💛💜
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