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This audience ranges from experienced mountain bikers, to beginners, to people who have never picked up a bike before. As far as I'm concerned, all are welcome to enjoy our sport-we could actually use more people on our side, whether or not they ride bikes.
The purpose of this video is to go over the terminology and references we use on Berm Peak Express at the most basic level possible, to make the videos easier to understand. Undoubtably, people will have additional questions after the video, so I'm calling on viewers to help answer them!
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Jul 5, 2020




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Fedor van Meeuwen
Fedor van Meeuwen 2 hours ago
I don’t wanna be the guy that begs Seth to give him/her a new Mountainbike but i just want to vent somewhere so what is a better place than a Mountainbike channel, but i really think my bike is holding me back (i have a older Scott Boulder) the frame is in a geometry that doesn’t allow the saddle to go low enough for bigger jumps without smashing your junk and it’s a 3x9 system has 1 discbrake (bc only the front has mounting point and the caliper is a really bad mechanical 1 piston system) and 1 rear v brake and the frame flexes slightly when braking. But there aren’t good and cheap bikes here (Netherlands) and i can’t afford expensive bikes soo in short my bike is holding back my progression and im mad about it but nothing you guys could do or me (instead of keeping hard work and wait 10 years for when i finally have saved enough for a good bike) thx for reading and bye
TheJasonO 7 hours ago
Dude, thank you! I get pretty embedded in new hobbies. Now everyone won't sound like they are speaking a different language. Appreciate it.
Zachary Davis
Zachary Davis 10 hours ago
I'm here because I have a hybrid bike and there's not much content for hybrid bikes. Since hybrid bikes are a cross between Road bikes and MTB I could watch either road bike or MTB videos. But the road bike community seem like a bunch of elitist d-bags. So here I am... Thnx for the tips man
Emerson Pagulayan
Emerson Pagulayan 10 hours ago
Hi you have extra MTB?
irvsstella 10 hours ago
@11mins don't put keys in leg pockets of shorts, a friend of mine did this, fell off and the keys embedded in his leg, not a pretty sight and it ruined the ride for us all as we waited for the ambulance. Stick your keys in a rucksack, or saddle bag.
timm wiese
timm wiese 19 hours ago
how to know what is a perfect bike size for us and how to measure not wheel size but bike size frame, fork, and more for a kid too
veizour 22 hours ago
Epic! Thank you! From a fellow 5ft4 dude. >.
Calvin Steele
A good friend of mine finally talked me into mountain biking a week ago and my backsides killing me yet I’m hooked, this video is exactly what I needed and believe me I’ve watched at least 20sumthn vids so thank you thank you thank you. I have my eye on a orbea oiz for my first bike wish me luck.
Rafael Valente
A Perfect and a complete class for those ones who just started to ride!!!! Thank you, mate!! Aplauses!!!!!
Noel Campos
Noel Campos Day ago
What is a Budget friendly full suspension Mtb... would like to be guided; my starting budget is about $1,200. Can you help
Moses KH
Moses KH Day ago
Fantastic video.
South Coast Tackle & Outdoors
Holy shit Seth! I've been watching you and several other RUvidrs, Phil, GMBN, etc... for years and this is probably the single most informative video EVER! I've had bikes off and on and currently waiting on our new ones to arrive in a few weeks. Thanks for the great work and keep it up!
Shankar Day ago
I've seen a lot of bike building videos. And I haven't seen anyone put some lubrication on the chain. Why is that? Do they do it off the video or mtbs don't need it?
Benjamin Chapman
Benjamin Chapman 2 days ago
Some of this stuff was way over my head yet I still enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed it. That’s how all of seths vids are. Because of your berm peak playlist of builds you inspired me and my friend to go rake out some singletrack in the woods behind our neighborhood with a sketchy rock feature. I just took my moms big a*s mtb from Walmart out there and had a heck of a good time.
Aymene Sengouga
Aymene Sengouga 2 days ago
i never drive a bike in my life, but I like mtb, thats why i never miss a seth video
how about the fact that your videos are the main thing that introduced me to mountain biking was your videos
Everything Else
Everything Else 2 days ago
After a decade of mountain biking, no wonder that I didn't learn anything new with this video yet I watched the whole freaking video (and thoroughly enjoyed it) Thank You for awesome presentation.
shannon beal
shannon beal 2 days ago
Love the vid mate, great explanations and examples. Seven months and counting before I can jump on a bike.
Jack Williams
Jack Williams 3 days ago
Theres someone on Tik Tok with the username bermpeakexpress but I’m not sure if its really you and if it isn’t I think it would be awesome if you did make a tik tok and hopefully get rid of this person that might be pretending to be you
Necron023 3 days ago
I started laughing when you said try jumping w/o a seatpost, especially how serious you said it. XD
Style Review
Style Review 3 days ago
Thank you for all the information here. I was very curious and an amazed how far bikes have come! And much more besides...
Mike's Bike Journey
Hey, love your videos. You just got me to buy my first ever mountain bike. Tires are wider than I ever imagined
Louis Naum
Louis Naum 3 days ago
So, you don't like wet trails in Canada? I guess most of the time in UK we don't have a choice
your cyanide pills
Thanks so much this helped a lot!!
xavier lennox
xavier lennox 3 days ago
what is a good 400-500 dollar beginner bike? love ur videos
Simon Mills
Simon Mills 3 days ago
Cheers Seth, it took me 2 years to learn most of that. So your vid is a bit late for me but glad you got it out there. Yours vids are excellent. Thank you
Gregory Allred
Gregory Allred 3 days ago
Elite Gunner 747
Elite Gunner 747 4 days ago
Can u do the same thing but for more advanced stuff?
Elijah Morrison
Elijah Morrison 4 days ago
What is a bike?
Elijah Morrison
Elijah Morrison 4 days ago
asking for a friend
Robert Boettinger
Hey I love your vedios man but I have mountain bike that needs alot of work that need to get fix is there anyway u can help me with it
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 4 days ago
Excellent video, thanks.
Jesus Alvares
Jesus Alvares 4 days ago
I’m new to the channel. Is he in N.C.?
Clint K
Clint K 4 days ago
surlybonds71 5 days ago
Awesome video, as a beginner I really appreciate this stuff! Question...I love my full suspension mountain bike but lately I’m doing more pavement riding on bike paths 25 to 35 miles at a time. I like the option of being able to jump up and down curbs to avoid street riding at times. Is there any advantage to a Hardtail in terms of paddling effort on pavement? All of the different types of bikes are confusing, hybrid, gravel, etc. What type of bike would be best for what I’m doing probably 75% on pavement and 25% off road on trails. Thank you In advance!
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 5 days ago
An xc hardtail would be the best option for you, the geometry is optimized for pedaling and when you have a full suspension energy from your pedal strokes get sucked up by your shock which will decrease your pedaling efficiency
Thanks for the video... I learnt quite a bit 🙌🏾
Lorenzo DeLuca
Lorenzo DeLuca 5 days ago
The intro is like sex ed but with bikes...
John Doe
John Doe 5 days ago
Is the guy from Seth's Bike Hacks the same as here? If so, why 2 different channels?
Basti 5 days ago
cant a hardtail have a dropper too?
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 5 days ago
Jason Mateus
Jason Mateus 5 days ago
Lucas Commerford
Lucas Commerford 5 days ago
What model of repair stand are you using in your shop?
I live in greece and I love mountain biking but Im too poor to afford a good hardtrail bike. Any suggestions?( I ride a 27.5)
II TA88Y II 6 days ago
Building my own trail in my land. Got forest and open ground. Got all the machinery and materials to make it with but I’m quite new to mountain biking. Got a full sus kona upgraded like crazy. Just wandering what kind of stuff I should have in my trail since I’m not too comfortable yet.
Clint K
Clint K 4 days ago
Maybe avoid big features and aim for a pump track?
Victoria the green cheek conure
Ok question My thru axle has a spring in between the fork wnd and the end of the thru axle and I see all other bikes don’t have that spring so is that normal
Clint K
Clint K 4 days ago
It is normal, and a lot of other bikes/through axles have that.
Nicolene Meyer
Nicolene Meyer 7 days ago
Can jou pout a link for the week seelent
Joaquin Guillermo
Can I have one bike jumper bike pls your bike is my dream bike
Jonny boy
Jonny boy 7 days ago
How much do I gotta spend to find a decent mountain bike, better yet what should I be looking out for to find a bike that can handle trails like that?
KingDavidCool 8 days ago
I love the fact that im 1.64 meters and Seth is 1.63 meters
hy dra
hy dra 8 days ago
I read this video title as mountain biking for dummies 😂
Paul Crowe
Paul Crowe 8 days ago
Bikes from the 1920's probably DON'T have grease. Most of them had some kind of oil fill hole on wheel Hubs and Bottom Brackets. As late as the 1950's-60's.
Ray Dela #PWDB
Ray Dela #PWDB 8 days ago
👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 thanks
josh 8 days ago
can i ask someone a question about fork suspension dust seals
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 7 days ago
go on...
Family 3E3G
Family 3E3G 9 days ago
Thank you very informative for me
Niko Angers
Niko Angers 9 days ago
how do you soften the rear suspension
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 7 days ago
air or coil. air you let a couple of psi out, coil you need a softer spring.
Prince Marsangca
Prince Marsangca 9 days ago
Dear Seth Can you make a video entitled, "Mountain Bikes Defined Inside and Out". What I mean by this is a video that defines and elaborates the many different terms in repairs, or mountain bikes in general (Both simple and complex). I've been a mountain biker for 5 years now and I have learned so many things about mountain biking but I would love it if you would put all of those Mountain Bike Terminologies and Informations into one video. That would not only help me but so many more. Hope you read this. Thank you ... for riding with me today and I'll see you next time.
Paul Zúñiga
Paul Zúñiga 9 days ago
Muy informativo, gracias.
Rc Youngsters
Rc Youngsters 9 days ago
Madden Master
Madden Master 9 days ago
never will buy from Amazon again ... I went to write a review on bike I just got from them -paid $940. so going to the same bike on line to write it..notice my same bike was now $379. feel rip off ..but reading Amamzon agreement shit ..they are in the right to change prices all they want ..F..u Amazon ..Some thing like a bike ..that u should test ride first ..only buy in person .. my mastake cost me $570. I over paid ..to line some seller on Amazon richer ..Fuck him and fuck all plp and companies that sell thru Aamazon
As a beginner, what kind of mountain bike should I get for $300-$500?
Hemein Sanntosh
Hemein Sanntosh 9 days ago
Can u make a video on explaining suspensions and how to adjust it
Michael West
Michael West 9 days ago
Good bike under $200ish? I’m new to the sport
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 5 days ago
@Michael West see if you have any friends that will let you take their bike out for a couple trail rides
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 7 days ago
@Michael West not for something that will take abuse for more than a few months or be enjoyable, no.
Michael West
Michael West 9 days ago
Shrekgettioski Memebigboi I’m new to the sport and don’t want to invest too much into something that I might not do that often. Even in the used market there’s no options?
Shrekgettioski Memebigboi
200 for a good bike is kind of unrealistic most good hardtails are around 400-700
Mitchell Webb
Mitchell Webb 9 days ago
What brand and model bikes are those two black ones he has?
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 7 days ago
diamondback sync'r carbon and release 5c
A Singletrack Mind
Its a nine speed not eleven!
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 7 days ago
shut up. its his bike, it doesn't matter.
Saul David Roizman
Saul David Roizman 10 days ago
4:35 yes an 11 speed not a 9 speed
lexotic2421 10 days ago
Great vid. Just bought my first Mtn bike. Question: what’s the difference between a tire pump and a shock pump?
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 9 days ago
shock pumps are more precise but able to put less air in at a time, they generally speaking have a highe max psi. tire pumps aren't very precise but they put more in the tire. mtb tire pumps will be presta, shock pumps will be scrader.
kim espadero
kim espadero 10 days ago
Can i use a dj frame for trail or downhill?
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 9 days ago
yes, but don't.
Evan Schouten
Evan Schouten 10 days ago
My favourite quote if you ride with your seat up you soon find out why people don’t do it
bulldogger -dk
bulldogger -dk 10 days ago
Great video! Have you rode the new trails on Kanuga?
Joshua Ybanez
Joshua Ybanez 10 days ago
Pranav Meka
Pranav Meka 10 days ago
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 10 days ago
stop asking for other peoples stuff. work hard and you could get it some day.
Victoria the green cheek conure
Lol I’m 13 and the same height as Seth I love you seth
Shrekgettioski Memebigboi
Teefive ok I now understand
Teefive 9 days ago
Shrekgettioski Memebigboi nah I just though that every one is talking about their Age so
Shrekgettioski Memebigboi
@Teefive are you trying to flex
Teefive 10 days ago
Victoria the green cheek conure same except I am 10
Kevin Vågen
Kevin Vågen 11 days ago
How do you know when you Frankensteined an old bike past its original design? I have an old Specialized Enduro that I've widened, slacked, and shortened. I often wonder if I've ruined the experience with upgrade fever.
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 9 days ago
maybe, but do you enjoy it?
reyals llort
reyals llort 11 days ago
This is a wheel hahaha love the show but is this for 3 year olds.
Robert Torres
Robert Torres 11 days ago
Is there a folding or compact bike you’d recommend for someone who is six feet tall. I don’t think I’m gonna do anything too extreme I just want a bike for exercise instead of running for certain days. Eventually I’ll try out a bike park but not soon. I also need it to fit in my Accord coupe which is why I want it foldable or compact. Thanks for anyone who replies. I also don’t want to break the bank. I prefer sub 260 but I’m willing for about 300.
Robert Torres
Robert Torres 9 days ago
thanks. I bought a folding bike for now and when the time comes for a real MTB I’ll buy it then. I’m gonna buy a truck because I’m gonna need it for more than just the bike so I don’t have to use a bike rack
Sean Snyder
Sean Snyder 9 days ago
I wouldn't trust a new bike for $300, especially not one that can fold. It just sounds super sketchy. Maybe if you could grab a used one from a bike store. But there's no way you're getting one right now, most bike stores are out of bikes AND parts. My LBS is down to a handful of tubes and completely out of bikes. And with the shortage, the prices go up; you might be able to get a good deal on one in a few months but for now you'd be lucky to get any bike.
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 10 days ago
i'm gonna say it my friend. if you are even thinking about going to a bike park, don't buy folding. see if you can buy a cheap roof or hitch rack and buy a 'real' mountain bike.
Ni3l5660 11 days ago
Hej mate im a big fan of yours and love mountainbiking i totally agree With u i hate when i ask My friends something and theyre like Are u completly stupid and im like No i just dont know sorry man its so annoying.
Aléxandros Tsiplakos Llistosella
I Don’t get the petition thing
Miks Claps
Miks Claps 11 days ago
Just saying I'm 12 jus hit puberty 5 ft 4 in But love you seth
B. Mad
B. Mad 12 days ago
Excellent newbie video. Thank you Seth. Took my cruiserish bike, Cannondale Women’s Adventure, on trail for the first time yesterday. (Boyfriend was trying his fat bike on this new MBT. ) I managed about 20 minutes, but felt really sketchy on the rocks and roots with how bouncy the front fork was. Still, I got out there, and I credit your videos with motivating me.
liam barabas
liam barabas 12 days ago
what is a good beginner mountain bike for like a 15 year old?
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 10 days ago
calibre two cubed, but you'll have to wait a couple of months.
Justin Fuschino
Justin Fuschino 12 days ago
Seth! I’ve been watch your channels for long time now, since the outdoor bike closet days, I am not a mountain biker though I have been a fixie rider and road cyclist for a long time. I’ve been hesitant on mountain biking because I’m a big boy 6’2” 275lb on a good day. I’m built like a line backer. What would you recommend for the huskie breeds out there? Would a full suspension bike or a hard tail be better? Drama forever 🤟🏼
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 10 days ago
either would work, you just need a strong bike. if you go for a full suspension bike then look at coil, because you might not be able to set air suspension with enough pressure to achieve sag. think about your budget then look at bikes in that range. check out reviews, some people say testers are stupid and biased but they often really know what they are talking about.
Robbe Elsas
Robbe Elsas 12 days ago
You mountainbikers are a funny bunch. Greetings from a roadie 😆
Shrekgettioski Memebigboi
@bananas stuff roadies dont do cool shit
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 10 days ago
you roadies are a funny bunch. greetings from a normal person.
Quinn Culhane
Quinn Culhane 12 days ago
Imagine a bike with suspension in the seat
Clint K
Clint K 4 days ago
My bike has seat suspension, it's basically a spring that is connected to the seat post
Shrekgettioski Memebigboi
dude ive seen some
Oskar Silverdahl
Oskar Silverdahl 12 days ago
Do you need new tyre after plugging a flat tubless tyre?
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 10 days ago
no, if it holds air.
Mike Tran
Mike Tran 12 days ago
I'd be rich if my bike bleeds gouc
Kody Grill
Kody Grill 12 days ago
im subscribed to bolth chanenlles fan from day one
Chad Daddy
Chad Daddy 12 days ago
been riding for years but only bike i have now is a DH, i’m looking into learning on how to build an enduro build or something that’s better for climbing but i have never built a bike and i’m not too knowledgeable on building one and wondering if there is any videos or advice you have for key points when building a good enduro bike?
Pixel Watch Anime
Pixel Watch Anime 12 days ago
3:10 Why??
Pranav Meka
Pranav Meka 10 days ago
when you put ur butt back and above the back wheel you will most likely hit ur seat. also if you case or need to bail having a lower seat will help
Rok Voler
Rok Voler 12 days ago
Can i still buy Diamondback mountain bike?
Hawk 12 days ago
Hey how difficult are Berm's? As in how grippy is your bike when going on a typical wood one, for instance? Do you need alot of speed or else you might slide down it or something?
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 10 days ago
you won't slide down one, unless you try really hard/weigh upwards of a ton on road bike tires. if your tires are knobby then you will have enough grip to ride it, i assume you aren't going in at world cup speeds from this question.
jbh123stl 13 days ago
I've owned a bike of some sort all my life, but I never knew the proper names of some of the parts, so thanks for this video. I appreciate the non-condescending attitude and approach.
Cale Nuss
Cale Nuss 13 days ago
Why hello
Beach City Bum
Beach City Bum 13 days ago
I want to thank you for this video. I have been doing a ton of research into the hobby and this has been one of the most helpful videos I have seen so far!
Clint K
Clint K 4 days ago
I recommend gmbn, single-track sampler and bkxc
Jacob Bender
Jacob Bender 13 days ago
How do I know when to shift gears? I'm a beginner to mtbing and have a co-op 1.2 DRT with 18 Gears (2x9). Thank you!
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 10 days ago
@Jacob Bender dude, we all get in bad situations when we aren't in the right gear, don't worry about it, just note that you were in the wrong gear and if you re ride the trail try to be in a better gear.
Jacob Bender
Jacob Bender 11 days ago
@Paul Hearn Thank you!!
Paul Hearn
Paul Hearn 12 days ago
Jacob Bender You’re going to have to experiment and figure out what works for you. Generally, as pedaling gets harder, gear down. When easier, gear up. As you get more experience you’ll be able to see the trail ahead and learn to “time” your shifts appropriately. Play around with your gears on easier terrain, a lot, until you get the feel. Once you’re on more challenging trails, you’ll still make some mistakes, but you’ll get it before you know it!
Rhys Davies
Rhys Davies 13 days ago
Shit I always jump with my seat up can someone tell my why it's wrong
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 10 days ago
well, firstly you won't be able to move your weight backwards as much. secondly, on landing you won't be able to absorb the landing and you will probably smack your crotch on the seat. thirdly, when you land you will be very high up, and likely to tip over. in general, just try to ride with your seat down. it will help!
Charles Burnett
Charles Burnett 13 days ago
Seems like a nice guy...
Ronnel Dela Rosa
Ronnel Dela Rosa 14 days ago
Your voice sounds like Daniel Cormier dude
Nul 14 days ago
What is the best way to train for big jumps, learn to control the bike in the air, and learn how to bail??
Nul 4 days ago
@Cameron Davis thanks man, actually helpful!
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 5 days ago
Learning to bail with just come with experience, but you want to just Chuck your bike and get yourself to safety and try to minimize the damage. To train for big jumps make sure you have good jumping technique, so many people with bad technique try to hit big jumps. Work you way up to big jumps, don't go from a 5ft table to a 20 ft road gap
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 10 days ago
Aiden Janes
Aiden Janes 14 days ago
Just bought my first hard tail 29er and idk what psi to run for the best control on the trails. Any suggestions
Shrekgettioski Memebigboi
lower the psi the better the grip but the lower your psi the easyer to get pinch flats, im very light 110-120 and i run 20-30 psi
Tern Baco
Tern Baco 14 days ago
love the vide and the advice
Tern Baco
Tern Baco 14 days ago
love the vide and the advice
Epic Slav Guy.
Epic Slav Guy. 14 days ago
In my country Mountain Biking is super unpopular. The nearest bike park is over 150 kilometers away, I’ve actually never rode a track or something similar, but i still love ur videos
Enmanuel Canales
Enmanuel Canales 15 days ago
Im 6ft & i don't feel comfortable in the bike I own
Shrekgettioski Memebigboi
try to buy a new bike that fits you better
Simone Chiaretta
Simone Chiaretta 15 days ago
Why don’t you also a do video on how to properly tune a front suspension? That would be great to see it from you, even if there are already 100s around.
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