MTV's Show About 'Yo Momma' Jokes Was Low-Key Racist (w/ Kurtis Conner)

Jarvis Johnson
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4:35 - demi lovato uses they/them pronouns! this was our mistake.

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Jul 1, 2021




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Comments 5 566
Jarvis Johnson
Jarvis Johnson 2 months ago
just a heads up that Demi Lovato uses They/Them pronouns!!!! our bad!
nevermindgaming 22 days ago
Lol still calling her demi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
_JMNLThat_ 2 months ago
@Dakota Dad Then why are u here if you don't care just ignore it and it's they it's not that hard to say or write
i cri
i cri 2 months ago
@Devon Farrar if you knew actual science, you would know that it 100% supports trans people.
diapason 2 months ago
i came to comment this and luckily didn't have to
Akwesi Mishael
Akwesi Mishael 2 months ago
smh my head
Ben M
Ben M Hour ago
Yo mama? I hardly know her
Pegs 3 hours ago
Why is the guy at 10:34 so agitated, I'm scared
Ostrich Blips
Ostrich Blips 5 hours ago
So apparently, rich boy is named Jordan Klumper. He plays music around LA, and he was in a Puddle of Mudd music video. The music video for We Don't Have To Look Back Now
KimKillIll AsFuq
KimKillIll AsFuq 7 hours ago
Not gonna lie, I laughed hardest at "That's not funny" it seemed like he almost broke character out of confusion
jqhnathan 11 hours ago
This editing is so snappy it feels like a clips channel
a lil bit of everything with mia
Jarvis: Makes a Hamilton reference Kurtis: 🙂
RedGaming_Queen RulezForevrz
Yo mama so fat she needed 4 ufos to abduct her.
Nate DS
Nate DS 21 hour ago
Jordan is insufferable and I love him. He made this infinitely more entertaining
Brian Bethea
Brian Bethea 22 hours ago
16:01 Real strong Eddy Burback vibes.
Tommy Ropp
Tommy Ropp Day ago
Fancy boy was doing a Patrick Bateman impression the whole time
Holly Brooks
Holly Brooks 2 days ago
I once saw a literal 7 year old say "to mama so hairy, when she gave birth to your brother, he got carpet burn" 💀
fundude 3 days ago
What the fuck is wrong with these people. Jordan never made a single funny joke and this white boy goes on the represent that neighborhood
tal 4 hours ago
@fundude ok so we agree
fundude 9 hours ago
@tal the people who really thought he was funny.
tal 14 hours ago
what people
Braden Alvarado
Braden Alvarado 3 days ago
0:04 my man be looking like dollar store Gus Johnson
Morpheus 4 days ago
I remember this show. It was bad.
CrackingCody 4 days ago
Rich kid guy is clearly doing a Jim Carrey impersonation.
CrackingCody 4 days ago
Also, Jordan only won because he was easily the most charismatic person in that cesspit.
Christopher dance
what if Jordan is a robot
May D.
May D. 4 days ago
i hope you guys know i quote this video almost every single day
James Bartonva
James Bartonva 4 days ago
Man Curtis Connor starting to look gus Johnson jr
Super Vegito
Super Vegito 5 days ago
Imagine that guy gets completely roasted and he just pulls out a lightsaber and starts just murking everything. “Looks like the younglings must die again”
Wheeillow 5 days ago
Jenna’s Festival
Was the “perfect comedian” comment kurtis made a South Park reference bc I think it was!
Zypper 6 days ago
It's clear that Jordan's entire schtick is that he's supposed to be a hateable rich white kid who makes bad jokes but gets better reactions for them but it almost doesn't matter because still a fucking asshole on this show lmao, regardless of whether or not he was instructed to act that way
Serafin Hernandez
oh god i know someone who talks like jordan
Hannah McLaren
Hannah McLaren 6 days ago
Oh god no nooo noooo
a bean with intentions
im very disappointed that neither of you made a “this show is brought to you by tic tacs” joke
Attacked by Snakes
Idk why everyone's so mad, it's obviously scripted
Law & order and Chill
Hey Curtis! I’m pretty sure Demi Lovato’s pronouns are they/them now. You may already know this, but you called them ‘she’.
sweetyhoneykitty 7 days ago
I like Joe mama and yo mama is better.
pog champ
pog champ 7 days ago
jordan really went: your moms a hooker ,':)
Cora Close
Cora Close 7 days ago
Jordan sounds like John Mulaney
Hi There
Hi There 7 days ago
18:44 Did anyone else notice the old lady in the back who has absolutely NO business being at one of these things??
I don't know if anybody pointed this out yet, but the glass eye joke is implying "yo mama" is stupid. If you need a glass eye, you are missing an eye. And since the mama is blind in that particular eye, she cannot see the picture of her family
Pac Man
Pac Man 8 days ago
Ultimate duo
ivypool x blossomfall UwU
the guy no one likes always sounds like he's gonna rhyme but just comes out here with y o m o m m a a h o e
Isy 8 days ago
Jordan feels like one of those 'son of the' spin off movies, but for zoolander.
Jasper Jackson
Jasper Jackson 8 days ago
Jordan sounds identical to lukethenotable
jordan killed his mum so that no one could make yo mama jokes about him
pink lemonade
pink lemonade 8 days ago
im older than this show what
Luke Martindale
Luke Martindale 8 days ago
"Very nice DeShawn. Now let's Kenny's business card"
Cody Eflin
Cody Eflin 9 days ago
I would like to see you guys go back in 10 years and react at how many times you say “My guy”….
Rowan 9 days ago
jordon sounds like zoolander
Ellie Bronté
Ellie Bronté 9 days ago
Bruh I would love if you made this a whole series I've watched this so many times and I still giggle at your commentary
The Kidd
The Kidd 10 days ago
20:08 this just turned me off completely. bro just had to make it that way as if it was the point of the joke. lighten up
Sleep Paralysis Demon
Is Jordan a fucking car insurance salesman?
GhostKitty TV
GhostKitty TV 10 days ago
Glass eye with a picture of her family in it Lmfaoo. How is she suppose to see the picture I think that was a your mama dumb joke
Anna S
Anna S 10 days ago
I wish I hadn't seen this video. It made me actually angry in a way that is not fun or helpful. I hate Jordan so much I feel like a worse person for it. I am going to think about how much I hate this guy for like, days.
Jess Rose
Jess Rose 10 days ago
His name is Jordan Schulkin, it looks like he just still works in various production roles because he has credit on IMDB as recent as 2019 before the ... thing. He has a youtube channel with mainly very old 'sit down' comedy sets and parody skits
Whitzala 10 days ago
Jordan is definitely a plant/actor cos some of those laughs were so forced
John Scena
John Scena 11 days ago
who remembers that show "worlds strictest parents" where they took myspace era scene kids with drinking problems and ciggie habits, shipped them overseas to go live with abusive parents wtf was that show
andy anarchist
andy anarchist 11 days ago
17 is on the way out
Some Icelandic Dude
They make fun of white people without issue though?
Kasia 11 days ago
You cannot convince me that this white dude isn't Zapp Brannigan
The Anxious Legume
The Anxious Legume 12 days ago
I know the guy saying he's "representing rich kids who think they're strong" was supposed to be a self own, but a part of me thinks he believes he's doing something. I can't help but watch with disgusted fascination as all of the other contestants pause, look off camera, and laugh with unnatural enthusiasm every time that dude tells a racist joke
tcooke2 12 days ago
This was a great video, boiled quarters.
Shadow Soulless
Shadow Soulless 12 days ago
"you're so black" Everyone in 2021: DID HE JUST SAY THE N WORD????
Crack Er
Crack Er 10 days ago
ThaProductJr 12 days ago
Jordan spoke with the same cadence as Smith from the matrix.
{ Displeased Lemon }
“Deshawn is parched”
Amanda Serroul
Amanda Serroul 12 days ago
Jordan DEFINITELY rented that house 😂
Amanda Serroul
Amanda Serroul 12 days ago
I think you mixed up low-key and high-key 😅
Leonardo Melendez
Leonardo Melendez 12 days ago
This is Jordan's villain arc.
Leonardo Melendez
Leonardo Melendez 12 days ago
White moment
toomanygoblins 12 days ago
Jared Kushner is that you??
Elvis Dcruz
Elvis Dcruz 12 days ago
We live in post joke society now. It’s very sad.
Crack Er
Crack Er 10 days ago
What world are you living in?
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 12 days ago
They talk way too much
Super Vegito
Super Vegito 13 days ago
It feels like Wilmer valderama was tryna be the fonz from happy days but you either are the fonz or you aren’t there is no grey area
Duttkopf 13 days ago
So they didn’t actually bring in the actual mother’s? ://
Peri 13 days ago
wtf jordan speaks like skipper from madagascar
a person
a person 13 days ago
yo her fuckin teeth bro in the first one with the representative of the rich kids omg her teeth were popped out of her gums like wth
Mozambique With hop up
What do you call Chris Chan: Him or Her? Example Sentence: "Hey guys Chris Chan raped his mom." "Hey guys Chris Chan raped her mom." That's the beauty of it, it doesn't matter unless when directly bringing up your sexual preferences. You could call me he, she, or them I don't care nor should anyone get offended or condescending over it.
Justin McAuley
Justin McAuley 21 hour ago
2bored 13 days ago
YO MOMMA mom: *boah you bout to get whipped*
ember a.k.a. chad
ember a.k.a. chad 13 days ago
Jordan reminds me of russel hartley so much it’s gross
Edward Chan
Edward Chan 14 days ago
In the best rapper and it’s gonna be like that for a while. Your mom call me toothpaste the way I put white in their smile
Michel Laguna
Michel Laguna 14 days ago
I'm sorry I can only think about "that's why yo mamma dead" video
TimDeathMatch 14 days ago
"The king kong joke" 20:44 IS MY EXACT FACE
Willow 14 days ago
22:00 Jordan sounds like Zapp Brannigan from Futurama... makes sense honestly
Cassa Nova
Cassa Nova 14 days ago
Beautifully said a metaphor for society absolutely 100%
Why 14 days ago
Jordan is the type of guy to take roasts as constructive criticism
Elliott Bow
Elliott Bow 14 days ago
Jordan sounds like some kind of weird John Mulaney bit.
Ultimate Raptor Of Greatness and Fertility
Jordan isn't really a rich kid, he's an actor, and you all fell for his bit
Yeetgod Mcneckass
Yeetgod Mcneckass 15 days ago
Lmao Kenny’s jokes really encapsulates black humor because all of our insults and roasts are like super absurd yet specific to the point that you can’t help but laugh in confusion.
Aliceson Orbe
Aliceson Orbe 15 days ago
Jordan sounds like Noel Miller’s Ajit Pai
A.C. 15 days ago
the king kong joke is worse on SO many levels....so many
Kayla Plasch
Kayla Plasch 15 days ago
“And to represent Lincoln Heights, the whitest guy in town”
mumu Nashi
mumu Nashi 15 days ago
9:41 nice mug
Myla H
Myla H 15 days ago
Jordan sounds like mfkn Zapp Brannigan from futurama
Blook 16 days ago
I know for a fact that Jordan probably paid them off too win. also why is Jordan acting like black people is a personality type?
Nova Ember
Nova Ember 16 days ago
I’m just sensing a tad bit of a double standard here… if a white person were to say “you’re so black dadada” it obviously is seen as racist, but when things like “you’re so white dadada” it’s seen as a joke and it’s not racist. Why?
Yourbeautiful666 16 days ago
Come on, they’re jokes. Any joke is anyone’s joke to make.
Vishakha Sharma
Vishakha Sharma 16 days ago
collab with drew gooden next!
AngelinMerejo 16 days ago
God bless you! Jesus loves you. God loves us and he died for our sins. Come to him before it’s too late. God is waiting for you in open arms ❤️ He won’t never let you down For we walk by faith, not by sight - 2 Corinthians 5:7
i feel like if Jordan won his face would look really really constipated
changersbanger 16 days ago
White guy: You're so black makes me want to say some racist shit.
Vegan Cannibal
Vegan Cannibal 16 days ago
22:02 guy out here talking like that on guy from futurama who said shampagen instead of Champagne
Ramsey Desiga
Ramsey Desiga 17 days ago
I only clicked because thumbnail looks like James Acaster
sidonie gabrielle
sidonie gabrielle 17 days ago
everything about this is racist and bad but i do think it’s interesting that half of it is based around a guy who’s just colin jost reading jokes michael che wrote for him but the jokes aren’t funny and he never once cringes at saying something awful. so i guess they found just a white harvard lookin ass guy but he sucks and isn’t funny. still the juxtaposition between crap like this and the genuine nature of che making jost cringe a little is kinda interesting simply because it’s looking at how Not to do that kinda bit and how To do it. this is my comparison essay i wrote because i noticed that dude dressed kind of like colin jost and i thought way too much about it. my metric for quality was whether the jokes were funny and my conclusion is... uh... this show should never have aired and i think weekend update is funny. hot takes.
sidonie gabrielle
sidonie gabrielle 17 days ago
i will say though some of the contestants that they hired for jordan to disrespect were actually making clever & funny jokes so i guess i didn’t Never laugh
Purple state Fence Sitter
Jokes aren’t racist bye. Not watching the video
Crack Er
Crack Er 10 days ago
But you took the time to comment 🤣 get a life bro
Kree8ingMusic2 17 days ago
The best joke i heard on this show was "yo momma has one toe and one knee....and that's why they call her Tony"
Dermanater 17 days ago
Jordan didn’t kill his close family, he sold them for another house to show and for his golden tie
David Van horn
David Van horn 18 days ago
That guy reminds me of Patrick Bateman, I assume he’s killed at least three people
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