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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 5 426
iGamerz 2 hours ago
Wow, it's my first time hearing king's sister voice!
Marcos Guiardinu Vlogs
you should do a review on it
ZTEAMZR_ YT 5 hours ago
For no reason I like the smell of gasoline
Dzemal Sinanbegovic
Liar liar pants on fire😂😂😂
Raquel 317
Raquel 317 9 hours ago
I'll just all the body parts/panels from the impretzel and i'll use them for combo car builds
CrazyAnyone101 45
CrazyAnyone101 45 10 hours ago
5:56 6:12
*Official T-Series app*
KoolKid 1214
KoolKid 1214 14 hours ago
7:30 when your friend tells you T series passed PewDiePie
Insert Usernamehere
Insert Usernamehere 14 hours ago
/dev/RerunCipher 14 hours ago
Wow I remember that back when apple laptops had upside down logos.
CEC PTT 19 hours ago
This is more of a commercial
The Not Last Guest
The Not Last Guest 19 hours ago
*O F F I C I A L T - S E R I E S A P P*
mdaoil01 23 hours ago
Why The Offical T-Series App Look Like The Tesla Logo
wow you only put 3,437 miles on it the engine hasn't been broken in yet nor it hasn't had an oil change
JohnDoe Plays
Thats not Tesla thats T series model 3 Just Kidding.
Cyrus Manalang
His Good At Editing
The Crimson Knight
15:46 You spit so hard :)))))
Tan Is Cool
Tan Is Cool Day ago
How is that even possible-l.
mdaoil01 Day ago
14:42-18:12 Thats Why I Hate Gas Cars
Elijah 752
Elijah 752 Day ago
Tesla suits you but I prefer manual cars
Funny videos plushies and figures
I have an idea for a moving on video it is moving on 3ds
You forgot bluetooth in your car
Bill lawson
Bill lawson Day ago
Well...i guess this would be great for a memorable samsung galaxy tab a cause im moving on....to a phone : /
Mariela Sosa
Mariela Sosa Day ago
Kings sister is kinda stupid because she wants the Tesla but she doesn’t have the key
Caleb Flores cool
I’m getting a Tesla Model 3 also!
Brandon Stanfield
0:30 I thought you upgraded your apple watch In the last moving on video what's up with that? (Not hatin just wondering)
you like t-series
piXick 2 days ago
7:00 I see what you did there
Bananas are cool
Bananas are cool 2 days ago
Roses are red Violens are blue I got clickbated So did you
Bananas are cool
+SpideyMarioSonicFan#1 I don't Kno I just learned it😁 lol
Tmymo 2 days ago
His sister should do RUvid? What do you guys think
Hasibullah Qasemi
he said why did I chose that
عبدالرحمن الحربي
You should have a moving on where you survive in the end and destroy the old product ;)
Legit Ligit
Legit Ligit 2 days ago
if it's the official t-series app, the car is the official t-series car!
Vj Toys Review and Gaming
Subaru: Dinasour
TheTyBoogie 2 days ago
Bowl cut👌🏻
CrypticGrant 2 days ago
What happened to you series 4 apple watch didn’t you get a new one in the iPad moving on video?
CDNG416 2 days ago
angad Mann
angad Mann 2 days ago
Nice tesla I also love tesla
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 2 days ago
A little Tesla in 6:38
volosity 109
volosity 109 2 days ago
Why did you not make a moving on boosted board
BMB Gaming
BMB Gaming 2 days ago
Tbh id rather have the impreza
愛嫌いAnarhy 2 days ago
4:30 A WRX is already my supercar. Hmm this video hurts me, because i love Subaru, but i love Tesla too, soo i don't know which car i'll buy when i'll get my driving license.
Leo Fitch
Leo Fitch 2 days ago
50 Ways to break a Tesla
Elijah Otero
Elijah Otero 2 days ago
To fix the battery life of a series 0 Apple watch you can just change the battery
Kazoo 3 days ago
so your gay???
Pew. mp7
Pew. mp7 3 days ago
dis is so sad , Alexa play despacito
Garv Banerji
Garv Banerji 3 days ago
I the boosted boards voice.
Still Chill
Still Chill 3 days ago
King Juzzo’s World
Subaru Siri I love the smell of gasoline and I’m Australian and 9 years old
power of the duck
Plainrock:“Texting and driving is gay” Me:”no way me to xd” 😂🤣😂
namezann 3 days ago
On my bday too....
CoolestGamingNinja 21
Lmao 😂The Tesla is a 4 star Hilton and the Subaru is a 2 star days in
Clueless Kid
Clueless Kid 3 days ago
Why did he not just leave the door open? Guess he just got exited.
BlueTnek 321
BlueTnek 321 3 days ago
Why did he close the door to get change?
Oak Chandlee
Oak Chandlee 3 days ago
Your skits are so funny
Rocer 3 days ago
*the official t-series app!*
Eskizer Ron
Eskizer Ron 3 days ago
This feels like an infomercial
TQ Original
TQ Original 3 days ago
12:47 if he is doing it... I think plainrock wants to tell us something
francey mikka
francey mikka 4 days ago
Aussie_brah 4 days ago
Saving the plant
COHEN Nino 4 days ago
that sound tho
Jensen O'Halloran
Also put my comments in your comment vids please
Jensen O'Halloran
Ive been a fan of this channel since 2016
They have to be hate comments
Jensen O'Halloran
Play grand theft auto liberty city stories and record a video of you playing it ps my friends are youtubers they are jakethegamer and william the nuts 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Exotic Sniper
Exotic Sniper 4 days ago
T series app: to beat pewds and me Download sub bot!
Excell _
Excell _ 4 days ago
When everything you do comes back full circle.
Ethan Godly
Ethan Godly 4 days ago
2:13 be like 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
aycc-nbh72 4 days ago
Killing people with carbon monoxide from tailpipes... isn't that how the Nazis did it?
Lucid Hi
Lucid Hi 4 days ago
Weird Flex But Who Cares
Atari Gamer
Atari Gamer 4 days ago
An RC car is so cool,#🚗🚘🏎💖
Atari Gamer
Atari Gamer 4 days ago
It’s so like RC car🚘🚗💖
Nick Wilde
Nick Wilde 4 days ago
Did the car really filled up with smoke.
Nick Wilde
Nick Wilde 4 days ago
Christina Hickey
Christina Hickey 4 days ago
6:28 LOL XD
Dann -y
Dann -y 4 days ago
“Second best Asian youtuber”
Brayden Hanes
Brayden Hanes 4 days ago
your video are the best
XXGAMERXX 51 5 days ago
zackington 5 days ago
I want that laptop
Jakearoni12 5 days ago
*_Would you like to see what scams... stutters... Uh Gifts you may qualify for._*
Video game Alex
Video game Alex 5 days ago
oh we wouldent want to crash die or go to hell i chocked
Subscribe To PewDiePide
Please Make Moving On Airpods Edition
MotdHS Gaming
MotdHS Gaming 5 days ago
9:32 " Aha! Aha! Yeah! I *WILL* go to Hell!" 😂😂😂😂😂
Lukáš Greš
Lukáš Greš 5 days ago
I look at the "Tesla Delivery E-Mail" on 4:11, I'm then reading it, and lOl, In the e-mail: "Also, did you see the Elon Musk host Meme Review?! Some crazy shit, bruh."
iphone se
iphone se 5 days ago
Next moving on:Siri 0 apple watch With a rolex Joking I love your videos
iphone se
iphone se 2 days ago
Well he calls it that
yurgaylol 2 days ago
Its series not Siri
rubixcube artest
rubixcube artest 5 days ago
so does that mean that i have to text and drive
Baby virginia Roque
The tesla toy behind you :p
Dxyar 5 days ago
Anime if I’ve ever seen it
Michael Jackson Vlogs
My dad is going to get the same car
Call Me Snowyy
Call Me Snowyy 6 days ago
Im the 19.000 like
Dominick Grabert
Dominick Grabert 6 days ago
Bored Smashing Cars
Nathan Aitken
Nathan Aitken 6 days ago
The Apple logo is up side down at 0:14
Devin Padilla
Devin Padilla 6 days ago
its riku
its riku 6 days ago
my new favorite anime
Obese Cheese
Obese Cheese 6 days ago
Top ten anime fights of all time
Richards toy channel
*subaru would like to know your location
Kristopher Cox
Kristopher Cox 6 days ago
Pew die pie is bedder
Marnus Botha
Marnus Botha 6 days ago
Ur haircut sucks
Susi Hu
Susi Hu 6 days ago
Forza Guy
Forza Guy 6 days ago
its funny but seriously?!!! subaru impreza is a lot better than some tesla ewww.
Zwyczajny Kanał
Zwyczajny Kanał 6 days ago
I'm driving a 1999 Daewoo Lanos. And you had to upgrade a damn 2017 Subaru.
SpeedyGD 6 days ago
*It’s the official T-Series app!*
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