Mursi, Dassanech African tribes documentary

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Mar 11, 2016




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Comments 478
Hise Ense
Hise Ense 3 days ago
Porque se enfoca en tomarle foto y video a los senos de niñas y señoras a eso se le llama morbo
Adelamarie Firme
Adelamarie Firme 5 days ago
M WORLD 6 days ago
Why this video isn't age restricted
Kolganat Kolganaat
Фууууу страшные сиски таких в жизни не видел
ऋफ्तऴं भारत
Arab Muslim people will come cover them Burqa
leeroy kakuza
leeroy kakuza 10 days ago
If i didnt know any better you guys are looking at the tities
Raquel Ibarra García
Charcoal filter
Charcoal filter 12 days ago
What's wrong with their lips 😱 horrified
Lambert Adams
Lambert Adams 14 days ago
Humans putting themselves in self-bond and and self-torture. Any different from some wild beast set loose?
Kantour Fateh
Kantour Fateh 15 days ago
حمد لله ياااااربي على نعمة الاسلام
Kat 16 days ago
Why the one at 7:27 lookin like Willow Smith
Afzal Khan
Afzal Khan 9 days ago
Арюбат Ульбаш
Ударить бы по роже этих горе журналистов-они же издеваются над ними,сволочи.
ksubham747 krishna
ksubham747 krishna 18 days ago
I think they are still living in Paleolithic period,how after such advancement and spread of science and technology they are still like that?😢😢
John Onuma
John Onuma 18 days ago
If you ever fuck these people your life will never remain the same
klentian beqiri
klentian beqiri 19 days ago
Imagine drinking water and goin all out from ur teeth
Gomah Hamed
Gomah Hamed 21 day ago
I think it's good to see other people living there life as normal as their ancestors used to live and they kept their way until this moment such an incredible things to see
Harman preet kamboj
At least they are not destroying environment..but, I think they need to be educated about their basic rights
issystar96 23 days ago
The one at 6:17 is beautiful!
اشرف السوهاجی
يا ولاد الكلب
Colleen 24 days ago
theyre not stupid she comes reveals her breasts then tells him the amount she wants...listen to the beginning right after she exposed herself for me, she shouldve negotiated BEFORE she showed him ANYTHING
محمد محمد
محمد محمد 24 days ago
الله وكبر هل شي والله حرام
Janos Musatic
Janos Musatic 25 days ago
nice tits
ayub bagwan
ayub bagwan 25 days ago
Please GOD help......
Mohammed Momin Maqsood
They all need to be literate. Why only girls are facing pain through lips and ears
Lanla Colan
Lanla Colan 26 days ago
bestiality is really trendy these day.
Brian Pullium
Brian Pullium 26 days ago
Whoever invented the bra.... needs a Nobel Prize.
Himanshu Sharma
Himanshu Sharma 18 days ago
Lmao 😂
Julia 23 days ago
New Jerusalem
New Jerusalem 27 days ago
So beautiful 😍 bless their humbled hearts 💕
Guru ghanta
Guru ghanta 28 days ago
Fuck the all village
alehandro del
alehandro del 28 days ago
man! They are frozen two thousand years ago. I wish they were as lucky as we are. living in a better condition.
Ro sie
Ro sie 28 days ago
Omg the stretching lips 😧😬
Shubham Gupta
Shubham Gupta 29 days ago
I am from India +919128788828 can we friends
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Month ago
Don't mess up with African Tribes
Rafael Barbosa
Rafael Barbosa Month ago
Não entendo inglês, mas a risada desse cara é muito estranha.
Taciana Marques
Taciana Marques 4 days ago
Verdade 🙄
Hezarfen Month ago
O ağızlar ile nasıl yemek yiyorlar amına koyim
Ravi Kumar ray
Ravi Kumar ray 26 days ago
Avishek Bariyar
Avishek Bariyar Month ago
What is on their mouth ?
Harsh Month ago
Now I know why bra is important here I can see the results without bra which is not good
Smile Nonstop 620
ha ha ha what's this
NHD TV. change the great india
Save thier life..
Maria nieves Lopez padilla
Eso de aretesvy decimos labios vi un documental igual a una tribu amazónica!!?
Betty Chepngetich
If am not wrong ,,there intimacy is done anyhowly
Betty Chepngetich
What's this in the mouth ,,ooh Jesus,, some culture no
Hacker Parth
Hacker Parth Month ago
The history of Africa
Romen Phukon
Romen Phukon Month ago
Dnt like
Praveen Kodavati
Where ever you go the way of smiling of woman is same, i got it now.
Aurelius Marcus
Aurelius Marcus Month ago
Aurelius Marcus
Aurelius Marcus Month ago
Giggling, predatory weirdo. STOP FILMING THESE WOMEN.
kira chan
kira chan Month ago
if i would go to africa i will lie there
They remain naked but are shy when asked to smile ....😒
Shaikh Sharukh
Shaikh Sharukh Month ago
Surya jj
Surya jj Month ago
Thanks God 🙏🙌👏 My Born India 💙❤️ I love India cultchor....
franck njosh
franck njosh Month ago
No one gives a fuck about your country!
Abhisakh Malick
Abhisakh Malick Month ago
They dosenot wearing bra that why their Brest are very lose
Xander Ferreira
Xander Ferreira Month ago
I saw a deflated balloon
fire5479 Month ago
Cleveland Ohio 1/13/2020.
Siddhi Otari
Siddhi Otari Month ago
Who is the girl and who is old I don't understand
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