[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Butterfly"

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[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) "Butterfly"
Coincidence meets coincidence in LOOΠΔ to make each other’s fate.
HeeJin and HyunJin are real-life friends while HaSeul is like the mother of the team. YeoJin is the youngest sister of all. The team expanded its cells by family-like relationships. The only foreign member and an android ViVi gets introduced to become LOOΠΔ 1/3.
ODD EYE CIRCLE was born at the opposite end. With the story of three moons gathering to form a full circle, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry decide to stand at the frontlines to save the world, under their slogan ‘Girl Front.’
Born in Eden the utopian land, LOOΠΔ / yyxy chooses to embrace the forbidden and leaves to find their own selves. Yves, the leader of yyxy, had “faith” in being born again with the song ‘new’. Chuu keeps her “hopes" up with her yearning towards Yves. Go Won “loves” her unique self. Olivia Hye shows “anger” towards the taboos of Eden. When all of their emotions gather, a Neoanthropinae genes of yyxy manifests.
All of the units meet with YeoJin to add to the addition, resulting in their first EP [+ +] to announce the start of LOOΠΔ. At the ‘First full Moon of the LOOΠΔ new Year,’ LOOΠΔ starts their two-two-dimensional fusion with [X X].
The intro track ‘X X’ foreshadows that the album is completed at the opposite side of where [+ +] is.
The title track ‘Butterfly’ contains LOOΠΔ’s irreplaceable unique concepts. Mixing softness with dynamics, the track takes LOOΠΔ to another level with new beats and drops never heard in K-pop before, along with electronic sounds and melody.
Shot in Iceland, Paris, and Hong Kong, the teasers of [X X] started on first of January to unravel the stories behind the universe of LOOΠΔ. Under the slogan of ‘For All LOOΠΔs Around the World,’ it spread worldwide, to all LOOΠΔs of the world.
LOOΠΔ causes a Butterfly effect through music for the listeners to gain courage, find oneself, and raise one’s voice. Anyone under influence, is another LOOΠΔ.
LOOΠΔ’s visual director DIGIPEDI toured around 5 countries from 5 continents for LOOΠΔ’s Butterfly effects to capture the freedom and courage of girl worldwide in the music video of ‘Butterfly.’
‘Satellite’ starts calmly, but as music flows and orbits, the layers stack to double the listeners’ excitement. ‘Curiosity’ is a dream-pop number that draws you in with its mysterious aesthetics.
‘Colors’ has the LOOΠΔ universe dissolved into the track, desiring for each other’s colors and dye each other to become love portrayed with a drop beat. ‘Where you at’ was a previously prepared track along with ‘one way’ of yyxy in LOOΠΔ the Ballad album. It is a pop-ballad song with melodies so powerful that the members of LOOΠΔ memorized the whole song with just one listen.
Additionally, in the limited edition of LOOΠΔ [X X] CD’s, the very first hints to the next album are hidden in two bonus tracks, to arouse more curiosity and anticipation.
LOOΠΔ collides fate into destiny to create coincidence.
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Feb 19, 2019





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loona’s comeback guardian
jinsoul said she’ll see us again when it gets even hotter 🤔 hmmmm....
Alya Marina Ustamar
Alya Marina Ustamar 47 minutes ago
they’re good really i’m fall in love w/this song, but their voices are similars for each other
You wouldnt said that if you listen to their solos
Dany miss
Dany miss 2 hours ago
Danay Ruiz
Danay Ruiz 4 hours ago
Es el primer vídeo que veo de ellas y ya las amo.
Debra Meta
Debra Meta 5 hours ago
Pure talent
mariana 6 hours ago
Does anyone make me stop cry?... well.....i do not thing anyone will be able to do this.....this song is so beutiful FLY LIKE A BUTTERFLYYYY
Rosekook_ Jikook
Rosekook_ Jikook 6 hours ago
I’m new can you guys tell me who theses members are 0:47 0:54 3:15 (the girl in the middle) and the girl siting in the car
loona’s comeback guardian
im not sure who you mean, but if it’s the girl directly in the front of the camera singing she is kim lip! her solo song is called *eclipse* ☺️ (her subunit is called odd eye circle) 54 seconds is heejin! her solo is called *vivid* (her subunit is called loona 1/3) & the last girl is olivia hye her solo is called *egoist* (her subunit is called yyxy) the girl with the crutch sitting on the car isn’t a member of loona but you might be able to find her name in the credits toward the end 🥺
Monica S
Monica S 5 hours ago
0:47 is KimLip with the brown hair 0:54 is HeeJin 3:15 is Olivia Hye.
Sleepyminyoongi 7 hours ago
How did I just find out about these talented girls they don’t just sing about anything or have a specific concept they have their own special unique concept that no one else has what they sing about the message they’re spreading is amazing I found myself a group that deserves to be stanned
loona’s comeback guardian
Sleepyminyoongi ooh yay! if you have any questions about the girls don’t hesitate to ask! 🥰 but just in case you need it: twitter.com/loonasguardian/status/1101892249279967233?s=21
Monsta x trash
Monsta x trash 7 hours ago
Goosebumpssss literally googoosebumpssss so goood
95 never sink
95 never sink 10 hours ago
The scenes in MV are so significant, the melody is very touching I think it's good
moon light
moon light 11 hours ago
its been 4 months already wheres the comeback
6 months for each comeback
Danny Cordero
Danny Cordero 12 hours ago
I hope bbc keeps the fansigns with the 1/3 girls and kim lip (?) Since they started with jinsoul
loona’s comeback guardian
olivia hye fansign confirmed! 🐺
reese gorsuch
reese gorsuch 14 hours ago
Krysta Lunar
Krysta Lunar 16 hours ago
People call us annoying but I see more annoying coming here to comment how annoying is a fandom....idk mind your business and support your faves, don’t come here to say irrelevant shit. Thanks
Shiroyasha 16 hours ago
My fellow orbits, a new girl group called Purplebeck just debuted with their song 'Crystal Ball' let's give them some support! (ง ̇∇ ̇)ว ruvid.net/video/video-R1zx4G3jqp8.html .. It's okay if you don't want to
chaejun 11 hours ago
Shiroyasha it was so amazing.. my fav debut of the year for sure
Ain Ang
Ain Ang 20 hours ago
just added to my fav list gg
Vanilla Val
Vanilla Val 20 hours ago
this,,,omg. made me emotional in a way i havent felt in a while and even tho i have no clue what they are saying i understand it perfectly
loona’s comeback guardian
Vanilla Val i’m shadowb^nned again so i’m really sorry i can’t keep talking to you more 😭 but yes! if you have any more questions about anything don’t hesitate to ask orbits will help you immediately 💕 btw thank you for checking them out!
Vanilla Val
Vanilla Val 5 hours ago
@loona's comeback guardian is shadowbanned omg thats a lot,,,but also sounds like the thing imma do for the next few days
loona's comeback guardian is shadowbanned
Vanilla Val ah! i will try to explain it without spoilers.... so each of the LOONA girls have solo songs with mvs. the mvs actually all connect into a storyline called the LOONAVERSE. the clues get more obvious with the subunit mvs and the solos after odd eye circle, but anyway the order of the girls’ debuts makes it so they have a lot of connections to each other; i.e. the 1st and last girl appearing together. there are also tons of callbacks to previous mvs in this video! (did you notice the apples??) to explain the role of the apples, i will tell you each girl has a color, animal and depending on the subunit; a location, superpower, or fruit. but for example, choerry has both a fruit and a superpower (in addition to an animal and color!) ((is it confusing.... im sorry 😭)) for yves, her name is pronounced eve. if you know the story of adam and eve, then..... ☺️ ah yeah, yves also has a big role in all the other solo mvs for the subunit yyxy, so if you’re curious about what she’s doing i’d recommend watching chuu’s heart attack next (she’s heavily featured) and love4eva as well! 💕 the description of this video actually sums up the lore pretty well but if you want to see it come together yourself i recommend watching all their solos and subunit mvs in chronological order! and if you’re lost there are channels like twinfish and daebak jjang that go through every detail, even beyond into quantum physics, color theory, the string theory, etc etc 😂
Tiana LOOΠΔ 22 hours ago
Kaiya E.C.04
Kaiya E.C.04 22 hours ago
Stan loona. Periodt
ELFKIE Day ago
im a new orbit that has finally given into #stanloona
Danny Cordero
What do you think haseul hiatus is about? I just don't think she's just resting! I know BBC treats the girls so well but two months of resting for an idol when the group have been super active I don't know! I wanna think she is somehow involved in the production of their next comeback and she's working on that! Probably it's not that but it'd be amazing!
loona’s comeback guardian
Shiroyasha ah i’m not sure what tweet you saw but the official schedule released yesterday never included haseul’s name. the schedule last month always had (haseul absent) amended to every entry, but this time it did not. when orbits noticed this (and started tweeting about it), the schedules were actually removed by BBC 🤔
yves' bitch
yves' bitch 14 hours ago
Missing Haseul Hours be real rn
Shiroyasha 16 hours ago
@blackbetta Honestly 😩 let's hope it turns out to be true
blackbetta 16 hours ago
@Shiroyasha yeah I just saw it and that other tweet about an orbit possibly seeing her outside BBC. She better be back im sick of us being clowned everytime 🤡
blackbetta 16 hours ago
@andy.a thank you! And omg I really hope she's back it's been so long 😭
Danny Cordero
I'll never get tired of this song
Danny Cordero
Snapping snapping
I really love the choreography of this song :)
*Today we've reached 25,643,234* *Lets go for more orbits :)*
chuu babe
chuu babe Day ago
Don't forget to save points on starpass and idol champ!
chuu babe
chuu babe Day ago
Almost 26M, let's go Orbit's!!!
Juliana Wolf
Juliana Wolf Day ago
This music video makes me cry everytime I watch it
loona’s comeback guardian
오빛! 💕 댄스 커버 팀에 대해 알려주고 싶어요. >>> ruvid.net/video/video-Nwk6nujXjig.html
loona’s comeback guardian
Kmusic Lover 🥺 omg i feel like it’s been ages since we last talked but like always i’m so thankful for your help!! i will keep studying! 🔥🤘😤🤘🔥
Kmusic Lover
Kmusic Lover 4 hours ago
loona’s comeback guardian No, you only got two syllables wrong, the Korean is really good! Just change 잘아요-> 잘해요, 아이돌일-> 아이돌들 and you got it. Keep it up, you are almost there!
blackbetta 12 hours ago
@loona’s comeback guardian at least you can tell if it's wrong 😭 and we're dramatic deal with it 🤧
loona’s comeback guardian
omg y’all........... 😭 i only said like 2 sentences! and i’m pretty sure the grammar is wrong! 😭😭
blackbetta 17 hours ago
@Tiana LOOΠΔ *it was a dark day for lipsoul fans* 😩
Mahrukh Omer
Mahrukh Omer Day ago
I have recently been SOOOOO OBSESSED with this song
hi5hli5ht 5ting
Who’s here for the streaming party? What else are you guys listening to in between streams?
Shiroyasha 16 hours ago
spent the last two months on hyunjin's solo, but still come here time to time
loona’s comeback guardian
hi5hli5ht 5ting ah of course! 💛
hi5hli5ht 5ting
@loona’s comeback guardian I think that's correct! I'm streaming Around You by our bread loving Hyunjin ~
loona’s comeback guardian
hi5hli5ht 5ting hmmm bad guy billie eilish! (is that how you spell her name idk 😭)
loona’s comeback guardian
hellooooOoOo! there’s a kpop cover dance team i want to tell you about~ they’re called *아멜리에* / *Amelie* 💕 here’s their cover of favorite: ruvid.net/video/video-eTLcghbQi1E.html one of my favorites they’ve done! they just recently passed 2k subs! personally i think they deserve more 🥺 it would be nice if orbits could head over to their channel and check out some of their videos, they’ve covered 14 LOONA songs!! and they’re great dancers! ☺️
chuu babe
chuu babe Day ago
Sure, angel 💞
loona’s comeback guardian
blackbetta thank you betta 💙☺️
blackbetta Day ago
Sure will
Keep streaming this help a lot and don't forget save points on Idol Champ and Starpass. We can do it orbit!
Audrie Pramesti
Beautiful beautiful video
Gilda Campos
Gilda Campos Day ago
Mercedes Moya Garrido
I believe that this show that the womans can do anything that the womans wants, without any obstacle.
Wanna Boe
Wanna Boe Day ago
Y2Ken Day ago
It's been a while since I watched this MV and... it's just so good. LOONA forever.
loona’s comeback guardian
LOONA 🌙 schedule updates↡ july 5th: k force tv special 8pm* july 6th: insane quiz season 2 🐧 july 11th: k force tv special 8pm* july 13th: insane quiz season 2 🐧 july 20th: insane quiz season 2 🐧 *BBC just removed these from the official schedule ummmmmmm 🙃
queen of loona schedule 👑🙏 loonathedrought who..more like loonatheflood
a maldita lisiada
I wonder when Choerry’s roach debuts. 🤔
loona’s comeback guardian
Choerry’s Roach 🤭 omg omg
Choerry’s Roach
Well hello there
blackbetta Day ago
@a maldita lisiada i have a feeling she's gonna wreck all of my bias list 😭 I'm not ready 😳🤧
a maldita lisiada
blackbetta i wonder what Miss Roach’s solo song sounds like 😍 I hope its amazing. but since this is BBC we’re talking about, I know they’re gonna make something iconic.
blackbetta Day ago
Maybe that's why BBC is pushing the cb behind. Miss Roach will have their solo first and then make a subunit with yeojin 🤔
Nasir's Kpop
Nasir's Kpop Day ago
Hello Fellow Orbits 💝💝💝 I've made a fan-made music video of Kim Lip's Twilight! Check it out if u have time :) ruvid.net/video/video-hR8toqRRJTI.html
deadlolita Day ago
orbits let’s also support girl crush and their debut single ‘memories’ !!! ruvid.net/video/video-KSf-ay_5o1c.html
deadlolita 20 hours ago
Choerry’s Roach it’s a very sensual concept
Choerry’s Roach
deadlolita it said age restricted lmao
Cat Valentine
I appreciate the fact that they included people from all around the world so much! I don’t get to see that very often when it comes to kpop
rain 51db
rain 51db Day ago
I've been watching some old butterfly and hi high stages lately, and god, i miss them! Can't wait for the comeback
cy_ Day ago
i hope bbc and digipedi know what they're doing, jesus
cy_ Day ago
i should say this, i got hard chills.
Ulises Ortega
first loona video i watch because i've heard this song so much and it's so fucking beautiful. one of my fav kpop songs 2019 for sure.
JohnAustin Csik
Nice voice
JohnAustin Csik
Nice voice
Tiana L
Tiana L 2 days ago
those choerry edits are too powerful... no choice but to stan loona now
Ariana Briones
Ariana Briones 2 days ago
I love how it isn’t the girls and they show diverse people. This video needs so much more attention. STAN LOONA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dexter Gallardo
Dexter Gallardo 2 days ago
the message hidden in this song is really strong especially that bite in the apple... i hope this group would continue to be unique and radical with their future comebacks and give birth to a new era of Kpop MVs unrelying with visuals but rather with artistry and message
star dust
star dust 2 days ago
I am LIVING for the diversity in this mv
*FavOriTe - 10m* *Hi High - 25m* *Butterfly - 30m* *Fighting Loona & Orbits
*Today we've reached 25,609,017* *Lets go for more Orbits :)*
Giselle 2 days ago
I need new music from them 😭 i know it hasn't been that long since the comeback, not really, but still. They spoiled us too much and now i don't know what to do when i get nothing sjsjs But it's okay I'll wait 😔
Urso Polar
Urso Polar 2 days ago
loona = art
Jade Grande
Jade Grande 2 days ago
Loona taught me, you should make your world more vivid, you know that there are many people that want to be around you, you should know that plenty of people are saying, “let me in”, you have to give consent, you can say, “kiss later!”, you will find a love that makes you want to say, “everyday I love you”, you can find a love in an eclipse, you can fall in love in just one love cherry motion, you can find someone who you can be with, just signing in the rain, you can be the new version of yourself, you can find a love that is like a heart attack, you are your one and only, so love yourself! you can put yourself before others without being an egoist everyone should fly like a butterfly!!!
FANCY YOU 2 days ago
Stan Loona but they are too boring to stan.
FANCY YOU Hour ago
Thanks ^ :3
Raj Patel
Raj Patel 16 hours ago
@FANCY YOU .... Sorry but I'm not sure what you been watching whilst you have been exploring KPOP. However your views on idols from smaller companies is flawed. If you just focus on big 3 then you miss out of crackheads like LOOΠΔ, BTS, Gfriend, Mamamoo, CLC etc... Idols from smaller companies do not get exposure like the groups and idols from the Big 3. They do not get invited or get called onto alot of variety shows and as a result they cannot show alot of their personalities. Therefore you have to dig for content that shows them and their personalities like watching their V LIVE etc. LOOΠΔ are literally made up with12 crackheads! Hell if Hyunjin (our cat who can't stop barking as a dog!) dared to nominate YG for ice bucket challenge and that compelled him to donate money (shocker) toward the first ALS hospital in Korea, I Stan 🤣. Okay back to topic.... Its not just about their concept. BBC (their company) knew the girls needs exposure and not going to get much from shows therefore they started LoonaTV and Loona Kicks from the beginning. That's how this fandon has grown. If you watch them you can see how the girls have grown, their personalities are expressed so much more and the format/editing of the clips change too as the members started to take ownership of recording themselves many times. However you only see then when one stick to watching them fully. Here is a playlist for their LoonaTV in order plus teasers etc... ruvid.net/group/PLKRMRwUwnf7YAFZu9Wj7Qrvqe27YXFW3j Here is a playlist of all their Loona Kicks ruvid.net/group/PLKqnlbpHOYMZgA_K5FM9IU2ew_bSp6ZIM And just for you I share this crack video playlist ruvid.net/group/PLKRMRwUwnf7aJh6575n4Qm0IYRsZglps7
Krysta Lunar
Krysta Lunar 23 hours ago
Buy Butterfly on iTunes
eilyvivideer Day ago
@Taehyung Diaries really. It's her loss anyway.
Taehyung Diaries
Choerry’s Roach
Came here to relax after a long day of stressing about exams that start on Tuesday
spinkyie 16 hours ago
good luck:)
loona’s comeback guardian
good luck!! you got this don’t worry too much just do your best 💕
Choerry’s Roach
couto thanks and good luck on yours
couto 2 days ago
my exams start on monday (tomorrow) :(( i have been stressing about them as well but everything's gonna be okay! good luck on your exams im sure you'll do great!
Karla Rosales
Karla Rosales 2 days ago
Still can’t get over this!!!! I love them so much 🤧🤧
i think we need to wait six months for next comeback
Johny Costa
Johny Costa 2 days ago
Blawzie 2 days ago
i don't stan kpop but i stan loona
Taehyung Diaries
Taehyung Diaries 14 hours ago
spinkyie ohhh.... it didn’t seem like I joke to me... sry feel free to r/whoooosh me now
spinkyie 16 hours ago
Taehyung Diaries can you take a joke 💀
Taehyung Diaries
You can’t Stan a language that a song is in
Blawzie Day ago
@Michael Untouchable Never
Michael Untouchable
Loona is Kpop
으앵앵 2 days ago
와 케이팝이 어떻게 이렇게 포용적이지 시대 잘 읽네
IRavendon 2 days ago
No one : Yt : puts this vid a the very top of the recommendations.. My only orbit braincell : *StAn LoOnA*
Dnct Zen
Dnct Zen 2 days ago
Let's go for 30M orbits!!!!!!
Farhat Kamiab
Farhat Kamiab 2 days ago
Tbh I got tears idk why
HeeChuu trip at Japan already have eng sub watch it here - ruvid.net/video/video-HiN2rzOAmUw.html
chaejun 2 days ago
stream to 30m!!
Park Aninha
Park Aninha 2 days ago
zhansaya abaeva
zhansaya abaeva 2 days ago
i forgot to say smth stan *LOONA*
loona’s comeback guardian
LOONA songs added to some more of Spotify’s official playlists 🎊 perfect love → morning k-pop! colors → fantastic k-workout where you at → k-pop weekend hmmmmmm 🤔
blackbetta 2 days ago
Imagine running on the treadmill or just jogging with Vivi singing "i go i go i go" 👌
Woojin can have my uwus
Orbit: I have one and only bias and it's- Rest of LOONA: swerve Orbit: 4:15
Urso Polar
Urso Polar 2 days ago
*What does "Fly like a butterfly" mean in your language? 🦋*
최진희 Day ago
Urso Polar Lumipad tulad ng mariposa
couto 2 days ago
voe como uma borboleta
Tenshicry 2 days ago
Vole comme un papillon.
Juliana Wolf
Juliana Wolf 2 days ago
Vuela como una mariposa
Βασιλική Κ.
Πέτα σαν μία πεταλούδα
Nasrul Zaffrey
Nasrul Zaffrey 2 days ago
Come on BBC... we want new songs from LOONA right now
Mobius Line
Mobius Line 2 days ago
Nasrul Zaffrey I think they will upload something today
Zex Grimm
Zex Grimm 2 days ago
🤡🤡🤡 where is our new content BBC
Mari 2 days ago
doyoung's eyes
doyoung's eyes 2 days ago
blackbetta 2 days ago
Hey its nice to see you again here ^°^
Julianna Policarpio
I miss Loona🥺 come back already pls
``yunomi ``
``yunomi `` 2 days ago
okay, I'm going to stan loona
spinkyie 16 hours ago
welcome!! 💗
ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ɪꜱ ᴍʏ ʀᴇʟɪɢᴏɴ
You made the right choice, welcome!
``yunomi ``
``yunomi `` 2 days ago
@Novrendy Cahya Paulus okay, thank you~
Novrendy Cahya Paulus
just watch all their 12 solos
``yunomi ``
``yunomi `` 2 days ago
@YO GOomg, how to memorize them 🙀
Urso Polar
Urso Polar 2 days ago
the apples and wings remind me of Blood sweat & tears by bts
Beaner soul
Beaner soul 3 days ago
The original name for butterfly was flutterby
TOPIK TV 3 days ago
TOPIK TV 3 days ago
TD MJ 3 days ago
Love Cherry Motion brought me here.. this song is a really good too. I think I'm gonna stan Loona. I think Choerry is gonna be my bias :")
spinkyie 16 hours ago
welcome!! 💗💗
loona’s comeback guardian
TD MJ 3 days ago
@blackbetta yeah those edits were everywhere 😂 thank you!! I'll check out all their songs and solos ^^
blackbetta 3 days ago
I'm guessing bc of those cherry motion edits? 😂 Anyways welcome! And i hope you check out the other members solos too. Also (I'd say this for any member lol) choerry is an amazing choice
Juliana Wolf
Juliana Wolf 3 days ago
Loona is Art I can't see difference.
Nasir's Kpop
Nasir's Kpop 3 days ago
I'm here everyday because I can't live without this :(
jinsouler ً
jinsouler ً 3 days ago
the way this song still makes me feel so hdjsyhuasjik i love loona
jinsouler ً
jinsouler ً 3 days ago
keep str34ming this and around you~!
loona’s comeback guardian
i miss you LOONA 😔
Lil meowmeow
Lil meowmeow 3 days ago
Now I understand why so many people say "Stan Loona" ❤ THEY'RE SO TALENTED
Juliana Wolf
Juliana Wolf 3 days ago
Go to str3am AROUND YOU
cupcakes crafts
cupcakes crafts 3 days ago
Make this go viral
Say what Say Hao
Say what Say Hao 3 days ago
AlexOnline15 _
AlexOnline15 _ 3 days ago
every orbit should str34m this masterpiece
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