[MV] Hwa Sa(화사) _ Maria(마리아)

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[MV] Hwa Sa(화사) _ Maria(마리아)

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Jun 29, 2020




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Comments 100
GØD CrAzY Minute ago
Fatima Khan
Fatima Khan 9 minutes ago
I dunno why but this gives me mature primadonna girl vibes.
seculstice 9 minutes ago
I was a fan of mamamoo years ago and now I’m back to support the queen despite the fact I no longer listen to much Kpop. Once an icon, always an icon😤
Valentina Morillo
Valentina Morillo 15 minutes ago
She's so amazing, talented and confident, gosh the girl is on fire, i love her!
bangtwice. arm
bangtwice. arm 34 minutes ago
armynder iludida por sete coreanos ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
só eu aq depois do tik tok?
Bea bia
Bea bia 55 minutes ago
Vitor Chefe de cozinha
Vitor Chefe de cozinha 57 minutes ago
Música orrivel🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮
Mya Nguyen
Mya Nguyen 58 minutes ago
hwa sa, whos maria though?!
Débora Ribeiro
Hwasa: A queen Me: A potato
Mansi Chhatbar
"Aisi taisi" shubhmangal zayda savdhan copied tuneopen.spotify.com/track/6uahTdAw3MiGFOqYa9gjqU?si=pioNnoSGRDSuuOGs4NWeVQ
Serenitÿ Blossôms
This song is such a bop it deserves so much more
VenferX Hour ago
i kill illuminati
Pe Poom
Pe Poom Hour ago
love is nothing stronger
Sheeee is stunning 😍
luis inestroza
Boughattas Aya
melromark Hour ago
Давайте все лайкнем чтоб подумали мы что-то ,умный пишем а вот нет ! (Знаки просто поставил) Да кстати музыка топ
Sơn Cân 10
Sơn Cân 10 Hour ago
Romina Gonzalez
Romina Gonzalez 2 hours ago
Me enamore de la cancion
5 6
5 6 2 hours ago
Yup. Everyday same routine. Streams HIP, SPIT IT OUT, ECLIPSE, THEN MARIA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ MAMAMOO GAVE US SO MUCH THIS YEAR. Will be waiting for WHEEIN’S SOLO!!! It’s our job to support and stream their song!!! Goooo Moomoos!!!!!
alex stokes
alex stokes 2 hours ago
LADY YT 2 hours ago
Eu surtei quando vi essa MSC pq meu nome é Maria 😍♥️
Ma. Letecia Martinez
This is made for me
Kat 94
Kat 94 2 hours ago
Keep your head up QUEEN you are literally so inspiring💕
Kat 94
Kat 94 2 hours ago
You are so beautiful!!!💜💜💜
Andesha pshtiuan
Andesha pshtiuan 2 hours ago
i like this song 💗🌺🌼🌻
Mariana Z .
Mariana Z . 2 hours ago
Duela a quien le duela pero Haw Sa es una diosa 👺👌🏻
Ishaq Islam
Ishaq Islam 2 hours ago
Omg how could ppl hate her she soooo gorgeous and her voice is everything😲
Катя Никишова
Хваса Королёва кей попа💅
Marcicleide Silva
Marcicleide Silva 2 hours ago
Ayesha Nisar
Ayesha Nisar 2 hours ago
My new favt. SUNMI and now HWASA
Ayesha Nisar
Ayesha Nisar 2 hours ago
Wow man! Whatta song. Can't believe this is Kpop. How come this song didn't get nomination for VMAs. This is so so so beautifulllllll. Vocals are Lit. Video is also good. Dance in red dress was superb. Here after hwasaweloveyou hashtag and this woman has a special allegiance with Red color. She is insanely GLAMOROUS 🌹💃🌹💃🌹💃🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🌹🌹🌹💃💃💃💃💃🌹💃🌹💃🌹🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷. Very UNIQUE KPOP artist.
kim mari'h
kim mari'h 2 hours ago
Angel Jelaine
Angel Jelaine 3 hours ago
As a mamamoo stan, I’m happy that tiktok blew this song up. Hwasa deserves it.
Miss Anonymous
Miss Anonymous 3 hours ago
Inkigayo Triple Crown 😎
IsabelleMarine Sae Lim
First scene is inspired by the film Maléna ! 🤩
Fyone Chin
Fyone Chin 3 hours ago
"María (마리아)" [Romanized:] Yogeul hado meogeo chehaesseo hado Seoreoweodo eojjeogesseo I do Modudeul miweohaneura aesseonne Nal muneotteurimyeon Babi dwena Weroweoseo eotteokhae Miummajeo samkyeosseo Hwanael himdo eopseo Yeoyudo eopgo Mweo geuri anikkowa Gadeon gil geunyang ga Waedeul geurae seoreobge Maria maria Neol wihan mariya Binnaneun bamiya Neol gwerobhijima O maria neol wihan mariya Mweo hareo adeungbadeunghae Imi areumdaunde (Yeah) Oh na ah ah (Yeah) neol wihan mariya (Yeah) Oh na ah ah (Yeah) areumdaweo maria No frame no fake Jikkeun jikkeungeoryeo Haneureun haneulsaek saneun ge da ppeonhae Naega gal gireun naega bakkuji mweo Wigineun gihwero da bakkuji mweo Guji uneun kkori bogo shipdamyeon Yetta nunmul Weroweoseo eotteokhae Miummajeo samkyeosseo Hwanael himdo eopseo Iyudo eopgo Maeumeul deoreobhijima Tarakhagien ajik illeo Maria maria Neol wihan mariya Binnaneun bamiya Neol gwerobhijima O maria neol wihan mariya Mweo hareo adeungbadeunghae Imi areumdaunde (Yeah) Oh na ah ah (Yeah) neol wihan mariya (Yeah) Oh na ah ah (Yeah) areumdaweo maria Maria maria Neol wihan mariya Binnaneun bamiya Neol gwerobhijima O maria neol wihan mariya Mweo hareo adeungbadeunghae Imi areumdaunde (Yeah) Oh na ah ah (Yeah) neol wihan mariya (Yeah) neol wihan mariya (Yeah) areumdaweo maria
Tamina K
Tamina K 3 hours ago
This song boosts my confidence. She is so strong ❤️
ᅦ헤ᄒ ᅦ
ᅦ헤ᄒ ᅦ 3 hours ago
화사 존나 이쁘네
ᅦ헤ᄒ ᅦ
ᅦ헤ᄒ ᅦ 3 hours ago
화사 담배피냪ㅍ??
elisabet moreno
elisabet moreno 3 hours ago
kaeahns 3 hours ago
I'm not a fan but I think she a queen❤️👑 I think I'll stan her rn🥵
elisabet moreno
elisabet moreno 3 hours ago
elisabet moreno
elisabet moreno 3 hours ago
kura pika
kura pika 3 hours ago
this why they keep saying that kpop is illuminati because they keep using triangle in every song .. couldnt they use a tub that dosnt shape like a triangle? like really of all the shapes you used a triangle for a tup ? how unusual ugh
Thata 3 hours ago
Vim do Tiktok kkkkk
Jocelyn Thio
Jocelyn Thio 3 hours ago
Gw kesini gara gara tiktok
gigt 567
gigt 567 3 hours ago
Congratulations moos hwasa got triple crown 👑👑👑 We are so proud of you hwasa
Nohemi David
Nohemi David 3 hours ago
I love it
lorena C Couto
lorena C Couto 4 hours ago
まりりん 4 hours ago
自分の名前の曲でびっくり笑 my name is maria
Izzy • late
Izzy • late 4 hours ago
I've just come to check one more time If my thumb up is still here ~ yep. Mission completed. Love you, Hwasa💜. I am back for your music every time when I feel down. Always helps. Thank you for remaining yourself no matter what.🤗
애니 좋아
애니 좋아 4 hours ago
와..... 나 화사노래 딱히 별 생각 없었는데 확 바뀌네 노래 엄청 좋고 노래 좋은만큼 노래를 잘 부르네
maddi Crimmins
maddi Crimmins 4 hours ago
I like this song
Kay Calamity
Kay Calamity 4 hours ago
Me watching: Hwasa, this video, this song, those outfits Me watching for the twentieth time: someone stop me because it's too good to stop on my own
/ L \
/ L \ 4 hours ago
WOOOOW ruvid.net/video/video-qjidAA3TeIU.html
Sakshi Chaurasia
Sakshi Chaurasia 4 hours ago
I don't know her but her voice damnn 😍✨
BetterLife 4 hours ago
Tiktok brings me here:)
Brion Ah
Brion Ah 4 hours ago
Mac28 4 hours ago
Maria Maria, NAPUPUNO KA NG GRASYA!!! 😂✌🏻
bt: best
bt: best 4 hours ago
LOUANG-ຫລວງ ສາຍອິນລໍາ OFFICIAL
FcຈາກLaos🇱🇦 Love🇨🇳
M K 4 hours ago
Lemme tell y'all. "Maria maria~" really can't get off my head.
witri silvia
witri silvia 5 hours ago
Enak banget lagunya
Its Sunflower Me
Its Sunflower Me 5 hours ago
Queen hwasa:HEY!! Subtitles:hi
Dana Alrabghi
Dana Alrabghi 5 hours ago
50 m let's go 💞😖
Romz & Gladz TV
Romz & Gladz TV 5 hours ago
Super love this Hwasa's song. I have my own dance cover here. Hope you guys like it. ruvid.net/video/video-pZ33om8hHrY.html
StandOffJam 5 hours ago
HOW IS SHE FAT?????💜💜💜💜
StandOffJam 4 hours ago
Luvie 럽 well the comments are saying how ppl are body shaming her
Luvie 럽
Luvie 럽 4 hours ago
Uhm noone said that?
Madhu Jaiswal
Madhu Jaiswal 5 hours ago
Youre so good love from india hwasa shii..❤❤❤
Jp Maralit
Jp Maralit 5 hours ago
Tiktok brought me here hahahahahaha
GD 5 hours ago
My LSS ever since I heard it from my friend. 😄😄
رحمه احمد
رحمه احمد 5 hours ago
ياريت اسمي ماريا
Chunfa Lin
Chunfa Lin 5 hours ago
Wanna see nuna × maria
Rubab Nasir
Rubab Nasir 5 hours ago
Maria is a Islamic name
Lene Blox
Lene Blox 5 hours ago
정민교 5 hours ago
와 신대륙 발견
Șura Dinç
Șura Dinç 5 hours ago
Her zaman mukemmel
Ivan Alavarez
Ivan Alavarez 5 hours ago
Hermosa canción
해바라기소녀 5 hours ago
와 뮤비 되게 멋있다.. 맨날 노래로만 듣고 뮤비는 첨 봤는데 되게 잘 만든듯..
Deny Melgarejo
Deny Melgarejo 5 hours ago
Vj Ranches
Vj Ranches 5 hours ago
The guy with the long hair at the left just did a little itsy bitsy mistake at 1:25....
InSomnia 5 hours ago
whenever I see Hwasa I literally scream, *"STEP ON ME QUEEN!!"*
jhope marry me
jhope marry me 5 hours ago
my mum stan just hwassa in music world
Cassandra Medina
Cassandra Medina 6 hours ago
— maria eduarda.
— maria eduarda. 6 hours ago
Jnss Rfl
Jnss Rfl 6 hours ago
Karin 6 hours ago
Damn her sexy body and her voice is melting meee 🍒💕
El Roi
El Roi 6 hours ago
Google 번역기를 사용하고 있는데 한국어를 모릅니다. 화사 당신은 항상 내게 영감을 주었어요. 사람들이 당신이 그렇게 멋진 사람이라고 말하는 것을 듣지 말고, 당신은 항상 나로 영감을 받았습니다.
El Roi
El Roi 6 hours ago
Knowing her not only made me confident in my skin but also mentally healthy...and made me learn how much you are good people will criticize just for nothing. So being you and not listening to them should be one's ultimate choice.
Kiki Siaumei
Kiki Siaumei 6 hours ago
Kesini gegara semua di tiktok pakek sound ini..
Julie Fung
Julie Fung 6 hours ago
She have many viewers so cool
Sophie blink
Sophie blink 6 hours ago
Obviously, she is Hwasa 💜
Tabark Falah
Tabark Falah 6 hours ago
😍😢على من 👱‍♀️
Omda mikhail
Omda mikhail 6 hours ago
Our empress is back with her angelic voice 🤍
Gianelle Nirza
Gianelle Nirza 6 hours ago
ʜᴇʀ ᴀᴡʀᴀ ʀᴇᴍɪɴᴅs ᴍᴇ ᴏғ ᴄʟ
Omda mikhail
Omda mikhail 6 hours ago
Hack she pretty Wonderful voice Amazing personality Super talented Actually really strong and down to earth .......I have so many positive things to say about her and I’m not even a fan but I’m sure I’ll be one really soon
Arya Aaaa
Arya Aaaa 6 hours ago
É A PATROA 😫😫😫😫❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Changnnel 6 hours ago
looks like ariana grande beats of her song
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