Mum's Old 80's Dress Or A Beautiful Brand New Wedding Dress? | Something Borrowed, Something New

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Lauren needs to make a decision on whether she will get married in her mum's old 80's style dress, or a brand new one she has picked out for herself.
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Apr 6, 2018




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Comments 1 755
Sun Set
Sun Set 10 hours ago
The original is great :( They should have remove the turtle neck only instead :( I'm sad.
Georgia 13 hours ago
I must be the only one that likes the after dress
Elaina Coppola
Elaina Coppola 14 hours ago
If they had kept the same shape of the v neck and just went along with the lace it would’ve looked so much better
wijcik Day ago
I think I'm a cold individual. I loved my wedding dress but it is just a thing. I'm not super sentimental about it and because of the style was able to wear it a few times after I was married.
Brenda Saavedra
She should of just let the dress be and bought a new one. Why??? Could of saved for someone else of the family that will appreciate it more. Is it me but the alterations weren't proportionate??? The neckline looks weird.
Gabbie Day ago
The male consultant was super annoying😬
Ruth Watson
Ruth Watson 2 days ago
I hate the way they butcher the dress. Don’t cut up your mum’s wedding dress, it would be better if you wore it as is or bought a new one.
Ruth Watson
Ruth Watson 2 days ago
It’s a whole lot nicer than my mum’s 80s dress. It is poof poof poof all of the poofiness. It looked gorgeous on her but no way could I pull it off.
ScaryBiquenn. :3
ScaryBiquenn. :3 2 days ago
lizg So
lizg So 3 days ago
somethings are not meant to be updated and this is one of them. the original was far better
Nida Ansari
Nida Ansari 4 days ago
that is the worse re-doing of a pretty dress
menaga maniyan
menaga maniyan 4 days ago
The mom should have kept the dress to herself
Cassidy ornellas
Seriously it was so important to her
Ruby 4 days ago
wow they totally fucked her.
LUNAH 4 days ago
Omg that dress is ugly wtffff
Lucymanipur Dilbung
Omg I love u Mom
Arlina 5 days ago
Omg, you ruined that dress...
Ximena Mesias
Ximena Mesias 5 days ago
If she doesn't want her dress cut then don't make your daughter wear it wtf
colz83 5 days ago
They should have just cut the neck netting off the original and left everything else. That is so disappointing :(
Sammy X
Sammy X 6 days ago
Her moms original dress was gorgeous I didn't love the neck line when they cut it off the dress looked amazing, the end result imo looked awful, but if she loved it thats great in the end she's the one who is going to be wearing it
Kat A
Kat A 6 days ago
That mom’s horrible! This is supposed to be her daughter’s day. Not hers. What’s next? Mom’s gonna crawl out from under the honeymoon bed?
_ blagh
_ blagh 7 days ago
I don’t like the new dress
Indigo Angel
Indigo Angel 7 days ago
Mom is selfish for trying to steel her daughter's moment! Let the girl have her own moment and her own dress!
ScaryBiquenn. :3
ScaryBiquenn. :3 2 days ago
Indigo Angel That’s my teacher and yea I 100% agree
lorin hussein
lorin hussein 8 days ago
Why she replaced the bottom part with cheap satin? Also bad sew work at the breast piece. She should have let the dantel pieces intavt instead of tugging it in. Now it looks like a cheap kids costume. What a waste
lorin hussein
lorin hussein 8 days ago
They could have done much better. Instead they just cut the whole Neck piece as a child would with a scissor
deepz513 8 days ago
You totally ruined it..the neck looks so bad ..so unfortunate
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose 8 days ago
He is VERY disrespectful and Very insensitive to the mother. I would have walked out of I was her.
Tianna Trainer
Tianna Trainer 8 days ago
Can somebody tell me what dress she picked?
Julia Mihajlovich
Nope! When they first cut the high neck out before they completely ruined it, it would have been perfect. Maybe more cinching at the waist. But all in all, the brand new dress fit her better.
Hannah Bass
Hannah Bass 11 days ago
I think if you're planning to redesign a dress COMPLETELY, you might as well just buy a new dress instead.
Iv1309 12 days ago
I really don't understand responses like "they ruined the old dress". No, they didn't. This girl says that she thinks mum's dress is beautiful but it's not her. And she's right. To make it an option to be her dress they had to change it to something that would be her. Personally I think the old dress looked beautiful before and after. Yes, different, but much more styled for the bride, it's now her, not mum, and she should feel like herself on the wedding day and not like mum 2.0 if that's not what she wants. I mean, this way the dress actually has a fair chance to be worn a second time. Had they not altered it the bride wouldn't have even considered it because it simply was not her dress. And that's the main goal of the show! The something new she picked, certainly not my style, but it's her wedding not mine and on her I like it. I just feel sad they didn't show in this video which one she picked!
Celisse Willis
Celisse Willis 13 days ago
I’m sensing some mother daughter control issues/people pleasing dynamics here... Mother is bordering overbearing, probably projecting insecurities as a result of her weight gain Daughter is struggling with maintaining a sense of self & guilt for wanting to “desperately” please mom while wanting to make her own choices. Also seems like mom is wanting a little too much control & getting her daughter to wear her wedding dress is soothing her ego.
Caitlyn Dicroce
Caitlyn Dicroce 13 days ago
"I saw myself" It's not you though... it is your daughter. Stop trying to make her relive your day and let her have her own. Seems pretty selfish.
ScaryBiquenn. :3
ScaryBiquenn. :3 2 days ago
Caitlyn Dicroce that’s my teacher and her husband teaches at the same school as her and true!
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 2 days ago
It absolutely is selfish and childish.
tae with kookies and a sprinkle of suga
Oh my God uhh I mean if she likes it..
Daim Ntawv Love
Daim Ntawv Love 15 days ago
Lol I think its was way prettier from the beginning. She could of add something on it and not cut it. Very sad. Smh
Iv1309 12 days ago
Yes but the daughter didn't like the high neck and it's her wedding not yours.
Hannah Hamblin
Hannah Hamblin 18 days ago
The old dress was so much better. They ruined it
Julianne Mcculloch
Julianne Mcculloch 19 days ago
It would be horrible if after they cut mom's dress if the 👰 bride picked the other one
No_where_land _
No_where_land _ 19 days ago
I feel like they didn’t use the original dress at all. It was so beautiful before and then the after was so blah
Emily Combs
Emily Combs 21 day ago
They ruined moms dress! It was gorgeous and soft before and just needed a bit of updating now it looks cheap and harsh. I feel bad for Mom.
R. A. DeGagné
R. A. DeGagné 21 day ago
I don’t know why I keep watching this. They destroy the original dress every time.
Lea Film
Lea Film 24 days ago
I'm sorry but the restyle one is ugly
kayisfish 24 days ago
This was awful!!
WhateverIsLovely 24 days ago
This bride looks like Melissa Gilbert back in the 80s
dharri27 24 days ago
They ruined the 80s dress.
Kristen Oliver
Kristen Oliver 25 days ago
But which dress did she choose?
Terez Grošaft
Terez Grošaft 25 days ago
i’ll have to agree with the comments. the original dress was better. the front of the “new” one is just weird to me, it doesn’t really fit the back...
Inex 26 days ago
The original dress was beautiful :(((( I respect what they tried to do here but there was no neeeeed. Just had to bring the white back omg
tatikto 28 days ago
Well this is on the mom. Her stubbornness ruined a perfect dress.
Amy_ Castro
Amy_ Castro 29 days ago
They just should’ve tightened the waist more
MsJaneta15 Month ago
I loved the original dress... The new one was weird
S.k. K
S.k. K Month ago
Ummm...I liked it better before
Polly Nkirote
Polly Nkirote Month ago
Not hot at all.. Nope still 80's
Thea Daily
Thea Daily Month ago
Oh... The neckline looked better when she just cut away the mesh. The final result looked really bad. 🙁
merlins twin
merlins twin Month ago
I don't get why Lauren can't have the same moment her mother had, choosing a wedding dress she loves instead of having one forced on her by her mother. Mom wants to relive the dress but she had her day and her beautiful memories, she should let her daughter have hers.
Helga 7055
Helga 7055 Month ago
I preferred the before! It had a van helsing vampire vibe
The original one was very beautiful
Iam An egg
Iam An egg Month ago
The dress looks more dressup and cheap
juniper quaintrelle
Both of them are bland. I think the remade dress would be better if the part she added actually matched and had a waist fitting belt. Just doesnt fit right
Sara Mohamad
Sara Mohamad Month ago
She does not look like 26
Jeskers18 Month ago
I feel like that's incredibly unfair for the mom to be guilting her daughter into wearing her old dress. Why not give your daughter the chance to fall in love with a new dress the same way her mom did. And it's also unfair for them to completely ruin the moms old dress since she loved it so much. Like it honestly looks fucking horrible tbh
John Azzi
John Azzi Month ago
Wow...That dress is gone, if I were the mum I'd be crying my eyes out for the dress being destroyed.
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