Moto Z4 "Real Review" - The Most Fun You'll Have With a Phone!

Flossy Carter
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Moto Z "Real Review"
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Jun 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter 11 months ago
#Squad Roll Call
Harshad Kambli
Harshad Kambli 15 days ago
Floss need ur help with the sound of my MotoZ2 Force..it's quite low now. Been using it for 2yrs now
Lobolionlife !
Lobolionlife ! 3 months ago
Today Training
Today Training 4 months ago
@Blizzard * yes
Today Training
Today Training 4 months ago
How much is the projector mod?
The YU-GI-OH! Fan []
Cool video. I love it.
silly gamer
silly gamer 6 hours ago
unboxing featuring shoe
323eliseo 21 hour ago
Iam changing my samsung for this bro thank you I loving this phone
Rafael Doyle
Rafael Doyle Day ago
my friend had the projector mod and he put avengers infinity war on in the school bus
Hany Abi-Habib
Hany Abi-Habib 3 days ago
This guy CLEARLY does not know that the Z4 frame is milimeters smaller than the Z3 that the mods were "made for"... Aside from the fact the "guts" of the Z4 are total SHIT compared to the Z3...
George katsanakis
He said sitting on the beach sipping some Coronas 😂😂😂😂
George katsanakis
U literally just listed the specs for my Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 except the Xiaomi costs like 170€ euros and I got a better battery 😂
Born Again Sinner
What a well done and fun to watch review! I've had the Z2 for almost 2 years, with the speaker and projection mod. Just picked up the Z4 a couple hours ago!! This was just the video I needed to see to bring back that fire and excitement!
Deandra Rodriguez
I love the speaker I have it too lol
Deandra Rodriguez
We bought on for our but we don't even use it but it's nice
Deandra Rodriguez
I have the Moto z3 play what is that charger called I want it
Darian Birckett
Darian Birckett 5 days ago
Ugly ass phone.
Emmet Ehring
Emmet Ehring 6 days ago
I like the look of the gold pins on the back. Makes ppl wonder.
Lan Eferl
Lan Eferl 6 days ago
Jaz mam takega podobnega.
ShortyKills 10 days ago
Nice job on another review Flossy. Been takin advantage of your videos for probably 5 years. I dunno why the hell I haven't subscribed, cos you're reviews have helped me decide on so many damned devices. Well, I've rectified that now. I rung the bell man. Keep up the great work! Stay safe. Edit: Btw, shout out to White Shoes! My wife is a full blown cat woman, and he gave me the angle I needed to show her the video on this baddass Moto Z series phone. ; )
David Galindo
David Galindo 11 days ago
Where do I buy the thin wireless charge
onetime ramey
onetime ramey 12 days ago
Flossy u got me to buy my Moto z 1 bet im going to get the 4 thanks keep the great work up sry I didn't sub sooner
XxFakeJakexX 14 days ago
Loved the review I got the phone because my note 5 fell in water and died rip. Got this and your review made me feel so much better with my choice in a situation where I was in need of a quick fix.
omer bayrak
omer bayrak 15 days ago
When I watch your videos I want to eat taco bell. Can you make a review video of your cat also. She deserves it.
Mundo Aberto
Mundo Aberto 15 days ago
Esse lixo não tem cuidado com porra nenhuma em... pqp!!!
OMEGA RED GAMING 15 days ago
Man that is super dope .
asadullahkhan ghazi
I want to back speker cover plz help me
zrkn1 17 days ago
The phone is very cool, but your review is excellence !
Pablo Vagnor
Pablo Vagnor 17 days ago
I'm very happy with mine.
Gera Man
Gera Man 19 days ago
Can you be professional and get rid of your cat when taking videos.
s smswaff
s smswaff 20 days ago
I have all of the mods and this phone. EXCELLENT products.
ED-D Smith
ED-D Smith 21 day ago
I had a moto Z play then a moto Z3... Loved them both! BUT my Z3 recently died. Died because Moto used bad parts! Apparently many Z3s just crash & never work again. Not sure if the Z4 has that issue but my Z Play didn't. I never got into the mods, but love the idea, just wish Moto would license out the tech so other phones could use them. If they did the kids would be more popular, come down in price & come in more types! Sure you can get a seperate game control, speaker, battery or projector..but with mods it's on your phone & has far less issues with connectivity. All in all I think the Moto Z series is good (the dying issue aside) but under appreciated. Keeping the mods just to the Z's was a good idea to start definitely but now Moto may want to license the tech, make $ from it & move on in phone design.
Rob Bob42069
Rob Bob42069 21 day ago
I got the Moto Z3 play and have the Moto battery pack. It is amazing, and you’ve convinced me to order the gaming one and reuse my speaker from the Z2.
Davian Dominick
Davian Dominick 22 days ago
I have the Z2 play
Fch 23 days ago
(When u were scrolling through the ramen isle) u either got the world’s steadiest hands or ois is getting that good
Shane D
Shane D 23 days ago
Owned them since z1..and all my kids and ex even hold them. Great job and even showed me some of my failures. Thanks a million and keep up the exceptional work! Ps blows my s9+ away with camera. Granted waterproof is a big + but that camera SUCKS..
Joel Conover
Joel Conover 24 days ago
Been using Motorola for 9 years now they've never let me down and power my business.
Faiz Ali
Faiz Ali 24 days ago
Man your review just rocked.
Pardeep Singh
Pardeep Singh 25 days ago
Can i get this phone from you with aal these exersize
U so sick 😁😆
Colin Prince
Colin Prince 27 days ago
Great presentation, I never knew that the Moto Z had so much added gear available. I can see why you like it so much, it’s an all-in-one entertainment system. Thanks and a scratch behind the ears for Whiteshoes.
Atif Ghafoor
Atif Ghafoor 28 days ago
Can anyone tell me how long the battery will last on the jbl mod on about 50-75% volume
THE GREAT I AM 29 days ago
I've always like motorolas because of the long battery life on the phones. I managed to find a z4 for 100 bucks because there was a hairline crack on the back. Now I'm just waiting on my projector and game pad mods.
Thomas Ray
Thomas Ray Month ago
Specs too low, next phone is iPhone.
Woooo crazy phn rather🥰
Radhakrishna Gawas
Don't play with knife when cat is near you
ifreemantoo Month ago
You got me to subscribe on the Spock one to beam up".
The people parked at the gas pump FUCKED THE BEAMER UP 👀🤦‍♂️🤮
Lauren Geddis
Lauren Geddis Month ago
I just ordered the Moto z4, my z force has been my favorite for the last three years, I paid $60 for a new battery and it's still not working. I feel so much better purchasing the z4 after watching your video. I have all the same Moto mods except wireless charging. Which I will purchase soon. Thank you for your honest opinion and funny personality!
Lawrenzo Borrelli
Real nigga
Jody Roane
Jody Roane Month ago
Finally found this channel again. Thank you for reminding me to try out this phone.
CONRACE whatever
White shoes in the house!!!!
Mithun paul
Mithun paul Month ago
Still using Moto z2 play in 2020
satch422 Month ago
I got the motor z3 play the gorilla glass is fake it broke way to easy
Flame of Anor
Flame of Anor Month ago
I film my son's high school baseball games. Can anyone verify if this camera is decent? Thanks.
the camra crew
the camra crew Month ago
have u tried using your oculus quest on it yet?
Brandon Anderson
GREAT VIDEO BUT ITS NOT THE VIDEO ITSSSSSSSS UUUUUUUU!!!!!!! You have bigger and better things ahead of you in the future if you just keep your eye on the prize and keep moving forward!!
EwanKoSayo Month ago
That speaker is Dope! I love that Massive Beat of speaker!
Jajuan Clyne
Jajuan Clyne Month ago
"on the beach sipping some Corona's" well that particular comment didn't age too well
Thoth Wisdom
Thoth Wisdom Month ago
East coast life sucks
LENOVOVO Month ago
thanks for the video, but you know what, the kitty kat stole the show :-)
Nater melon
Nater melon Month ago
Gotta love that cat.
JRG 11
JRG 11 Month ago
Nope my Note 10+ is here to stay! Well until Note 11 (or 20?) Stupid Samsung! Get to my favorite # 11, and they Switch !!!
Guy Brinkman
Guy Brinkman Month ago
Excellent "walk around" on the Z4.. extremely helpful. Thank you.
Paris D
Paris D Month ago
Can you help me xc my favorite app isn't fitting the screen. The screens big yay but the screen cuts off my game. Please help me
Josh Winsett
Josh Winsett Month ago
Motorola says it does have wireless charging
Mdavenpo Month ago
I really enjoyed your review. I just dropped my Turbo 2 and it's toast, so I'm looking for a new phone. I don't need anything fancy, just something durable for my outdoor adventures. Your review of the mods sold me, it was entertaining and the only review I've watched all the way through. BTW, I loved my Turbo 2 , sad to see it go. :( Thanks!
Droydlynn Moto Z Mann
I like the Moto Mod connectors on Moto Z's. They are beautiful. Moto Z's are beautiful to me. I would have to disagree with you on appearance. I think Moto Z4 is pretty sexy and beautiful
Droydlynn Moto Z Mann
Typical cat likes the box! Sounds like my cat
Droydlynn Moto Z Mann
I have a unlocked Moto Z4, which I got as a gift in July 2019 from a friend. I have alot of fun with it and have lots of Mods for it. Your cat is beautiful, by the way. And you are really cool, Flossy!
inflamed eagle
inflamed eagle Month ago
1:50 *Connection Interrupted. Please redo connection*
Sduell60 Month ago
Great review. 360 review had me ROFL. Not shown in your video was an early mod that was a combo battery/wireless charger and the 5G mod. I have all the mods except 360 cam & 5G. I have the Z3 but after seeing your review on going to upgrade to the Z4. Thanks 👍
Mikaël Rathe
Mikaël Rathe 2 months ago
Thanks for your review!
Sami Platinum
Sami Platinum 2 months ago
Scale of 1 to 10: major major major major go.
Eray Kepenek
Eray Kepenek 2 months ago
Everybody gangsta untill he pulls out his JBL sound boost
Eray Kepenek
Eray Kepenek 2 months ago
Erm, i rather not sip corona
Tepigfan159 2 months ago
I really wanted this phone but my dad ended up giving me a galaxy a50
Ban Mercado
Ban Mercado 2 months ago
Thanks for the video sir.. I have my G5s+ at present. 'Love Moto brand- originally an American brand- they're one of pioneers of mobile fon tech. Sad, the chinese Lenovo acquired it. PS.. the cat is cute too.. :) .God bless..
paymesucka 2 months ago
What camera and lens do you use to film this video??
Jack Stroup
Jack Stroup 2 months ago
Watching this on my new Moto z4 I got yesterday
Edward Cimino
Edward Cimino 2 months ago
Great to see a review like this. I don't understand it, but the mainstream phone media has an irrational hatred for Motorola, and ESPECIALLY the Moto Z series. I call it Motorola Derangement Syndrome. I love my Z and the functionality of the Moto Mods. This review explains this phone perfectly. It is FUN! BTW, I have that communicator too. We hang it on the Christmas tree every year.
James Raymond CreativePhotography
Ok! I'm back, have you ever thought of getting a stage job making funnies, making my laugh, thanks for sharing, J.R. England USA .
James Raymond CreativePhotography
I have one,,I'm 76, and I had to laugh when you say screen Real Estate, I need a phone with 2500 acres a trout stream, fields, gardens, barn with a " Hoss" a cow, a far all and John Deere tractors, 38 Chevy truck, now that would be a great phone ! Great video, well well explained, I could understand everything no scientific words that I couldn't figure out, Still nice cat, the only trouble I'm having is setting it up to use for dash board for Nikon camera, canon, hasselbladt cameras.using tripod
James Raymond CreativePhotography
Kitty, love the kitty
Commander Sammer
Commander Sammer 2 months ago
Who else here on a Moto X Pure Edition?
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