Ms. Juicy Is Too JUICY for Nick Cannon 💦😂 Wild 'N Out

Wild 'N Out
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Ms. Juicy couldn’t contain her juice when her & Nick Cannon got put in the hot seat during ‘Talking Spit’ watch the cast go hard with the jokes in hopes to get that W over the other squad. 😂
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Mar 26, 2020




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Comments 80
Wild 'N Out
Wild 'N Out 2 months ago
Every Single Season 13 Wildstyle: ruvid.net/video/video-c-ROc-kNTxE.html
Cartoon gacha Bff
Cartoon gacha Bff 27 days ago
J Plata
J Plata 2 months ago
A'Kisha Gumbs
A'Kisha Gumbs 2 days ago
wild`n out i got. i love you
kalai henry
kalai henry 3 days ago
Here we go again with Eman and Justina with the thick body😂😂 anybody remember in that episode with Winnie Harlow when he said she got the body of a iPhone😂😂🤣🤣
RAWCurves101 4 days ago
My back already hurts, but I'm too close on being paralyzed from laughing so damn hard
Sabrina Simmons
Sabrina Simmons 4 days ago
Mrs Juicy From Atlanta
Alexicia moore
Alexicia moore 4 days ago
“You cheating on me?” “A lil bit” Me: “I just spit my own water out” 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭
Athenz Minz
Athenz Minz 6 days ago
GetSomeHelp25 8 days ago
Nick Cannon really do be wearing a bulletproof vest
Mr. B.Duce
Mr. B.Duce 10 days ago
1:16 to 1:25 and 2:49 to 2:55 💀🤣🤣🤣🤣
NitaVR Designs
NitaVR Designs 17 days ago
❤️Ms Juicy
odette lubombo
odette lubombo 17 days ago
rip minnie
sam4lemar 18 days ago
Anytime Justina about to say something about her body they shut her down 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yuliett Santacruz
DC is something else 😂😂
Jeffrey Camalo
Jeffrey Camalo 21 day ago
love her! great segment!
Purple Mace
Purple Mace 21 day ago
ms juicy so funny and pretty
patxy !
patxy ! 22 days ago
yall need to get j.i on this shit
Rain Harris
Rain Harris 23 days ago
Trista Ball
Trista Ball 23 days ago
It really bugs me that I can’t think of the name of the song that Nick was singing to juicy
Samsam 16 days ago
Say aah by trey songz
Mary0 Washington
Mary0 Washington 24 days ago
Juicy look beautiful.She sitting there 🤔and🤣🤣 laughing at jokes.
Stanie Fortson
Stanie Fortson 24 days ago
“You cheating on me? A lil bit” LMFOAO
Adrian Madrid
Adrian Madrid 24 days ago
Miss juicyyyy 🖤🖤🖤🖤😭
Kazzy K
Kazzy K 25 days ago
He didnt even giver her a CHANCE 😭
Kb DaGoat
Kb DaGoat 26 days ago
Karlos took me ouuuuuuut🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zaniyah 28 days ago
dc is funny asf “ oh i thought you was about to fall out that dam sit girl” shit was hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂
starfire6789 28 days ago
I find it funny how Nick's own team made him spit the most
Mayaaa 28 days ago
Lindsay Kikamba
Lindsay Kikamba 28 days ago
‘See how she scoop back in her chair’😂😂 I’ve had enough of DC😂😂
Finesse Proud
Finesse Proud 28 days ago
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Rikayla Mitchell
Rikayla Mitchell 29 days ago
They play all day 😭🤣🤣🤣
S S 29 days ago
Damn juicy looking like a BOSS 💯 real talk🔥
Sarah the Creator
Sarah the Creator 29 days ago
Who’s that at 2:30 he fine asf🥰
miss. trey. songz
miss. trey. songz 29 days ago
Eammanuel. Hudson. Is. So. ✋ some❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Christel Ogawa
Christel Ogawa Month ago
i died when fly thought she was gonna fall off the chair
Blackdiamond Month ago
Abira need to be on here it be funny as hell .
Glitter•GANG Month ago
Nick messes up by filling his cheeks, everyone else doesn’t
Sid H
Sid H Month ago
Dc isn’t funny to me
Fatima Cole
Fatima Cole Month ago
Seriously Hilarious
Fucking hilarious when dc ran to her
Jamal Sanon
Jamal Sanon Month ago
ELLA WARD Month ago
Ms juicy so trying. Took the short jokes lightly.
Nini Vuitton
Nini Vuitton Month ago
She’s looks so pretty
keno Month ago
*My Baby Ms.Juicy looking sessy*
Anime Fan
Anime Fan Month ago
she died rip
Gucci Mama
Gucci Mama Month ago
Anime Fan nah she isn’t it’s her cast mate that passed.
Aolani Coban
Aolani Coban Month ago
Joan Ngatho
Joan Ngatho Month ago
She looks so fine in this video
Joan Ngatho
Joan Ngatho Month ago
She looks so fine in this video
XSP Month ago
Ms Juicy is one of my favorite Little women she’s real and funny and always got her hair done
seesamsaw Month ago
🎶Miz Juicy Baby🎶
Kyndal Pettis
Kyndal Pettis Month ago
I must be missing something because this show never makes me laugh.
Missed The Joke
Missed The Joke Month ago
Kyndal Pettis then watch another show if you’re only coming here to say that this show doesn’t make you laugh. Like it’s really easy to watch something else instead of posting your opinion.
P J Month ago
Ms. Juicy looks beautiful.
Tynesha Randolph
P J Right😍
karbtastic Month ago
I love Miss Juicy 💖💖💖
thas somiya
thas somiya Month ago
Dc ain’t even funny
daarknlovlee Month ago
itsAnthony j
itsAnthony j Month ago
Me: watching everybody laugh Y'all: this so funny Me: starts to laugh because everybody fake laughing
Ashada Carter
Ashada Carter Month ago
Yall dont let jucy choke on that water 😂😂😂😂😂
Ashada Carter
Ashada Carter Month ago
The one time ms jucy actually look good
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie Month ago
I think it goes both ways Minnie wanted to be juicy and juicy wanted to be Minnie the day Minnie passes away juicy seems to still want the shine on her she starts talking about how she was in the same situation Minnie was in like she wanted the shine on her even theo Minnie is dead already smh rip miss Minnie
Tynesha Randolph
Tynesha Randolph 26 days ago
Lisa Marie What does that have to do with wild n out?😂😂
Marisella Oneil
Marisella Oneil Month ago
Ms juicy didn’t die. It was Minnie that passed. Wikipedia is wrong lmao someone needs to fix it like wtf
Bxddi _e
Bxddi _e Month ago
They should have abira on here she real funny
ani op
ani op Month ago
Ash Lee
Ash Lee Month ago
A little bit... I'm done lmfao
Moss Oifang
Moss Oifang Month ago
She looks like a mutated blueberry.
Gucci Mama
Gucci Mama Month ago
TheKidWhoTrys no she’s not the one that died it’s was her cast member that died
TheKidWhoTrys Month ago
She died bro
MaybeAlexi Month ago
Rose Month ago
MaybeAlexi Bitch don’t catch an attitude call yourself trying to “check” me because YOU can’t read. How the hell do you get “Juicy” from “Minnie?” Clown.
MaybeAlexi Month ago
@Rose Oh well i'm sooo sorry I thought she was that short girl that got killed so you stfu and ain't isn't a word so don't say it
Shams Month ago
@Rose I thought she was to and google says she's dead then I went and checked her ig found out she is fine lol
Rose Month ago
Girl stfu, she ain’t dead dummy.
Acia Jackson
Acia Jackson Month ago
I think MTV needs to add wild n out to RUvid Tv
Brand Wagon
Brand Wagon Month ago
I love Ms Juicy! Yes!!! She can take a joke. And she looked dang good!!!
nina knox
nina knox Month ago
Yooo said her booty growin on the inside 😂😂😂
Vlogss With Kemara !!
she’s so pretty to me ! 🥰
Carolinas SweetTea
Nothing was really funny 😩 but sometimes u just ready to spit the water out and get on with the show. 🙉🙌🙌 Ijs these jokes was korny
Sydney Davison
Sydney Davison Month ago
I’m sorry but all y’all that keep commenting “RIP” are dumb. Minnie is the one who unfortunately passed, not Juicy. How do you get those two names mixed up!?
serenity smith
serenity smith 7 days ago
Probably cuz they kinda look alike. I thought so too. We aint dumb just a mistake
Peaches Kong
Peaches Kong Month ago
Seriously, people really need to be more considerate out here...
yo itzflex
yo itzflex Month ago
Sydney Nicole oof
Sydney Davison
Sydney Davison Month ago
She looks GOODT.
Arnoldhey Month ago
idc what y'all say, nick cannon probably did smash miss juicy
Lémiahs Avenue
Lémiahs Avenue Month ago
Miss juicy looks greattt😍
Jeaceia Gonzales
me juiicccyyy babyyyy❤️❤️❤️😂
Andile Gumede
Andile Gumede Month ago
I watched this 3 times and each time I laughed harder.
Andile Gumede
Andile Gumede Month ago
Ms Juicy is such a good sport 😂😂😂
Lucy Mueni
Lucy Mueni Month ago
Juicy looks soo cute here with her hair laid 🥰🥰
Breona Leonard
Breona Leonard Month ago
Whoever did Juicy’s hair...DID THAT👏🏾
2blessed 2Bstressed
And she still sitting there looken like a rotten 🍅 lol
Keria Johnson
Keria Johnson Month ago
Keria Johnson
Keria Johnson Month ago
Sydney Nicole k .
Sydney Davison
Sydney Davison Month ago
Keria Johnson she ain’t dead. Minnie is
fluffie504 Month ago
Justina wanted to say she a strong black woman so bad
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