Mozart Violin Concerto No.5 in A major KV.219 - Bomsori Kim 김봄소리

Bomsori Kim 김봄소리
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Mozart Violin Concerto No.5 in A major, KV.219
모차르트 바이올린 협주곡 제5번 가장조, KV.219
Bomsori Kim 김봄소리, Violin
Paul Meyer, Conductor
Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie
Semi-final, 2015 Queen Elisabeth Competition
준결승, 2015 퀸 엘리자베스 콩쿠르
May 12th, 2015
ⓒ QEIMC asbl/vzw
I. Allegro Aperto
II. Adagio
III. Rondeau


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Sep 11, 2018




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Comments 80
sjmusic Year ago
I. Allegro Aperto 00:53 II. Adagio 10:02 III. Rondeau 20:03
David Wang
David Wang 2 days ago
@Susan Dong ~
David Wang
David Wang 2 days ago
@Susan Dong ~鞥昂~
David Wang
David Wang 2 days ago
@Susan Dong 鞥~~
David Wang
David Wang 2 days ago
@mira takagi 鞥昂~
David Wang
David Wang 2 days ago
@jean michel guerin ~
Bırcan Senerdem
Bırcan Senerdem 2 hours ago
8 billion applause for you..excellent.
이경한 7 hours ago
C'est formidable
Heliette Lima
Heliette Lima 10 hours ago
gail katz
gail katz 11 hours ago
menusis Day ago
I did´nt know that Donald Trump plays on the first violins......
Stan Jhee
Stan Jhee Day ago
Wow!! Bravo... 봄소리.
hwa-soo shin
hwa-soo shin Day ago
Rose L
Rose L 2 days ago
모차르트가 이 연주를 듣는다면 "바로 그거야!" 라고 했을 것 같네요. 정말 딱 떨어지게 깔끔하면서도 감정이 풍부한 연주 잘 들었습니다! 감사합니다!! 앞으로 더 승승장구 하시길 바랍니다~~
kim jackie
kim jackie 2 days ago
조화로운 선율 자체가 감동입니다 좋은 달란트를 가지심 아침에 평온을 만끽합니다
David Rodrigues
David Rodrigues 2 days ago
Lisa Weaver
Lisa Weaver 3 days ago
God knows her beauty and gifted. Amen!
유교걸 3 days ago
ㅁㅊ;;; 교수님 썸넬 너무 귀염뽀짝러블리큐띠빠띠하세요;;;;;;
Yara Jacobsn
Yara Jacobsn 3 days ago
Snowfox Walkingshaw
her dress so beautiful common moral decent divine little angel
Snowfox Walkingshaw
Jose pedrosa ruiz
yo siempre he dicho que Mozart fue un ángel de los cielos en toda su obra me encanta todo y si además acompaña estos buenos músicos y esta bella señorita maravilloso
Nicolas Luna
Nicolas Luna 4 days ago
Sillón Bíblico
Sillón Bíblico 4 days ago
Thank you...
Cris 4 days ago
Es interesante ver un director de orquesta y una solista primera violín en tan bella sintonía con Mozart y ...mi alma. Gracias!! Impecable un magnífico domingo para que mañana 25 salir del 'confinamiento'... HERMOSA!!
Marieluise Kinski
Suresh Vm
Suresh Vm 5 days ago
words will not suffice to describe her music..she is not playing the violin ,,she is dancing in the waves of music....so smooth and great....it made me meditative.. God always bless you ...
林秀芬 5 days ago
MATRIX MATRIX 5 days ago
when i saw her at the first time i got like woooo i am s...
MATRIX MATRIX 5 days ago
my opinion is if someone studied like her it could go far
MATRIX MATRIX 5 days ago
i am really in shock i d get crazy if someone d told me how many hours she studies for this, i couldn't even count the hours she does
Rocío Sarm
Rocío Sarm 5 days ago
luis flores
luis flores 5 days ago
Gracias a Ti, Señor de la alegría que nos ofreces talentos como Bomsori Kim que nos alegra con su violín en estos momentos tan duros de sobrellevar con serenidad lA presencia del COVID 19.
José Alonso Márquez Valdecantos
Muy bella obra
Felipe Aguiar
Felipe Aguiar 5 days ago
Como as pessoas ainda idolatram o funk com uma maravilha dessas.
Geila Bezerra
Geila Bezerra 6 days ago
silvia mery pardo gomez
Luiz Gonzaga Borges
Rita Bonito
Rita Bonito 6 days ago
Ahhh...MOZART.. Paixão de minha vida!! Impossível,não se FLUTUAR, ouvindo suas OBRAS...
Carlos alberto Repetto
Es como trasladarse a las esferas de la armonía, de la belleza y la elegancia
present hernandez
Magnífica y genial.!!!
Paty Bueno Carvalho
Quanto talento! Maravilhosa apresentação!
elvis castañeda ramos
Noemi Gonçalves
Noemi Gonçalves 7 days ago
Mykola L
Mykola L 7 days ago
It's nice to see the rise of amazing talent. I also like how the audience in the concert hall listened attentively to this beautiful Bomsori's performance.
柏村佳秀 7 days ago
笑顔がかわいい! 東洋人が活躍していると嬉しくなってしまいます。
Pierre Baldini
Pierre Baldini 7 days ago
Eunice Elisabete Cabral da Silva
Exelente. Muito Obrigado Faz Bem pra Alma ouvir está Maravilha
CARL Echevarria
CARL Echevarria 7 days ago
WOW. What can a mere mortal say in the presence of this young woman. Bliss.
Chico Andrade
Chico Andrade 7 days ago
Lindo concerto!
Edmund Capák
Edmund Capák 7 days ago
Úžasný spontánny dirigent a ešte dokonalejšia koncertná majsterka Edmund capák
Axel & Zilda Cavalheiro
Xiaomi Xiaomi
Xiaomi Xiaomi 8 days ago
Гениальная скрипачка,если бы моя внучка так играла!
José Neftalí Méndez Gómez
Maravilloso. Un genio.
Denise Dornelas
Denise Dornelas 8 days ago
Belíssima apresentação! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
JW SC 8 days ago
Beautiful music, touched every nerve...
Anne de Silva
Anne de Silva 8 days ago
Bomsori's sensitive beautiful playing touches the soul ...
Jose Antonio Rodriguez
Nimat Ullah
Nimat Ullah 8 days ago
who else saw trump at .57
Ana-Marija Markovina
W.A.Mozart, Piano Concerto B-Dur, KV 238, ruvid.net/video/video-5jiE1KUJQeI.html
yu jaewon
yu jaewon 9 days ago
환상적인 연주
yu jaewon
yu jaewon 9 days ago
Mykola L
Mykola L 9 days ago
Bomsori plays many classics without notes, from memory. It is impossible to endure her sensitive playing calmly. It is still difficult to believe in her reality. Bomsori is completely immersed in music and lives in it. Sometimes Bomsori extracts such human sounds from her violin that freezes the skin. And it feels that Bomsori can easily extract a musical phrase creatively, differently on the fly.
Michael Bates
Michael Bates 9 days ago
Hi guys may I invite you to give a little listen to my new epic release for Piano & Orchestra, GUARANTEED to lift your spirits! ruvid.net/video/video-n1LxyU14p4g.html Many thanks!
안승구 9 days ago
안승구 9 days ago
공개댓글이란?뭐시의필요한지요 참답답합니다 나라와국민의 건전하고 국민들이건강하고어려움없이잘살수있는나라가됬스면바랄뿐이옵니다 예수님통하여천주께 기도올림니다 작은소인의바라는 봐입니다 안승구 로벨또올림
rena papageorgaki
Ludwing Martinez
Ludwing Martinez 9 days ago
Que musica tan bonita
邱顯訓 9 days ago
Chemi09 9 days ago
Awesome!! :)
Manolo Fernandez
Manolo Fernandez 9 days ago
Maravilloso la mejor
alfaruq ridho
alfaruq ridho 10 days ago
Ngeunaheun pisan ieu musik teh euy... Edun pisan ..... Hade, sae, abdi suka...
Jian Cai
Jian Cai 10 days ago
Sheet changed?
김진아 10 days ago
잘 모르지만 아름다운 소리네요~~♡♡
Jorge Montero
Jorge Montero 10 days ago
Gentil Gentil
Gentil Gentil 10 days ago
Belíssima interpretação. Porto Alegre RS Brasil 08:57 ter. 19/05/2020
Kristina 10 days ago
MERCI pour cet instant féerique .
Mustapha Lamine
Mustapha Lamine 8 days ago
Féerique, c'est le terme que je cherchais une fois revenu sur terre
Lisa Weaver
Lisa Weaver 10 days ago
Ill take a chinese violinist over an American anyday. She is korean and damn well very extrodinary .
Lisa Weaver
Lisa Weaver 3 days ago
What you don't know in my distainment of race liars and fraud bait to framing people. I am far from your cloud to bent to sending your illussion. You have no giving and no heart to the day your family came to America. And they gave al dearly. Against to day that you can slander and dishonor hidden to doing to silly comments as you like to cloud hide as law is out itself doing today, Hidden intel is a like a mentality of Hitler back in the day, sad and selves corrupted are thise that hide behind equipment as false and never real. They are fraud framers to us today.
Lisa Weaver
Lisa Weaver 3 days ago
@dan han I dont like any [person trying to race bait themselves hidden to expose themselves as liars of music out to comment and race bait play comments of others. Like you we went back to you to get a good view of you , as a race baiter.
Lisa Weaver
Lisa Weaver 3 days ago
@dan han There are many prized in decades out of china as violinists. Maybe it you as the lost on a talley of that talent . Research darling!
dan han
dan han 10 days ago
She is Korean. You are ignorantly equivalent to saying that all whites are Americans, or all blacks are Africans.
Terapia Musical
Terapia Musical 10 days ago
🧡🧡💛😋🙂😁😄🤩💛💛Bomsori Kim 김봄소리 Muito bom mesmo. Dê uma olhadinha em meu canal, possuo vídeos par relaxar e meditar também Meu ultimo vídeo: ruvid.net/video/video-gE1-feO5plc.html
Ocisip O
Ocisip O 10 days ago
Bomsori Kim. the Italian violin from 1774 in your hands creates magic. Your clear digitation and splendid bow technique gives the music a new life. You play with your soul, brilliant and light like an exotic butterfly. Thanks to your artistry Mozart is alive again. You are a treasure of humankind.
Takeshima antivank HK
can she see ?
mira takagi
mira takagi 11 days ago
世界中の皆さんコロナウイルスに負けるな頑張れ頑張れ頑張れ、もうすぐ未来の光は見えます。長調、シャープ系の音階は明るく華やかで陽気なイメージ、オーケーストラの皆さんの演奏は元よりヴァイオリンのソロ演奏は素晴らしいですね奏者アーティキュレーションに感動しました音楽の才能を感じます。能力、人間の感情を表現する芸術・又ビートも最高です。尚コメントは抜粋して書き込んでいます。ビデオクリップの題名はモーツァルトヴァイオリン協奏曲第5番イ長調KV.219-キムボムソリ김봄소리、ディレッタント、Takagi S  200519
mira takagi
mira takagi 11 days ago
Everyone in the world Don't lose to the coronavirus Do your best, do your best, the light of the future will soon be visible. The major scale and sharp scales are bright and brilliant and cheerful. The violin solo performance is wonderful from the performance of everyone in the case toast. The musician's articulation impresses me. The ability to express the human emotions and the beat is also the best. The comments are excerpted and written. Dilettant, Takagi S
Maximo Quispe
Maximo Quispe 11 days ago
Muy interesante en el uso de instrumentos
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