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[MV] CLC _ ME(美)

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CLC, who gave a strong impact to the public through “No” with the band’s confident and charismatic performance on January, tries to perfectly position themselves with new song “ME (美)”. CLC’s new song “ME (美)” refers to the theme of ‘beautiful me’ using the English word ‘Me’ and the same pronunciation of Chinese character ‘美’ meaning beauty, in a whimsical way. This song with the strong sound and beat as well as the strongly addictive refrain that reverses as the song proceeds shows CLC’s confident fascination to captivate everyone with their individuality and beauty.
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May 29, 2019




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Comments 100
Jame Franco
Jame Franco 9 hours ago
These girls are great.This song could have took off(in my opinion-of course) if they didnt use that harsh sounding instrumentation fof the chorus. Beautiful sounds so much better on Korean
Boots and Cats
ME 1 the K: 18,903,684 Cube: 10,100,003 Total: 29,003,687 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
black wolf
black wolf 2 days ago
Cant believe these girls aren't popular 🥺 as others Suengheee❤️
Nere Mata
Nere Mata 3 days ago
Seungeeon ,sorn ,seungin,yo las conozco y un día iré con ellas♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍
Nere Mata
Nere Mata 3 days ago
ClC es la mejor las sigo
yoonmin taekook
yoonmin taekook 4 days ago
y uno aqui viendo si hay comentarios en español ajjda . . (Auto like pa no desaparecer ahr)
Kim Aya 2
Kim Aya 2 4 days ago
الاغنية تجننننن
BLACKPINK and TREASURE are the revolution
"The innocence in glamour. The purity in arrogance" I think that is the line that has got me thinking the most these days, glad a mashup of helicopter and other artist showed up (that i loved, I think it was with stay kids but I don't vibe with them yet) and that a youtuber i liked made a video about them (so I'm glad i know their history) and got me interested in more than just helicopter (since black dress I'm loving everything)
hwasa's thighs
hwasa's thighs 5 days ago
clc deserves better.
mi grupo favorito las amo
Amy Firas
Amy Firas 5 days ago
cube should give clc a me 2.0 or a no 2.0 and watch them climb the charts
я_кто 7 days ago
mαrky 8 days ago
this song is so badass i love it so much it makes you feel like a baddie
imSanti! 8 days ago
the girls deserve better, I really love this song
Roch 9 days ago
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Minari Biased
Minari Biased 9 days ago
Únanse al team Seungyeon 🙈 chat.whatsapp.com/LB2VwJ3tA19Ls6MkqIJPRz
Lisa M
Lisa M 9 days ago
Unanse si hablan español, es un grupo de clc chat.whatsapp.com/LB2VwJ3tA19Ls6MkqIJPRz
TWICE&ONCE :3 9 days ago
Por si quieren entrar a un grupo de CLC 👇 t.co/JOzANZZ5oE
Shugar 9 days ago
💙 *BUSCANDO CHESHIRE'S* 💙 chat.whatsapp.com/LB2VwJ3tA19Ls6MkqIJPRz
kriptonite 9 days ago
✨Hola, si eres fan de CLC únete a este grupo de WhatsApp, hacen juegos y dinámicas distintas sobre CLC.✨ chat.whatsapp.com/LB2VwJ3tA19Ls6MkqIJPRz
Letizia Reis
Letizia Reis 9 days ago
Who is here October 2020? 🙋🏻‍♀️ let’s get this song to 20M
Boots and Cats
Boots and Cats 9 days ago
Better yet, let's get it to 20 million on CLC's channel, the girls make more money there! 😸
Jiwon Young
Jiwon Young 10 days ago
I feel like 1.25 playback speed is suit more to this song especially Yeeun rap part. The beat is just so good idk why are they still underrated?
Just Geo
Just Geo 10 days ago
Just Geo
Just Geo 10 days ago
Boots and Cats
Boots and Cats 10 days ago
Happy Birthday Oh Seunghee! 🐤🍏🎂👑
kim_ yonhee
kim_ yonhee 11 days ago
سي ال سي
kim_ yonhee
kim_ yonhee 11 days ago
Ninette Himsel
Ninette Himsel 11 days ago
Sorn is babe
nana ` Mahalo
nana ` Mahalo 13 days ago
caraca maluco....isso tá PERFEITO
Angely Cavalli
Angely Cavalli 13 days ago
#clc #me
채연‘ 14 days ago
marc sand
marc sand 14 days ago
so THIS is what an eargasm feels like
kim yuna
kim yuna 14 days ago
I'm blink but support clc Queens
Elena Barron
Elena Barron 16 days ago
Luna Loves Seungcheolie
Who’s the blonde girl??🥺
Vân Hồng
Vân Hồng 13 days ago
Chinbold Gansukh
Chinbold Gansukh 17 days ago
*This is the greatest song in my list*
More 18 days ago
It hears like: I don't know me...
Rainbow Blitz
Rainbow Blitz 18 days ago
0:40 who's she?
Muhammad Rizal
Muhammad Rizal 18 days ago
She is our main vocalist, Seunghee :)
Mina Rsl
Mina Rsl 18 days ago
Can’t believe it doesn’t have more views seriously, this is a bop
KPOP IS lifeu
KPOP IS lifeu 19 days ago
0:43 i m obsessed with sorn's part
Sophia Ampoloquio
Sophia Ampoloquio 20 days ago
I dont stan them but damn they are so good and they deserve better im tellin you cube if you treat them right i promise you they will be one of your powerful girl group
Zou bi da
Zou bi da 20 days ago
Seunghee voice is no joke i am in love with this girl she is perfection
Japhet Anciado
Japhet Anciado 20 days ago
This deserve billions of views.
clc1 clc2
clc1 clc2 21 day ago
Stream 'Me' on CLC's official channel. ruvid.net/video/video-Btkjr6UNb50.html
Stephanie Lesser
Stephanie Lesser 21 day ago
My opinion is, that every woman is unique, beautiful and born wonderful from the start. Every man seeing beauty in a woman gets a gift for life. Love, affection, devotion, character and personality makes a woman beautiful. An anthem to all the beautiful women in the world.
ARMOOSHIRE in yo area
will forever be my fav clc song
Marina Borges
Marina Borges 21 day ago
•min's shortpie eo•
Cube literallly give no attention to clc..they were not even preparing a comeback.. i don't stan clc nor know them but this song deserves better actually..if cube gave more attention to clc today they would have been so famous..but u know that cube always..
Ibrav 18 days ago
Oh shut the hell up how is cube suppose to promote them like unlike 4minute they had promotions but that didnt work . Hobgoblin was only succesful internationally . And cube fucking gave them 3 comebacks last year , 3 do you know how many groups would love to have three comebacks
Sofia Brylunova
Sofia Brylunova 23 days ago
Well CLC you gained a new fan! Your song helicopter is amazing so I wanted to listen to your other songs. They are such a bops, I can’t believe there are people who don’t Stan you because if your music. Soon I will learn your names
Nyai Irene
Nyai Irene 24 days ago
Me Its My Fav CLC Song
Nyai Irene
Nyai Irene 24 days ago
I Love this Song
kim mia nayeon
kim mia nayeon 24 days ago
[MV] CLC _ ME(美)
kim mia nayeon
kim mia nayeon 24 days ago
hola como estan todos este video es de lo mejor quisiera que pongan sustitulo porque quiero ver lo que digan ENTENDIDO PONGAN SUSTITULO PORFAVOR
ponyo 23 days ago
Según yo, si tiene subtitulos en español, pero es el que está en el canal de clc:)
Reveluv Malaysia
Reveluv Malaysia 24 days ago
Keren Keren
Irene RV
Irene RV 24 days ago
Lagu CLC Fav ku Me”
•min's shortpie eo•
Thsi song is really good..I have discovered it before but now recognised its so legit! Their views so should increase! If u see u feel like a queen that has just owned a world she is so beautiful..clc fans stream!!!!!
nishu 39
nishu 39 25 days ago
Unpopular opinion: me>>>no
城堡n a t
城堡n a t 26 days ago
Seunghee’s part gets me every time i listen to this song.
Park Rosé
Park Rosé 26 days ago
I don't stan them yet by I can tell how much potential and talent they have just by watching this MV I mean the power!!! And people still act like they don't exist
GIGI rose
GIGI rose 26 days ago
To good
Devanshi Dubey
Devanshi Dubey 26 days ago
THis has had to be song of the year last year if not than its rigged.
Lidia Alvarez
Lidia Alvarez 26 days ago
why nobody's talking abt sEuNgHeE's frikin VOICE
Malati Hembram
Malati Hembram 28 days ago
This song is copy of purple Lamborghini
STAN CLC 27 days ago
so you know what a sample is?? Me by CLC, Ddu Du Ddu Du by Blackpink and Purple Lamborghini * maybe * the producers use the same samples no hate
Zainab Zainab
Zainab Zainab 28 days ago
1:06 can someone tell me what her name is shes really pretty
Zainab Zainab
Zainab Zainab 28 days ago
@vịt vui vẻ Thank you
vịt vui vẻ
vịt vui vẻ 28 days ago
she is eunbin, kwon eunbin, CLC's youngest member
K-pop fans
K-pop fans 28 days ago
فديتتت احبكم
Your Name
Your Name 29 days ago
Don't be shy CLC. *Follow Hyuna out.*
Ashley Bonfoey
Ashley Bonfoey 29 days ago
One of my favorite CLC songs!!
kim mia nayeon
kim mia nayeon 29 days ago
cl cc
babykoo 29 days ago
these girls are lit m stanning from this moment♡.♡
clc 18 days ago
welcome cheshire ♡♡
Jacob Corn
Jacob Corn 29 days ago
Lavendova 29 days ago
My favourite song from CLC
jisoo hehehe
jisoo hehehe 29 days ago
Clc's best song 👌
Arredondo Leyva Renata
I always thought that CLC was a person xd
Arredondo Leyva Renata
@Boots and Cats I think you´re right
Boots and Cats
Boots and Cats 29 days ago
You're probably thinking of CL from 2NE1.
-_- Month ago
CLC: Cube can we have proper promotions? Cube: No CLC: Can we have a lightstick? Cube: No CLC: Can we have good merch? Cube: No CLC: Can we make Cheshires angry because you're not giving what we deserve? Cube: I've been waiting for you to ask that
griM reapeR
griM reapeR Month ago
They give me hyuna Vibeeee 😊😊😊😊😊they r sooo gooooooDddddd
Milky Taeyong
Milky Taeyong Month ago
If cube gives clc more attention they would be one of the most popular girl groups in the world.
Angely Smith
Angely Smith Month ago
#clc #me
tricia lykes
tricia lykes Month ago
Helicopter: UnDeRrAtEd Hobgoblin: UnDeRrAtEd Pepe: UnDeRrAtEd I Like It: UnDeRrAtEd Me: UnDeRrAtEd Like It: UnDeRrAtEd To The Sky: UnDeRrAtEd SUMMER kiss: UnDeRrAtEd Where Are You?: UnDeRrAtEd No: UnDeRrAtEd Black Dress: UnDeRrAtEd High Heels: UnDeRrAtEd Devil: UnDeRrAtEd CLC: Plain Ol' UnDeRrAtEd
Forever MOARMY
Forever MOARMY Month ago
Can any one tell me who was the girl in 1:13 ? Plzzzz 💜💜💜
LJ Brickster
LJ Brickster Month ago
Kpop Planet
Kpop Planet Month ago
RIP to those people who don't know CLC group exists !
Pınar Gülten
Pınar Gülten Month ago
this mv deserves least 200m
ぐJ O S H 和平ツ
1:23 Dios miOOooOO Como me gusta este RAP!!!!!! 😈❤🧨
artsbyjulo Month ago
Hi meet your new cheshire member yes ME huehue stan them since No era became a cheshire finally in helicopter era I even deny but now yeah haha
R.D.P kpop
R.D.P kpop Month ago
Jelekkkkkkkkkkk bagussan BLACK Pink ama bts ,twice, exo
miraya. chan
miraya. chan Month ago
It's such a shame most of clc fans are silent talent lovers :')
loekas heroe
loekas heroe Month ago
박선례 Month ago
이게 띵곡이 아니면 뭐가 띵곡임
wisdom fontanilla
h kal
h kal Month ago
CLC 💜💜💜
rohmat tuwlloh
rohmat tuwlloh Month ago
First drop this song, sounds like gta redlips aero remix lol
AuraChemicals {a twice fan}
This song is a bop!! All the vocalist done a great job! Yee un rap is amazing! This song is amazing! Helicopter, hobgoblin, and black dress and the other clc songs are cool! Visuals are so immaculate! I like Yee un blond hair! I don’t get it why many people sleep on them, but as a new Cheshire I will support them!
Televisin Number 1
아미Hala Month ago
Damn I don’t stan but I fuxking love this song
Ana Luiza
Ana Luiza Month ago
!Perfect Group! 完璧なグループ! 完美集团! 완벽한 그룹! Grupo Perfeito! Melhor grupo, melhor b-sides, DUAS máquinas de dança (Seungyeon e Yujin), vozes lindas, potentes e delicadas, as membros tem um beleza encantadora, são fofas, sexys...A única coisa que falta é a atenção da cube!
Victoria Silva
Victoria Silva Month ago
#army. Stoy. Helicopter. &. Me. 2020.
Ruth Ynea
Ruth Ynea Month ago
i cant believe this only hit 18m views
Peachy Woojaezen
When CLC said "areumdawo me", they mean it.
Dika Kpopers
Dika Kpopers Month ago
Best Song
mayer idrobo
mayer idrobo Month ago
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