Mothers vs Daughters: Is Marriage Necessary?

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You have to watch #Timelines with Katie Couric for more on this topic: ruvid.net/video/video-isfY58KGNtk.html - we love this series!
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Published on


Sep 15, 2019




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Comments 9 615
Jubilee Month ago
Hey everyone - thanks so much for watching this amazing conversation. Thank you to SK-II for making this episode possible! If you enjoyed this piece, be sure to check out SK-II's amazing docu-series #Timelines with Katie Couric (ruvid.net/video/video-isfY58KGNtk.html) that addresses pressures women face all around the world. Love you all - thanks for watching and supporting!
F.S WORLD 2 days ago
Jubilee how about a video showing couples married young and those that married late? Me and my wife got married early and of course there were so many challenges but now we are way better
Erika Croft
Erika Croft 3 days ago
A great job as always! I would love to see a behind-the scenes of the casting process. I'm really curious, as I'm sure others are!
Deboras Smith
Deboras Smith 4 days ago
nala beans
nala beans 21 day ago
kind of ironic SKII is one of the MOST over-hyped "all the cool kids are doing it" you too should spend enormous amounts of money on products with slim to no evidence.
mplsridah 27 days ago
Aleesha Khan exactly. Jubilee is partnering with a brand that promotes SELF-HATE. Look it up!
Vick Marie
Vick Marie 2 hours ago
This was a beautiful video and a conversation that needs to be had.
huyked 2 hours ago
This was a great episode. Looking forward to father/son, father/daughter, mother/son version of this. ;)
Hey Okay
Hey Okay 10 hours ago
I don’t think u NEED marriage but I want to get married.
Jöelle 14 hours ago
marriage doesn't mean a fulfilling life and neither do children.
MILK 14 hours ago
marriage : bringing the government between two people
mark9241 15 hours ago
Why is it only people in California who are interviewed? I mean the world probably thinks these are the average Americans. If that's the case, let me spend the rest of my life with a dude
kaijxnzTube 17 hours ago
They’re all daughters 😐
Mehmed Cavas
Mehmed Cavas 18 hours ago
I really liked the mothers
Mehmed Cavas
Mehmed Cavas 18 hours ago
I really like it that the daughters want to do what they want and have their own dreams. However, it is also a bit sad to see that they are a bit too much against the old generation and they would even accept to not mary or getting children. They think the old generation is a slave of the old tradition but can't really see that they are also a slave of modern civilication.
sotskuo 19 hours ago
Afrika’s mom seems like an amazing person
Rachel Jay
Rachel Jay 21 hour ago
FACTS: studies show that if you live with someone before getting married to them, your chance of getting divorced at some point is higher.
Soz Ziad
Soz Ziad 21 hour ago
Jewel , that woman is so mature !!
Daniel Hoyt
Daniel Hoyt 22 hours ago
As a father of an only son. Please do DADS VS SONS
Khushal Paherwar
Khushal Paherwar 23 hours ago
Next video Father vs. Son I'm expecting at least 1 father will whoop their son
Megan Axelía Carrington-Ráðvarðurdóttir
I cannot imagine not having children; little, mini versions of me and my future husband to carry on our knowledge, lineage and mark to the future generations😊. It’s almost like immortalizing your presence in the world. It’s also quite important as my nation has a low population anyway and we’d like to keep the national, cultural, ancestral, historical identity and roots alive.
Megan Axelía Carrington-Ráðvarðurdóttir
Sai Acharya Of course. I am currently studying medicine and I want to be the best cardiothoracic surgeon in the world haha. Children won’t stop me from achieving that. It’s a shared commitment between my future husband and me so it isn’t just my time and responsibility. The government has many benefits and ways for women to not be held back or discriminated by their pregnancies in their career. Regardless, I will still be learning, doing courses, studying, etc on leave.
Sai Acharya
Sai Acharya Day ago
Don’t u want a professional career and that
Anthony Richardson
I just can't get over how effective, open and honest the communication was without any aggression or adversion *THIS IS WHY WE NEED MORE WOMEN IN EVERY ASPECT AND LEVEL OF SOCIETY* *Especially politics*
Amiah Herrera
Lmao how regressive can you be... My mother is not like this so I guess she isn’t a real or proper woman. Women and men can be and are unique in personality. Judge by merit and individual character. Not what’s between someone’s legs.
Anthony Richardson
Do mothers and sons! Fathers and daughters!
Always Smile
Always Smile Day ago
Why isnt there any man in this video?
aawesome114 Day ago
That was beautiful!
Ocean Maitreya
this was an incredibly wholesome episode
Kaylee Parada
lowkey cried bc Ion got this kind of relationship w ma mom.
Omar Arreola
Omar Arreola Day ago
Living life I figure out most people only have families at the end children change most people traditional marriage is great it teaches people not to quit most people will not find the perfect person or close but its accepting differences that makes us great to build and evolve our views something this generation doesn't have enough
nattiemagic Day ago
I feel like my soul is lighter after watching this
H R Day ago
People talking about adoption like it's some field trip. Sure she can get her tubes tied. There's none who can force her do other way, but adopting child isn't easy either.
Hellsangel 04
Hellsangel 04 2 days ago
I hate feminazis as if men don’t have a tone of pressure to live a certain way,women have it easy trust.
Nellie Brown
Nellie Brown 2 days ago
I think both sides were very respectful. But the 'you should have children just to experience it' is something I hear a lot. You go travelling just to experience it, you do bungee jumping just to experience it and if you dont like it you dont do it again. You shouldn't have a child just to experience it, they're a life long commitment. That's horrible advice
Amiah Herrera
Nah they’re only a commitment till like 18 years old😂 Jk
Colleen Hunter
Colleen Hunter 2 days ago
Marriage is unnecessary. Period.
datkipztho 2 days ago
this is such a beautiful and heartfelt conversation between women who are supporting one another and respecting everyone's opinions
Itz_Aabir 2 days ago
I can't wait till I have kids tbh
The Orange Lime
The Orange Lime 2 days ago
Men can also be married.
Karina 2 days ago
18:30 she really said "period" girlll ouu i see u😂
Lourdes Fonseca
Lourdes Fonseca 2 days ago
I, as a mother and wife, pay ALL the bills. My husband takes care of the household: laundry, dinner and keeping the house clean. We never talked about “our roles.” We just fell into what we do best.
DublinGreen 2 days ago
Annemarie is the type of woman I want to marry, a woman's woman. Not marry a man in woman's body or a woman that behaves like a man.
DublinGreen 2 days ago
"Can I have my mother's to the left and my daughters to the right" lol how many daughters and mothers does that lady have?
Emma 2 days ago
This was so wholesome
nick cap
nick cap 3 days ago
these 1 dimensional guys that havent thought about having kids, he aint the one
Hannah hannah
Hannah hannah 3 days ago
why am i crying in the club rn. i love you mom
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson 3 days ago
I don't think marriage is necessary (outside of some legal problems like not getting to make your partner's end-of-life decisions), but I do think I've benefitted from mine. I like the idea that making a life commitment gives you a chance to cultivate the deepest relationship of your life. The longer I stay with my spouse, the more important it is for us to stay together. Having that type of commitment has helped me become a better person. Caution: Results May Differ
mali goebel
mali goebel 3 days ago
"kids do better with the mom" LMFAO NO YOURE WROG
mali goebel
mali goebel 3 days ago
when youre old and need help, dont make your kids take care of you and you don't need marriage and you dont owe a child to your mom
mali goebel
mali goebel 3 days ago
annemarie is prob anti vax
mali goebel
mali goebel 3 days ago
Lmfao Afrika was about smack Annemarie 'what do you know at 25?!". But just because you get your tubes tied doesn't mean you won't have kids. You can always adopt or have a surrogate if you change your mind
Erika Croft
Erika Croft 3 days ago
A great job as always! I would love to see a behind-the scenes of the casting process. I'm really curious, as I'm sure others are!
man man
man man 3 days ago
All I got from the white daughters home life is that she getting it from BBC and she paying for it lol.
Luna Moreno
Luna Moreno 4 days ago
Okay but overall this video was super wholesome because in the end all the mothers supported their daughters and understood where they were coming from.
Dani Alexandria
Dani Alexandria 4 days ago
Can yall not just mic the person asking the questions?
Barney Stenson
Barney Stenson 4 days ago
It's narcissistic to think only women have societal pressure to live a certain way
Diva Tude
Diva Tude 15 hours ago
Barney Stenson yes but obviously they’re not going to talk about the other side of things because they don’t have that experience and never will so they obviously won’t have them speak on it. If they did a video like this as fathers vs sons I’m sure it would be brought up.
Panda God
Panda God 4 days ago
I believe gender roles are very important but they are NOT mandatory. It's just a cultural belief. I'm Mexican and I totally believe in being a strong woman but it's not impossible to be strong and have a level of respect for yourself and your husband. It's just a moral and personal choice.
melanie sosa
melanie sosa 4 days ago
You don’t need a stay at home mother for your children to do good. My mom worked two minimum wage jobs to be able to put clothes on our back and food on the table. If a child wants to do good, they are able to take an initiative if THEY want too.
kristal Perez
kristal Perez 4 days ago
That was sweet
Jeanae Parry
Jeanae Parry 4 days ago
I'm clocking Annemarie as Mormon.
Ke 4 days ago
wow I like Jewel sooo much! Wish she were my mom
Mini Cameron
Mini Cameron 4 days ago
Peasant Things
Peasant Things 4 days ago
people without vs with children
M. Morales
M. Morales 4 days ago
I think the stereotypes surrounding marrige are very facinating, but I've never experienced them. My dad has always been the one to cook our dinner, to stay at home and take care of us, and my mother is the one making all the money. And I've never thought of that as odd, but watching this I realise it's not the "norm".
Taz D
Taz D 4 days ago
Chelsie seems like a lovely person
unshellHER 4 days ago
Afrika’s voice is so soothing lol 💕
Meghan Dunning
Meghan Dunning 4 days ago
I fought to get my tubal at 25. Nothing wrong with it. Congrats on Afrika for choosing it. Not everyone wants to have kids and carrying a baby inside you sucks and yes you have to give up your life when you have kids and it sucks sometimes. Other times it's awesome having kids but overall... If you can go without kids do it. LIVE.
Roma Martinez
Roma Martinez 4 days ago
Annemarie is literally the sweetest women ever.
MissSFields 4 hours ago
I felt sad because she felt insecure in a role she enjoys because society has made it uncomfortable to choose homemaker. That choice would not work for me, but we are not the same. We can't take that choice away from women.
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