Mountain Bikes 101 - Questions you were too embarrassed to ask

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This audience ranges from experienced mountain bikers, to beginners, to people who have never picked up a bike before. As far as I'm concerned, all are welcome to enjoy our sport-we could actually use more people on our side, whether or not they ride bikes.
The purpose of this video is to go over the terminology and references we use on Berm Peak Express at the most basic level possible, to make the videos easier to understand. Undoubtably, people will have additional questions after the video, so I'm calling on viewers to help answer them!
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Jul 5, 2020




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Carlo Dimacali
Carlo Dimacali 2 hours ago
I love your channel, I'm new and haven't even tried a trail, I just ride my bike around the neighborhood, but aside from the technical and fun stuff riding a trail, I'd like to learn more about the etiquette while riding on a trail, I hear some rider's on video saying on your right, or yell out rider-rider, and I was wondering if cyclists, mountain bikers in general have a common language and are there a standard riding etiquette. Hopefully you'll can make a video about this.
precious dashious
precious dashious 6 hours ago
I wish I was aloud to have use a jump because I love jumps and I broke 2 bike really quick so I have to get a dirt jumper
Rene Robles
Rene Robles 7 hours ago
I needed a mountain bike a 6 year old one cuz I’m 6
Emberson -
Emberson - 12 hours ago
I have no bike parks at all anywhere near where I live ☹️
Edoardo Rondelli
Edoardo Rondelli 18 hours ago
Great video man thanks for sharing, just one question what’s the brand of the 2 bikes at the beginning both hardtail and full suspension? Cheers
Mr Epic
Mr Epic 2 days ago
Lol I went over the front of the bars twice today it wasn’t good
luke 2 days ago
im late to this video but can you mabey make a video on how to stop the disk brake rubbing on the brake pads please thanks btw love the vdeos
Oli M
Oli M Day ago
If they are new pads, this is quite normal as they take some time to wear in, if not you may have a slightly bent brake disc and that’s the reason it’s rubbing, it can happen quite easily if your disc takes an impact from a rock or something on a trail.
Lucky 13 Styrene Speedshop
Great Video very new to MTB and Old 56 years young I mean, live in Spartanburg, close enough to come and visit lol. Keep up the great videos.
Vah-ming Moua
Vah-ming Moua 3 days ago
I like what you do. I too have an older diamondback hardtail that I want to up date, but is it really worth it? I guess what I am asking is, what part are good enough and while not breaking my wallet. I have V-brake style on and would love to go disc. I also would like to go the one by route. I got new tires which are ok (budget friendly). I jist got a new rockshox TK silver front fork. Got the bike tuned. I wanna say all in all, I'm already half way to a decent $800-$900 hardtail and thats sort of hurting me as I of have just bought a new mtb. Anyways, lmk.
alexander Clifton
i saw your channel and started to watch your videos and i was riding a really bad giant hard tail so i upgraded to a giant anthem x2 and started trail riding and your chanel has inspired me so much that now i can do massive jumps but at the moment my back shock is brocken and im waiting to get it fixed but as soon as i get back on the bike you know exactly what ill be doing
KVVVN 4 days ago
3:05 Your delivery is Godly.
Areid0981 4 days ago
I don't Mountain bike, and I love this channel
no thing
no thing 5 days ago
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Amos Yoder
Amos Yoder 5 days ago
I would start with a hard tale
Steven Arango
Steven Arango 5 days ago
is it better to star with a hard tail or a full suspension bike???
Oli M
Oli M Day ago
Probably best to start out on a hardtail as it helps you develop some better biking skills so you do not completely rely on the bikes suspension going down trails and hitting jumps, but once you want to start moving onto bigger things that’s probably the time you would want to move onto a full suspension. Hope this helps!
Steven Arango
Steven Arango 5 days ago
great video love the information cheers new subscriber here
Millie Viera
Millie Viera 5 days ago
Hi. The tires is paint 🎨????
Pier H
Pier H 6 days ago
Awesome video thanks !!
Evan Kneeland
Evan Kneeland 6 days ago
Their is no stupid question if you don't know something and are egar to know
darth dada
darth dada 6 days ago
Whats better for jumps a hardtail or full suspension?
Nidhi Raz
Nidhi Raz 7 days ago
Good video
Doru Andrei
Doru Andrei 7 days ago
I'm 5'8 and im using a S sized bike, a 2015 xc hardtail, actually a merida tfs500 xt, loving to play with her💁‍♂️😆
CR7 SuperStar
CR7 SuperStar 8 days ago
whats a rim
Stan Dan Deliver
Stan Dan Deliver 8 days ago
"This is a wheel" 😁. It's a great video and you're a great presenter, but I did chuckle at that.
Ali Castro
Ali Castro 8 days ago
615k subscriber! like this video very educational
Nicholas CLF
Nicholas CLF 8 days ago
1.5M views and only 57K 👍🏽. C’mon how hard is it to hit that Like button on a video LOADED with great info
Shadouraito 9 days ago
Not related to the video, but I really want to see someone ride a road bike on these trails and see what happens. Probably won't be fun.
FrostGuy HD
FrostGuy HD 9 days ago
So I’m 6’2” and I’m 225 lbs. what size mountain bike would I need?
Ram Bar
Ram Bar 10 days ago
Ive learnt so much already from just 2 of your videos
catch up
catch up 10 days ago
I have an electric mountain bike (mid drive), I ran into the issue of when I accelerate quickly it will make a pulling sound and than I feel it kind of click and than it stops, but its only when I accelerate
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 10 days ago
Where is the clitoris?
Oli M
Oli M Day ago
It doesn’t exist don’t be fooled
Zachary Royce
Zachary Royce 11 days ago
Well done! Informative and hilarious.
ericitaquera 12 days ago
Great video. Thanks for making it happen.
Alan saul Galvez solis
Loved it!
FlyJackFN 13 days ago
How do I get over the fear of going on features
Ertuğrul Ferit
Ertuğrul Ferit 13 days ago
Im a Mountain biker because of this guy. If Seth didn’t exist I wouldn’t be a mountain biker.
William Barrable
William Barrable 13 days ago
double black = really fun especially on a fully rigid
Dana Merino
Dana Merino 14 days ago
I would want a mountain bike but its expensive sigh
Victoria the green cheek conure
I feel your pain maybe try renting a bike for a day and try it
Jandalf PL
Jandalf PL 15 days ago
idk about others but I come out with a conclusion that it's better to ask an embarrasing question to which an answer may seem obvious than not know an answer to obvious question when someone else asks you.
9A-RAMA 16 days ago
Mountain bikersade chamois an under wear
Kristopher Mann
Kristopher Mann 16 days ago
I'm 5'8 and I ride a size small Giant Stance.
Aakash Chaudhary
Aakash Chaudhary 16 days ago
Can I know the model of that hard tail ?
Aakash Chaudhary
Aakash Chaudhary 13 days ago
@Victoria the green cheek conure thank u 🙏
Victoria the green cheek conure
He has a syncr carbon with a marzochi fork and sram gx eagle
Phebe Lowe
Phebe Lowe 17 days ago
were is the best place online to order a hardtail
Tobito The Producer
Mmmm goo
KingsKid picaa
KingsKid picaa 18 days ago
Me who is over weight
Trent Thompson
Trent Thompson 18 days ago
I have 12 years of dirt biking experience Will that help at all when mountain biking???
Victoria the green cheek conure
Using suspention maybe riding tech but you need to get used to pedaling
marie west
marie west 18 days ago
i never comment on things publicly, but this was great. i have been riding an old klein hardtail and after another cyclist hit me on my road bike (yes, it's slightly annoying to type w/ a cast on your wrist) i have decided to purchase a new mtn bike that will be more comfortable. just starting to research which i do not like spending time doing but i have a lot on my hands right now. this was informative and fun. thank you. now have to figure out a lot of things like 27.5 vs 29 and...
katflp 18 days ago
I'm one of those ppl that randomly started watching your videos and had only ridden on roads and bike paths. Thanks for getting me interested in MTB, just took my first class and guided trail ride this fall.
Gta Cayo
Gta Cayo 19 days ago
How much Is that hard tail
Victoria the green cheek conure
The frames around 2 or 3 thousand usd and the components are maybe around 4 or 5 thousand
MTB_Hunter 19 days ago
hey seth whats a good air fork under 200$
Oliver Roach
Oliver Roach 20 days ago
My Tyre piped tree days ago
Sean Devereux
Sean Devereux 20 days ago
How do I replace a pedal
Victoria the green cheek conure
The right pedal (drive side ) threads normal but the left side pedal is reverse thread so it screws in counter lock wise and make sure to put a little grease on the threads so you can unscrew it
Rafael Rivera Rodriguez
First time watching your videos .i really enjoy it .i want to start .no competition only ad a daily exercise i am 60 but really active in competition shooting sports .which bike you recommend for beginners.?
Adam Schwarz
Adam Schwarz 18 days ago
First of all, almost nobody does competition riding so that’s totally fine, one of my favorite things about Mountainbiking is that I can do it freely and don’t have any pressure. That also applies to speed or if you’re a beginner even riding certain parts. You can decide for yourself and aren’t pressured. And a good bike? Finding a good bike online is very hard. You don’t know how it will feel for you, you can’t compare them directly and it’s just a pain in the Ass with so many criteria. Where you actually can decide is if you come into the very expensive price point because there are fewer of those and there are some popular models like the Trek Slash, but those are like 3000$ and up and not at all good for beginners. So what I would recommend is going to a bike shop, and a real one, not Walmart or something like that. So go to a bike shop and talk to the employees, they are there to help!
Sebastian D
Sebastian D 21 day ago
Thanks, great for potential beginners like myself. A question: Why are a lot of rides twist their cockpit during a jump? Even if they have to put it straight before landing. It appears pointless.
Sebastian D
Sebastian D 18 days ago
@Adam Schwarz Thanks, Adam.
Adam Schwarz
Adam Schwarz 18 days ago
That’s called a „bar turn“ and it is pointless because it’s a trick. It’s the same thing as mountainbiking itself, you don’t go mountainbiking because you have to get somewhere, you go mountainbiking because it’s fun, etc. so that’s the point of a bar turn.
Christopher Hardison
would you allow a rookie to come visit you and ride with you? if so how would I go about setting it up? love your videos and I am a sucriber to your youtube channels
Theorist 22 days ago
You did not explain the suspension right.... "in the back i have 130mm" (after explaining the travel on his fork) the travel is how much the axle moves. Not how much the damper.
Hail_ Kraidoz
Hail_ Kraidoz 22 days ago
5:19 , when ur 13 and use a extra LARGE because ur 6ft
Boxz Tube
Boxz Tube 22 days ago
Im 14 and 162cm so i got an new one and did M is that smart?
Jeazar PANGANIBAN 22 days ago
seth how many speed is your hardtail
james arundel
james arundel 23 days ago
Ho hes short I thought he went to the gym lol
Ronsmrdon YT
Ronsmrdon YT 23 days ago
So i have norco 29 cr and is xl and i am 183cm I need advice
MixedMashupVlogs 10
Welcome to mtb
Kaitley & Jaxxin RZR Adventures
Will you please upgrade my bike
Cooper Daniel
Cooper Daniel 24 days ago
what trail helmet do you use?
Maxophone 52
Maxophone 52 24 days ago
If you have tube tires you can use slime selent to fix flats really easy you just put it in the valve and and it seals the holes
Adam Schwarz
Adam Schwarz 18 days ago
*sealent (;
Michael Marquez
Michael Marquez 24 days ago
Wow 👏 thank you so much there was a lot and I will be watching this a few times
VeggieBruce Family
VeggieBruce Family 25 days ago
you super rrrrraaaaaadddd!!!!!!!
Nathan Rousseau
Nathan Rousseau 25 days ago
Do you need a super expensive bike to ride downhill trails?
Adam Schwarz
Adam Schwarz 18 days ago
It makes it easier but you can make up for that if you get better and gain experience
Łéävê mê Âłóñé
Na not really
Atul Dhawale
Atul Dhawale 25 days ago
I don't Even Ride.. But I Love to watch your videos.. and I have learned soo much from Your Videos... Lots Of love From India. Love you Seth.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Shirley Maranan
Shirley Maranan 27 days ago
what are thee advantage of tubeless and dis advantage and advantage of inner tube and dis advantage
Adam Schwarz
Adam Schwarz 18 days ago
The advantage of tubeless is that it’s not as heavy, you can have a lower tire pressure and don’t get any pinch flats. Small holes will also automatically be sealed by the sealant.
Steve Lowe
Steve Lowe 27 days ago
all ways ware kneepads or at the very least bluejeens , its no fun going around with a big scratch/burn
mrphotomanTIM 27 days ago
What are your thoughts on the Fezzari wire peak emountin bike? My wife and I are looking at 2 of them. have you tested any oftheir bikes? thanks
Savi :D
Savi :D 27 days ago
How do you see how much air you need to pump up the tire and also can some plz tell me why my tire is hard on one side but not on the othere side
Adam Schwarz
Adam Schwarz 18 days ago
It will be engraved on the side of each tire. It will say „max psi“ and „min psi“ and/or „max bar“ and „min bar“ which is the maximum and minimum pressure. For riding trails you want a low pressure so more towards the minimum because it will absorb impacts like stones, etc. and you will have better traction as it conforms to the ground more.
M D 28 days ago
Has Seth made a vid on how to bail and land safely during a jump?
Victoria the green cheek conure
Yes just search up “seth bike hacks how to bail,”
Werfs Bikes
Werfs Bikes 28 days ago
I do not have the money for a bike from a bike shop
Anthony and Nikita
my bike is full suspension
Adam Schwarz
Adam Schwarz 18 days ago
David Rapant
David Rapant Month ago
I just wanna throw this out there. If your new to MTB please don’t go into a bike shop and let some sales guy talk you into a bike that doesn’t fit you. Being a short person I’ve had this happen over and over and made the mistake once. I’d rather have a bike one size smaller than one size to tall.....because no matter what if your bike is to tall for you it’s gonna suck big time on a trail. Don’t let the lack of stock or that great bike discounted sway you. Get the bike that fits or you’ll be sorry. Great components can’t fix the problems you’ll have on the wrong bike. If you straddle the bike with your feet flat on the ground and that top tube is within an inch of your balls.....don’t do it.
Blackbugatti 101
Yes! Exactly. Almost bought a freakin adult small when I was 8 lol
DJ Adric
DJ Adric Month ago
Can you test newer department store bikes?
René Vainsalu
René Vainsalu Month ago
But why the hate for Enduro?
Adam Schwarz
Adam Schwarz 18 days ago
Who hated on enduro?
Dave Ellis
Dave Ellis Month ago
Horizontally recorded:)
Adam Schwarz
Adam Schwarz 18 days ago
jameswag the swag
can someone help, my gears dont shift smoothly and i dont know how to fix it
Blackbugatti 101
Try lubing your chain. If that doesn’t work, there are tutorials on RUvid, or you could take your bike in to a shop.
13 years a Prepper R.J Tilbury.
I dont have a MTB but im getting one and a bitcoin air bag ,,,, PAIN yeah !
Toma Ayre
Toma Ayre Month ago
Who knew what everything he was talking about but still watched the video.
chester920 Month ago
so happy you made this video
Matthews Gaming
Matthews Gaming Month ago
When Seth said about when people don’t jump whit the seat up I was confused but then I released why
Tracy Napier
Tracy Napier Month ago
Thank you so much for this video. I do ride mountain bikes a lot here in Las Vegas Nevada... but not to that high of caliber.. but the tips and the excitement you bring to your channel is awe expiring. In fact i just bought my niece a Cannondale trail6 bike and her son a diamondback bike. I myself have a "Rockhopper Specialized". You've given me the confidence and the skill or "know how" to up my game.. but also be safe at it. Thanks again and keep doing what you're doing!!
Seth Last Name
Seth Last Name Month ago
quick question. i have a specialized rock hopper and want to make it into a very solid hard tail for this kind of riding. what all should i get for it? ive only done a little mountain biking but am pretty fast on the motocross team and they seem pretty similar the more i bike. all suggestions are appreciated!
Easyzeg Month ago
5'4.. dang
Erik Lona
Erik Lona Month ago
Man I learned so much from this video, about to start purchasing some gear and slowly save to get my first mountain bike. 🤔 Just need to find a video that teaches me what a bike is...
Blackbugatti 101
Luc Snip
Luc Snip Month ago
Hello Seth I have another question: when I do drops the inpact to my rear wheel is really hard and loud I also bend a few wheells. Do you know how I can stop that?
Luc Snip
Luc Snip Month ago
hello seth i have a question: I have been riding my mountain bike for about half a year now. I found out that I love jumps and drops but I only take them to 2 ft. Do you know how I can gain more confidence in my jumping skills so that I can ride bigger jumps? And how do you get yourself to do the drama drop, for example? love your videos btw so keep going
sanjay neelam
sanjay neelam Month ago
So medium size bikes goes from 5ft8inch to upto??? Iam 5ft 10 so medium or large???
Adam Schwarz
Adam Schwarz 18 days ago
It depends on the bike manufacturer though, usually websites will have a measurer or something
Blackbugatti 101
I think a medium
Aakash Pande
Aakash Pande Month ago
What do you mean by narly I’m very sorry I’m quite a rookie (newbie) in mountain biking.
Aakash Pande
Aakash Pande Month ago
@Blackbugatti 101 I see, Thanks Mate!
Blackbugatti 101
Gnarly is just a term kind of like sick or rad
afaik1Ben Month ago
Why do bikers turn the wheel sideways while in the air?
afaik1Ben Month ago
@Blackbugatti 101 But some do it all the time! So I thought, it would be necessary for balance or something like that. Thank you for the answer! :)
Blackbugatti 101
It’s a trick called a whip
LactiVity 21
LactiVity 21 Month ago
What’s endo
jedaronypony5 Month ago
whats the difference between forks that go to the bars vs the shorter ones
Blackbugatti 101
The ones that go all the way up to the handlebars are downhill forks. They have more travel and make a smoother ride. They are used for downhill because it is smooth, but it is very heavy.
Carlos Qonthair
Carlos Qonthair Month ago
Just bought my first bike and now waiting for it to arrive. This was an awesome video, thanks!
Vince Margiotta
Vince Margiotta Month ago
Any idea what a good bike to get right now would be for a first bike? Was looking for a vitus, nukeproof, or ragley marley 2.0. But after about 6 months of trying im starting to think ill never find anything. And the only " used" ones in my area so far are a lot of mongoose for around $400-$600. But I don't think they are what I'm really looking for
NOSA Month ago
lol good vid.
Elijah Flinchum
Elijah Flinchum Month ago
i got a motine bike on desber 4 for my birthday
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