Mufasa Dancing 👞👞

Mewts Zakafyah Muzik
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Zakafyah - Push The Feeling On. 2011©️ (REMIX)
#MufasaChallenge #MufasaDancing #PushTheFeelingOn




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Comments 80
Jean Valjean
Jean Valjean 9 hours ago
Anyone got the video where he dances on « Hot - YoungThug Ft Gunna »?
Osama abdurahman
Osama abdurahman 18 hours ago
I wish to have like this Friend 🌹👍🏻♥️
alexukfg 22 hours ago
Infectious more than cd19
Elisa Gemma
Elisa Gemma Day ago
😡💩che scifo i neri
FinChX0X0 Day ago
damn, if you are able to pull off this moves you will never be alone
leoo c
leoo c Day ago
Look at him go,,, I would love to take him in the studio & make beats. He would make the world dance . 💯
Mike Jury
Mike Jury 3 days ago
This should be compulsory viewing
Juju xxx
Juju xxx 5 days ago
Smileys qui représente la situation :😎😂🤣
Chanuth Gunawardene
Imagine these guys became therapists!
Homeworxx tv
Homeworxx tv 8 days ago
I’m gonna learn this dance when Liverpool lift the premier league title hahahahaha
Verónica Fernández Moreno
🤣🤣🤣 me encanta!!!
ogai glowacki
ogai glowacki 11 days ago
This made my day
Айбек Алыбаев
Master D 345
Master D 345 14 days ago
1:55 that was so smooth and on point
Fernando Moreno-Castillo
The world needs more Mufasas. I want to hang out with this guy!
AMQ AMQ 16 days ago
I wish I'm his friend 😭😭😭💔
Huggeh 16 days ago
Friday niggas
Giacomo Sesoldi
Giacomo Sesoldi 19 days ago
MUFASA MUFASA MUFASA MUFASA ... can t Stop whatching From this afternoon 😂😂😂 MUFASA FOR PRESIDENT
Booga04 19 days ago
lmao this is something my brother would do
Giacomo Sesoldi
Giacomo Sesoldi 19 days ago
What amaizing vocalist 😁😁
Giacomo Sesoldi
Giacomo Sesoldi 19 days ago
Yeaaah man i need u during My work out or in The club ❤
seba24k 19 days ago
Mufasa Rulles🤘🏻
Sandra Santacruz
Sandra Santacruz 23 days ago
PrepperslikeTea 23 days ago
Terrific !
Antony Malara
Antony Malara 24 days ago
2:02 for infinite loop I had to rewatch it at least 200 times bruuuuh your welcome
Ih Ah
Ih Ah 25 days ago
Need to hit a sesh with mufasa. Fuk up the party before it start.
insoWeb 28 days ago
Me when i win loto
Lukell Oliveria
Lukell Oliveria 28 days ago
salkin can
salkin can Month ago
Jaime Rolon
Jaime Rolon Month ago
Yisrael Jamal
Yisrael Jamal Month ago
I swear it no way to look at this guy and not have your day brighten up
Aysha Shamsieva
Aysha Shamsieva Month ago
Bravo. Super uuuuuhhhuuuuuu
royaldainties Month ago
I had to re-watch the moment 2:04 like 20 times 😂😂
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Month ago
This man has yeeted my depression away.
Nick Zuver
Nick Zuver Month ago
When Bernie wins yet another state
Locca B
Locca B Month ago
I 💙 his energy🥰 if my friends ant like this I dont want them 🤣
Draven Lee
Draven Lee Month ago
Great. Made me laugh. They should do more!
brian bergendahl
The original is here give the creator some credit ruvid.net/show-UCQ-fxtIV04b2KWgoTkKsWbA
Mr. Choudhry
Mr. Choudhry Month ago
This cured my panic attacks, illusionary thinking and depression all at the same time.
Florin David
Florin David Month ago
Hahahahaha Hihihihihi Awesome.
Fazendo arte em casa Arte em casa
Eu sou o comentário brazuca que vc procurava kkkkk Thal depressão rsrsrs
Matys Groussou
Matys Groussou Month ago
Ricky Garay
Ricky Garay Month ago
Nice job wait for a pole or something
Блять как же я тащусь от него!!!XD
Xstream Night
Xstream Night Month ago
After school
JKH Fitness
JKH Fitness Month ago
Damn!! I don't know how often I watch this clip at the beginning. It always put a smile on my face. Love those guy's so much energy it makes my day always great ♥️💯💪🏼🙏🏼
Tino Moreno
Tino Moreno Month ago
Mufasa the King 👆
Vitally Vitally
Vitally Vitally Month ago
This is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
hyge scoot
hyge scoot Month ago
This video makes me again fire 🤣🤣
Emilio Mason
Emilio Mason Month ago
This healed my depression
Tanec Tanec
Tanec Tanec Month ago
everyone needs a friend like Mufasa!!!
Kjeld Rodermond
Kjeld Rodermond Month ago
This man is an international treasure we must protect him at all costs
vampire Boy
vampire Boy Month ago
When you have money left over from paying all the bills
Jonathan Cassar
Jonathan Cassar Month ago
We love you Mufasa
Axuk Siram
Axuk Siram Month ago
sossowa Month ago
That excitement !! Those moves !!
popcorn sutton
popcorn sutton Month ago
When mufasa thought he had the coronavirus but he got the all clear 🤘.... shabba!
XxWainsxX #
XxWainsxX # Month ago
Dr P
Dr P Month ago
Need to take this guy work with me 😂
Jason Almonte
Jason Almonte Month ago
Love his energy! And those penny loafers! 😂🔥
Humberto Noronha
Dude, today your video was watched by my friends and family over and over again! I am still LMAO! I wish you 💯 % success! Keep making the videos!
HIH Cinada
HIH Cinada Month ago
You made my day my friend!
HIH Cinada
HIH Cinada Month ago
You made my day my friend!
Guys I think we found the cure for depression
Timmy limmy
Timmy limmy Month ago
When you get home after school
amajor888 Month ago
This never gets old Mufasa! U the man!! 🙏🙏🙏🎼👽😂✌
Nobleska Month ago
Hype man on POINT!!!!!
khadija afifi
khadija afifi 2 months ago
Il assure grave ❤
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 2 months ago
This guy is shithot!!
TrasherFCR 2 months ago
Офигеть сколько он движений знает 😜
picky head beatz
picky head beatz 2 months ago
ᔕᑌᗷᗷIᑎG ᗷᗩᑕK TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE ᗯᕼO ᒪIKEᔕ TᕼIᔕ ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎT 👈❤️🔥I'ᗰ ᖴᗩᔕT🔥.
AmandaSwayee K
AmandaSwayee K 2 months ago
Mufasa ROCKS!!!!
andres grajales
andres grajales 2 months ago
Mufasa is my cousin
Stratos Kitriniaris
Stratos Kitriniaris 2 months ago
Thank you mufasa, you make better every morning of my entire life 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼😁😁😁
Just Moussii
Just Moussii 2 months ago
you are a legend MUFASA
Laura 2 months ago
His hype man in the car makes this video just as much as Mufasa. I'm now watching this thing like multiple times a day, I might have a problem
Amy Dembickjy
Amy Dembickjy 2 months ago
Loved this song before. Love it even more now! 💕
Laura 2 months ago
Did I see the Aunt Viv!?!!! Yessssss!
Ryan Pamplin
Ryan Pamplin 2 months ago
This makes life and every morning so much better. Thank you 💙
Rychoo 2 months ago
If this man doesn't have a son named Simba I will feel personally betrayed
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