Mothers vs Daughters: Is Marriage Necessary?

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You have to watch #Timelines with Katie Couric for more on this topic: ruvid.net/video/video-isfY58KGNtk.html - we love this series!
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Sep 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Jubilee 8 months ago
Hey everyone - thanks so much for watching this amazing conversation. Thank you to SK-II for making this episode possible! If you enjoyed this piece, be sure to check out SK-II's amazing docu-series #Timelines with Katie Couric (ruvid.net/video/video-isfY58KGNtk.html) that addresses pressures women face all around the world. Love you all - thanks for watching and supporting!
E-ink 2 months ago
Father & Son???
Ranise Cunha
Ranise Cunha 3 months ago
Is there father vs son video?
Fernando Galian
Fernando Galian 3 months ago
Do a video about the injustice of marriage towards men... you heard that woman... if you want me married you paid the boss...
mildly_edgy 3 months ago
I actually love jewel, she seems like such a supportive, loving, and mature parent❤
Tremoney 3 months ago
Hi, My name is Afrika and I'm incontinent.
Brooke 7 hours ago
I love all of them for being so honest and genuine
stefi Wegener
stefi Wegener 2 days ago
That’s cute
Lily DeCataldo
Lily DeCataldo 3 days ago
Wait I thought the lady in the pink sweater was the tall girls mom
Peace Space ASMR
Peace Space ASMR 3 days ago
The world is overpopulated and when a woman makes a choice to not have children I believe it’s very honorable. It’s interesting when people see not having children as a selfish, I think it’s helping future generations for a large fraction of women to decide not to procreate. It can be considered selfish to have kids. Antinatalism vs procreation-enthusiasts would be a good middle ground.
Kevin Sellars
Kevin Sellars 3 days ago
Oh god as soon as I heard the first sentence I was done lol
•M E A D O W•
Womans dont need men all they do is put more pressure on you... and it's TRUE dont DENY it...
Taekook Is Life
Taekook Is Life 4 days ago
Yh I totally disagree with the first statement and I'm 13 so does that say something?
Paola Gaxiola Soto
“I would put you in the car and you wouldn't have to face anything at all” That touched my heart in so many ways🥺
nz nomad
nz nomad 4 days ago
Does anyone else feel like these aren't the world's best mamas? I mean, Chelsea's mum didn't even know if her daughter was living with her boyfriend ir not. And Afrika's mum didn't know whether or not her daughter had recently been through a major surgery.
Joy Brown
Joy Brown 5 days ago
This was such a wholesome video.
Karen Holl
Karen Holl 6 days ago
"I think children do better when a mom is at home and she takes on that traditional role" I respect that that is her opinion and it's great that this works for her, but as someone who grew up with a working mom and stay-at-home dad i can 100% say that shaped a lot of who i am and what i value. Being able to see that men can be sensitive and caregivers just as much as women, and that women can be leaders in the workplace and provide most of the financial support for her family was really important for me to learn. Obviously these traits don't apply solely to stay-at-home dads or working moms (housewives can also be strong women and working dads can also be caring/giving) but this was how i saw them manifest in my own parents.
Sumaya S
Sumaya S 6 days ago
I think many young people nowadays are just not willing to grow up and learn to have responsibilities 🤷🏻‍♀️
yasreen abdiwahab
What does annemarie mean when she said "It is the most amazing thing a woman can achieve" a woman can achieve alot more than just carrying a child. My mom constantly complains about my siblings and I being a mistake. Not all parents should have children. And a person should be sure when having a child.
Shania Hines
Shania Hines 7 days ago
I love this discussion.
Mr oldman
Mr oldman 7 days ago
@ 3:24 Afrika is just like: 😑 mom dont embarrass me!!
I hope we can be Happy
Jewel, Afrika's mom, was wearing earrings (a Jewel) with the African continent on them :)
Suzanne Rust
Suzanne Rust 7 days ago
I'd be curious to see what the mother think about people who are either infertile or simply don't ever want kids
Suzanne Rust
Suzanne Rust 7 days ago
I don't believe it's a doctor's job to question whether or not a patient has already decided that she doesn't want kids. I have known since I was 14 and still cannot find a doctor willing to steralise me despite having seen several different ones over many years.
Zanelle Mutoko
Zanelle Mutoko 8 days ago
Cassandra's mom's facial expressions when they agree to something that's not traditional is priceless
Commenta TOR
Commenta TOR 9 days ago
Honestly, the Asian girl is washed up by the messages in society, she's conforming to it. I feel she has so much regret that to this point, she's not even "Trying" to understand what her mom is seeing. All her mom want's is for her to understand what real love is. And I understand her trying to be rebellious and all, and think that she has all the answers. Like um... no.. I think she needs to rethink her life a little bit more.
Jess B
Jess B 9 days ago
annemarie gots balls I couldn't do it! I am chelsie
EverythingViral 10 days ago
Noone anywhere(in the developed world) is telling any woman how to live their life, don't give me your lefty garbage.
floridchiq 10 days ago
Aww the moms bonding at 9:05
peijaanderson 11 days ago
you can still have kids if you don't necessarily want to carry them yourself. ADOPTION. SURROGACY. there are other options and it's so tiring for people to think getting pregnant is the only way to have kids.
Commenta TOR
Commenta TOR 12 days ago
Who is the woman who's the songwriter???
Meghna Menon
Meghna Menon 12 days ago
Cindy was so cute, Aww!
muhammad abdulaziz
muhammad abdulaziz 12 days ago
I feel so bad for tha asian mom
Emily Palma
Emily Palma 13 days ago
17:47 made me cry so hard...
J 13 days ago
Hearing Cindy tell Cassandra at the end that she didn't pressure her on purpose and that she wants to communicate with her more from now on was so so beautiful and amazing to see
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 14 days ago
"When you get old and sick there will be someone to take care of you." Yes, that's why old-age homes are all empty. Oh wait...
pink1237480 9 days ago
I know right. If that were true nursing homes wouldn't even exist.
Boo Beez
Boo Beez 14 days ago
If a woman can decide to have a marriage and immediately have a kid at 23-25, why cant she decide to not have those things at the same age? "oH wElL wHaT dO yOu KnOw WhEn YoU'rE 25??" Lady, live how you want but let them do what they want too...
your_bias_is_ a_human_too_
Ikr . Like she can't just tell one person that this big decision they took in their life maybe careless just because she is younger . Like you can't just say that about a person you just met for God's sake .
Megan O'Brien
Megan O'Brien 14 days ago
They all seem like such sweet wholesome women ❤️
i want to poop
i want to poop 15 days ago
i love how these parents are supportive about things... cant relate
Ice Man X
Ice Man X 15 days ago
Man I am not a woman but to have that conversation had to be super fulfilling... Tell momma bring Afrika through I will change her mind for her 😅😅
Pablo Van Cleef
Pablo Van Cleef 15 days ago
These kids professions made me stop right there. If you’re not gonna take your life seriously, neither am I. A “gamer”?? A “social media influencer”?? Please. Get a real job.
Random Racoon
Random Racoon 16 days ago
I love how they are supporting each!
Sarah Angelici
Sarah Angelici 16 days ago
I'd love to to see this between fathers and sons
Viviana Calderon
Viviana Calderon 17 days ago
They should do teachers and students.
Blabla Bla
Blabla Bla 18 days ago
I don't think it is a social pressure to stick to a certain timeline, it's a biological one. as a woman, you need to be aware that after 35 it's going to be more difficult to get pregnant and I hope our younger generation is more aware of it now than I was. You don't need to get married to have a family, but I sure do think it is important to teach young woman to look out for a partner with good values as early as possible and not waste too many years with douchebags.
Pranay Malhotra
Pranay Malhotra 18 days ago
Katrina Gibson
Katrina Gibson 18 days ago
this really made me wish i had a mum to bond with like this :(
Kushal Nagwanshi
Kushal Nagwanshi 18 days ago
15:20 Just look at it, its tripy.
Britney Chase
Britney Chase 19 days ago
You don't need to be married or have children to be happy but if you want these things then go for it
C H I D E R A 19 days ago
You’re 26! And want tubal ligation! JESUS Y do something so permanent when life hasn’t stopped. Gosh
OG Subliminals
OG Subliminals 18 days ago
C H I D E R A it isn’t permanent if there aren’t any complications during the procedure.
C H I D E R A 19 days ago
I’m really not trying to get married late Like late 20’s ...like no
babytae Hyung
babytae Hyung 19 days ago
Imagine doing this with an Indian parent lmfao
ydmorales 19 days ago
I wish they would have done at least one daughter who did believe in marriage and children-it would have been interesting to see that point of view as well and at least one mom who did not push marriage and children.
Talia Marie
Talia Marie 20 days ago
do this with muslim moms and muslim daughters who chose not to dress modest
Rosebud 20 days ago
Moms, not everyone can have kids. We are more than our reproductive parts. Saying “becoming a mom is the most fulfilling role a woman can be” (our anything similar to that statement) makes those who are childless not by choice feel so insignificant. Women need to feel like they are enough just being who ever they are meant to be, whether they have offspring or not.
Riana Anaïs
Riana Anaïs 20 days ago
Honestly this made me sad
Riana Anaïs
Riana Anaïs 20 days ago
Damn SKII!!??? Y’all fancy huh 😂
Wonderland 21 day ago
Cindy is just such a wholesome mom. She genuinely looks happy and feels joy in the little things
M 21 day ago
this is so funny I totally agree with the younger folks. and im 26 :)
Toni Langella
Toni Langella 21 day ago
I know marriage is not exactly a necessity and it’s not for everyone but.....I personally can’t help but have this burning desire to meet the love of my life and get married ASAP even though I am only 24. I personally hope to be married in my 20’s so that way my husband and I can enjoy each other in both our prime and in old age. I know that may sound like I am pushing the clock back to the 1950’s but I can’t help but be old-fashioned in that way. I am just a helpless romantic that dreams of that white picket fence.
mallory sylvester
mallory sylvester 22 days ago
All of these women are so beautiful and confident and I’m here for it
Yoonseokie Cafe
Yoonseokie Cafe 22 days ago
“the husband” me: im a lesbian
Chita C.
Chita C. 23 days ago
I definitely disagree with the woman in pink on most of the ideas that she brought up, but you could tell that she is trying her best to listen to the daughters and the other mothers. She may not think the same, she acknowledges that herself, but she was being very respectful and very self aware that her way of thinking isn't as easily applicable as it might have been before. The love she has for her middle daughter is so beautiful and genuine, even if they disagree. I loved seeing this conversation between all of them and the issues this conversation brought up. I loved how kind and thoughtful everyone was. Seeing the dialogue between the pairs of mothers and daughters and getting a unique perspective from each one was so interesting!
Erick Mayorga
Erick Mayorga 23 days ago
Older folks understand responsibility, Younger folks try to escape it. In the end, to be grown up, we need to accept responsibility.
TakingNone 23 days ago
The monologue in the start applies the same for men
Maddy Explores
Maddy Explores 23 days ago
My husband and I were together for 7 years before we got married. We'd been living together for 2 years- it wouldn't have felt genuine if it had been rushed.
leah king
leah king 24 days ago
this reassures me even more how much i do not want kids, i resent the idea
leah king
leah king 24 days ago
this is an example of why im so angry at the fact adoption isnt advertised nearly enough as it should.
Marshie Mellow
Marshie Mellow 25 days ago
Having kids is never a necessity, sorry to go all political but earth doesn't have enough space for everyone to just have loads of kids any ways. And being a mother doesn't mean being pregnant. You can adopt a child and still have the fulfilment of motherhood. Tbh you can have a dog of you want to not have to deal with a crying baby.
JK Welch
JK Welch 25 days ago
I personally don’t understand why if you are living with your so and have been for a long time, why don’t you get married? It’s not like the second you get married everything is ruined, it is a whole new level to the relationship. But that’s just my opinion
Churchill Family
Churchill Family 25 days ago
I hear it alot people just wanna die alone with no spouse or kid by their side
kids rock
kids rock 25 days ago
I am a male and split on young adults not wanting children. Half of me says smart and the other half is selfish.
Sinner 12 days ago
How is it selfish?
melissa soriano
melissa soriano 25 days ago
"you at least need to have one child to experience it" bruh she's talking about children like bong hits lmao, I've already decided that I never want kids like Afrika and I chuckled too when that woman was going to be in tears
SugoiDude 25 days ago
"what do you know when you're 25" Says the woman who got married at 23
Janey 25 days ago
Annemarie looks so surprised whenever the daughters/her daughter come up front
Janey 25 days ago
So it's housewives vs influencers?
Alex 26 days ago
This one really touched my heart 💗
Toyosi Oyejobi
Toyosi Oyejobi 27 days ago
I like the mother's view. Makes sense for society
OG Subliminals
OG Subliminals 18 days ago
I don’t see how the mother’s view makes sense. I don’t see how children being born to mom’s who don’t want them makes sense for society.
JK Welch
JK Welch 25 days ago
I agree, I was definitely born in the wrong decade lol, I am young and agree with *most* of what they said
Kelly Couto
Kelly Couto 27 days ago
“I definitely believe in letting a man be a man, but he can cook too.” What a Queen 👏🏻👑
Bbq _
Bbq _ 11 minutes ago
Letting a man be a man is still upholding gendered stereotypes. There's really nothing praiseworthy about the follow up statement
Joseph Flynn
Joseph Flynn 7 hours ago
We don’t need anymore “queens” in society
ツlilbeanjoonie 7 days ago
@Luis Maldonado I bet you can't be more rude than you're already being.
Luis Maldonado
Luis Maldonado 10 days ago
JTG - I bet you can’t even put the water in the pot.
JTG 11 days ago
@Luis Maldonado Assuming things without knowing...🙄
Navya Mishra
Navya Mishra 27 days ago
That pink sweat shirt woman is really sweet
dennis almonte
dennis almonte 27 days ago
This segment really touched me
Bailey Williams
Bailey Williams 27 days ago
I love these types of wholesome videos
Donté Miller
Donté Miller 27 days ago
omg this was so much more enjoyable compared to fathers idk why
that's one way to look at it
"You need to have at least one child to experience it" That is so wrong. You can't get a child like something from a shop and if it doesn't work out you can return it. A child is such a responsibility for the rest of your life. I always knew I wanted children and I have 2 now. But I have friends who never wanted children and they don't need to experience it as they know what kind of life they want.
indigo_skyline 28 days ago
This was such a wonderful episode T.T
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