[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Butterfly"

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[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) "Butterfly"
Coincidence meets coincidence in LOOΠΔ to make each other’s fate.
HeeJin and HyunJin are real-life friends while HaSeul is like the mother of the team. YeoJin is the youngest sister of all. The team expanded its cells by family-like relationships. The only foreign member and an android ViVi gets introduced to become LOOΠΔ 1/3.
ODD EYE CIRCLE was born at the opposite end. With the story of three moons gathering to form a full circle, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry decide to stand at the frontlines to save the world, under their slogan ‘Girl Front.’
Born in Eden the utopian land, LOOΠΔ / yyxy chooses to embrace the forbidden and leaves to find their own selves. Yves, the leader of yyxy, had “faith” in being born again with the song ‘new’. Chuu keeps her “hopes" up with her yearning towards Yves. Go Won “loves” her unique self. Olivia Hye shows “anger” towards the taboos of Eden. When all of their emotions gather, a Neoanthropinae genes of yyxy manifests.
All of the units meet with YeoJin to add to the addition, resulting in their first EP [+ +] to announce the start of LOOΠΔ. At the ‘First full Moon of the LOOΠΔ new Year,’ LOOΠΔ starts their two-two-dimensional fusion with [X X].
The intro track ‘X X’ foreshadows that the album is completed at the opposite side of where [+ +] is.
The title track ‘Butterfly’ contains LOOΠΔ’s irreplaceable unique concepts. Mixing softness with dynamics, the track takes LOOΠΔ to another level with new beats and drops never heard in K-pop before, along with electronic sounds and melody.
Shot in Iceland, Paris, and Hong Kong, the teasers of [X X] started on first of January to unravel the stories behind the universe of LOOΠΔ. Under the slogan of ‘For All LOOΠΔs Around the World,’ it spread worldwide, to all LOOΠΔs of the world.
LOOΠΔ causes a Butterfly effect through music for the listeners to gain courage, find oneself, and raise one’s voice. Anyone under influence, is another LOOΠΔ.
LOOΠΔ’s visual director DIGIPEDI toured around 5 countries from 5 continents for LOOΠΔ’s Butterfly effects to capture the freedom and courage of girl worldwide in the music video of ‘Butterfly.’
‘Satellite’ starts calmly, but as music flows and orbits, the layers stack to double the listeners’ excitement. ‘Curiosity’ is a dream-pop number that draws you in with its mysterious aesthetics.
‘Colors’ has the LOOΠΔ universe dissolved into the track, desiring for each other’s colors and dye each other to become love portrayed with a drop beat. ‘Where you at’ was a previously prepared track along with ‘one way’ of yyxy in LOOΠΔ the Ballad album. It is a pop-ballad song with melodies so powerful that the members of LOOΠΔ memorized the whole song with just one listen.
Additionally, in the limited edition of LOOΠΔ [X X] CD’s, the very first hints to the next album are hidden in two bonus tracks, to arouse more curiosity and anticipation.
LOOΠΔ collides fate into destiny to create coincidence.
#이달의소녀 #LOONA #Butterfly #MV #BlockBerry #BlockBerryCreative
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Feb 19, 2019




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Comments 100
Dustin _
Dustin _ 37 minutes ago
I was here because ariana was here in the end
vic Hour ago
why not
iz gail
iz gail Hour ago
i used to get so mad when people always say "stan loona" and Now I get it. STAN VISUALS, STAN TALENT, STAN LOONA and STREAM WHY NOT? on their official youtube account
Olivia Hi ?
Olivia Hi ? Hour ago
still don’t believe that butterfly era don’t get the 1st win
bhmong Hour ago
I don’t know why I never checked out LOONA before I kinda missed out. I’m glade it was on my mix. Been listening to this song for about two weeks now.This song gives me a mellow and calm feeling, and I love it.🥰
Cakes Hour ago
This song is so beautiful💗😭
lem platinum
lem platinum 2 hours ago
lem platinum
lem platinum 2 hours ago
lem platinum
lem platinum 2 hours ago
@hoe sock hello
hoe sock
hoe sock 2 hours ago
Reveluv Malaysia
Reveluv Malaysia 2 hours ago
Rama Rama
Reveluv Malaysia
Reveluv Malaysia 2 hours ago
Chu So pretty
Reveluv Malaysia
Reveluv Malaysia 2 hours ago
Ada memakai Kerudung Di MV ni Guys..
Reveluv Malaysia
Reveluv Malaysia 2 hours ago
New orbit Here
Dayu Shi
Dayu Shi 34 minutes ago
Welcome to the fandom:)
Nathália Nogueira
Nathália Nogueira 3 hours ago
I'm not a stan but this is one of the most beautiful and powerful MVs I've ever seen, seriously
aria parisa
aria parisa 3 hours ago
you should stan then !
haseul ily
haseul ily 3 hours ago
Valentina 4 hours ago
loona 2016-2019 best era
skzbetta !!
skzbetta !! 5 hours ago
*orbits!! i've contacted my army friends and they teached me their way of streaming to contribute more vi3ws even if you're doing something.* they said to make a str3aming playlist composed of loona's MVs and songs alternating each other (mine would be WN, SW, Butterfly, HH and so on) then after the final MV ends delete your watch history after 1-2 sets of streaming immediately so that RUvid wouldn't be sus for bot behavior. P.S there's a playlist already compiled on my channel and you can add that to library and str3am it in your free time or if u want to be "AFK". P.SS i suggest you their title tracks to increase it BIG TIME and since Why Not is here, we need to str3am harder to receive their 2nd win considering our opponents are STRONG this era!! orbits fighting
skzbetta !!
skzbetta !! 5 hours ago
*okay i'm suing ya'll for not going back to WHY NOT MV!! GO BACK NOW!!*
Crush on ya
Crush on ya 6 hours ago
My best song of LOONA ever
Nasrul Zaffrey
Nasrul Zaffrey 6 hours ago
Choi San
Choi San 4 hours ago
I AM LOOΠΔ 🐼 6 hours ago
Rebeca Laís
Rebeca Laís 7 hours ago
Eu descobri vcs ontem e já amo!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍
Kimetsu no Yeojin
Kimetsu no Yeojin 7 hours ago
get it to 40M !!
Jzang Nameu
Jzang Nameu 7 hours ago
Still not over the fact that a choreo like this doesn't have a performance version like?? Make it make denise
choerry cat
choerry cat 8 hours ago
i miss ot12
xylim _
xylim _ 8 hours ago
amigos subtitulé universe por si quieren verlo los tqm ruvid.net/video/video-P0yH5nKgMGU.html
dorsa orbit
dorsa orbit 8 hours ago
این موزیک‌ویدیو یه شاهکاره(:
Thales Shu
Thales Shu 9 hours ago
Jikeo41 Peace
Jikeo41 Peace 9 hours ago
Amira come to 1theK channel cuz that is on my recommenteds
Husein Yumer
Husein Yumer 9 hours ago
@Amira ONCE lmao i finished why not again
Amira ONCE
Amira ONCE 9 hours ago
@Husein Yumer i was in around you by hyunjin
Husein Yumer
Husein Yumer 9 hours ago
@Amira ONCE lmao where are you. i finished watching why not
Amira ONCE
Amira ONCE 9 hours ago
@Jikeo41 Peace Im in here lmao don't worry .
Jikeo41 Peace
Jikeo41 Peace 9 hours ago
come to loonatheworld
Amira ONCE
Amira ONCE 9 hours ago
Amira ONCE
Amira ONCE 9 hours ago
@Jikeo41 Peace FlYyyYy lIiiKkkKEeeeEe bUuuTtttErrrfLlyyyY
Jikeo41 Peace
Jikeo41 Peace 9 hours ago
Jikeo41 Peace
Jikeo41 Peace 9 hours ago
Jikeo41 Peace
Jikeo41 Peace 9 hours ago
Jikeo41 Peace
Jikeo41 Peace 9 hours ago
Jikeo41 Peace
Jikeo41 Peace 9 hours ago
stanning loona in an era where a member is missing really hurts ‘.(
Jikeo41 Peace
Jikeo41 Peace 9 hours ago
Haseul is so pretty :(
Jikeo41 Peace
Jikeo41 Peace 9 hours ago
str3am orbitss
Jikeo41 Peace
Jikeo41 Peace 9 hours ago
lets make this best mv 100 c0mm3nTs
Jikeo41 Peace
Jikeo41 Peace 9 hours ago
“why not”-str3@ming 11/15
sweet summer day
sweet summer day 9 hours ago
Omg stream with Ur main account I was Hella confused I thought it was jikeo😭
Jikeo41 Peace
Jikeo41 Peace 9 hours ago
@Amira ONCE WE SHOULD MAKE THIS MV 100Comments !!!!
Amira ONCE
Amira ONCE 9 hours ago
bean !
bean ! 10 hours ago
In honor of Why Not dropping today, I’m back here, watching the best Kpop music video ever made. Miss you, Butterfly era. Miss you Haseul :(
Anastastia Savchenko
Guyss We Can Make Our Girls get They're Next win With "why not" Comeback,We Should Work Harder Tho ,Bcs There's A Big Group Release A new song Too
maria isabela
maria isabela 10 hours ago
amo vocês serio
Érika Moral Carrero
chat.whatsapp.com/EPKRiiuLjpGEGogB4Jku9d Para orbits latinos 🙏♥️
Melissa Sánchez Valdés
chat.whatsapp.com/EPKRiiuLjpGEGogB4Jku9d unansee
Lechaaatnoir •
Lechaaatnoir • 11 hours ago
I love the girl in red
Pamela Robles
Pamela Robles 11 hours ago
Si hablan español entren acá, es un grupo de Loona chat.whatsapp.com/EPKRiiuLjpGEGogB4Jku9d
valeria villacorta
valeria villacorta 12 hours ago
Isabella Pava Vejarano
chat.whatsapp.com/EPKRiiuLjpGEGogB4Jku9d es un grupo de Loona es divertido ✨
seungmin kim
seungmin kim 12 hours ago
hola únanse si son orbits chat.whatsapp.com/EPKRiiuLjpGEGogB4Jku9d
TWICE&ONCE :3 12 hours ago
Link para entrar a un grupo de loona: chat.whatsapp.com/EPKRiiuLjpGEGogB4Jku9d
전략TV 12 hours ago
진짜 뼈를 갈아 만든 명곡 이런 노래 다 시 못 만들려나
Lu Villalba
Lu Villalba 12 hours ago
ÚNANSE LINDO GRUPO chat.whatsapp.com/EPKRiiuLjpGEGogB4Jku9d 💕
Valentina Zanabria
Valentina Zanabria 12 hours ago
chat.whatsapp.com/EPKRiiuLjpGEGogB4Jku9d LOONA
Shugar 12 hours ago
💕🦖 *BUSCANDO ORBITS* 🦖💕 chat.whatsapp.com/EPKRiiuLjpGEGogB4Jku9d
Pretty Littlelover
Pretty Littlelover 12 hours ago
My favorite song of Loona 🦋😍
Claudia Elena Vasquez garzon
chat.whatsapp.com/EPKRiiuLjpGEGogB4Jku9d Si son fans de loona entren
sakshi 12 hours ago
sakshi 12 hours ago
Guilherme Schneider
Guilherme Schneider 12 hours ago
Go back to streaming why not :))
Random User
Random User 13 hours ago
One of the greatest kpop title tracks.
When why not comes out and your favorite is still butterfly...... *I REALLY LOVE THIS*
Forever Moonchild
Forever Moonchild 13 hours ago
I want loona to try this style again 😭 this song still gives me goosebumps
shimiii Hour ago
same i miss this era so much... the newer comebacks don't hit the same
Lucy Mwandwe
Lucy Mwandwe 13 hours ago
I miss haseul
nicheariana 14 hours ago
gabriela hofmeister
gabriela hofmeister 14 hours ago
fat cat on couch
fat cat on couch 14 hours ago
*if I'd were to choose which girl group gives off the most "girl power" energy, it's actually loona, no doubt.*
Rainbow Ray
Rainbow Ray 14 hours ago
let's go lesbians, let's go!!
Rainbow Ray
Rainbow Ray 14 hours ago
let's go, orbits! str2@m why not!!!
muminmuzzarella draws!
Jshshaha y'all str34m gh
muminmuzzarella draws!
Stan loona stan talent
nicheariana 16 hours ago
haseul ily
haseul ily 16 hours ago
uhhh lalala
skzbetta !!
skzbetta !! 16 hours ago
*this is a sign that you should go back to Why Not MV and stream it!!*
valula !
valula ! 15 hours ago
cherry lips
cherry lips 16 hours ago
dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing yaaaaa
Dayu Shi
Dayu Shi 16 hours ago
After Why Not
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 16 hours ago
Who's here after why not??? 🤚🤚🤚
XI MIPA 6_13_Grandhia Kusuma jaya
who was here after the why not comback?? now i know why someone said "love the creation , dont love the creator" because jaden is a shit but his creation is a truly art :[
shimiii Hour ago
@Yves' the yee to my haw 1000% agree. Jaden KNEW Loona and what suited them most, no matter how shitty he was. I honestly don't think any of their next comebacks will live up to this masterpiece but I can only hope, ever since they partnered with SM they adapted to this mainstream K-pop sound... it doesn't feel like them at all- I'm still stanning bc they're my ult but the music is a lil dry these days. Maybe if they bring back Monotree...
Yves' the yee to my haw
Seriously, he obviously know LOONA best, his music choices, concept complexity, and aesthetic is on a whole ANOTHER level. Sooman would never lmao. SM might helps LOONA from getting disbanded and the girls gained larger audience. But everythings became so shallow and mediocre.. I feel like the whole artistry and all deep massages Loona was made to convey just left with Jaden... I'm real sad well never get this LOONA back... :/
tia mansour37
tia mansour37 17 hours ago
Ok so i heard their new song and it wasn’t the best so i came to their most viewed video and it still not the best! Sorry to tell but.. BLACKPINK are the best
shimiii Hour ago
do you even realize you're comparing loona to the biggest girl group in the world- to us that's a compliment. you thought you did something, this is a girl group from a small company that is still building it's name, so we would appreciate if you didn't shit on them. thanks
Not Billie
Not Billie 16 hours ago
This is loona not blackpink
Dayu Shi
Dayu Shi 16 hours ago
Hi, thanks for the views and now leave
Rosé but pretty savage
Stop mention Blackpink lmao
Sami UwU
Sami UwU 17 hours ago
Both are good groups. But some blinks like you are truly shit. Go away with your favs.
RoneTV 17 hours ago
100 times better than So What and Why Not.
Sami UwU
Sami UwU 9 hours ago
If you don't like Loona please go away and stop of sabotaging their work.
Allen Christian
Allen Christian 17 hours ago
they're different concepts:
RoneTV 17 hours ago
Here again to cleanse my ears from Loona's new flop release.
3 hours ago
@Sami UwU You know you can stan a group and not like every song they perform, lol.
Sami UwU
Sami UwU 9 hours ago
@RoneTV Sure. You are shit.
- Peachy -
- Peachy - 13 hours ago
I don't understand why you have to constanly come here to put down everything new by them. Especially if you're not even an orbit. It's fine to dislike a comeback but dude calm down.
RoneTV 16 hours ago
@Sami UwU did I say I'm an orbit?
Dayu Shi
Dayu Shi 16 hours ago
Thanks for the views
HeeJin's Mole
HeeJin's Mole 17 hours ago
Why Not had short clips that reminds me of Hi High, favOriTe, So What and Butterfly. Sumthin's up and it's not just Kim Lip
Juan Carlos Gaspar
Juan Carlos Gaspar 18 hours ago
I am here... again
Ricardo Sun
Ricardo Sun 18 hours ago
I came after Why Not, it is a BOP
skzbetta !!
skzbetta !! 18 hours ago
butterfly may be superior but sis don't deny why not is a grower!!
eltk 18 hours ago
This, too, remains superior
pink ?
pink ? 18 hours ago
loona comeback!
xylim _
xylim _ 18 hours ago
10 minutes for why not!!!
nicheariana 18 hours ago
Narniya 19 hours ago
At first when I heard this song then I didn't really like it, the part which goes "fly like a butterfly" I disliked it the most. I made my sister listen it and she just said "This song......... its beautiful". And thats how I came to like it..........
Ricardo Sun
Ricardo Sun 20 hours ago
Ricardo Sun
Ricardo Sun 20 hours ago
Valentina 21 hour ago
omgg the way i always was annoyed by their fans and now i cannot stop listenning to their music, 'stan loona' works
17's comebackcomeback comebackcomeback
I'm a CARAT,this is my first loona music,and i love this..!! damnn so good ♥️ . happy comeback guys, today my ult grps are alrdy making a comeback and now I started loving loona tooo o m g
Dayu Shi
Dayu Shi 16 hours ago
Thank you for the views and Seventeen's mv is so beautiful too
Agostinho Salles
Agostinho Salles 23 hours ago
Eu descobri esse grupo em menos de 5 minutos e já faço parte do fandom! Sério eu amei😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Só falta saber o nome das integrantes (conta do papis)
Dayu Shi
Dayu Shi 16 hours ago
Bem vindo ao fandom:) elas tiveram cb agorinha vc já viu?
xylim _
xylim _ 18 hours ago
they are having a comeback right now!!
nelitadelacruz 23 hours ago
Revan Fauzi Algifari
Who is the blond gril? I'm new to this gg
Revan Fauzi Algifari
@Wan Shah thanks for the answer
Wan Shah
Wan Shah 22 hours ago
Jinsoul! Since 365/So What mv she already have black hair
Julio González
Julio González 23 hours ago
Why this masterpiece has only 37 million views?
17's comebackcomeback comebackcomeback
maybe we don't fit for that "streaming race,we are here to vibe
khun aguero
khun aguero Day ago
amo a las mujeres
Ame Haru Ni
Ame Haru Ni Day ago
Estoy tan emocionada por el comeback
Ame Haru Ni
Ame Haru Ni 14 hours ago
@Sami UwU Si, madruge jajajaja, me gustó mucho :), tu ya lo viste?
Sami UwU
Sami UwU 17 hours ago
¿ Ya lo viste?
shineedays meumoomoorbit
this song makes me always so emotional like bitvches i’m cryinggg (இ﹏இ`。)
shineedays meumoomoorbit
if live like a free spirit we’re a song it would be loona - butterfly my tears* 😭
Isabel Torres
I dont stan but I absolutely love this song and the choreo and the MV is beautiful. Should i stan can someone give me recs
Dayu Shi
Dayu Shi 16 hours ago
Yes, you won't regret Here are some guides: ruvid.net/video/video-eqI33_yoPGI.html ruvid.net/video/video-2OziKvS1ogA.html meetloona.carrd.co/
ᑕᕼIᑎᑕᕼIᑎ ᗰᗩᖇᑌ
*Yes you should* 😏👌
Nobody Cares
Nobody Cares Day ago
This song sucks, I'm not talking about the mv or the choreography I'm talking about the music
ッвιηη. Day ago
i love them so so so much
Zoe Pineda
Zoe Pineda Day ago
lizzie Day ago
im not ready for why not today :')
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