Mum's Old 80's Dress Or A Beautiful Brand New Wedding Dress? | Something Borrowed, Something New

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Lauren needs to make a decision on whether she will get married in her mum's old 80's style dress, or a brand new one she has picked out for herself.
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Apr 6, 2018

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Comments 1 491
Saumya Sharma
This is soooo sad. The old dress was elegant and one of a kind!
Bam Formalejo
God you murdered that mom's dress.
Libby-Turp.2 Day ago
Is this like love it or list it dress version?
Monika Leskeys
Monika Leskeys 2 days ago
So RUDE! Why didn’t they show the last 30 seconds to let us know which dress she chose 😡🤬
Mimi Murrani
Mimi Murrani 2 days ago
If she doesn’t pick her moms dress after they did all that to it. The new one is nicer but they cut up your moms dress bro. Like it’s fine telling your mom that you don’t wanna wear her dress but after it’s completely altered and look a whole lot different you can’t just be like nah and give her back a whole different dress
little Lola
little Lola 3 days ago
I loveee the original dress!!!
Marie-Chan 8 days ago
1:41 Her husband had buy the wedding dress? How cute!
Timah R.
Timah R. 13 days ago
The original one was not better in my opinion
rosie2112 15 days ago
Add some sleeves and she'll be from that Casper movie
Deborah Seanehia
Deborah Seanehia 18 days ago
Very very horrible. The new material wasn’t really it
coolest way
coolest way 18 days ago
What the heck this mum!!! Drama queeeen😒😒😒😒🤯
Cookies Lead
Cookies Lead 19 days ago
She is my teacher lmao
ecylla88 22 days ago
She always butchers the old dresses. I’ve never seen one come out nice.
Pandora Box
Pandora Box 22 days ago
"Rustic" and "Chic"- good luck with combining those harmoniously and successfully.
Nika Schneiders
Nika Schneiders 25 days ago
6:10 I’m shocked I hate Cellys dress...
Cassy Sy
Cassy Sy 26 days ago
It look much better at first, but now it looks like a night gown( for sleeping)
Melody Juan
Melody Juan 27 days ago
It’s not the same, i personally liked the neckline. After dress looks like a bridesmaid gown. They could have at least left the rest original after cutting off the neckline
Soyai Mahongnao
Soyai Mahongnao Month ago
TBH I like da first one better..
Marty UwU
Marty UwU Month ago
KerKhent Month ago
The original dress was beautiful in the mama's photos. Edit: But why ruin the dress if you're wanting a new dress?
wazinthename anyway
KELLY...Find another job please
Çall Gãčhå
Çall Gãčhå Month ago
It looked way better before.....
Tanmoy Biswas
Tanmoy Biswas Month ago
I don't like it
iza musyrif
iza musyrif Month ago
Tak cantik yang after..
Molly Month ago
I would never push my old dress on my daughter if she didn’t want to wear it. It’s her day!
Sophie Yu
Sophie Yu Month ago
Ohhhh myyyy goooddd the old dress was so much better!!!! She sjould have just removed the neckline and stopped or just got a new dress the satin panel makes it look SO tacky and cheap ugh
Nurul Tasya
Nurul Tasya Month ago
You shouldn't ruin your mom wedding dress
ladybug kmh
ladybug kmh Month ago
stephanie carsten
I liked the old dress better!!! So vintage, enchanting, and gorgeous!!!
Zobeeda Month ago
The original untouched borrowed dress was lovely, should have left it alone.
Saabika Tyagi
Saabika Tyagi Month ago
Looks like a nightgown :/
KMichelle Argus
KMichelle Argus Month ago
I was with mom when she cut out that neckline. The neckline was gorgeous.
purplegrrl711 Month ago
I want to wear my mothers dress from the 1960s but it’s too small, going to get a reproduction made my mother was very stylish and the dress is classic tea length dress
Ana Khan
Ana Khan Month ago
Tia Star12121
Tia Star12121 Month ago
She has to go with her moms dress now that she had them mess it up.....
Suha Nafsi
Suha Nafsi Month ago
Sometimes you need to respect the old and enjoy the new. Her mother should have keep the dress and let her a new one.
Floral Girl
Floral Girl Month ago
Wow at 1:39 she look like taylor swift 🧐
Trinity W
Trinity W Month ago
The neckline look absolutely horrendous after she altered it!
turtlesail Month ago
the new version of the old dress looks so crunchy?? lol
Jada Wilson
Jada Wilson Month ago
It honestly looked better before
Jada Wilson
Jada Wilson Month ago
If you don't want your dress cut let her buy a new one
Hi I'm Linda
Hi I'm Linda Month ago
Wtf did they do to it
Kirra Uchiha
Kirra Uchiha Month ago
The Before was more fitted and classy and the after just looked cheap and unflattering
My Life Is Constant Pain
Why would she let her daughter modify it if she was gunna cry when it gets cut
Apurva Topre
Apurva Topre Month ago
This dress was beautiful before , that designer just made it more simpler then before 👎
Daniela Jade Detalo
The designer did not do a great job with the old dress. I thought it’d actually turn out to be great because when she cut off the neck of the dress and followed the pattern of the lace it actually looked beautiful. But she butchered it by doing too much. Less is more
Cositas Bellas y algo mas
Before dress was so beautiful...
Zoe Williams
Zoe Williams Month ago
😱 Omg she's destroyed that dress
fay mansi
fay mansi 2 months ago
Before was better
Amelia Fransiska
Amelia Fransiska 2 months ago
But the old dress more prettier
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